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Athletic Conditioning

40 min - Class


You will work your body from head to toe in this Reformer workout with John Garey. He teaches a class he calls his "secret weapon," which he uses to train his body for a fitness competition. He flows through the class, making sure to work your whole body in every direction with fun variations and combinations.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Welcome Pilates Anytime Everyone. I am John Garey, and I'm here today to take you through a reformer workout that I designed. I call it my secret weapon. So, it's one that I designed as I'm getting my...


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Thank you John! Great class!
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Awesome as usual!!!! Love seeing you at pilates anytime! Miss you ❤️
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thanks a lot!
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This class resolved me some misunderstandings I had had.
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Marvelous class John! Great sequence with the maple pole, loved your energy! :)
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Such a great class! I love the explanation of every single details.
Thank you for sharing this great workout with us.
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What a fantastic class!! Thank you!
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you are a genius , so inspiring !!!!!!! beatiful!!
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That was completely awesome. I loved the innovation, clear cues, and the pacing. More reformer workouts, please! Thank you, John.
Wonderful class. Very inspiring. I like the athletic spin. I could see my self repeating this class. Thanks John!.
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