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You will get the most out of every movement in this Reformer workout with Dana Santi. She goes through a handful of exercises, breaking them down and giving them a "face lift." Her cueing is quite detailed so that you can go deeper in the work and feel everything in a new way.
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Hi, my name is Dana Santee and today we're going to take a few of the reformer exercises. Not all of them, just a handful. And we're going to do what I call a spring cleanup. And it's just taking those exercises that sometime we question or sometimes we just, it takes a while to to understand them and break them down and we're going to just give them a little bit of a, a face lift per se. So we're going to start with footwork and I have them on three springs only because I'm going to be a tiny bit picky on their feet. And you could take it down to two springs. You could, you could do four, but four would be a lot. And to be picky with, so I have all of their toes on the bar. Okay.

So the Pinky toe through the big toe and now I'm going to have them push away. So push the bar away and stay there for a second. Okay. Now keep pushing it away further. Just further. Now take your big toes and just bend it at that top knuckle to try to get it down on to the foot bar. Now keep it there as you come back in.

And now keep that down as you push away. Stretch. And now bring it back in. So her knees are going a tiny bit out this way and I'm going to have them come straight up towards the ceiling. So I'm going to close the front of her foot up a little bit more. Ask her to keep the toes in the same spot and now push away and keep those toes there. Bend it and bring it right back in.

So now work that there. That's it. Let's see. Push it away. Stretch. And then bring it back in. I'm going to close you up a little tiny bit too, and push it away. Stretch and control it back in and push it away. Stretch and bring it back in. Now push away. Stretch. Ah, that feels better, right? Come back in one more time.

Push it away. Even weight on the feet and come back in. Yes. Okay. Now to the arches. Okay. And what I want is for the toes to reach over.

Keep the knees together. They're going to go straight up to the ceiling and put a tiny bit of pressure into your heels. Now push it away and keep it there with me. And now bring it back in. Keep yes, don't let that go and push it away and bring it back and keep that pressure right into the heel and push it away. If you put your fingers on the heels, you can feel whether the muscle activates or it disengages at some point.

So keep them both engaged. One more, and I'm going to bend this for her and come back now to the heels. Okay, so we're going to take the heels here and we're going to take, let's look at you here. Okay, so I'm going to have her pull her pinkies back a little bit and now I'm making sure that the foot is in one complete line here. Okay, so the pinkie is right. Every knuckle is one in one straight line. Now push the bar away from you and now push it away as you come back in [inaudible] and push it away and bring it back in. So now keep this together more and push it away.

So don't let anything come apart and come back in and push it away. Now stretch the legs longer and come back in. There you go. And again, push it away. So sometimes I'm going to hold the feet, yes, and put them in the position that I want them in and come back and one more and come back. Now back to where you were for the first footwork.

So I closed you both up a little bit. Get all the toes on there, and now from here, push the bar away from you and drop the heels down. So press the heels down. But now keep pushing the heels down as you lift them back up again and press them down and bring them back up and press him down. Now keep pressing them down as you come back up. So think of almost reaching, put a little pressure in the hamstring, but then a little pressure in the shin. Lift the Shin towards the ceiling so the hamstring can rest down as the Shin rests up. Right? And go down and come back up.

Yes, that's better and down, keeping the toes nice and even and come back up. And now push the bar away from you as you bring it back in. Okay. Next exercise we're going to do is the short spine. So I'm going to have you drop yourselves down to two springs and to take the bar down and then you're going to connect your straps and place your head rest down. So with these, I'm going to have you take your handle and place it in the middle.

Okay, so now don't pull with your arms. Yes, bring your feet back towards the leather and then pull the heels and the feet in towards the bottom. Okay. So here's another thing I want. Take a look and I want the strap to be right in the middle of your foot. So when I see this here I go, eh, that's more like 75% over the strap and maybe 25% under. Okay? That's how we know. It's a very quick, easy way to see that we're using this part of the foot and this part of the foot equally or the top part of the thigh and the bottom part of the thigh equally.

Okay, so we're going to try to keep it there. That's our goal. Now press it away and lift up and come over. Yeah, and bend the knees. That's it. And now roll down the spine. Roll it down, roll it down, roll it down, and then bring the feet back in towards the bottom. Okay, so now press it out again. Stay with me now give me a little bit of substance in your heels here just a little. And now lift up. First lift from the middle, lift from the bottom. That's it. Now go over.

Now don't go over so far. So hone the tailbone back a little bit and reach the feet. That's it. Now Bend your knees down and your knees are going to be closer towards the shoulder rests. Now roll down. So we're going to mimic the rolling like a ball position in that spot.

So I don't want the knees to end up behind the shoulder rests. Okay, they're going to come back a little bit and push it away. Okay. Little too much here. So give me a little bit from the back of the leg. Just a little. Now lift up. Okay, now keep reaching. Now hold this back. So reach this towards the foot bar. There you go. Now Bend your knees, aim them towards the shoulder rest. And now come down the spine.

Keep your feet there and just keep reaching there. Now use both sides of the strap, both sides of the foot to bring it back home. Okay, you with me? And not too much here, right? Press it out. And now Lyft, that's it. Now keep the legs going. You do want to bring the carriage all the way home and then bend the knees.

There you go. And now roll down and then bring it back in. Okay. Now just for fun, there's no plot. He's police. You're going to separate your feet, okay? Keep your knees more, little tiny, bit more parallel. So now again, you don't have your right leg to help you with your left leg. Okay? Each leg is its, each leg has its own mind.

Okay? So push it away. All right. Enjoy your ride. Go Up, control it. Each side of the leg, each side of the foot. Bend your knees and now keep the feet where they are enrolled down. Okay? Don't go too wide. Not Too wide with your knees. Close it up. One more time. Ready? Bring the feet back in.

[inaudible] okay, different. I know. And now push it away. Okay. So now look at your knees. I want your knees to go straight. There you go. Now lift. Good girl. Now you watch your knees cause you can see them. So keep them straight. Little too far with. There you go. Good girl. And now bend your knees. Aimed them. There you go.

Now roll down. Yes. And then bring it back in. Yes. Yeah, you with me? Alright. Take the straps off of your feet. [inaudible] and now we're going to drop one spring. So we're going to be on one spring and we're going to turn around for rowing.

[inaudible]. So rowing is one of those where we get, um, we get a little bit hung up on the handles and where do we start? And, and to me what makes sense is that we would row a boat like this. So I would, I start here because it, I can make common sense of that. I'm also going to ask you to start with your arms out in front of you so that you have somewhere to and roll back at the same time. Okay?

Lastly, take a look at your foot, okay? I don't want that point to be too heavy. I want you to just kind of lighten the top of the foot up and keep an eye on your knees. So the knees are going to be straight up to the ceiling. As we take the arms out to the side, we all like to open up and rotate because that's going to give us more strength, right? It's not giving us the right strength. Okay? So Poland roll back at the same time and just slow it down for me into your chest. Hold it there. Now reach your arms out to the sides.

Okay? Keep your hand even on that handle. So get the inside of that hand to now push back like bloody hell earlier. Hold it there. Now let's open the chest here. [inaudible] lift the arms up open and bring them home. All right, do it again. This time do me a favor. Don't let your fingers go. Keep your hand attached to the handle. Okay, from here I want you to roll back. Roll back. Bring it into your sternum.

Hold it. Okay, now pull those abs up. That's it. You reach the low back down and ATA, your legs here. Now arms out to the sides. Now keep your hand even open your chest a bit and now push those arms back. Push them, push up, push up, push up. Hold it. Okay, right there.

Now lift up through the triceps. Try that open and come back home. Now right up from there, you're going to roll and go right into it. So roll back round. Yes. Now arms out. Okay, lift up and over those. Now see this there.

Okay, now push back. Open this and push back. Push. Come on. Push. Don't, nope. Got to move the carriage first or she ready? Push. Come on over here. Okay, so now take this. Push those knuckles towards the window over there. Now bend this a little.

There you go. Up there. Open and home. Okay, do one more just because it's going to be better rollback. Hold it now. Arms out. Keep your hand equal. Every knuckle. Now push open the chest.

Does it matter where you go to? Now keep it open. Drop your head down, reach the arms back a little there. That's as far as they get to go. Now lift up through the tricep. Open. Open that and come back home. So by forcing, let's do it one more time. By forcing the her arms to go back further, she's just going to lock into her joint.

So I'm only gonna let her go to where she can arms out now open the chest and push the arms back. That's enough. That's enough. Now drop the head down and reach the knee towards the knees with your head. There you go. Hold it. Now there's no reason to force yourself back further. Just keep the chest open. Been right here, there.

Now lift up through the back of the arm. Open it, and pull those shoulders. There you go. Come back home. Does it make sense? Tiny bit. Now breach the arms long in front of you. Okay, from here, I want you to bend your elbows. Don't move anything. Just bend to 90 hold it. Okay? Do you feel your arm connect to your back? It's a very quick, easy way to do it.

Now stay there. Okay, I'm going to take her here. You stay forward. But now I want you to pull this down a little more. So pull the ABS. Oh there. Feel that. Okay, now widen the angle just to hair. So meaning open it so it's a little bit bigger, not wider. So let's go this way. Keep the elbows in. So this way here, now you go back, but there's velcro on these forearms and you're reaching, you're keeping energy in the forearm forward. So go back, hold it there. Now push me, keep the elbows in there. Now lift the elbows up. Keep lifting them up. Keep lifting.

And I'm a squeeze a magic circle in between the elbows. That's it. Now reading Jim long and keep going forward and then go back. Now do the same ending. So lift up, open and home. Okay. Again. So arms long. Start with them. Long. Reach that tailbone down. Lift the ABS up. There you go.

Bend the elbows. Hold now. Not Little Bit wider there. Four arms. Stay with energy in front. Okay, keep this in cause this has to stay in line with that. Don't let this come out of line. Ready and now go back.

That's far enough. Now lift through under the arm. Lift the elbows. Keep squeezing a magic circle in them. They'll lift them. Now keep going forward. Keep going. Keep going. Stretch them long now go back now stay close. Stay close. Stay close to the side of the reformer there. Lift up.

Ah, open and home. [inaudible] okay, do it again. Down, down, lift. There you go. Okay, now get me tip back. Come on, get me, get me. Push me. Firms. Push there. Lift up. Now keep reaching up, up. Upkeep that tail bone down though there.

Reach forward. Then go back. Stay close. Stay close. Stay close there. Open your chest a little. Now lift here. Lift this more. Ah, the more she lifts there, the less she locks open and home. Okay, one more time. I know it's hard and bend. Connect your back. You're there. It's easy.

Keep lifting now go straight back. Now keep lifted up. Keep lifting up under the arm. Lift it up, up, up, up. That's it. Pull the ABS in. Reach that tail bone down. Now go forward. Now go straight backs to stay close. Stay close. Stay close. Freeze. Okay, now lift this more. Not your wrist. This. Yes. Now Open and home. Okay.

Turn yourself around. Cool. Legs are long in the front. [inaudible]. Okay, you're going to scooch just a hair over that way and you are going to go just a hair over that way. Okay, so relax.

All right. Take a peek at them and let's make, let's lift them up a little so you can see him. Don't be so stressful there. Okay, hands. Let's start them in towards your chest. Okay, we're going to keep the knuckle on there. We're going to keep the fingers attached so we, it's just quicker. Okay. Keep it in the middle. And I know this seems picky, but at the same time it's, it's the way you can get your arm to be correct within the exercise.

So let's use it. All right. Abs Up, lift now take the elbows and you can't let the elbows go any wider. You have to feel your shirt on the way in. Feel it, feel it now keep them connected and Nope, bought your all those right now there so you only get to go is high as you can keep those elbows from going out. Okay. Come back. Try it again. That's hard enough. So start with them behind you. So really put your fist towards the chest on the sides of the chest. So bring the elbow back this way there. All right.

And keep it up. Keep them in. Go in, in, in like you're going to punch me with those fists. Push through the top of the knuckle. Push through there. This way there. Okay. And come back in. Do it one more time. Ready? So not here, here and going in, going and get me. Come on, push, push, push elbows. Now go down, let the knuckles touch the carriage.

Keep your elbows down. Now go back up again. Go back up, push, push, push. Like you're going to punch me. Come on, get me, get me now. Go up more. Can you go up more? Can you go up and now open and just keep lifted. Just keep lifted and be aware of the shape of your arm and do it again. Back to the chest. Okay.

Arms are going to get the sides of the shirt ready and go in. Go in, keep it in. Keep it in now pushed to me here. Make this straight there and go down and go up. Go Up, go up, come on, get me, get me, get me and go to where you can. Keep your abs up. Reach the tailbone down and open. Open, open. Now take four knuckles on the carriage. Okay. Drop your head down and now you're going to reach through your heels.

So keep the knuckles attached until the very end where your hands are going to go down into the springs. So reach away, reach them in, reach them in, reach them, and go low, low, low. You get way more stretched there. Now stay there. Pull the abs up and that tail bone down. But don't move anything. Now from here, roll up your spine. Roll Up. Find your tailbone more. Pull your abs up.

Find your tailbone more there. Now keep going up, up, up the spine. Drop your shoulders. Breathe. Now reach to me a little more and lift the arms up. Don't move your torso. Just lift your arms up. Go Higher. Higher. Oh yeah, it feels so good. I know.

Open and now press and down. Okay. Do that same thing again. Go and reach. So pull this back. Stretch. [inaudible] push right through there. Now Roll Up. Okay, I'm going to make sure she attaches that tailbone. So roll up.

Keep it attached. Now keep going all the way up. Breathe. Now reach to me a little more. Keep that tailbone attached. Now lift up. Don't move anything. Just the arms. Lift them up. Lift them up, lift them up, lift them up, and now press it open. Open, open, open. And one more time. Ready and reach into the springs. Stretch.

Pushed through the top of that hand. Right here. They're push. Just like you're going for a solid punch. Roll Up. Now reach a little more. Lift up, up. Don't not your head, just your arms. Go lift your arms. Lift them. Lift them. Yes. And press open. Control it. Control it. Keep this lifted more, more, more. Yes, there.

Okay. Shaving. So go ahead. Cross your legs. Okay, so whole, uh, you know what? Hold on and do me a favor. Take your index finger and your thumb. Okay.

And they're going to go this way. Now start down towards the nape of your neck. More their elbows real wide. Okay, so see this back here. I'm taking her. You leave this, lift this more and drop this more. Okay. Keep your chest open though. Ah, now look what happened to her elbows. They're not as wide as they were, right? So now we're going to put this where it needs to be and you go ahead and press it out. Keep those elbows behind your ears though. I don't want you to see them.

Keep this lifted. Keep this reaching. Now what happened to my fingers and thumb? Come back home. Elbows wide. Go pull. Come on, lift, lift, elbows. Get them behind you there and come back down, up, up, up. Don't lose it. And come on down there. Go Up, stretch long and come back. Keep that. And again, don't let it go.

Going up and come back down. Okay, so now drop. Yes. Now Open. All right, ready? And Go. Keep it. Keep it. Keep. Oh yes, there's the money. Come on, stretch, stretch. Now lift your abs. Drop the tailbone a little, hold it and come back down. Repeat one more. Just like you did. Ready?

I'm coming. I'm coming. Don't make me. Don't make me. And now you gotta go one more up so you can take your arms out to hug. How's that? Come on. Get it behind. Get it behind. Get it behind. Open the arms.

Keep your hand on the handle. Change the cross and your legs. Okay, so same thing, lift and lower. Now hold it even get your arms straighter. All right, from here, keep the wrist straight and just reach him in front and try to touch all the knuckles, even your pinky one there. Now we know we're somewhat even now open them out to the side, okay, now breathe. Inhale, keep them, keep them, keep them.

And now exhale [inaudible] and again, and inhale. [inaudible] longer. Reach your arms longer there. Now work that middle. Work it so it gets down. And now open. Now change your breath. So exhale, keep him even. And then inhale. All right, keep your thumb on the handle. Take your fingers away. Okay.

Get this side of the hand attached to get it on there. Don't let it move. Now do the same thing. Reach your arms out long, longer, ready and go reach. Now keep them long and keep reaching them away from you. Get all four fingers to touch now. Equally, even your pinky now come back open. And one more time that way. And keep it even. Keep it even. Keep it, even touch them together. And open and home. Yes. Take the straps, place them down. We're going to put a two springs on.

Let's put your long boxes on and we're going to do your backstroke. Okay? [inaudible] alright, so grab your handles and I want you to bring your tailbones pretty far down pretty far down. [inaudible] so practically off [inaudible] it's way more exciting out in the out in the air. All right, lie down. Bring your knees into your chest.

[inaudible] okay, so I'm going to bring you even further down and I'm going to bring you further down too. Okay. So really it's a lot farther than we, we like. All right, here's this is cool. So I'm gonna make you lift your head up. Don't move the carriage. So where do your straps land? If the carriage is home? Elbows out. Cause we just did shaving, right? Okay. Bring this together from here.

She's not gonna move the carriage and she's going to reach the arms up to wherever they go. Legs Up. Now she's going to open. All right, now you don't get to move this arm. Keep this even and push the arms, the hands down towards the legs as they close down. Ah, hold it there. Hold it. I'm going to make you go more parallel. Reach. Now keep this where it is and bring yourself back home. And now hands are going to go behind your head because your elbows are wide and go straight up and go open.

Now don't push with the inside and don't circle the arm. Press it straight down so you get the arm to work where you need it to hold it. Hold it there and come back in. Alright, ready? Girly. Rare. All right, elbows wide there. Now keep it behind you. Go straight up. Restart straight. Now go open. Okay, now press down right towards the thighs.

Bring the legs together. Ah Ha ha ha ha ha. And now control it back in. Keep this from lowering. Keep it from lowering and go up and go. Now keep this straight. They're open. Now keep it straight as you go down. Oh, now you can't lock your elbows. Sorry. And come back in. Keep the wrist straight. Bend them.

[inaudible] okay, rest day straight. Go up and go open. Keep it straight. Now press. Ah, yes. Hold it a little too heavy on the top of the feet. Lighten up a little. Oh, and then bring it back in and keep it home behind you. Yes. Okay. Teaser, so drop a spring. Okay. All right, so let's work this individually. So you hold, go ahead and lay all the way down everybody, and I've preached this for a long time there.

The teaser is never going to be that beautiful picture that we see anywhere, okay? It just isn't and it can't be because all of our bodies are different shifts a little bit over this way there. All right, so we're going to watch once and all I want you to do is just sit yourself up into that teaser. Nothing fancy with the arms. Just go up. Okay, so let's turn this here and let's keep this equal. Okay. All right, so hold on to it. Just hold. It's sometimes easier and reach through here. Okay, now I want your knees to go up. Ah Ha ha ha. Now roll all the way down.

Just keep reaching that forward as you go back. Okay. So you're going to go up again. Go up now. Hold it. Now if I have you lower your arms a little bit and bring them back up and lower and up and lower and up. And now [inaudible] lay all the way down. Okay, so she is getting a fair amount of work.

It's not that this isn't work. Okay. But now I'm going to get work where I feel like she might need it more. So Chin in scoop and lift up. Watch your legs. Okay, so you keep reaching to me. Now I'm going to have you lower down a little bit. Hold it there. Okay.

Keep reaching the top of that hand pole in. Now, lower your arms a little. Bring him back up. Ah, lower down a little. Come back up. That's it. Keep lifting. They're lower down a little and up and now lay all the way down. So then that better. Oh yeah. Okay.

So in ideally, right, if we worked more I would make or just try to come up to that position. That's really hard. Okay, so lift yourself up. Try to find it again. Hold it. All right. So look at your, Yep, that's it. So keep this now down a little and up, down and up. Down. Lighten up a little there and up and lay all the way home.

Yes. Better. Yes. Yes. Let's turn to the short box. We'll do your row or your, um, tree. So we're going to flip it over on this. Yup. And then two springs there. Four Springs. Yes. Whatever you feel stable on.

All right. Feed in both straps. Just to start with. All right, so in this position, take your feets, you're going to kind of lock and load them in that strap just for now. And I want you to almost feel like they're standing. So they're in this position where they're standing. Kind of brings us back to foot work where I made you kind of bend this little knot there. It's so hard.

I know it's the top of this knuckle, but that's, there's that two way stretch, right? If it's got to come, cause we wouldn't stand like this right on the floor. We would stand in. That foot would be reaching, right? And there'd have to be equal weight. It's something to play with and practice. But again, it's another tool that's gonna put us in the best shape that we can be without having to question what's wrong or what's weak. Okay? So we just did a beautiful, beautiful short box and now we are going to do the tree.

I'm going to challenge you though to bring your knee into your chest without hoisting the hip into place. So don't move anything. Bring the leg out of the strap, grab underneath like you would and there's no shifting. There's no adjusting. Come a little forward like you would [inaudible]. I know you want to, right? Okay. Save it for later. Now bring your knee, open it up a little bit so it's in line with your hip and not so much the middle of your body. Okay?

Extend the leg to wherever it goes and then release and extend it and release and extend it. Now Walk your hands up the ankle. Don't let your leg rotate out. Keep your knee straight up to the ceiling. Oh baby. Drop your head down. Okay. Now in line with your hip there. That's a game changer. Yeah.

Tip back a little bit and keep your eyes on your hips, your hip bones. You're going to keep them even. And I want you to walk your hands down. You don't have to do anything fancy. Just walk down and watch your hips. Okay, so now I feel like this one is higher than this one. So let's try to fix it. Put a little weight on this leg, on this cheek. Sit on it a little more. Now what happens if you try to reach through the back of the leg a little and don't roll. Oh, oh, look at that. And now walk back up.

Keep the hipbone. Yep. Keep going. Come on girl. Keep going. Relax your toes. They ain't gonna do anything. Walk Up. Keep going. Bend your elbows a little. Get the top of the head towards the knee. Stay there. Now make the top of the head. Touch the knee. Come on. Oh yeah, there. And now go back down again. Now keep that right. So shifted over. Lower up.

This isn't going to do anything right. Work from the middle. So now pull this back. Okay. Lower this leg a little and try to reach through the back of it just a little. Just a little there. Feel that. Now leave it there. And now walk back up. Walk Up.

Now don't lift the leg because that's going to ruin what you just did on your hips. Aim the top of the head towards your knee stretch and that feel better anyway. Relaxing, rare. And again, last one, make it work. Walked down hips even. So sometimes you got to lower that tree leg. Okay, it happens. There's no rules that said it had to go right up to the ceiling. Relax this reach. Ah, good girl. Now go back up again.

Okay. [inaudible] keep going. Come on. Sit on that hip. There you go. Keep going. Keep going. Aim the top of the head towards the knee. Don't lift the leg cause that's going to ruin your hip. Get your head down more. Oh yeah. And then release.

Don't shift. Extend the leg and bend it. Okay, open it. A little [inaudible]. Extend. Don't that. There we go. And release and extend and release. And now extend. Now Walk Up. Okay, now you can take it back a little bit like you would. Okay. Ready? Buyer, beware locked down.

Keep your weight even keep your weight. Even now come back up our both hips even walk up. Keep this here and you walk up towards it. Now keep going. Keep going. Keep going. [inaudible] relax. Breathe. Come on. Relax it. Now bend the elbows. Get the top of the head towards the knee more.

Well Liz. Oh, and now go back again. Leave the leg here. No reason to go anywhere else. Go down. Okay, now reach through here. So remember when I said hamstring down? Chin lifted. Yeah, there no, pull this. Oh yeah, no, come back up. Pull that.

Yep. Okay. Shins lifted a little more there. That unlocks your joint, right? And now keep going. Come on. Come on. Yes. And do one more now reach. Don't, don't skip it. Don't skip out on this there.

Now reach there. She's like me. I buy here. Aim the top of the head. Keep the hips even. So that's gotta stay back. Yeah, they're right up. That's better. Better, better, better. Does it feel better and then release. So you have to work internally in order to get your stretch in your position that you need. We can't work from the outside and make it easier. Right.

Wouldn't make any sense. Take the boxes off. Let's do your 10 inch stretch. So your end springs, two springs, the two end ones, the bars up. And then just flip the head rest up cause we can, all right, so some people like to put a pad here. If you want a pad, place it. Otherwise we're, we're good. So sit here. All right, so now like we did in the second footwork, we're going to make sure that there's as much on top and there's as much underneath. Okay. Even though we, we're all flexible, we should all be getting attendance stretch, right?

That's the name of the exercise. So if we're not, something's not right in the shape of our body. Stand up and let me just look at your shapes. Okay? Drop your chin, your chin. A little. All right, so now you're going to start you here. Walk your foot forward more. [inaudible]. Now all I want you to do is drop your head down towards your knees. Now push your heels down. Don't move. Just push your heels down.

Are they down enough? I don't know. They could go down more. Go on here. Come on. Get it down now go down more. Yes. Come on. Get it down now it's down. Now reach your toes over though. So they're touching. Now keep the heels down.

Push out a little freeze now push through your heels. Nope, your heels. Just stay there. Get the toes down. Heels more. Now keep in the heels and come back up. Don't let the heels lift you. Let your middle lift you. Keep coming in. Come on more, more, more.

All right, ready? Heels down. Relax the toes over and go. Okay. Come on. Push through the heels. Push through the heels. Now get the heels more more. Come on more.

Now come back up. Okay. Let's try to get your wrist straight here. I'm sorry. That's okay. Perfect. I got you. I promised you, put your thumb around. Put your thumb around. That's going to make you feel, but just now, keep it straighter. Okay. There. All right. It's just the same knuckle thing that we did in rowing.

Now push the heels down, reach the toes over and now push keeping the Tush in front of the black bar. Go more heels, more heels. They're there. Now stay forward a little bit though. There. Now come back. Come on. Don't lose it. Don't lose it. You got it. Come on. Get your toes down. Stay there. Go all the way in. So fold up more.

Push those arms away from that bar. Push him away. Push him away, and then release more tendon stretch. No, you want to do it again? All right. Last one we're going to go through is your semi-circle. So step off. Keep your two springs. Just place the bar down.

Let's do it with the bar down. Okay. It's such a glow though. Okay, so we could break this down into a thousand different ways. How do you need it? As opposed to how do you need it?

So take yourself and just put yourself in the position that you know, okay, now play with me for a little bit. Are All the toes on the bar. Okay, keep it where it is. I'm going to put this up a little higher. I want your uh, risk to be a little above your shoulder.

Okay, so now push that away. Okay, lower down and let me watch. So you just lower down. Now push away and let's try to keep the heels away from the frame just for now, and then lift the hips up and then come back in. Now do it the other way. So push it away. Lower down, bring it in and come back up. Okay, so let's do it again. This time I want your feet to be on the bar even the entire time.

Okay, so I'm not even going to go here yet. I'm just going to look at your feet. So what if you had to open them up parallel in order to get them there. Okay. Both of you I think would benefit from that. All right, so lower down. Now keep weight on that big toe. Don't let it go. Oh baby. Right? Keep the toes down a little.

Let that bend a little. Just breathe. Now push away. Freeze. That's enough. Now. Kerlin lift. Curlin lift. Curlin lift. Get your toes down. Now come back in. All right, let's do it again. Ready? So now start with your upper back.

So your upper back goes then towards your lower back. Keep your weight even on your feet. Keep it lower down. Now prepare mentally. Am I getting all my toes on at the same time? Push it away. It's far enough. Far enough. Now Curl and lift your hips first. Get the hips up.

Don't move your carriage yet. Lift the hips higher there. Now come back in. Okay, reverse it now. So push away. Hold it now. Start with upper back. [inaudible] girl's working. Go on. Go on. That's it. Now bring it in. Now bring the tailbone yet. Turn it. Turn it. Turn it.

Turn it. Yes. Yep. And then bring it back home. Okay, one more time. Push it away. Okay. Even now, lower down. Start here. Keep going. Now bring it in. All right, now turn this there. So now you've reached that tailbone long. Come to me.

Come to me more. Not this, this, yes, there. And then release. Pull yourself back. Stay one at a time. Here we are. So now this lays. All right. Feed are even now. Lower down.

Huh? Keep going. You can move the carriage. Don't stress Chin down a bit. There you go. All right, let's fix your feet. Now. Push it away. Hold. Okay, keep that. Now lift this. So tr, there you go. Work it. Work it.

Work it up there. Hold now. Not too high in the ribs, right? Come back home. Now reverse it. So push it away. Push through those arms. Push through the toes. Get that big toe down now lower down, lower down. Keep going. Come on. Stay with me. Keep going. Keep going.

Ah, now bring it in. Now flip. Get this. Come on. Pull those. Pull the ABS back. Ah, there you go. And then up, hold it. Get that in more. Ah, and then pull yourself back. Come to me. Come to me, and she's like, no, thank you.

Then there. Okay. Unless you're going to a bar. I don't want to go. Okay, so feet are even right as even as we can keep them. Okay, lower down. Now get a little weight on the big toe there.

Now push freeze. That's enough. Now lift this. So turn, pull those abs up. Up into you. Hold it. Stop there. So now I want stop. Okay. Pull this up. Reach your tailbone long like we did in your rowing right, and reach.

Reach, reach. Yes. Okay, now reverse. Go back. Pull that down a little. Keep reaching this long to me. You're going to cry. Go down. Come on now. Lower down your right. That's fair enough. That's it. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Now bring it in. Okay, now pull this up. Pull the obliques back to you. Up to your chin.

There you go. Hold it. Okay. Little weight on the inside of your foot there. Good girl. That's high enough. And now come back home and then pull yourself back on and you ladies are done.


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I Love the precise movements and the attention to detail! its perfect for helping me to be a better teacher.
1 person likes this.
Great loved your teaching cues ..will really help me me with my own clients Jules

Ingrid J
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Great cues! We all need a facelift in these movements now and again! I found so many new "muscles" in backrowing and shortbox! Thank you snd more please!
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My nemesis - front and back rowing. Brilliant cuing and detailed corrections. I might finally have gotten these!
Glad you ladies enjoyed...nothing like a little spring clean up!
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Great information Dana...thanks for sharing!
Thanks Anthony!
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this class is to watch not to exercise along with. I could´t see what you mean with "this" , when you say "give me this", or "pull in this". May be if you would explain in-between what your goal is and why you demand a certain position it would have been to our advantage as viewers. I also disliked the military-like commands.. I guess I am more the "effort-with-ease" Person! Your two clients looked compressed in their neck and head position many times and the breathing was not flowing.. sorry for the critic! - I think you aim right but it is not clear and it seems forced.
@silke - thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it. Not all teachers styles and personalities are alike and that is a good thing! Again, thank you and no apology needed.
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I loved the clean up of these exercises. Thank you for breaking them down. Can you tell me what you mean by "heavy in the foot"( front or back) and how that relates to correct engagement? Also, why did you drop her back in the teaser? More abs, less legs? I always feel so precarious in the teaser and I'm wondering if this will help?
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