Class #2901

Wunda Chair Workout

30 min - Class


Explore yoga on the Wunda Chair in this flowing workout by Zoey Trap. She alternates between coming on and off the Wunda Chair, working your breath and motion in a whole different way. She uses a light spring throughout the entire class so you can prepare for body for the balance challenges to come.

Zoey is using a Peak MVe Chair, but she explains how you can use a different Chair for this class.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair

About This Video


Hi, I'm Zooey trap peak, pull out his master trainer and I'm also a Jeeva mooky certified yoga instructor. Yoga and Politesse have been side by side in my life for over 20 years. Today...

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I love that Peak chair.. had the pleasure of working out on one in Houston few years ago.. light weight and a nice wide seat..easy to move around..ok i will shut up and watch the video now... ha
Love the yoga on the chair!! Connie you were amazing!!!
A beautiful practice guided with love and impeccable clarity. Thank you, Zoey. As always, the transitions flow from one move to the next which allows for a full-body, complete practice. Thank you, Connie, for your open heart and lovely practice.
A really creative blend. Thanks!
Started my early morning with this...I am not a Yogi, but really enjoyed how Zoey brought the Pilates Language to this work out so I could follow. Zoey... On the Peak chair, would it be one middle spring or one high? I moved in and out of both. Connie - as usual - great form and grace! Love you two. xo
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This class felt so good! Pilates meets yoga, I love it!
Gonna do it again soon!
Lovely! Flowing , creative class. Will come back to this one. Thank you.
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Great Class. Zoey can you place more classes on the MVE chair. Pilates and Yoga..
Very creative🙏🙏
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