Class #2904

Mat Workout

20 min - Class


Play with proprioception and coordination in this Mat workout with Ken Gilbert. This class is based on the Floorwork that he learned from Ron Fletcher as well as the work he has been doing to integrate the five joint actions of the spine. He works on mobilizing the spine while building awareness so you can learn how to move with fluidity and ease.
What You'll Need: Mat, Braided Towel

About This Video


I'm Ken Gilbert here at Paulie's any time. And what I will teach right now is a floor class. This is based on some of the floor work that I've learned from Ron Fletcher and some of the things that I'v...

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I really like the rock to one side/sitz bone exercise and the spiralling exercise after it. Thank you, I will incorporate these ideas in my classes
Pieta . . . thank you for letting me know! I appreciate any feedback, especially when there is an application of the work that I offer . . .
The best workout to start the day... Thank you Ken Gilbert . I really enjoyed it.
Mary . . . I am excited to hear that the workout works for you! Thank you . . .

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