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Mat Workout

35 min - Class


Rebekah Rotstein returns with a unique Mat workout emphasizing flow with dynamic and organic movements. The class includes her spirals which tap into natural movement patterns that our bodies crave. It also stretches and integrates the fascia but keeps your mind focused on the present moment of the fluid wave-like motions that match the scenic backdrop! She also uses sound in different breath patterns to release and remove restrictions in the trunk, offers a unique prone experience that leverages sling systems and brings in powerful hip mobilizations.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hello, I'm Rebekah Rotstein and I am back here at Pilates Anytime with a spiraling mat class that I have been testing on people and finding really great responses. It's part of my inte...


loved this class just what my body needed today
Fun, thanks for coming!
I loved this class - thank you
What a terrific 35 minutes of exploration!

Lovely and fun wake up class! Thanks a lot
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Thanks so much for the class! Really enjoyed it. You mentioned your ongoing interest in spirals. Could you recommend additional resources, a starting place, for a beginner to learn more about spirals?
Oh yeaaaahhhh!

That was movement medicine Rebekah - thanks heaps x

There was plenty of buzzing and I really unlocked my thoracic spine.

This class is going on my Favourites to repeat when I get glued up.
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Lovely session, thank you. Much of the content reminded me of Feldenkrais and 'Bones for Life' work so I wondered if that had been a part of your preparation for this class. Leaves you feeling really released and easy-peasy in your body!
Wonderful class! I performed this class after a long day of work. I came home very achy in my upper back, and achieved tremendous relaxation. Thank you!
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Great session, dynamic, fun and a different way to understand pilates. thank you very much!!
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