Dynamic and Organic Flow<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Class 2939

Dynamic and Organic Flow
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 2939

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Have you discovered Garuda? Nice class. Thank you
so fun!
Los movimientos en espiral le da dinamismo a la clase y ayuda a los alumnos a relajar los movimientos.
Gracias,linda clase
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I absolutely love the fluidity and flow of these movements! Felt great to move this way after a long week of teaching!

Thank you xxx
Thank you so much
Thank you. The extension variations and bridging with opposite glutes initiating were my favorites. What modifications/variations would you make for those with osteoporosis so that we can share these beautiful spiral movements safely and effectively?
Thankyou for the interesting variations. I loved your Quadruped warm up. I just wanted to question with your Shoulder Bridge variations what your thoughts are on lifting the pelvis on a hike for those who have lumbar issues. A lot of the spirals are beautiful fluid movement but for the general public teaching these, do u have a adaptions for those? Much thanks
love it!!!! so creative! I can feel my inner amphibe-self!
Great class after being hunched over a computer all day! I feel much better! Thank you!
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