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Cardio Reformer Burst

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This 20-minute class is a cardio burst! Amy assumes you have a working knowledge and understanding of the "how-to's" of jumping, but does break down the importance of the preparation to jump as well. You'll mainly jump from two feet, varying the spring tension from heavy to light along the way, but some Single Leg Jumping is included also. Take care of your knees! If the spring tension is too heavy at the beginning, please bring it down to a level that suits you. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Fitness Ball

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So we're going to do a little jump board class. And My goal here is about 20 to 25 minutes. Pretty good pace, pretty good cardiovascular, um, session and just a couple, you know, before we get going. I think too, I'm going to start on pretty heavy spring, so I've got two red and a blue. And when I first learned jump board work, my teachers were very uh, solid about how to do this. And um, I like the importance of starting. If we are dancing, you're learning how to jump, learning how to jump and it's not just starting with from bent knees and jumping from there, but to start actually from a standing position to then bend your knees, Jump Land and then the preparation and go back up to go back down. So I've approached that on the reformer today in the jump born and here we go. And I'm also gonna add a little bit of a work with the blue ball in a moment.

Yeah. When we get to some, a single leg and some skier work. So I am going to have us start with the legs extended fully all the way together. Add ducted, Eh, you can also do this with your feet slightly apart. Um, but there is a section that's going to be that way already. So I'm going to have this actually start centered. So this is meant to be a class that maybe you've already done a warmup with or you've done a little bit of mat work to get prepared.

I wouldn't suggest doing this right off and without warming up and being cold. All right, so starting from standing, lengthening the abdominals, getting the lower back down. I'm going to have the student nice slow preparation. So I take the Ben little jump landing and taking four counts to straighten back up to standing position and the bend and the jump rolling through the foot and pressing through the feet and legs to stand. Taking slowly to get the focus of engaging the legs, engaging the glutes, hamstrings, spine and abdominals and a Ben jump land and four, three, two n one.

So focusing the quality of not just the jump, the landing is important. The stretching up between each jump, everything meaning something and up to three and four and two more jumps. [inaudible] and bend, jump land and stretch two, three and four. Then we're moving into first position, a very narrow first same principles, plea a and jump bland and four counts two, three and four. So getting that organization from the glutes through the thighs, up into the abdominals. [inaudible] I really think of starting my jump from here, not my feet but abdominals and my glutes. Two, three and four and bend and four three bringing those inner thighs together and stretch two, three and four. Plea A. Also trying to keep the heels together in the jump as best as possible and up two and four and please jump feeling very strong in the legs.

Of course, jump to three. I'm going to take two more jumps, making sure to keep those spine bones down and imprinted right here behind the ribs and then pivot on the feet. So [inaudible] going out to the second position. Parallel. I'm right in line with my hip bones. Same thing, tracking in parallel and prs, two, three and four. Plea a press as soon as the feet land on the board. Keep them right, whether you've put them and pull up from there all the way long and Ben Stretch and please from the glutes, stretch, jump, land, stretch, feeling the shoulders pulling away from the shoulder rests, lengthening the sides of the neck and stretch. Two more jumps really getting the PA in the hips. So the bend in the hips, one more here and up to three and four moving the feet slightly turned out toes near the top edge. Is it the the board? Same thing increasing in the pelvis.

They have joined pushing off land and stretch long alignment of the spine and one, two, three and four. So each preparation for the next jump means something stretching, preparing for this or the transition and the impact. Landing the buoyancy of the jump. [inaudible] okay, I'm gonna keep the pelvis in that level. Angle, triangle of bones and nice and level man up to three and four please jump land and up. I'm gonna take two more jumps in this position. [inaudible] Dan, Ben, jump planned and up to three. Four. I'm going to go for 40 jumps, no stopping.

Starting all the way at the beginning together and taking the jump as big or as little as you'd need or want. Six, seven, eight, nine in first position. Heels together too. Focusing on some breath lam softly into the knees and nine hip with parallel. And one six, seven, eight, nine toes in the corners. We've got 10 more jumps. One, two, three legs are solid and five and six, seven, eight, nine in the middle and land. Nice little bursts there. So we'll come up and change some of the tension away.

We'll just take away the blue. I've got my two outside reds on [inaudible]. All right, going to single leg. So with single leg, I am going to have a stand and start with our feet separated, right leg on the jump board, right foot, left leg and tabletop. This time in the transitions, we're only gonna take a two count to straighten up into the standing leg. So I get the bend had jumped, take a landing and take two counts. So again, they're kind of slow counts. Giving your body time to organize from foot, knee, hip, and up. Then [inaudible] and bend, jump land and two counts to and Ben.

So concentrating also on sinking that wait here in the ribs, likely to pop them out or fluff them out as you jumped. Contrast that and actually press more inward. Three more like trying to stick the heel. So I've got the landing toe ball, arch, heel straight in the knee, bend toe ball, RTO, straighten the knee one more time and one, two switching legs. Look and place it in the correct placement. Here we go. 10 repetitions. Tuck that sit bone in ple, a jump land and stretch for two. So winter months are coming.

Maybe some skiing is coming your way and jump board work tends to be very complimentary to skiing this Ben and rebound and absorption of tension and great thigh work. Great, but work foot, ankle, knee and two again and one, two, we'll take three more jumps and stretch and bend and one, two and two more. I mean that toe ball, our teal last time. All right, now going back to two feet on the jump board. I'm going to do a little series starting in first position. We're going to do a little countdown, so I'll do parallel turn out for eight. Come back to parallel for eight.

Turn out for four parallel for four, two in each position. I'll repeat the twos and then I'll just go back and forth for awhile. See how long I can go. So starting turned out eight jumps, consecutive one, two. I'm thinking of ringing the inner thighs together and five and sits bones. Everything in the mid line, eight parallel and one two really getting the crease in this joint here.

Four, five, six sitz bones forward seven turned out for four jumps. One parallel for four, one pulling up. Three. Four. Turn out for two. One, two, parallel one we'll do two again. Each position. One, two, parallel. I'm going to go 16 alternating. One. Two, pulling the shoulders away from the shoulder blocks. And for six, seven, eight more. And one jumping, a little higher. Two, three, five, six, seven.

And I'll land and I'll stretch. And just coming back to parallel, I'm going to bring us in. It's gonna notice the heart rate. And notice a body temperature change feel probably feels good. And then I'm going to roll over to my side. Grabbed my physio ball.

You don't have to use this if you don't have one, but we're also going to go a little lower. I've dropped a red and amount of bread and blue now. Okay, you can hold the magic circle. You could hold a pillow, two hand weights, nothing. You can get kind of creative. So what I'll have us you're doing is holding a ball right above the chest. You can look at it, open up the shoulders.

I'm going to angle the feet to the right, my knees to the right and my femurs to the right. But take the ball in opposition just slightly over the left. So there's a slight rotation going on inside in the spine. Not so much that the shoulder and head and hips move. Okay? So that's pretty slight. So we're alternating kind of a skier.

[inaudible] landing. So bending in the hip joints, bending in the elbow joints. I'm gonna allow the bowl now to start coming a little lower toward my arm. Getting a slight arm stretch there. Being mindful also of the shoulders pulling away from the shoulder rests. Let's go for 16 more jumps. One keeping those sits bones drawn together. Inner thighs together.

Okay, eight more times. One, two, three, four [inaudible] seven and eight. I'm coming back into the middle and I'm just going to rest for a moment. Okay. Again, starting with the legs straight, we're going to add a little ball. Toss of the ball, just straight up above the chest and nothing fancy with the feet. We're just going to let the legs just jump parallel so hopefully I won't drop the ball. The idea here, coordination [inaudible] think of pushing the ball up just slightly in front of your belly, not behind you. If you push it back that way you'll probably drop the ball, get some energy in the arms. Lift [inaudible] is there a need to kind of connect and hear a little rhythm?

Hands, feet, hands, feet. [inaudible] I'm gonna keep going. I'm gonna go. Well, one leg [inaudible] keep going. Push with the leg. Push. Push. I'm starting to push from my glute. Eight more or less. Take one and two, four, five, six, seven and a land in the middle. Once again, stretch. Just feel the body. Feel the heart rate. Well, I'm going to come up and drop again a little weight away.

I'm gonna take my blue away. Come back down a little bit more. So it was the lighter we go with the spring tension. Less focus on the leg work and the quad work. Definitely more about the abdominals and the stability. Still the breathing.

And I'm going to do a little scissor. So it's, the ball is above my chest. Hoping to bring my leg just in 90 degrees level pelvis. And then as I change legs, the legs, ah, the ball will just stay here. I'm in parallel. [inaudible] so again, can to start that. Jump from the glutes.

Working to track a ball, tow ball, our Cheal legs dig in parallel. My shoulders are back. [inaudible] so if you did want a little extra arm movement again, you could go opposite outside of the leg. My overweight up leg is now kind of crossing my midline. That's all right. I'm turning out now. I made a nice combination for that.

I'm going to bend my elbows. Absorbed the ball down. [inaudible] alright. And Eight and seven working that spine. Imprinting. Four more to go. Here's one to [inaudible] and three. I'm going to continue to jump bug.

I'm going back to both legs in the board and just hold [inaudible]. I'm gonna do 20 [inaudible]. Just add a little open cloves of the legs. Whoops, I forgot my glutes. [inaudible] return the legs quickly. All right, 10 more. Are those one in two in three in [inaudible].

One more. We're gonna land and we're gonna hold stretching again. All right, I'm going to move the ball away. Let's get a little roll. So taking your right knee up to tabletop, let's try it. We're going to start a little stretch, a little cool down. So I'm crossing my right ankle on my left thigh, keeping that pelvis in level.

Walk your left foot a little bit higher up the board now. And as you're starting to bend your left knee still work to keep this the right knee open. Working some stretch in the glute here. Yep. And it feels good. You can just hold or you can move through that kind of a little halfway push out and a half return. So most of the jumps we did today, uh, not too complicated with our footwork and how we'll do another class where we start incorporating more changing or Shawn Sharma, maybe some, a little fancier footwork from the ballet world or the dance world.

We're just added coordination. Don't have to be a dancer to do it, that's for sure. All right, I'm going to hold, let's take the leg up and let's go for a little more hamstring stretch. I'm going to take my hands higher and allow my pelvis to kind of tilt back. Just a little [inaudible] stretch. [inaudible] filling not to lock out the other knee and then taking that toe right to the side of the left knee.

A little pivot on the standing leg and a rotation. [inaudible] I like to feel my sacrum kind of angled under my ribs in for me to stretch my lower back. I like that. Ah, and then coming through the center, we'll do that on the other side. So left knee coming up, ankle on thigh if you need a peak and sea level. And then working a bend on the bending, standing knee press at other thigh open and just moving through oak in half.

Extension and bend [inaudible] just a couple of stretches. So that's a workout I might do for myself. If I do, you know, 1520 minutes of mat maybe and that feel pretty worked out and hamstrings. [inaudible] [inaudible] let's start and just feel the cooling down of the body. Slowing down with the heart rate and then a rotation. Ah, can we back to center when I have a state? Just one more here.

Lace along with the legs. I'm standing kip with the part, walking my shoulders down a little off the shoulder rest and just taking both arms up slightly open and just taking in that space just to open up the collarbone, open up the chest with sometimes with the jumps, you know, even though we're working on the buoyancy and the elastic city and uh, decompression, there is a little bit because we're, you know, we're landing against some impact. So to try to get out of that feeling. If you're having that to stretch out. I'm just going to have a circle the arms and just again, up and open. Open the shoulders. The shoulder rest are there, so I can't go completely back. I'm opening. Try not to pop the ribs and circle.

Just a couple more. [inaudible] [inaudible] Ah, and just one more time. And then the last one, we can just bring the carriage all the way in and finish. There we go. Thank you guys. Woo.


So much fun, Amy! Some lovely diversions to straight jump board work. Many thanks
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Thank you Layla! I love the jumpboard and play with new ideas all the time. I'll have more soon....this was just the beginning! :)
Loved it! I will incorporate the ball into my next jump board class.
Lovely to hear your cueing and enjoy your creative jump board workout! Thanks Amy. Looking forward to more.
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Thanks Amy and Mandy! I too am looking forward to offering more jumpboard workouts. I'll get working on some, enjoy!
this class is just too fun Amy, been awhile since i been on jumpboard. Q? I am 5'6" and have a BB reformer. I ususally leave gear bar on 2nd postion. Noticed with jumpboard tho that I felt kind of crammed in. Did u use a BB reformer here?
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Hi Jamie, yes, all of my equipment is Balanced Body. What I suggest to my taller students/clients is to not expect to come all the way in to the bumper necessarily, but rather to pay attention to their foot contact and make sure to land toe, ball, arch, heel and then stop! The taller folks (are those with shorter achilles tendons) sometimes will let those heels lift back up when attempting to make it all the way in, but I stress to them that it's not about's about the quality of the landing and safety in the ankle and knee joints. It can actually becomes more specific of a jump or take off from that point too requiring deep contraction of the gluts to initiate allowing the quads, calves and feet to then follow suit. I'll remember to touch on this in the next jumpboard class and bring in a taller student to do class with me. Thank you for the question!
loved this class! Great workout for a short amont of time.
Thank you Miss Amy! I love the jumpboard and I am always looking for new choreography!
Thank you Pauline....yes, it's a good little burst of cardio if short on time! And thank you Miss Marta! Yes, I think we're all happy to see new choreography from time to time!! Glad you liked it!
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