Cardio Reformer Burst<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 298

Cardio Reformer Burst
Amy Havens
Class 298

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Amy, this is really fun! Great short workout! Loved it!
Thanks Susan!! Good to hear from you!
Thanks Amy for the reply. I think what I am noticing most is my feet wont go fully planted unless i push out somewhat.. But I totally get what u are saying. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to a longer class of jumpboard!!
Great workout! Nice flow... and cardio... Thank you..
Thank you Tina! Always nice to hear from you!!
Great power jumpboard workout! I will look forward to more of your classes! Challenging and fun. Thanks much!
Hi Kristen! Yes, this was a bit on the 'power' jumpboard side of things. I don't always go that heavy with the springs, but thought I'd show it .... as a goal to strive for. Of course, the most important thing is the quality of the jump and the landing both. I will be doing a few more jumpboard classes soon that will be quite a contrast to this one so stay tuned. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Nice to hear from you!
Hello Amy,

I just started with Pilates Anytime and did this class this morning as I was short on time. It is so hard to find DVDs that are less than 40 minutes which is one of the reasons that I was interested in your online classes. Anyhow I haven't had my jumpboard out in forever, and your excellent instruction has opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you so much for a great start to my week this Monday morning!


Hi Katherine! Wow, what a kind post, thank you. I'm so happy you've found Pilates Anytime and that you enjoyed the brief (yet powerful) jumpboard class. We've gotten quite a bit of positive response from viewers like you who are interested in shorter classes so we're doing our best to supply the site with them. I really love the jumpboard and try to excite people with possibilities! I hope to hear from you again......and Iove the picture of your dog! What kind ... how :)
Just joined this loving your classes and have already grabbed some great choreography from a couple of your sessions...thank you for passing on your creative ideas! My client this evening is in for a jump board treat! :)
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