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Reformer Workout

65 min - Class


Strengthen your entire body with this challenging Reformer workout by Courtney Miller. This is the third class in her Reformer fusion series that incorporates HIIT circuits, yoga, and Pilates. These are the exercises she has been doing to restore her strength, flexibility, and sanity after having her baby.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Theraband

About This Video


Hi, everybody. So, here we are in class number three of the series of three Reformer fusion classes fusing these HIIT circuits, these high intensity interval circuits into our workout....

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Courtney, this was my favorite of the 3. Loved the vinyasa flow warm up. I mean, how fun was that?! Loved the creativity throughout, and it's always so nice to be a student. As teachers, if we don't continue to receive, we can't possibly give.Thank you for the time, effort and inspiration you put into these online classes.
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A gift :)))))) cannot wait to try this in the afternoon. Please continue to these series or similar HITT programs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Fabulous! Love the increased heart rate! ❤️
Awesome class...awesome series!
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Courtney your creativity is definitely a gift! Not only in these 3 series but also in all of your classes you create these fun but challenging excercise sequences! I loved the 3 workouts you just filmed, thanks for sharing your energy and knowledge!
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Courtney you are so beautiful to watch, you make the movements flow and your technique is just wonderful. I love all of your classes and you inspire me to be a better Pilates Teacher every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️
Another great class! You are truly inspiring. Thank you
Wow. Creative. Challenging and amazing. Made me sweat. Lol. Loved it. Thank you Courtney Miller :))))
Very creative use of the reformer. It is never-ending. I loved the flex band variations. I also loved the leg strap sequence.
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I've loved all 3 of this series a teacher I've been challenged to work hard and I've also got lots of fresh ideas for my students. The concept of HIIT interspersed with flow work on a reformer is brilliant and works so well! Please do some more!
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