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Reformer Workout

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Get ready to sweat with this challenging Reformer workout by Courtney Miller. She fuses the elements of fitness and yoga with Pilates to create a HIIT sequence that will work your entire body. This is the first part of a three-class series that she used to regain her strength, flexibility, and sanity after having a baby.
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Hi, I'm Courtney Miller and I have designed a very challenging, yet very fun, I hope you'll agree with me, series of three classes and I've used these formats for myself and my own body at my home for...

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AHHHMAZZZZING!!! I love this workout so much. We have an athletic clientele that will eat this up. Thank you Courtney for always bringing something new and challenging to the table. Love Love Love this.
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Thank you for bringing some fitness aspects into the work. Very creative and fun. Love it.
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uaoooo sei tornata!!!!! grazie .. è sempre bello vedere le tue lezioni!!!!
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How amazing you look! You are such an incredible roll model for every young woman that wants to be a Mom and still keep her fabulous body strong and healthy. Love all your creative workouts and the cues are so spot on. Thanks for all you do for all of us!!
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This was brilliant - I have been hoping that there would be a class that would incorporate some cardio for a harder workout, I am unable to run but want to maximise the results. Would love to see more along this theme. Thank you
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Fantastic class! Love the cardio, it's nice to get a full workout in one😄
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Thank you - I loved it and it is exactly what I need!! Can't wait for class 2
Thank you Courtney! My kind of work-out!
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You are always so inspiring and fun! wonderfully creative Pilates exercises with infusion of cardio....thanks Courtney for sharing and inspiring
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Wow, cannot wait for the other classes. The intervals were a nice add on both mentally and physically. Thank you Courtney.
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