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Cardio Reformer Flow

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You will get your heart pumping with this cardio Reformer workout by Carrie Macy. She teaches a traditional routine, with bouts of jumping interspersed throughout the class. Some of the exercises will feel different because you will use the Jump Board instead of the Foot Bar, but it will definitely be a fun challenge for the stability of your torso.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Pilates Pole

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Nov 06, 2017
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Hi, I'm Carrie Macy Samper And I'm here today to teach my wonderful friends, Chris and Lacey a cardio reformer. And what I mean by that is, it's going to be a pretty standard intermediate level reformer, as far as- In classical terms. Interspersed with bouts of jump board, it's pretty fun, and it definitely gets your heart rate up. Lets go. Okay, guys go ahead and lie onto your backs We will begin the class without the jump board, to get connected to our center, to feel the feet and the footwork, to get all the little bits coming together really well. Once we've put the jump board in place we are gonna leave it there, some exercises will be slightly different. Because we are using the jump board instead of the foot bar, for hands or feet placement, we'll begin with footwork.

Please place your feet, a little bit wider Lacey. Good, press the toes into the foot bar and extend your legs all the way out, hold the length there, Really feel the pressure into the shoulder blocks. Feel the pressure into the feet, and then bend the knees and come in resisting it. Again, push the carriage away, and in. Keep going for eight more on the toes, really feeling the grip of the toes around the bar.

Fully find that position, lift the heels high, and sink the abdominals in and up. When you come to the last one, stay all the way in, and come onto your arches now. So legs together parallel, come to the center of the foot. Toes over, heels under, move the carriage all the way back. Stretch and bend, sink the ribs deeper into the carriage.

There you go, wide on the collarbones. Feel length through the body this is all gonna be useful, when they start to jump in a couple of minutes. These feelings are connecting through their body. It's gonna feed the jumps, and do two more. Last one and then stay in, come to your heels.

Flex your toes all the way back to your knees, move the carriage out and pause there again. Now really pull the toes back, Stretch the back of the leg, work the front of the shins. Then bend the knees and come all the way. Press and pull. Think of bringing your sit bones to your heels. So, you're actively pulling yourself in.

Engaging the hamstrings and the glutes. Which will also serve you guys really well, When you start jumping. Keep breathing, Lacey get a little deep connection here. And one more time, staying all the way in. Last footwork, they come to their toes for tendon stretch, toes just about an inch apart, heels together.

Move the carriage out again, stay all the way out. Then reach your heels under the bar, and then push the bar away to lift the toes. So you curl the heels and then push the bar away. Curl under and push, give a little more resistance on the way down, wrap around my hand and push the bar. I want you guys to really use your feet.

The bottom of your foot, yes. That will serve you, at the jump board. One more time. Curl the feet under, push the bar away, hold. Get a little deeper in the abs, wider in the collar bones. Bend your knees and come all the way in. Alright lower your foot bars down, I'm gonna have them leave on four springs for the hundred.

Slide a little bit away from the shoulder blocks, and have your legs straight out in front of you. Say hello to your toes, arms go straight up. Take an inhale, on your exhale curl yourselves up. Lengthening forward, begin your pumps. Big inhales, big exhales, yes.

So warming the body up to get ready for all that jumping. Keep collarbones wide, soften your elbows a little Lacey. Push from underneath, deep and down into abdominals. Find a lot of length through the legs. Imagine you're still pressing that foot bar away.

Press the backs of the legs together, do three more breaths for me, Good. Inhale, big strong pumps and exhale. Make it look even effortless, lower your legs. Lift your arms up to the ceiling. Put the straps into one hand, sit yourselves up.

Swivel to the side and remove two middle springs. We'll move on to short span, this will be the last exercise. Before you jump. Alright lower your headrests first. Then change your straps so the loop goes through the handle.

Bring your feet up and place your feet into the strap. So the strap goes right in the center of your foot. A little bit closer to your heel, there you go. Heels come together by your hips, arms along your side. Bend your knees all the way down.

Press your feet straight towards me, out to 45 degrees. Push a little more out as you pick your hips up, take your legs all the way overhead, control the movement. They pause, they bend their knees, towards the shoulders. They hold there, heels stay together, roll down. Through your sternum, through your ribs, through your waist, really reach your hips.

Then pull your heels to your seat, good. Push out more to lift up and over. We're just continuing to warm their bodies up. Now their spine gets more work and articulation, before they start to jump, and lets do two more. Press your legs away, pick your hips up.

Good Job, Lacey. Beautiful. Nice lift, Chris. Bend your knees into the shoulders, and as you roll down, pull your sternum away from your chin, your ribs away from your sternum, and your hips far away. One more, press out, pick your hips all the way up, go over. Wonderful, tuck your knees in towards your ears, find your roll like a ball, and then roll yourself down, and away from the feet, bring the heels to your seat. Alright carefully take off your straps, and just put them into the well over your head, step off to the side, we're gonna place your jump boards.

The jump boards are right underneath your apparatus. Since we are on gratz, the jump boards are reinforced, with metal inside of them, so they just slide in. We don't have to have the footbar behind it. Lift your headrest up, you already have two springs, which is what we want first, and lie onto your backs. So for the first series of jumps, let's find out what we're gonna do with your feet, and your body in this position.

Starting with heels together toes apart. The toes should be just below the top of the jump board. Go ahead and straighten your legs, don't jump just straighten your legs. Your heels will stay down on the jump boards, flat footed. Come a little wider, rotate from your hips.

Keeping the heels down, just bend your knees. This is a plie, for the dancers in you. Otherwise just bend your knees and straighten your legs. Feet stay flat, bend as low as you can go, without lifting your heels and stretch to straight. Bend your knees again, right over the toes.

Then straighten the legs out, do two more. This is kind of a mini footwork. Use your abdominals to help you move. Now moving on to work on- stay up with straight legs. Bend your knees again, hold this position.

Keeping your heels together, lift your heels up. Then keep your heels up, straighten your legs, going all the way up and then lower your heels down. Bend the knee, so this is a slow motion jump. Heels lift, stretch your legs, pull in and up through the abdominals, reach the heels down. Bend your knees over the toes, lift your heels, straighten your legs out, ribs stay connected, heels down.

One more, bend the knees, lift your heels, stretch your legs by pressing through the feet, lower the heels, reverse the direction. Heels lift, knees bend open over the toes, heels come down into the jump board, stretch through legs. Lift the heels, bend the knees over your toes, heels into the jump board, stretch through the legs. Keep going two more, keep those ribs in. There you go, lower your heels, press out.

One more time, lift the heels, bend the knees, pinky toes down, lower the heels, stretch through your legs. From here we'll start our first mini jumps. So, you just bend your knees over your toes, and this time jump out, push away and land back down. Jump and in, and each time you land, try to pull up and into the abdominals, so there's less noise happening on the jump board, and each time you land make sure your heels come down. So only come in where the heels stay down.

Do two more, and then hold it in, and then straighten your legs out. Interestingly enough, the rest position, is to just straighten your legs. This is sort of exhausting still, in the thighs. Moving to your next foot position, bring your feet parallel with legs together. Same idea, bend the knees and do a little jump.

Point through the feet as you jump out and land back down, jump and point and land, heels stay down. So Lacey, when you come in, and you land with your heels, keep them down, don't keep coming in so far. See how they came up, jump and then keep them down. And don't come in quite- right there. Keep going, there it is, better. Heels go down and down, don't come in so far.

Alright and one more time, then straighten legs out. So, something really important is to make sure, when you land, that the heels stay down. Don't keep coming in so the heels come up. It's a little tricky, but that's what to focus on. Next is the skier, take both of your toes, and face them to the upper right corner of the jump board.

Your femurs rotate, your hips pretty much stay straight. Bend your knees over your toes, jump and switch like your slaloming down the hill. (chuckles) There you go, Your core stays tight. Your arms stay strong into the carriage. You really jump through the feet, pushing with your toes, just like you did in your footwork.

Keep breathing normally. I won't give many directions of breath, I just want you to keep breathing, as the heart rate rises. One more each direction, and pause with your legs straight. Go back to heels together, toes apart. We're just gonna end with 10 more in this first position, so bend your knees over the toes.

And go for 10, and nine, really go as far as you can, seven, there you go, six, very good use the feet. Use your legs, use your abdominals. Last one, And then hold it in. Alright, let the carriage come all the way in now. Very nice. Stepping off to the side, We will move to some long box exercises.

The jump board is gonna stay, and we put on the long box. We will start with the swan on the reformer. They place the long box on right, in front of the shoulder blocks. The black pad goes over the end. Because the jump board is here, a little bit different to get on, they're gonna place their hands onto the long box.

Put their opposite foot on the frame, push the car down enough, so they can get the other leg on the jump board. And then both feet come to the jump board. They situate themselves, so basically, their hips are at the front edge. That's pretty good Lacey, push up a little more. So the whole foot needs to be flat against the jump board.

Their arms reach forward nice and long in front of them. Position number one is to straighten the legs, and extend your body straight out. So you're in a long, low diagonal. Then start to arch the back, bend the knees, looking up towards the ceiling. Open the arms to the side, lower your arms down, lower your chest down onto the box.

Retrace the steps of the arms, they go back to the ceiling. Straighten the legs, lower the body to that low diagonal. Then back to start position, bend the knees, and float down over the box. Inhale as you pick yourselves up, straighten the legs. Exhale back bend, open the arms as you inhale, lower your chest and body down.

Exhale arms return to the side and all the way up. Inhale stretch your legs all the way out. A little lower Chris, straighten your leg more. Really squeeze together, and then float over the box. One more time, bend the knees in Lacey.

Start again, stretch out to straight line, pick yourself up, arch back, open the arms, lower the chest to the box, come back up, with the abdominals picking you up. Arms reach, stretch through the legs, really ground into the feet, It feels really nice. And then float down over the box. Or so I say, not doing it. (laughs) Okay place your hands onto the box, and carefully put one foot on the frame. Come in, let the carriage come in, stepping off the side.

Moving to pulling straps, we're gonna go down to one spring. I'll help you get one more in the middle. Then get rid of your pads, so for pulling straps. They're gonna bend their knees, so your knees- Touch the jump board, then you lie on your chest. Lacey, slide back. Right there perfect.

Hold the straps the same way you would do, for pulling straps, so hold just above- Yep. Then the legs, try to stay lifted, in line with hips and together, you abdominals pull in. Then you reach your arms down to the floor, and back towards your hips as you, lengthen your head forward and your knees back. Return the arms bringing it all back in. Going again, really hug your mid-line.

It's hard to keep the legs together, pull the arms down, back, push through the fists, open the collarbones and reach the hands back down, picking the abdominals up as you go. One more time, arms reach down to the floor, back towards the knees, hug the midline, squeeze the upper back and return the arms all the way home. T-pose, slide your hands down to the end, Looks great guys. Open your arms to the side in a T and reach wider out, Then pull back towards the hips, lift your chest. Return the arms and open back to the side.

Keep going, be careful of your lower back, here. With the legs bent it can dump more into there. So just make sure your abdominals are number one lifted up. There we go, and return your arms to the side. Take your straps into one hand and step off to one side.

Now the back stroke and the teaser, so just add one more middle spring. Then, lie on your backs for a normal backstroke. Come close to the front edge, perfect. Knees are in, hands are above your head, and you look into your abdominals. One the count of one reach arms and legs to the ceiling.

Count of two, open everything to the side. Three, circle forward and around. Hold your position for four, Five, bend everything in all the way on six. Reach up on one, open two, pull around three, hold there four, five open your chest, six bend knees in. reach it up one, open two, circle three, hold four, stay there you guys, pull deeper back in your sternum, open your chest and then curl a little bit.

One more time, reach it up, open, circle all the way around, and foreword. Good really reach it forward, but deepen back. And hug your body back in. Teaser, swivel to the side removing one spring. Mm-hmm, and then swivel back around.

Teaser is different because your legs are starting, about hip level, it makes it easier in some ways, but harder in others, you have no momentum to come up. You're really just sort of starting from flat. So take a breath in, and as you exhale. Push the arms, lift the chest, roll up to find, your teaser position, reach those arms nice and high. Then just lower to the hips, reach them up again.

Lower your arms to your hips, squeeze the heels together, reach the arms up, one more lower, that's it Lacey. Reach forward to the toes and hold the reach. Now roll down through the abdominals as you open your chest. Lie it all the way back out, gorgeous you guys. Breathe in, exhale and roll up. Good job, Chris! Circle the arms up and around.

We've been working on this pelvis position, gorgeous. One more time, reach all the way up, hold that. Push more towards me, reach me both of you. Then roll down, pull your waist back, curl the tailbone under, so nice, one more time. Squeeze the back of your hips as you roll up.

Pull your waist back, reach foreword, come up a little higher with your chest, Lacey. Reverse the circles, down around and up. Try to get the chest high, and the arms follow the lift. Last one, roll it all the way down. Very good, put your straps into the well.

Step off to the side, place your boxes back, where they were at the back of the carriage. So nice, so now we have our second set of jumps, we're gonna work on single legs, so we leave one spring on the carriage. I did mention this before, we are working on gratz, so all the springs are the same tension. On a different kind of apparatus, you wanna use a medium or a heavy spring. It's just gonna depend on what you feel, definitely don't use a light spring.

It will be a little too light. (laughs) Let's start with heels together, toes apart, just like we did in the first series. Straighten your legs out, you'll feel it very light. Let's just do a couple jumps just like we did before, to get used to the sensation, so press out and in. You'll notice that you have much more hang time. Lacey was a basketball player so, you like hangtime.

Good, and then come in and go out to straight legs. Just don't jump so straighten you legs out. Bring your legs together parallel, and bend your right knee in towards your chest. You can even hold onto your shin, this'll be a little like your single leg stretch. Bend your left knee, jump switch legs, and grab your left shin as you jump, then switch.

The same rules apply for the jumping foot. You're trying to land close to the top. You're trying to roll through the foot each direction. Your abdominals are hanging on to the work you're doing. One more one each side, and finish with the- There we go and go out to straight legs.

Nice, now your right leg goes straight up to the ceiling. Same thing but we just scissor the legs, so bend the left knee, scissor switch your legs, and jump onto the right leg and switch again. And switch again, so the motion is relatively simple, we're gearing up for some more complicated ones. Focus on your stability of your torso. Pull into the abdominals, brings the ribs into the carriage.

Arms press heavily, and then one more on each leg. To finish out again with straight legs. Bring the right leg up yet again, so now you're going to do the same thing, but switch twice. So you'll land on the same leg, in one jump. So you jump out, switch and land on that same leg.

There you go, this is why you need that hangtime. The more switches that I ask you to do. The less springs you want, good chris. See if you can be a little more challenging to yourself. Get a bigger switch, there you go.

Let's do three more, go three, go two, and go one. Then jump to the other leg, and go on this side. Go ahead and double switch, that's right. Keep trying to land near the top of the jump board, but not off the top. Good job, with that leg Chris, it's coming right under your hip.

Keep breathing and we go three more. For three, and two, last time and one. Go out to both straight legs and breathe. (exhales) Nice. Alright you can guess what's coming next. Don't worry we will stop at three switches, right leg up, now you jump and try to switch three times.

You'll land on the opposite leg, go 1-2-3 land. 1-2-3 land, yes. 1-2-3 land. Make them smaller Lacey, so feel like you're little flutter kicks. Flutter, flutter, flutter land. Flutter, flutter, flutter yes. Here you wanna start small and as you get more confident.

Or you can stay as a little minnow, swimming along. Good breathe as you go, one more on each side. Last one, nice go out to straight legs. (exhales) you guys feel your heart rates going a little bit. Okay bend your knees and come all the way in.

Roll off to the side and lets get your boxes again, for some short box series', we'll lower the head rest. Place the box over the headrest but in front of the pegs, and get your pole as well Lacey, I think its there, Place it in the front. Add one spring, and put the two springs, on the outside. So you should have two springs, and place your feet under the strap. The nice thing about having the jumpboard here, for the short box series is that you can really, work to press your feet into something, rather than them just being in space.

It doesn't matter if you're actually, touching the jumpboard, but you can feel like you're trying. Wrap your arms around your waist. Round your body forward and roll backwards. Tailbone slides under towards your knees, and go as deep as is comfortable for you. Then head lifts, round and curl yourself all the way up.

Again, two more, roll back, pull your low belly into, your lower back, send your heels into the jumpboard, and curl yourselves back up, nicely done. One more time, Chris' long legs, make it easy to press into that jumpboard. Now grab your bars, reach your arms up to the ceiling, for flat back, lift as tall as you can out of your hips. As you hinge back, push your heels into the jumpboard, and then return pushing your heels in more. Lift as you hinge back, press the heels foreword, lift tall out of the back, two more.

Really reach through the heels, this give a lot of, solidity in the hips, and a lot of connection, hold there, twist and reach, twist to the right. Hinge back as you still reach the heels forward, return. Twist to the left, hinge back, twist more as you reach. Twist to the right, both heels into the box, come up. Twist to the left, keep this long and strong.

One more each side, don't go so far that you, lose the straight connection of the torso. One more to the left, all the way up, rest your arms. Alright, put your bars away underneath. Lets move on to the side sit ups, Okay, so you're gonna turn to your left side. Keep your right foot under the strap.

Place your knee, in the center of the side of the box. You should have a little space between your hip, and the back edge of the box and then your foot, that's near the jump board push it into the jump board. It should be parallel with the ground. Place your hands behind your head, then lean out and pause, just find a long line first. Hold here, push to the top of your head, through your heel.

Keep that as you go out more and over into the well. And keep that heel as you come back up. And out and over into the well, and push with the heel as you come out and up, keep going. The work of that leg pushing out, really isolates the side body. One more Chris, keep your chest open as you come up.

Try not to round forward, go over into the well. Put your hand down on the ground if you can. If you're doing a twist- Lacey hold on here. You can either twist for a stretch like Lacey. She reaches her head to the back edge.

Or just a simple side stretch, as Chris is doing. Then walk yourselves back up, and turn to the other side. Same set up, make sure there is a little bit of space by your hip. Both hands go behind your head, one on top of the other. Wide elbows, find your long diagonal first and pause.

Reach the top of your head and through your heel, and go over into the well, and then out and back up. Into the well, and out and back up. Chris, I want you to get a little more, pubic bone to bellybutton, a little less arch in there, Keep going, reach through the left leg. Pressing into that if you can, do two more. Reach and, there it is Lacey. One more time.

Then go over for your stretch when you're ready. If your long enough to grab the end of the reformer, this is wonderful (laughs) go ahead and pull, and then that leg is connected in the strap, you get a really nice stretch, Lacey you can also walk further out for a longer reach. Bring yourselves back up carefully. Step off to the side, place your boxes away. We'll move onto the stomach massage, but we're going to jump, the jumping stomach massage.

So I will give a bit of a disclaimer on this, and that is to be careful when you first do this. It is a little precarious initially. It's a lot of fun, and it really drives home the point of, where you're supposed to be connected for stomach massage. So they will show you that, have a seat. Just like you would set up for stomach massage.

Except your feet are on the jump board and not the foot bar. Your heels are together toes are apart, We'll start with the round position. So their shoulders are over their hips, they're really lifted out of their backs, and rounded forward, start slowly. Do a little baby jump out, just to start to feel it. A little baby jump, and in, now they're both doing well.

Know that you might jump a be a little wobbly. So you have to pull into the abdominals to stabilize. Jump through the legs, squeezing the inner thighs together, and don't be afraid to use the arms, to help you stay put. Do two more. Last one and stay in, now the hands back. They reach their arms behind them to the shoulder blocks.

Really open the shoulders, watch the elbows hear, you don't want hyper extension. A little soft, draw the shoulders down, and then go ahead, do ten jumps here. One clue you wanna start think of in these first two, is always lift the legs up a little bit when you jump out. That kicks into your abdominals. And it also makes sure you don't lose your balance.

Beautiful, guys. Go three more. Three, heels together toes apart, Two, and one and stay in, alright. Now, they reach up they reach towards me. This is the one you wanna be careful, so go jump out and make sure your legs lift up, and come in, lift up and come in. Point your toes, and stay solid in your middle.

Do two more, palms down, stay in. The twist, twist first, then jump. Twist, jump, and in. Twist, jump and in. Heels together, toes apart Lacey. You're still in your like first position.

One more each side, lift your chest, Chris, staying in. take hold of the jump board with your hands, and push your legs out to straight, or where you can get, rounding out your thighs. Since we didn't do the tree, this is a nice time, to get a little bit of a stretch on the backs of the legs. Make sure the abdominals are deepened, and then bend your knees to come in. Step off to the side, and we will go to our, long stretch series, so a little bit out of order here.

Long stretch, the hands go onto the jump board, and the feet go on to the pad. You'll have a little more ability to, press down into the jump board as you, push yourself back through the toes and heels and hands. Come forward, pull your chest all the way over the jump board, again. Lift through the abdominals to push up, and then lengthen yourself forward externally, rotating the upper arms, again. Press back and come forward, two more.

Push and pull, and one more, press and stay in this time. Kneel down for down stretch, feet go in the same spot, against the shoulder blocks, hips come forward, chest opens, gaze up slightly and then inhale, as you push back, exhale pull open the collarbones, lift to the ceiling, inhale as you push, exhale as you come forward, it's nice, with the jump board cause you, actually get more vertical here. So you really feel that lift that you always want. One more time, at least that I always want (laughs) Open the collarbones, hold once you're all the way in, lock to your finger tips, press your arms up to the ceiling. Lacey just hold there open through the chest.

Chris you can go all the way back, and place your hands onto your ankles if you want, that extra bit of extension, then come back up. Returning your hands down to the jump board. Stand up for up stretch, heels against the shoulder blocks. Belly and ribs are lifted, drive your legs out behind you, lowering your hips, come forward with strength in your core. Lift the waist to fold over, again drive the legs out, as the abdominals lift, come forward over the jump board and then lift the ribs lift the waist.

Keep breathing. Inhale as you go, exhale. (exhales) Flow with the breath, last time. Keep this up as you push out, yeah. And then come all the way up through the waist. Lower your feet down, do one more, Lacey that's alright. Then go ahead for elephant five times.

Just use this as a little bit of a break. Drive down through the back of the heels, relax your head. Get out of the tops of the shoulders, put the work into the sides, good. Then stay all the way in, and step off to the side. Your long back stretch, your hands go on the jump board, your heels go against the shoulder blocks.

Open through your chest then, Lacey put your thumbs with your fingers. Bend your elbows, slide down the face of the jump board. Curl your tailbone, push your heels out, lift your hips up, and come back in chest opens, bend your elbows, slide down, curl the tailbone, push the hips and come all the way in. One more, bend the elbows, curl the tail bone, lengthen out and up, to come in and reverse. Hips lift, go up and foreword, then lower the hips, bend the arms come back and all the way up.

Again, curl the tailbone, push through the heels, relax your toes, then do one more with those toes relaxed. Use your belly scoop it in, lower down, good job. And up, alright stepping off to the side. Let's move onto our next jump series, you can remove the black pads. You're going to need some sticky pads under your hands, You're gonna come facing backwards in a quadruped position.

Sticky pads go on the sides of the shoulder blocks. I'm gonna change the springs so we're down to one spring. Come onto the carriage on your knees, make sure that your shoulders are right over your wrists, and your hips are right over your knees. The goal of this one, it's kind of like a jumping bird dog (laughs) so you're right leg, comes back onto the jumpboard, your heel needs to be, right below the top edge, right behind your hip, straighten your legs and just pause for a minute. One thing to really think about here, your goal is to stabilize this entire, torso and hip area of your body.

The left hip, or the one you're kneeling on, is gonna wanna go out to the side, so you really have to squeeze in. Then bend your right knee, carefully do a little jump out, and land back down, and jump and land, that's right. So they're doing very well, stabilizing everything. Now as you're jumping you guys, you can kick your leg up to the ceiling a little bit, and it'll get a little more glute action. Make sure to keep your abdominals lifted, on the underside.

Let's do five more of this, five, careful not to- land and hit in, and two and one, alright. Come in carefully, switch sides. So bring in the carriage and switch your legs. Left foot goes up, and you can look back, like Lacey is, towards your own foot. Make sure it's in alignment with your hip.

Push your leg to straight, squeeze in your right glute. Then bend the knee, and then start your jumps. Again when you get comfortable, so we're doing about 15 or so, you can start to kick the leg up to the ceiling. Then just make it back down onto the jump board. Keep your legs straight, Lacey as you kick.

You'll get more work in the back of the leg. Then let's do four more. Three, two, and one. Very nice, then bring yourselves all the way in. Step carefully off to the side, place your sticky pads down into the well. Let's move on to do your leg circles and frogs, We're gonna open the hips a little bit more.

Go ahead and grab your straps, and add the extra black straps to them. I will assist you with one, there you go. So we're just extending the straps a little bit longer. Here on the gratz, I'm gonna thread through both, the loop and the handle and then put, this on the outer edge, and then you can hook them, right out here on the back hooks, Then lie down and place them onto your feet, I'm changing their springs back to two springs. Our final jump series which is coming- two more series.

There are some big leg movements, so we're just gonna open the hips more at this point. Go ahead and start your frogs, so press your legs away and pull your knees in. Your goal of course, is to pullin and up, through the abdominals to make the carriage move back, rather than the legs move out. And do two more, connecting the glutes through the heels. Last one, You'll press out and stay out.

Do your leg circles, lift your legs up, around and close. Lift up, open around and make sure they're even, both legs working the same distance in each direction. One more circle, and then reverse the direction. Press the legs down, around, and all the way up. Press and reach around all the way up.

Squeeze the backs of the legs as you lower and two more. And last one, good then lift the legs all the way up. Open your legs out to the side for a stretch. Go as wide as your groin allows you. Place your hands on the straps, and press down gently.

Where that stretch feels good on your own body. Reach long through your heels, your legs are very straight. The abdominals are deeply pulled in. And then lift your legs back up to the ceiling. Take the straps off your feet, and throw them away into the well.

We'll move onto knee stretches so, hop off to the side, your regular knee stretches, if at this time you want those sticky pads under your hands. Put your hands on top of the jump board, so go ahead and put them there. Then kneel down facing forward, we'll do 10 sets of each knee stretch. So, your round back is first, sitting towards the heels, press firmly through the arms and go. Push it out and in one, and in two, pull under with the knees, and four, good job, 5 beautiful, six, pull under, 7-8-9, one more 10.

Flat back, stick your tail bone out and go. Press out and pull in one and two. Three, come in faster, four there you go, five, six, it's just like jumping, seven, eight, from a different perspective, and stay in. Round your back pick your hips up, press out and pull in, one, and in two, and in three, good job Chris, four, relax the head Lacey, keep the spine curled, and the tailbone curled, yes two more. Keep the carriage in all the way.

Lower your knees all the way down. Stepping off to the side go ahead, lie down on your backs. We will do running and pelvic lift. So running, is gonna be a little prance, instead of a run, so bring your feet parallel together. Push the carriage out to straight legs, then bend your right knee and the first time, your toe is touching but you have very light pressure.

Then switch sides, then you start your little prance jump. So you jump and switch, jump and switch. Then you can make it bigger and the foot can come higher, but focus on working through the feet, as you're doing the jumps, yep. One more each side, then pause all the way in. For pelvice lift, we're gonna do it a little differently, just take your feet to the corners, so you're kind of in a second position.

Your feet can come curled around the jump board, if its comfortable on your jump board, these are padded. Bend your knees, only where your heels can stay, on the jump board, then press your legs out. You're actually not really lifting your pelvis at all, bend knees, you're doing a wider hip plie or a knee bend. And press out, again getting you ready for this last series. As you bend in, push into the heels.

Connect under your glutes, bend deep into the abdominals. Last time, go all the way up to straight leg, Nice and long, then bend the knees, come all the way in. Alright, bring your knees into your chest, I'm gonna remove one spring, we're going to one spring. This is the grand finale, okay? Place your feet parallel together, we're gonna start with the burlesque legs.

So you straighten your legs all the way out. Cross your right leg over the left leg first. Then bend the knee your standing on. As you jump out, you fan kick your legs to the other side. You just do a big fan, so as you get more confident, and feel it better you can make bigger legs, as Chris is doing a big fan, or smaller as Lacey is doing.

Which both are excellent and perfectly fine. Breathe as you do it, it actually feels pretty good. Relax your shoulders, there you go. And finish off so you're even on whichever you started on. Put both feet down, and press your legs out to straight.

Now heels together toes apart, we have two more jumps. The first one I call the Peter Pan, cause it reminds me of the movie (swoosh noise) where Peter Pan is flying, so you bend the knees. As you jump the left knee bends under, the right leg goes out, then land back down, and switch. Jump a little lighter, Chris (laughter) Be aware on one spring, don't push with your full might. Especially if you're a tall man. (laughs) Maybe Lacey can push with her full might, just kidding.

See if you can get your leg a little higher, there! There you go! Abdominals are strongly pulled in, and then one more each side. And then pause as you come in. Go out to straight legs again, your heels are still together, toes are still apart. Our final jump is the toe touch, or the grand second position jump, so when you jump your legs are gonna come up. Towards your ears a little bit, but out to the side.

Okay? Your arms stay down, yes. You guys are far enough apart that you can do it at the same time or opposite. Yes, beautiful, let's end with six all together. Go six, and five, remember not your full push, four, there you go, abdominals strong, three, and two, and last time one, come in. Stretch your legs out for a breath.

(exhales) then bend your knees and come all the way in. Gorgeous! You guys are all done!


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Carrie Macy I have your naked Toesox pictures all over my Pilates room at home. This class was so fun and yes got my heart pumping. Thank you! I love it when you come to PA, and thank you PA!
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Amazing Carrie love the integration of the jump board into the order!! Cant wait to try it later👏🏻
Amazing class!! thank you for so many interesting ideas cannot wait to try it. Definitely one of my favourite classes.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this! I am 11 months post op on total knee replacement so I almost did not do this one because of jump board. Your cues for jumping through the entire foot were such great reminders and crucial in allowing me to do this entire class. Loved the traditional exercises sprinkled throughout. Such a fun class and a treat for teachers. Thank you so much.
I am so glad to hear that your knee enjoyed this class, Lori M ! Thank you for taking it, Chrystelle , Mika and Denee !
Michele M
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That was my favorite jump board class yet!! I loved using the jump board through out the practice too:) Thanks Carrie and Students!
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Great class. Very fun and fluid. Thank you very much.
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Absolutely loved this class! Thanks so much Carrie Macy
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Loved this class!
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Really good class.. love it!!!
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