Class #2995

Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Do you have a Fitness Ball? Then you will love this challenging Mat workout with Meredith Rogers! She incorporates exercises that allow you to feel the burn in different parts of your body. She also works on opening the chest and elongating the spine so you feel invigorated by the end of the class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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So do you have a ball? 'Cause I have a ball. I'm gonna do the ball. I'm gonna play on the ball. Ready? Okay, so take your ball and hold it in your hands and put it on your body. And close your e...


Fantastic class !!! I liked it very much. Thank you
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Meredith is a genius. I always find more depth in the work in her classes. Don't be fooled by the level 2 rating - this is a tough class, particularly if you are trying to emulate Meredith's beautiful execution ☺ This is one of those gem like classes that is both challenging and delicious
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It was so great to see this new, innovative class from Meredith today. I especially valued the focus on opening up the shoulders and chest - have been looking for something new to help me with that and this class was just the thing! Really nice.
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This was tough and I loved it!! I think this is more of a level 2/3 than a 2. Love your teaching style, Meredith! Where did you get those fabulous tights?!
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Just finished this workout, thank you so much, you make it fun!
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Perfect! Going into faves!
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Another keeper!
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loved it x
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What fun! It really stretched me and challenged me. I will be back!
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Loved this class!! Quick q: what size ball were you using? Thanks!!
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