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Day 2: Space

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Welcome to Day 2! Today is about noticing the differences in your body with the subtle changes that Kristi makes after the first class. She invites you to create more space and to take up more space so you can give yourself the support you need to move. She also encourages you to acknowledge any differences you feel without judgement.
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May 06, 2017
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Welcome back. Day Two, we're here. I mean the worst is over. You came again, you came the first time and we're gonna make it good. You're just going to feel better. It may not get easier, but I don't think that's what you came for. You came for exploration, discovery and more of what you can do, what you're capable of and what philosophies might do for you. So let's get started today. I want to start standing where you just take inventory.

Last time we did it on our backs and we did it that way. So now let's just feel where we are in relationship to our environment. I'm standing with my feet sort of sits bones, distance apart. I'm going to turn just for a different view and just shift your weight front to back and just notice what you do. Are you on the outside edges of your feet?

Are you more to the front than the back? If you were just stand still, just notice it. But I'm going to ask you then to find ever so slightly more weight toward the front front. So it's not all in your heels. Not all out to the side, but maybe somewhere down the middle, edging toward the front. From there, we'll just gonna roll our spines down. Take care of yourself. It's early, right? We're just starting to bend your knees. Inhale, it goes like this. On Your exhale, just allow your head to come forward. It's not really a collapse, but let it come forward. Let it bring your spine forward, your arms and everything else will just follow.

Support yourself with your abs. I'm going to bend my knees. I need it to, maybe your fingers are touching a floor. Maybe that feels too strenuous and your hands are on your thighs or your shins. That's all good. Make it feel good. You're just waking up to what your body's going to do. From here, inhale, my hands are on my shins. I'm going to lightly push in. As I exhale, I draw the sense of my belly button going toward my spine. I'm supporting myself to allow the curl right back up to an upright position.

Somehow I'm going to find more space in doing so, we'll do two more just like that with or without bent knees. Whether without using your hands, I'm going to keep using my hands. I feel like I want that today. Inhale, create more space. Take up the space that you're using. Taylor would that you're in. Just let it go. Let the air go. Let the shape of your body expel the air.

When you need support, give it to yourself. Who else will shake your head? Remembering need and bend my knees a tiny bit more, but it's not just for the sake of bending the knees. It's for rounding the spine more too. So if you bend your knees, you bring that tailbone with you. Inhale, exhale, come back. Well, I promised you at least one more. That's all you're getting. If I promised you too, I'll slow it down so you can get him in.

Inhale, exhale. We go. [inaudible]. This is that place where you assessed yourself. We'll do it at the end. By the way, there's nothing right or wrong, just like, oh, there I am. Here I am. Here is what is. So for me today in here, exhale. I even like to bend my knees more as if somehow it's connected to the middle of my back. As I roll up just loosens me up a little bit more.

Okay, keep track or notice it. See if there's a difference. Lie down on your back and we're going right into that niece. I decided that we did last time. You're welcome to keep your knees on the floor. We did it with arms and a t with the feet down. I'm just going to take us right into the knees up. Now that you know me a little bit better, but you have that choice.

The knees themselves are relaxed. Ma, be mindful. They don't get too far away from you towards the front of the room. The window. Inhale, we go keep that back shoulder on the ground and just take a minute and milk it and joy it. Start exhaling. You feel some heaviness to the back of the ribs that drag the lower body back together. Either way, if you remember, we look at the knees just cause sometimes we don't know they are exactly side by side. Exhale, come back to center as best you can make it sort of wave like ours or sequential. And what I mean is I've gone back to the front. I'm thinking heaviness or something too with the ribs and the legs.

Just follow by need again and exhale. [inaudible] and if I had to say, I think today's classes have really about noticing. We're doing a lot of what we did last time, but now we can see some differences with subtle changes I'll offer. You can always go back, but if you see the one side's different, that makes sense. That's pretty much the case. We're on a spinning planet. I know right away which side I like to spin towards that. I'm not judging, I'm just doing it and I'm feeling it and I'm checking it out.

I'm inhaling as I go to one side, keeping that up for body still. If that's all you could see, hopefully you wouldn't know I was twisting my lower body. That's how controlled I am. He did call it controller g after all. A little known fact. That's enough of that actually. No. One more to the other side over. Oh yeah, and back to the center.

Traditionally politeness was started with a hundred we're going to do a version of that and if you think about breath, ping the key thing, you won't need to worry about your abs. It'll just happen. Let's take the arms directly above your shoulders. Not too close, not too far. Reach those shoulders up like way up. Go ahead, drop them and leave them there. There. There's not whole lot going on there other than they keep shrugging. They just kind of, they're there. Then if we were to all we're gonna do.

Inhale on our exhale, we're going to curl forward. Just like the last class. We're going to bring a head, neck and shoulders up, and then when you get here, when you get your arms are not all the way down, you could, but let's just leave him a little higher than legs. Think about getting up like that's all you have to do. Like what would you do to get up? We're not going to, don't worry. Pressure inner thighs together. Press your heels together, go back down. Inhale, same start position.

Are Your shoulders still on the mat are now back on the mat. They should be exhale, curl up again. I start to imagine my upper arms pressing against something light, but a solid of some sort. Greater than air. Imagine you're going to get up like that sense of engaging and back. I don't need to tell you what to do. Your body already knows, right?

You know its true. Inhale, subtle change. Exhale, curl forward. This time, very subtle change. You're not going to see a change, but I want you to focus on pressing the back of your legs into the mat. Press the arms. Don't move them down, but press the arms and the back of the legs downwards and now imagine you're going to get up. You know you could right now, don't you? Well maybe come on back. It's this idea of being ready. That's a good idea. In here. XL curla same, same thing. Nothing different. I'm still pressing my legs down.

It's not with all my mic cause it really doesn't work. Does it? But you can try. You can try and it makes a difference from here. Think about lifting your right, like don't do it. Just before you do. What are you ever going to engage your legs? Almost coming off? Go back down. We'll do the same thing with the left. Exhale, curl up. Inhale, start.

Exhaling as you think about lifting that leg like you just had to, but you can't. You feel it, right? Try if you don't cause we're about to inhale and it's so much easier. If you're ready before you do it, it just kicks in the right things and you don't have to talk about which muscle is it. Exhale, curl up. All right, here we are. We're thinking about everything lifting, but instead where we're going to focus on that right leg, I'm going to give you even more help. Press the left leg down and let the right leg just happen.

Well, it made my upper body so much easier and go back down a hundred is just one of those things you're always going to do. I love it. Sometimes it's happened. Exhale, curl up. Just before I go do anything else. I'm thinking I'm gonna lift that left leg. That's all I'm thinking I'm going to, I'm going to, and then I press the right leg down and the left like just happen and I fold easier at my spy. Okay. It gets a little trickier. You knew it would. We're going up.

We're going to think about lifting both legs when we get there. You can even think about it now if you want. That's probably a great idea. Heels are pressed together. Xcel Corolla. You could do one leg or the other or you could think the same thing you have been and float them both. It's a sense of pressing down. That actually gives you the buoyancy to lift them up. Inhale the arms, float up a little exhale, lower the legs, everything back.

If that felt too low or too strenuous or didn't happen in an order, that might be easier for you. You can also again go to one leg or the other or you can raise the legs much higher than what we just did. All right, but I'm going to give you one more was a little bit longer time up there. Inhale, you think about lifting the legs but don't rather press them down so you feel the backside of your body. Exhale, curl up. Nothing else. Upper Body, you can even stay here. It's such good work right here. I've been doing this for awhile, which makes the next part easier. Exhale, when you're ready, after you've already thought about lifting them, raise them as high as you want. From there, raise the arms up about, I don't know, eight inches or so. Push him down, not anything else, just the arms. Breathe in. Now let the shoulders rise a little. It's fine. Get some air in your body so that when you push down, you really want to force it out.

If you get enough in there and you can force it out, you've got no choice but to inhale again. If it starts to go to your back, raise them higher, not the arms, just the legs. Ooh, that feels really good. Now we can do one more building on that hundred. Tell you more about it. Next time, carefully lower the legs and take the arms back. Take a big stretch. Origin, joy. We did that. That's not easy and it's over. Yay. Okay. Bring the knees in one at a time. Hold on behind the knees, and then you're going to lift your head and you look at your knees and you're gonna act like you're playing, and then press the thighs into your hands and get a shape that you can easily keep. In other words, you don't want the size to come in and out.

Another way of saying it is keep the elbows where they well, where they're comfortable, but don't bend them and then get a rocking action going where you can keep the spine in a shape that allows you to rock. You might have to hold even lower, but there's no kicking going on. Once you get it started, it's just a rock and roll. This is an exercise that will tighten up and a little bit okay, but what it isn't, it's worth looking. If you've never seen it, it is not where you roll back. Your legs come in and then you yank yourself up. We don't do that ever. Never. Okay. Rather, if it's not smooth, keep it small until it can be a little smoother whether you get up or not truly.

And then make it really vague and really excelling. Then come on up when you're ready. That's okay. So now we're sitting and now it gets really fun. It's a similar idea. You may need to stretch your legs further out. I'm going to ask that you don't hook them yet under anything. Just hold on.

Let's just be with yourself and me. Hold on behind. Uh, you could flex your feet. That helps sometimes or you might let them down. It's up to you. You sit tall and you use your arms. Okay, pull on them. Pull. Use those biceps. Find your strength. You're gonna just tuck your pelvis. I'm going to drop. You're going to pull the palace out from underneath you and roll back.

It's all right if you travel, it's not a big deal. If you can go to straight arms, if you start to tip all the way over and you can't get back up, then you know you've gone too far. Take an inhale there. I am promise you, I'm using my arms, but not only I'm exhaling, I'm pulling my arms, but I'm all suppressing the belly down at leave the curve. Leave the curve. When I sense my shoulders are over my hips, I go right on. Sit Up straight again. Inhale, exhale. The pelvis tips away from me. Everything moves a little, but I'm not.

I'm trying not to just drop and I think you'll know the difference. If you just drop the heel, just think it's dumb or maybe not. Maybe you'll like it. I don't know. Exhale. As you use your biceps, pull those elbows wide. Pull the belly button, pull the entire front of the body really backwards, and then straighten up. Let's go a little faster. Inhale, exhale.

It's from the base of the spine that starts it. The arms are almost decelerating me. Truly. There's nothing wrong with helping yourself. It really isn't. She said and said up top, so this is exercise and feeling the curves of the spine or where there aren't curves that low back can be tough for some of us. Inhale, start the exhale, look at them and see the abdominal sink. See the front of the body sink downwards. Just a little. It's not huge either. Keep doing that for the next a couple or I'll challenge you.

You go down if you need more, you're coming with me on this next one. When you get to the spot, you know you can let go. You do. You're not rocking back and forth. I'm more on my mid to low. I say low back. Inhale, lift the right arm up. Your body does not change your eyes. Don't even change excel.

Let it go back down and do the other arm on the next inhale. Here it is in here. Oh boy. Oh under the arm gets so heavy and find your legs. Hold on or not. It's up to you. Exhale when you're ready and come forward. Yeah, and said, we can do one more. Inhale. Exhale, no rules of change, right? If there's rules, it's efficiency is really what going for. Inhale one or if it doesn't matter, which don't tip back, right?

You hold that buddy, stop there and when you have to thing, it's amazing how things build quickly. Your body just has to know it's coming. What's coming. Inhale, you could hold on XL, hold the waistline back as an idea and curl forward to set up. Huh? Okay. We did this one last time. Come on down. We're doing that single leg circle of hip held the right leg in this time you can bend the left leg and either leave it there or you could go to straight the point of the exercises to do your best to hold the hip still, so if you can go to a straight leg, if you have a therapy and you can use it, I might do that next time, but if you can't hold the pelvis still or you're in some sort of awkward position, that just feels wrong and you'll know it. If you think about it, then that lower leg, it's not not that big of a deal. Otherwise it's the same exercises. Before we crossed the line over, we'd come down, we'd come around enough. That was an exhale in there somewhere.

Here's how I do it. Inhale, exhale, inhale. And for now we're just holding the hip still. Which heart is harder than the next way I'll show you, but let's just prove we can do that. It's just a stirring up at the hip joint. Last one goes the other way in hell out XL down around in helping me get used to kind of stop on a dime. When you take classes from other people, you're gonna see it's very kind of almost Staccato, but it's very boom, precise. Last one might as well take a quick little stir.

Bend the knee, switch it so you're bending the other knee. Choose the position of the lower leg that you need. Extend the other leg up and cross down around, up cross and by cross. Right now it's barely passing the midline of the body. Probably I have ever so slight turn out of the hip.

Last one before we go the other way. You're just trying to avoid, keep going down around, up, trying to avoid a lots of rocking and rolling where you have no clue. You know, idea of what might be isolated. Isolate the leg from the hip. Last two. One more. Hug the knee. All right, hold both knees. So here we are. Time for the devil leg stretch. I'm doing this slightly out of order from the traditional, but I think it works well for where we're at. I'm holding onto the knees.

So are you. Your elbows are wide. You're going to push your knees into your hands and lift your head, knees together, and Voila, you're in this sort of physician that you can hang on to. Right? Last time, if you recall, we let go and nothing. We didn't fall away. So that's what you're trying to do. I'm going to go right into it today. You're going to actually know I'm not even going to lower the legs and reach the arms. Maybe you'll touch the ground. Maybe you won't come back around. Hold on. Okay, so that's going to be the movement pattern. But here's your real trick.

You're not to move your spine at all. So if your legs go down in your back, comes up, you're not getting the work, don't do it. You stopped the leg sooner. Don't go into this sort of weird teeter totter thing, right? You're just going to, we'll do slow inhale. That's the really hard part. You let the legs go down. I'm still back. He circled the answer on you.

Pick up the legs and the rest of you is just waiting. Here we go. Inhale, exhale, scoop the belly. Bring it back. I don't know what that means either. Just blow your air and try and think about energy there. It's really all it means. It means try not to force anything up or out. Just it happens. If you really want to go for it, you can even hug those knees weigh in and force the air out with the thigh bones. That's sort of where it goes. Just you know, here we go. Four more in. I'm not going that deep, but you can. Two trunk, still three. It doesn't matter if you touch or not. Here's one more. Four, hold the right need, lower down one, switch to switch three and I'm doing a little inhale as I switch. Exhaling as I touch, does not matter.

Breathe, practice, bringing that knee in closer. See if that sigh, if you really hug it in, can force air out for you? Few more or less. Go one less two or whatever. One one. There you go. Hold the right knee again. Hands behind your head. Put your head down fully lace the fingers.

We're about to do crisscross your elbows. Come up above a little so they're not so wide. You can't see them. Okay. Let your head rest in your hand. Curl right back up. You're ready to go. Turn toward that bent knee. Really towards it. It's not about the elbow, right? Keep those elbows still. Now that they're their switch press hole. Who won for good however you want. I like to do a little puffs of air.

Some people like to inhale longer. It doesn't matter. At least not now. Maybe ever. What you could think about is are your knees passing close together? Are they pointing way out to the side and you're rocking side to side? No. If you keep them like you're on a balance beam, you're going to get a lot more going on to the next one. Get there and hold.

Turn so you can face the screen. Grab that knee. That's up. I don't care which one it is, however you have to grab it. Pull yourself higher. Turn into it and more. Hey, hold yourself there. Put yourself back with your hand switch. Grab it, hold it. Pull yourself up. Keep that knee near the midline. So there's your twist.

Right now you're just going to let go the hand holding your leg and boy, you've got to stay there. If you really want the work, oh, let's try it. Three. No two more like that. Switch that idea. One, switch one, switch and switch both knees and put your feet down. Reach the arms overhead. They're nice and long. They're not on the floor. Your feet are apart. Remember the pelvic curl. Remember the shoulder bridge? Maybe not, but the position his feet flat, knees bent, everything in alignment.

Exhale, peel the hips up. Press the arms through the air until they get to the ground. Check out your body. Oh, just do it. Look down. Get as long as you can in the front of this hip. You're not going for an arch. You're going for straight in the front of the body as much as you can. Inhale, except pick up your right leg. Do your best to keep the hips level.

If you can straighten it, do exhale. Lower the leg down. You can go as low as you want without changing the spine. Flex the foot to come up. No big deal. Let's do five more quicker down one, flex up. Don't worry about the foot. If it gets a new way to three. Next one up. Replace the leg. Oh, check out your hips. You got to look at yourself. Sometimes you don't know if you've got a mirror.

That's great. Check it out. I got to come down partway. I lost it beyond the point of recovery and I'm rolling down partway. Read. Tuck the pelvis, step into your feet. Get back up there. Left leg is up and press down. One flex up. If you think about it, c and three, there's six total. Four, five, six up. Return your leg and Dan, you come, roll, roll, roll, roll. When your tailbone touches, pick up the knees. You've done this before. Pick up your head.

Get that rocking sensation where nothing really else moves other than the curve of the spine and the breasts. You might have to get it going, and next time you can come up and stay up, it's time to stretch the spine. We did this before. It's a little hard to find it in the very basic version, which was with our arms touching the sides. I'd like to start that way anyway, but we'll stretch it out a little. Ultimately, ultimately the legs go straight and about as wide as the Yoga Mat. Okay. But let's just make it doable because there's a lot that goes on in this.

So we're tall and again, pressing the straight arms into the legs, the legs into the arms. So there's that sort of circular kind of oppositional force happening. We inhale on the exhale as I round forward. As you round forward, yes, you're sliding forward, but there's a sense of, I don't know if resistance is quite the right word, but a sense of connection. As you slide forward, you're not just leaning forward, you're holding the pelvis back. So the goal is to round your spine from there.

We're just going to come back up cause you might remember that version, but I'm an add on because we need some good back extension. We inhale, here's the add on, same start, exhale, round forward, push into those legs. But don't let them move. Like your legs are a wall. You're going forward. If you recall, and we're doing the same thing we did last time, we're gonna draw the spine into a long line. For me that means I have to lift up to get the diagonal. I can't do it from down there.

I'm just not that flexible and I'm not sure it's a good goal anyway, then don't worry about the breath. Just raise your arms as best you can. So the upper arms are right by your ears. Imagine someone was pulling you and actually go in that direction, but keep the knees where they were, but the arms back down where you found them round forward again. And when you get to the bottom range, just come back up to upright. Arms are still on your legs. I know it's a lot. It actually gets easier when I don't give you all that choreography, but let's get it so you feel it. Inhale, keep your arms where they are.

Slide down, exhale, round forward, grab on where you want, but know that you're gonna probably have to slide up a little. For me, it feels like I'm sticking my butt out a little bit, but not thrusting my ribs. Not An easy task and sometimes I just have to check at the touch, the back of my neck and my spine and hope for the best. If I don't have a mirror, arms then float up. Okay, take an inhale there. Put the arms back down round forward and come back up. [inaudible] by the way, you can straighten your legs if you can say you might like it more. Same thing. Inhale, exhale, Rambo.

[inaudible] inhale, line it up. It's from the tailbone. She's the low back to the middle, back through the upper back. It's really easy for some people to thrust the ribs forward in the head. Get tossed back. You're going to have to watch for that. It's like a belt around your rib cage. Arms go up [inaudible] way up and not up to the ceiling so much, but more behind you. Lower the arms, round the spine and roll up. We're gonna change it for you. I know just when you got it right.

This one you might like more though arms are just close to not close to each other. Straight off the shoulders, round forward and just keep them natural. Don't overthink that part. Instead of touching your legs, you're just going to start to rise the spine on that diagonal. Let the arms just go with you again. If you can straighten your legs, do watch those ribs. You start to feel that upper middle back, the anti computer muscles, and then keep them straight round forward and come back up. Ah, you like it now, don't you? Okay, maybe you don't, but let's do it again. Anyhow. Inhale your tall. Exhale round forward like you're holding something with the upper arms.

Lightly squeezing it round, round, round. Then they just follow your spine. Inhale into your back extension. Get up there, get Xcel re round and come back. Oh, that's good stuff. Put your feet together. Bend them. Take the arms straight out. This is a different version of the sitting twist that we did. Yes.

[inaudible] Day of the first day, I should say palms up. You're going to rotate towards the front. The arms are just off each other, meaning that one is not in front. Devil. Exhale, pulse, one pulse to come back to the center. Inhale other way. Nice to exactly together. Pulse, pulse center.

Wow. Good stuff. Not easy stuff. This is like the hardest stuff for some of us. You couldn't straight. You can straighten your legs too. That is where it goes, but it's not critical. Get the spine twisting. Get some lubrication there. Let's do one more each way. Twist, twist, twist, twist and back to center. Turn onto your side. It's just like that. I'm gonna skip the one we did yesterday.

We'll add that in to something later, but this is called the sidekick. You're on your side, on your hip, your elbow be right below your shoulder. Everything else are relatively lined up on the same line, the shoulder, the hip and the long leg. Pick up that leg and for did it today. We're going to keep the body relatively still and just kicked the leg forward and kick it back. It's like how much can you move the leg independent of your body and it's absolutely true that the body's going to have to adjust, but it does not have to really a chest, right?

You're controlling that to four and back. We'll play with this more or later. Three back to back. One, hold it back. You deserve a little stretch. Don't you think? We want to open this up from all of our work. Reach it back, but rotate your body forward. Maybe even reach that front arm. Keep reaching the back leg. You can put the arm down, whatever you want. Make it feel good through the spine, through the front of the leg. Switch sides, elbow under shoulder. No, not chilling, right?

You knew that when you got you signed up for this. You're tall. Here we go. Swing. Just swing it, sewing it back. Check it out. You're not the resting. You have to adjust. There's no doubt about it. That's life back. Just a few more feeling what it is to move in the hip joint. Yep.

On the next one, we'll take it back and hold it there. And when you do, really just holding it, push it back there. Keep that top hip forward, twist a little arm or not. It's up to you. Kind of liking it down today. Okay. And here we go.

Finishing it off with the swan again and swimming arms are down. You know it. Long legs, you're two as if you're pushing a marble. That's a cue I've heard for years. I'm not sure why someone has a marble with their nose, but that's a Chicana doing rolling a thought, looking up the wall, letting your spine do what it does. Don't worry about how it does. It just does it. And then when you can't go any further, you can add a lift to the arms. Remember, before we stretch those legs, pull yourself down.

I have some traction happening here. As I go down just two more. You can imagine it's like a string of pearls or maybe that's where the marble thing comes from. I don't know. But looking forward and up and then, then you help yourself. We help ourselves find more and we come down. Some people like to keep the feet together. Just so you know when you go into your other plots classes, I get a little, um, easy on that. I want my back to feel good.

I'm not so concerned about the height either. We're going to come down. When you go down, you're still reaching your legs this time so much. You can hover them. Yeah. You're just looking at the floor. Your legs are Havard but reaching and it doesn't necessarily have to be high. Can you then reach your arms forward? Superman style?

Can you lift the right arm and the left leg a little higher and switch and switch? You just breathe in. Just alternating. You've done some version of this. If you ever learned to walk, that's what happened. You crawled, needed something like this. Okay. I'm not a swimmer, so I had to find something else. Oh, you can go faster. Enjoy play. You're done. Almost finishing off.

Find a rest position. Maybe she means I decide in case your back was working more than you thought. Put your hands. Yeah, by your shoulders. Take a brief round stretch and then either curl the toes under to stand up or if you two are on a high mat, step off. Taking one roll down to acknowledge differences, hopefully better. And to acknowledge that you took some time for yourself. Good. 30 ish minutes. Again, turning side or I'm turning sideways is for you. You just stand there.

How do you feel? Do you feel anything? I don't know. XL Round over, dude. Exactly as you did before. If you bend the knees, do. If you're a lot looser and you want to straighten him, do I just feel that difference? I said one, but I'm giving you two in here. Okay. And exhale. Little quick inhale at the bottom, using yourself to help yourself up the giant pat on the back and thank you for being here.

I will see you next time.

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Day 2! Check! Let my Sunday begin. Feeling great already. Thanks a million, Kristi!!
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That felt great! Thank you!
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Nothing better than revisiting basics. Thank you Kristi!
Sue B
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lovely day 2, feels great !
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Awesome! My abs were shaking :)
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Great ab work. Pressing back of legs into mat was a very helpful cue for me, thanks! Looking forward to the next one.
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Wonderful thankyou
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My spine was cracking after this exercise But it felt gooood!
So glad you all came back! See you in the next one.
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