Class #3042

Wunda Chair Workout

35 min - Class


You will definitely feel the two sides of your body with this Wunda Chair workout by Niedra Gabriel! She uses the split pedal the entire workout so you can work on challenging your abilities. In addition to finding symmetry, she focuses on alignment and technique to make sure you are working the best you can.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair

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Really enjoyed the variations in this and using split pedals throughout. Thank you x
Love this class! Beautifully taught and demonstrated! Love that it is ALL split pedal! ❤️
It's always exciting to see Niedra and her great style, really enjoyed it all!
Thank you all for you comments. Yes, this was an interesting class to work iwht as I am not used to this type of chair, so we were very creative with it's usage. I really liked the challenge of keeping the pedal split as it shows any imbalances instantly. Now I learned this is not the usual usage, so I suppose this class added to the pilates repertoire, by accident. we all loved the challenge.
Wonderful Pilates session. Thank you
Niedra Gabriel loved it ! challenging but at the same time peacefull. Thank you !
thank you both for your posts Vanessa and Heidi.
Thank you, great class . . . Loved it!
Creative and challenging Thank you Niedra
thank you Niedra! Always enjoy your knowledge and your teaching. Thank you for talking us through the springs ~ still not sure its clear why there are outside and inside springs? :)
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