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Welcome to Class 6! Who says Pilates isn't cardio? Let's de-bunk this myth together! Have fun with Amy while you huff and puff your way through this exhilarating workout! Make sure you have a towel and water bottle nearby because you will be dripping in sweat!
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Hi everyone. Thanks for coming back. This is class number six. We're doing a cardio burst class today, a cardio infused. Get your heart going, get your blood pumping and burn some calories. And some people add, there's this misnomer out there in the world that pilots can't be cardiovascular training and I really don't think that's true. Um, you can do that. It we're moving our arms and our legs always in holidays. Sometimes you increase the tempo to get that calorie burn. Sometimes it's the intensity of the springs, but it, it's all relative.

Right? So we're on our mat. We are going to rev up the temple a little bit, have water nearby. You may need it. Um, thanks for being here. I'm so excited. Let's get started. We'll do a standing roll down and walk out to plank and with cardio vascular bursts. This whole idea we will be doing more arm and leg movement so that absolutely will get your heart pumping. Okay. And we'll infuse some regular [inaudible] mat exercises as well.

But some of these other things may be a things you might see in a gym or you know, a boot camp class. What not. Put all your plots into practice here. Let's go. We're going to take a breath. Have some fun with me. We're all down or walking out into a plank. Yes. Take all that arm strengthening from the last class and put it into use here. Okay. Just holding this plank for a minute. Now let's do the knee in.

So I'm going to do four times alternating legs slow like this and let's beat it up for eight. One, two, three, four, five, six and seven and eight. Repeat it. One, two, three, four and a little jog in place. Three, four, five, six. We have two more sets. Single, single, single, single and in. Yeah, one more set in, in, in and in and jog in place. Three, four, five, six. How are we doing already? Walk yourself back. Roll yourself up. Arms lift, rolling back down again. I'm going to have you walk like an elephant. This is going to feel silly but have some fun walk like you know if in a really put your stomach up, walk, walk, walk, roll yourself up, turn around, roll down, do the same thing.

So also with this cardiovascular is cardio kind of burst idea. We're changing levels down and up, down and up because again, that your heart has to do and your lungs have to do much different things when you're changing level and adding arm and leg movements in a quicker fashion. Oh, okay. When was the last time you did that? Do it every day. It's actually really, really fun. Roll down so I don't, I don't have any specific cues here guys except for have fun and put your like lift your stomach. We're going to do one more pass each way. Hopefully you can feel a little bit of this up.

Charge of effort and stretch circulation and blood flow. One more time. Whew. I'm going down Laura out. I'm trying to keep my knees relatively straight for most of those walks. Okay. Face each other. Fold your elbows, put your knees up, knees, elbows. Okay.

I did this in one of the other classes. I used to do these in dance class a long time ago. Lyft? No. As you're doing these knee ups, also think of your abs. Okay. Put Your abdominals in and up. Just like your knee in and out. Wow.

Four, three. Let's go. Keep going. That your knee will go to this side. Side side. You want to try to get it fairly high, but be mindful how that feels in your hip joint. No strain or pain. Never you can feel at work, but no strain or pain. Your heart rate can feel going. Going up. Huh?

Go back to the front. I'm going to count down 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and tend to the side up to three. Get a little higher. Come on me. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Okay. Standing, roll down. I'm sweating already. It's great. So what we'll do was walk out your plank, hold, bend your knees, jump together like little jumping jacks. [inaudible] I just wanted to do 10 we have 10 more or five more. Some good upper body, also three, four, and five. That's all. Walk yourself back.

Roll yourself up. Ready to do some quote, traditional mat exercises. Let's get to the mat. Let's do more. 100 with a little different breathing rhythm. Okay. How about inhale for four. Exhale for six. Challenging that hard, challenging that lung capacity and the power that's in that, that thorax that we have. Okay, let's get centered. Deep breath. Here we go. Ready for times in do three, four, x, three five, six, three, four, five, six.

Yeah. Oh, three, five, six, four. [inaudible] I can't talk and do this at the same time today guys. Sorry. Four, five, six, two more. [inaudible] last one, three, four, five, six, and squeeze. Give yourself a hug.

[inaudible] oh, squeeze that air out. Okay. The roll ups up in four accounts down in four counts. Here we go. One, two, three, four, and down. One, two, three, three, more times up to three, four and down to last to feel that rhythm. Feel that temple. One more. Three, four, down to three and four. Hold. Bicycle both legs up.

Let's try that same rhythm in the rollover. We'll do four times. Going over over two, three, four, down to three and four over two, three, four down two. Let's reverse the legs. Two Times two, three, four on down. Last one, over two, three, four and in two, three and four. Lower one leg, a little something different with this leg circle here at. Watch it once. We're going to now over regular leg circle and then a bought ma.

Okay, four times reverse. Four times the little extra work for that leg in that system. Here we go. Over, down, around lift, kick and up. So it's over two, three, four. Let's make it six counts, right and over do three, four and five and six. Last one. This direction. Hand down other way. Open down, lift, bottom leg down, hand up open. How's your heart rate? How's your stamina? How is your energy output?

Once more, the adding a little extra for your body to have to, to increase this systemic work. Ready to this side down. You're on your other leg. Now leg goes down and comes up. Legs circle down, up to more this direction. Down, up. Last one. [inaudible] reverse. So do all what you know no to do in your leg circles, everything you know.

Yup. Feeling that extra work. Last one. Okay. Take the lay down. Bring both knees in. Put your hands behind your knees and just give yourself a little gentle rock for a second. Okay. We are coming up to the ball with your hips forward, but let's spice up our ball. Variety is the spice after. All right. The whole theme of this 10 class series, adding a little bit of extra seasoning to our or politesse practice.

So what I'm thinking rollback, we'll roll up, we'll add a little teaser right here. Let's do six of them together. Here we go back we are and we're up teaser Olo have fun and back and reach. Roll it in and do more. Cool. And last one, let's try to hold our balance. Hold, hold, hold. And in. Okay. Feet together guys.

Just take a quick stretch forward. Oh right. Let's do a spine stretch forward with a little twist element to it. Okay. Combining a few exercises. So I want you to take your legs out wide, flex those ankles, reach your arms up and feel the sense of levity. Lift in other words right through here, and then carry it up. Carry it up higher all the way past your head.

Take a breath round spine. Wow. Renew your arms up with you as you come up to sitting tall, pressing down breathing. No spine twist. Two pumps to one side or two pulses and two pulses for spine stretch. Arms come down, Poles to one side for too little extra pulse, pulse and pulse pulse.

Squeeze that Arrow. Bring it all the way up. Arms press down, post to one side. Okay, let's do this three more times in case you can really get that oxygen bringing in new air press. Now I'm turning your way this time. Holes, pulse, and look at that back hand a little more work. Do more. Roundtrips we add lift, press, spine, twist, spine, twist. Last one, round extension and press. Press and press. Press now.

Circle your arms. Why? Well, you'll feel it. Your blood, you're pumping, your arms are in motion. Keep 'em going. Reach them in front of you. Now give your heart some extra stuff to do. It can handle that other way. Start in front of you. Do something different with your legs.

If you need a little ease in your hip joints. Keeps circling. Now moving my arms out to the side. I'm going to do it again. 10, nine, eight seven, six, five, four, three, two. I rushed that a little bit. Take 10 counts to go back out. Change your pathway. Three, four, five, six, seven. Really reach out. Eight, nine and 10 and relax. Just feel my heart's pumping. Hope Yours is. All right. Let's keep moving. All right guys, let's go into corkscrew with the rollover element to it and when we use that as a preference saws, we know here we go. Take it over and four counts. Two, three, four. Now let's go with that same rhythm.

We're going to go down the right up the left to this position in four accounts ready and we have one, two, three. We're there by four other way down. It doesn't have to be big, shouldn't be at this tempo. Do Three reach and down. Once again down to three and four. Last one, two, three and four. Then your knees.

Let's come up for saw. I'm going to move back just a scoot. Okay. We have six chances. Really spiral and lift yourself up. Pick that back, arm up and reach that front hand and pull your stomach way back, back, back, back, all the way up. Other side. Lift that arm lifted up and pull back in your core lift and pull that. We'll lift to pull back three total each side and half way there.

Pull back as much as you're lifting up it. One more each side. Okay. Swan dive. It's up to you. If you want to dive in. I'm feeling it. Feeling it. I've okay. Start with your hands a little bit. Why fingertips maybe adjacent to your eyes or af of that eye line.

Lift your center. Press yourself into your swan. Ready. Have Fun guys. Lift two, three. Do More and all the way down. Okay. When yourself to a rest pose or shape. Keep breathing. Keep filling up your lungs. Keep filling up that space. Oh, one more. Okay.

Coming up on your knees. Let's face each other. Some side kneeling kicks. Okay, go to either direction. It's okay, but before you do a stretch out, take up all this space. Not just with your body, but your breath. Your energy. Here we go. I'm going this way. Pick up that leg. Hold it. Flex the foot. List you for kicks. Front, back. Inhale first, kick it front Anna. One, two and back and two and front and two elbows high. Right and front and back. And Front. Hold it to the back. Little circles back there. Four, three, two, one. Reverse. One, two, three and four. A little dismount. Bend this knee. Bend this elbow.

Come on up and balance like that other side and there's a little bit of a risk. Okay. Flex the foot. We're coming in front. Back for four. We have kick and back. Stomach and back. Elbow lifted up and back. Last one.

We have circles back here. Circle two, three, four, reverse for three elbow. Okay. Just Smelt Ben. Then left. Awesome. Okay. No side men body. So come down into the first side on that hand. Step out. I like my feet staggered. Take this arm up. Look up at it for a minute.

Stretch. Take it overhead and stretch one more. So it's really about the lift of the underneath side. Just as much as the top side. Stretch your legs, stretch your body, stretch the inner space and all the way up. Look at the hand again. That's all the knee down, other side, windmill. Um, I am two feet.

Hold looking up. Things are looking up. Take yourself over. Bottom aside is up. Top side is up. Stretching your those long legs. Taking that space. One more time. Looking up. Take your hand. Knee down and rest for just a moment. Deep breath.

Okay. Time to repeat the bursting stuff. Yes. Come up to standing. Okay. Before we go down jogging place for a second. Now with this drug in place, yes, laugh at yourself, but try to kick your butt. Try to kick your heels to your butt. Okay. Because we didn't do a single leg kick. You can do it here. 10, nine, eight, seven, five, four, three, two, one. Knees up to, let's count to 10. Okay.

I know you know how to do that. Seven eight, nine, 10 and out. And two, three stay tall for three, two and one standing. Roll down. Let's do that little knee, mountain climber business. Okay. Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, slow. Four times and eight brand new place. Slow. Slow. We run in place. Do more slow, slow. Run in place.

Only one more in, in and walking like an elephant. Wait, slow the elephant down and slow it down. Ah, ah. Start to feel your system slowing down. We'll take our pace a little slower.

Oh, walking. Feeling the weight. One foot, one hand, one foot, one hand. [inaudible] we'll do it again twice. Back and forth. Uh, and now is, we're really slowing down. Really feel the weight shift.

It's kind of fun after all that heat and quick and movement to concentrate on the slower stuff for a second. Uh, and then we will do one more. Going the other way. Okay. See who says Flonase is not cardiovascular. You know, so like some of these exercises in wars, the standing bits, I think he probably did these or he being Mr [inaudible]. He certainly did this. We've seen him in the meadows doing that kind of thing.

Okay. Standing together. Let's face each other. I want you to stand with your legs apart. Okay? Bring your arms up. [inaudible] easy side bend. I'm gonna slow your system down. Knee bend and a stretch. Go a little further.

One, two, the other side bend. You can keep your feet apart or toe heel. Okay. Some shoulder circles. Ah, okay.

So that's my cardio burst for you. I hope you burn a few calories. I'm sure we did. It's not from me about calorie burning. It's about the, um, the energy I get from doing something like that that's outside my normal Palladio's routine. So what if you don't have a lot of time and do to do a full 55 minute class? You could certainly do something like that and feel like you've gotten your Pilati Zen. So I hope you had fun. I hope you come back. The next class is a little contrast to this one. I'll see you soon.

Bye. Bye.

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So refreshing, one more time !
This challenge is really a holidays program. It gave me the feeling to get back in childhood...
Evelyn -- so happy to hear you're enjoying this challenge!! YES, let's be kids again....why not?!!
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big smile
Awesome, thank you [Ed.] !! ;) . Glad you're here with me!
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Love this!!! Thank you
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I was dreading this one (i'm not a great fan of cardio stuff, usually, and felt a little lazy at the end of my day...), but i loved it ! Thanks a lot Amy :)))
Thank you Peggy and Anne P. ! Anne P. -- good for you for hanging in there and getting a little burst of cardio in here!! :) . It only takes a little bit to make a big impact!!
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Walk like a elephant…..big smile! I like the mix of exercises (Twist and Spine Stretch). Thank you Amy
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It was a lot of fun Amy! Thank you! Great warm up before my reformer this morning! Loved it!
Ira so glad you liked the Walk Like An Elephant, it's run right?!! And Darlene -- great that this was a good warm up for you, awesome!
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