Class #3076

Progressive Mat Variations

40 min - Class


Play with different variations in this Mat workout with Peter Roël. He teaches a standard class with a few deviations to let you experience movement in a different way. He includes preparations to get you ready for more challenging exercises like the Twelve Count Neck Pull, California Rowing, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi my name is Peter Roel, I'm here with Erin, Mary and Jackie. They are very gracious to let them teach, be taught so let's do it yeah? It's a mat class, pretty standard with a few dev...


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Excelente clase!
This is a wonderful class ! Thank you!
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Energising with flow. Thanks
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Thank you Peter for another great workoutt, and I don't have to cross town to 108th and Broadway to do it!!
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Nice to bring myself back to the type of class I used to teach just intuitive progressions from my years of dance, Thank you as will go back to this type of format as it unlocks and strengthens at same time
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Great workout. Thanks, Peter!
Gorgeous, gentle voice. Amazing flow in movement! I was mezmerised!
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I have learned a lot with this workout. Thanks!!
Thank you Christina.
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Great. This was absolutely not standard to me and gave me a completely new set of mat exercises that are accessible to a lot of people. Thank you. Looking forward to your reformer workout on PA.
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