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Arm Weights Workout

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If you don't have much time but want to challenge your entire body, then this Arm Weights class by Lisa Hubbard is perfect for you! She uses the weights to work your upper body while adding lower body movements that will test your balance. This class is great by itself, and it can be added on to another one of your favorite classes. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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This is an arm workout that you can add to any class, or by itself when you don't have much time. So we're gonna start standing parallel. I have three pound weights, in a neutral position. We're gonna bend our knees and sweep our arms up, bend, inhale, and exhale, open your chest. And scoop, bend, and let's do one more.

Bend the knees and reach the arms out and hold. We're gonna roll forward into a roll down. We're gonna place the weights down, walk your hands out. Find a plank position. We're gonna bend the elbows just slightly and then extend for two.

Exhale as you come back up, pike your hips, walk back, pick your weights up, and roll up. Bending, we're gonna do one more time. Inhale, just warming up the back. And open the chest, one more time. Bend (inhaling) and roll down.

Let the weights kind of pull, giving you that stretch in the back and hamstrings. Walk out, find your plank, bend your elbows, let's do three, and two, and one. Pike your hips up. Walk your hands back. Pick up your weights, roll up to a standing position.

Bring your feet together, so. Hips are still, ribs are in. We're gonna go into arm circles. So we're gonna circle our arms around for three, two, one, reverse, then one, two, three, again, and one, two, three, reverse and one, two, three, hold it, now we're gonna lift up on our toes. Squeeze your inner thighs together, and let's go eight, seven, six, five, four, keep reaching, three, two and reverse, and one, two, good, this is hard, working balance, woo, and inner thighs, and hold it here.

And now lower, bending down, and lifting up. And just bend your knees and lift. Good, arms go out to the side, and down. And out to the side, and down. Two more, just a little bend in the knees.

One more time, hold here. Now we're gonna go a little more dynamic, so we're gonna go bend and lift, bend and lift, and up and out, up, challenging your balance, working the arms and shoulders, (exhaling) and one more, and hold. We're gonna reverse, we're gonna flip the palms up. So let's go up, woo, and down, and up and down, and lift and down, I think I need more of this, up and down, two more, and lift, and lower, and lift and lower. Good, hold here.

Okay, I'm gonna turn towards you. So bringing your heels together, we're gonna do crossovers. So right arm over left, just add a little bend in the knee. And draw the inner thighs in (exhaling), and bend, and reach, retract your scapula, and let's do four, three, two, and one. Hold it here.

Good, now slowly lift up on your heels. Woo! And now let's cross, just hold it static. And one and two, and two, let's do two more. And squeeze those inner thighs (tongue clicking) and reach, bend your knees, good. So let's take our feet parallel and hip distance apart.

So let's go ahead, I'm gonna turn the opposite way. So you want to find a neutral position. So we're gonna just do your rowing. So we're gonna alternate the hands, though, so let's pull the elbows back, palms face in. And then palms face back, and palms come in.

And pull (exhaling) and pull, and military press, boom. And reach and reach and pull and let's do three more. Pull those elbows back. Keep it tight towards your side. Good, and now let's do one more, hold here.

Triceps kickback, so extend, and bend. Reach and bend, let's do ten. And four (exhaling), keep the elbows nice and lifted, and the palms facing in towards the spine, and keep it really narrow, you'll feel it right tight in towards those armpits. So you're gonna go in, in, (exhaling) keep it really high, lifting nice and high. Pulsing adduction, pulsing adduction, hold it here, good, bend, extend, squeeze.

Bend, extend, and adduct. Lower, extend, squeeze. Let's do five, three, two (exhaling), one. Hold here, palms flip up, and we're gonna pulse up. And lift, and two, and three, four, oh yes, feeling the burn here.

Oh yeah, good for the triceps, opening the shoulders. Lift and lift, and last time for adduction. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and hold, lift and lower. Woo, I think that was really hard. Okay, we're gonna open the legs out.

Nice wide position. As you bend your knees, you want to make sure that the knees are going out, okay? So let's start here, we're gonna go bend and up. So use your legs, squeeze (exhaling) your glutes. Reach and down.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, let's do five (tongue clicking), four (exhaling), three, let's do two more, two, and one and pause. We're gonna turn to the side, we're gonna do biceps. So you're gonna go to a side lunge. So just turn that leg in. So we're gonna go down into a side lunge.

Bend, extend. Lower, extend. Bend, extend, so not only are you getting your arms, you're also working your balance, your whole body, your legs, your hips, your glutes. You should feel the stretch in the hip flexor as well. So one more time, and lower.

Turn the other way. Rotate, lift your arms, and let's go. And go 10, and nine, reaching eight, and seven, good, and six, four more, reach it out, keep those elbows high, and two, and one, lower the arms. Okay, now we're gonna go to the other side doing hammer curl. Same position, but we're gonna add a kickback with the leg.

Hammer curl is palms facing inward. So bend down, and then kick. Bend, kick, working your balance, working the biceps, you're gonna feel this in the triceps as well, let's do five, four (exhaling), three, two, and one. Other side, okay, turn around, let's go. All right, bend deeply, we're gonna go down, up.

Oop, 'scuse me, up, down, lift, down, lift, lower, lift, five, last five, four (exhaling), three, two, one more, one (exhaling) and rest. Now we're gonna do a little series for the triceps again. One of my favorite groups of the arms to work. So I'm gonna turn this way so you can see. We're gonna punch, but then we're gonna add some toe-tapping.

So bend your knees, pull in your abdominals, lift your hands towards your forehead, your temples. Extend out (exhaling). So basic salute, and three, four, five more, five, push it out, three, last two, two, you're gonna hold it here, and one. And alternate, so let's go one, one, two, two, three, three, extend, extend, stretch, shoulders down, and hold. Good, now we're gonna add a toe-tap.

(inhaling) So when the right leg goes forward, the left leg goes back. Like you're getting ready to fight. We're gonna go punch, in, 'kay? Ready, and let's do eight total, 'kay. One, two, push, three, four, fierce, one, two, three, and in.

Other side and go eight, seven, push, five, four, stay low, three, you got it, two, one more, and now let's change legs. Arm and leg, opposite arm, opposite leg. Low and ready, go, one, one, two, reach, three, punch, three, four, we'll just five, out, out and lift. (exhaling) Good, nice job. Okay, last couple exercises.

We're gonna go into scissors of the arms. Palm is up both ways, so let's go. One, alternating, one, and two, and two, let's do ten, three, three, keep the body still, four, shoulders relaxed, reach up, reach up, and two, two, and pulse, two, three, four, five, let's do three more, three, two, and one. Switch, and one, and two, and three, and four, this feels good, five, last three, two, and one. Lower and roll up.

Walk back slightly, take an inhale. (inhaling) We're gonna finish up. And exhale, bend, open. (exhaling) (inhaling) (exhaling) One more. (inhaling) (exhaling) We're gonna roll down nice and slow, let the weights take you. No more work, release.

Shake your head, bend your knees, stretch your legs. Let go of your weights and we're gonna roll it up. (exhaling) All the way up to standing. (hands clapping) Well done, thanks for joining me.


Yay!!!!! Lisa THANK YOUUU - I had 10 minutes to workout and you worked me out. Sweating and happy and energised to teach 3 classes in a row. Feeling the internal shower xxx
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Just what I needed for an add on today. Thanks for another gem!
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Great quick arm workout! Thanks!!
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Wow amazing what 10 min can do! Love your workouts, more please:)
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Perfect addition to a mat class!!! Loved this Lisa!
Lisa Hubbard
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Megan Macgregor sometimes 10-mins is all we get, so happy you broke a sweat & felt the internal shower! Thanks for taking class!
Lisa Hubbard
Lori tbank you Lori appreciate you taking class with me :)
Lisa Hubbard
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Laura happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for joining me
Lisa Hubbard
Liz Liz so appreciate your support thanks so much 💛
Lisa Hubbard
Janine L. thank you so much Janine happy you enjoyed 🌼
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