Arm Weights Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 3086

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Fab Lisa Hubbard . I can not believe that i got sweat in 10 minutes. WoW I feel so inspired. Thank you xoxo
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Love this arm workout Lisa Hubbard! Great tricep burn! The ten minutes flew by! What pound weights are you using?
Maryam Awesome Mary! Thank you so much XOX!!
Season Thanks so much! I am triceps obsessed lately, haha! The weights were 2lbs. Thanks & hope you join me again
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Amazing lLisa Hubbard Thank you. I added this after a leg workout and it made it a great morning :)
Love to hear that Heather! Thanks for taking my classes, I am happy you are enjoying them. Thank you for your kind comments 😊
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fun & fast, great.
Happy you enjoyed the class Julia thanks so much for joining me & hope you come back again! :)
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Awesome! Thank you Lisa!
So happy to hear Sylviec! Thank you so much 😊
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