Class #3091

Oov on the Mat

50 min - Class


Create awareness and stability in your body with this Oov workout on the Mat with Daniel Vladeta. He starts with motor control work to ease you in and then goes into more challenging work designed to help you find your center. He finishes with restorative breathing to bring your nervous system back to a parasympathetic state.

Before taking this class, Daniel recommends taking his previous classes and tutorials on the Oov to make sure you are familiar with it.
What You'll Need: Mat, Oov, Triadball, Towel, Theraband

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Danielle this was an excellent class to see and do. Having done the training on the OOv, I understand how much was going on during the various sequences. It was very interesting to see how each person was using their strategies to accomplish each skill. Working three dimensionally is not as easy as this may look. So glad you are back on PA.
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Nice progressions to more advanced work and balance!
I totally enjoyed this workout as I have patella Alta and stability exercises are what I need to do to strengthen the areas around the knee and the butt muscles as well. Thank you
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Daniel, this was a very nice class with very logical/developmental sequencing, thank you. Question, can we expect any additions or progressions beyond week four on your Oov app? The app seems like the best at home guide for my clients who are experiencing it in the studio and are motivated to continue independently at home. Many of them have purchased their very own Oov's following very positive movement experiences with it in my classes.
Thank you for this well thought out class. Love, love, love the Oov for myself as well as to use it with my clients. Another class with more exercises in prone would be highly appreciated!
Fantastic session Daniel thank you!
Fabulous! I love the Oov! It is so helpful for my post-back surgery rehab. I love how it makes me feel. Where can I find the case study referenced?
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Daniel, please please please film some additional advanced Oov classes ! Thank you for inventing this !
Daniel, - I am already addicted! What a wonderful invention!! Finally I can do rotation and don´t have the crackling sounds in my spine! At the same time it is so challenging! But nothing hurts! somehow everything, - even a plank is supported and almost comfortable. Magic! And the material is so nice, absolutely perfect in many ways! Thank you for putting so many years in developing this and believing in it! It is worth every penny!
Love this class, cues and moves.....liberating!
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