Class #3129

Strengthening Reformer

65 min - Class


Build strength in your legs with this Reformer workout by Sherri Betz. She teaches a class designed for older adults who have bone loss, but are still fit and healthy. She works on maintaining good alignment while increasing the load in the springs so you can strengthen your muscles and improve bone mass.
What You'll Need: Reformer


I'd like to share a reformer class for older adults with bone loss that are fairly fit and healthy. Now, these girls don't qualify as older adults, not just yet anyway. So, they're gonna demonstrate s...

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Sherri ! Love , love, love your classes ! I love the idea of a bit more spring to build up muscular strength...This 57 year old body appreciates this :)) Thank you !
Thank you Deborah Wasko!!
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Watching this video - makes me think of several clients I have with foot issues. Great idea putting the toe separators to help strengthen her toes. Any brand that you recommend ? Thank you
Thanks Sherri. With so many of our clients in this demographic (myself included),this is a great workout.My bones thank you.
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I love Sherri classes , she is amazing!. Thank you Pilates anytime to make possible to us to have access to these vídeos.
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Always great Sherri!
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I loved this fun and challenging reformer class for people with osteoporosis!
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Great class! Love the toe separators, cueing for footwork and attention to the details. Thank you!
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Sherri, I hope my "adult" bones get younger with this class. I broke my hip 4 mos. ago (intertrochanteric) and although its healed and I walk and teach pilates, I still have a slight limp, which I had thought or hoped would be gone by now. I enjoyed the class and hope it speeds up my recovery. Thank you for graciously sharing so much information, as it was not possible to come to you for my physio therapy, I feel lucky to be able to learn from you here. You are a wonderful teacher.
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Thank you, Sherri, so much for this class ! Loved every moment,your energy and all details about the exercise. This is so familiar to me because of my Polestar education. A big thanks to PA!
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