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Let go of unwanted tension in this Reformer workout with Kristi Cooper. She teaches Elise and Rhiannon, who are Mat-based teachers from Perth, Australia. She pushes them on the Reformer, encouraging them to relax their feet and hands so they can connect deeper to the center of their bodies.
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Aug 09, 2018
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Hi everybody. I'm Kristy Cooper with my new friends at least. And Rihanna here from Perth, Australia. Both of them are mat based instructors who are going to be challenged hopefully by me and this class with pushing them a little bit on the reformer to take them through a little bit more, just a little more. That's all we're going for. So what I have them on that we're going to start with just a mat based warmup. You know, make them feel comfortable. They just got here, they're my guests.

So what I have them set up for his foot and leg work. It is three red and a blue for both. So if you have a different reformer, you might want four springs or you might want it a little later still. So if you would just both lie down, your feet are going to extend over the foot bars and you want to stretch your legs out over the bar where your little bit away from the shoulder blocks. Right? So just feel that. And then they've been traveling. I haven't, they're new from me and we're all excited. So what we're going to do now is look how pointed their toes are. I love it.

I'm going to ask you to just inhale and exhale and just truly let go. Yeah, just like literally, I swear, I mean we have a diverse springboard diving board and we have a dancer and um, this is going to be fun. Okay, so again, just you're here, we're all here. Now take a deep breath for the couple of times on your own and just melt into your reformers. These are your dance partners, your diving board for the next however long. When you're ready, you're going to take your feet onto the foot bar, the arches, or the heels onto the foot bar in parallel with your feet just a little bit apart. Okay. And again, what I'm heading into is a shoulder bridge like, or a pelvic curl just to warm up the spine. So feel the backs of the arms, feel your spine, feel your bones in the mat as much as you can. Take an inhale. Don't worry about your feet. You're going to exhale and just roll up from the pelvis all the way. Bone by bone. That's it. That's it. Just getting used to being here, getting used to the environment I'm getting used to you Riana and go a little higher. Push into your feet. Inhale, exhale from the top of your throat.


Roll yourself down. This is your chance to go. How? What do I need? What do I feel? How intense am I going to push? Where do I need to soften? Once your tailbone is down, take another deep breath. Inhale, exhale, roll on that exhale, trying to feel what we call bone by bone. I'm not sure that's totally possible, but you can try. You can go even higher to see you. Push and do you feel the hamstrings, right?

That's going to save us later. Inhale and exhale to roll down almost as if you were reaching missions over that foot bar, giving yourself your own version of traction. Soften a little, both of you that will help me in all of that. No exhale rolling up. It's like the breast really can move. There you go. Riana. There she goes. Like whole throat just sort of softens. So you're up there, you can almost drag toward your heels. You inhale, you exhale, you roll down. There you go.

And when you're down you really are down. Prove it to yourself. So stadium for a second and archer, low back a little, and then go back to what you think is neutral. Do two of those just to kind of feel where you are. You can adjust your feet and anything you need to anytime. Take your next inhale. We'll go one more time up. Exhale, peel up. Good, good.

And what they're both doing really well is they're keeping their knees parallel towards their feet. They're not splaying. Their inner thighs are working. Inhale, exhale, come on down. Make it feel good. When you get there, you can just take your arms around to the pegs behind you and hold onto those. If your shoulders are okay, you're gonna let the elbows drop out. If not, you can let them hold up a little bit. Pick the legs up to 90 degrees and maybe a little closer to you. Yup.

Table Top Hip Rotation

I'm actually gonna go a little closer than maybe both of them are used to and oh boy, you were a good diver or let them go love. Yeah, like if you want to hold anywhere, it's here. These can just stretch, so she's wanting to really use the feet. I want the energy elsewhere coming towards Riana you're going to the right. You inhale to rotate. That's right. Then the bones are the ribs sink back to the mat first to exhale and bring in center. Soften your feet. I going to be on you the hole just a little. It's still pretty in hell. Over the other side. Lift that opposite hip.

Your knees are totally lined up and exhale the ring back to center and I'm speeding up. Not a lot in the action but more in my voice in here and then as you start to exhale, it's really almost a deflation really. Well it is not almost of the lungs so that the body can just follow it. The body's smart and exhale. Her feet like to think a lot of her pies, right? Yours are a little, there you go. That's it. It's just supple and exhale.

Really good. Really good. Let's do a few more. Inhale. So again, what's nice is that holding that anchoring of the upper body. Beautiful and exhale. And last one for now in here, I'm just giving her a little resistance as you might feel that opposition a touch more right from there. Grab onto your knees with both hands. Pull them in really close to you. Crawl your head up like you're going to touch your forehead to your hands.

Yes. From there. Extend your right leg out only and both hands go to the left. That's right. However you want. And switch. Just switch and switch. Good and sweet. Keep going. Again, I'm going to keep saying it. I can tell the whole time, so I'll try to minimize it.

Single Leg Stretch

But the less tension key point you guys would be fine. The less tension you have in your feet, the more you can have at where you really want it. So you have to ask yourself, where do you really want it and how pretty will you be when you get up, if you put it where you want on it. All right, let's do four more. We go one and two. Two. Beautiful. Reach three, three. Pull it back. Four for both knees in rest your heads cause you're having to think for me.

You can hold your knees, yes and no stress. Good. Then push your knees upward toward the ceiling and curl up as you push your knees towards me. That's all good. I might've pulled you a little high. My fault. Double leg stretch. You're going to reach both arms back and the legs forward and circle around. Grab on and inhale and good.

Double Leg Stretch

And so I'm liking the beauty again of the accents, but I'm going to suggest they really reach for it. Like slice the air, reach and around. Put the fingers together, try it and around again. Reach and around. One more time. Reach and around. Rest your heads. So far so good. You still want to be here. Okay, good. All right, take your hands. Um, let's your both. Let's go right leg up, right leg up. Yep. Hold onto. That's great. Beautiful. Head down for a second. That's great. Push the bottom leg into the foot bar and feel how that downward pressure almost makes the hold of the upper leg easier.

It could then bring your head, neck and shoulders up and actually for both of them, I'm going to bring their leg to about 90 cause that's going to be harder for them. Right? You can hold on for as long as hard as you want with your hands. In fact, pull into your hip socket. Right? You can come down to tiny, tiny, right there you go. From there it's pull, pull, switch legs, pull, pull. And for both of them I'm encouraging a little bit of a holding back to that 90 so they have to hold themselves up rather than just stretch the leg. They already have stretched out. Okay, good. Good. Yeah, of course it is. I mean it would be different from me. Right?

Single Straight Leg Stretch

I'd be pulling that leg way back just to try. Good, good, nice and easy. Let's forget the devil pulse after this next one finished. The next mountain and now just scissor. Breathe everyone's switch. Switch. Switch to moral one, and then we'll call this two both legs up. Bend your knees, rest your head. Both legs are up for this next one. Once you, you can keep your hands there, that's great.

Just like you haven't Rihanna, pull yourself up again just where you were. Then put your hands behind your head and you're going to reach out in long down to three from the middle. Exhale, we're right back to 90 in health down. Soften, soften. I promise you, you will get way more out of it for now. I mean, you can go back later. Do it again. Only two more promise. We'll go right into Chris Cross after this. Cause that, is that the good news, right? Is this already too or is that one that I thought so good. I almost let you off the hook. Beautiful. Reach, reach, reach, and then we'll bend both knees, twist toward your right knee and go switch and switch and switch. Beautiful. You have your breathing, right? That's the main thing, but think of the shape you're making, right? You're squeezing out.

Lower Lift

You're ringing out your, I don't know, but you are letting it out. Beautiful. I'm going to say for more single version one, two, three, both knees in. Take a break. Distressed. Okay. When you're ready, set yourselves up. We'll put the foot bars up and we're already on our foot and leg work so we'll just do that. Walking it down. It's up to you whether you want the head rest up or down.

Criss Cross

I tend personally to keep it either part way up or all the way up, but there's good cause for putting it down. If you can accommodate it with the rest of your body. For some of you might even need to put a pillow there so that you're not floating in space. What I would look for is that ease across the shoulders and chest. I'm starting them in their heels parallel, which is feet slightly apart.

Exactly. And and you like you feel that you can, you're locked in, right? You're just secure. There's a subtle down, sorry. Now there's going to be a settled down or drag. Right. So there's instant engagement of the hamstrings just makes everything better. Push out on an exhale. If my breath pattern doesn't work, you'll change it.

Heels Parallel

You're all the way out. You pull in and you push and you pull. She's taller than you have to. Kind of. Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding. No, you're a little bit, just a little. It's actually well timed on the next one. Just go out and stay there. I do like to on in the beginning, think about are the backs of the legs still involved even here or are they arresting something to think about without tucking looks good.

Just asking you and Ben to come in. We'll do four more press and pull and press out and you know, it's one of those situations where I want to go. Good. I'll be over here when you're done with that and we'll do something next. But there's things that are really working for them. They've got their arms, Preston and I think this is probably for their arms or Preston. They're actively stay here. Go to the toes, balls of the feet, and you can start. Um, the backs of the arms are pressed in, the shoulders are open. I wouldn't maybe encourage both of them to bring their arms closer to their hips so that they can actually feel the upper back a tad more.

Toes Parallel

Keep going. I'm going to do a subtle change to you. Go all the way out and then let the hip ankles not break, but that's all I got. Dropped the hills a little. I want you to keep them in no man's land like that. Yeah, exactly. He said, the reason I'm doing that instead of letting her heels being sort of the locked out, easier position for her and for you, it allows the energy transfer to go up where you want it a little bit more rather than that subtle transfer of weight that would be only happening in her already. Strong feet told Jonah they're beautiful. How about one more? Come on in and that will swivel from the hips to turn out to the smaller v and then for you what? I'm an encourage, and this is very good, just a little more weight on the evenly weighted through the feet, so the big toe for you pushed out all the way. Get there, prove it to yourself, get there, stay there, drop the back of your thighs.

Pilates Stance

Gonna not your heels to that and then pull back in. That's it. Okay, good. So your feet are all good. You know how strong they're, they're stuck on the bar. Just keep going. However many things you can think about is as f as if the feet are stuck there and truly you are moving from the upper thigh. Whichever part you want to focus on. Yeah, so the feet aren't tense, they're just there. They're like, I got you babe. Right. Beautiful.

Very nice. Every now and again Rianna and think of dropping those backs with the size cause you start to get into a bit of a Tuck or I don't know if it's Tuck. It's a bit of a grippiness in the front. That's it. Let's do two more for her. That's great. Really Nice. Last one. You'll come back down to the foot bar when you get there. It's beautiful.

Go back to parallel feet. Push out to straight. Get there. Prove it to your Beth who had lower both heels down, both heels up. Bend your knees. Been, pull yourself back in, push out again, down then up and pull back in. A subtle change for you. Only just, there you go. Same thing down and up and then I'm going to change it. Now you're going to do three when you get out there. So push out. Go down and up. Three times. Squeeze my hand a little.

Tendon Stretch

Just there you one and way down and two and way down. Three. Stay high on the heels. Come back and let's Tim do four. We'll go to six. Push out and reach front. Any pushing back up. Two and up and three and up. Here's four. Stay high. Bend the knees. Come on down. Push out.

Here's five. Nice job on your ankles and now you can feel that one and two. Beautiful. Thery and down. Stretch your whole spine for one more time for five. Come on down. Can we do six? Sure. Out we go.

One and stretched from the back of your body. I don't know what that means either, but just look for it. Is that three? You guys all know you'll come down after six, four, five, six. Come down. Take your feet over the bar for a second case. You need to check them out, whatever. Put them right back. It's the same position. Exactly. Pushed back out way up high on the tiptoes.


You go forward if you want, and then bend the right knee, let the left heel drop under it. Sorry to keep the bar both feet on the bar. My fault. So this is, yeah, yeah, it's like running or prancing and then push from the bottom leg until both legs were absolutely straight. Then Ben, the other, you got it and let's go quicker now. Just a few, just a few. Just almost like you're ringing it out. I know it's still heavy spring and then when it feels even to you pick a leg to hold underneath it and you can adjust the other foot however you want. In other words, it can be, yeah, yeah, exactly. However you want.

Sometimes what all do, this might be too much, so don't let me do anything. I might even grab underneath it. Keep this one straight. Bend this one still and the pole right. You can hook yourself, you can help yourself. Turns out switch sides when you're ready. Who was that?

The Hook is good, right? Be careful, but yeah, it is. It's like, oh right. I can make myself a good, wow. Look at those hyperextended knees. It's okay if you can still feel it, but I'm wanting a tiny bit of Ben warn of a Ben. This one? Yeah, here you go. I was like, what's happening? And really that's what you're looking for. There you go. All right.

Come on down and let's just have you swivel up at La. Have you take off your springs and not all of them down to red and blue. In this case, we're going into the a hundred ish. We go ahead and lie down once you've done it, and so I have them on what I would call a medium weight. I'm going to leave the, am I going to leave the bar here? I'm gonna leave the bar here since I didn't tell you not to. That's cool.

Reach back, grab your straps, Shimmy a little bit away from your shoulder rests, and then the way I'm going to start this, while you don't do the reform of that often says just like that. Good. So what we're doing is we have some resistance. We're barely off the stopper. Arms are absolutely straight and shoulder distance. Okay? Now what I want to do is have you leave the legs exactly as they are bringing your arms a little more. Now exhale, just curl the head. Neck and shoulders up. Good. Good. You're looking forward. Stay there. Let the arms only rise up.

Hundred Variation

Let them go down. Imagine you're breathing in for five counts and down. Try not to move the carriage. It might a little so in other words, don't go so high. Go more forward and down. One more time and down. Go all the way back. Okay. This time we can take your inhale. Come back a little more so your arms are right above your shoulders. There you go. When you are ready. Gonna. Exhale, shoot the arms and legs out.

Exhale, curl up and then take it back down. Everything. Exactly. Touch your head down, exhale, curl up again. Maybe start to feel again, keep going and down that the handles, if you could, they were be attached to your upper arm. It's that sense of, it's not about the hands is I'm moving from my spine theoretically and actually, and exhale one more like we're going to stay up there. So get calm when you get there. A few come. Doesn't matter where the legs go, but the arms do the same thing they did before. Inhale up two, three, four, five and down. They don't have to go high for that whole time. They're just rising a little and they're lowering and when you lower those arms, you are squeezing the air out. Right for your arms. A little closer.

Riana it'll feel better. Yep. And one more. I know it's more than a hundred but that's okay. It happens. Bend your knees and take yourself down. Nice work. Yeah. Okay. Let's do instead. Better coordination, which would, I would sometimes do here. I'm going to give you one that I think I can talk you through.

It's essentially gonna, you know, Snow Angels. You don't, you're in Australia. You do this, this no there. Yeah. Okay, so what we'll do, the football going to be here, so your legs will be a little higher and that's okay. That's a nice way to learn it. So come to what I call the ABS starting position. The knees are about 90 arms and you're ready. Again, not a lot of tension in the hands, but there's enough to keep the resistance. Inhale, exhale, curl up like you're doing the a hundred when you get there.

Coordination Variation

Exactly. Turn the leg bones outward and the arm bones. Now that I think about it. Beautiful. Now they both opened. Inhale. Why did you want exhale close? You can go wider. Match your arms. Inhale Open. Yup, go for it. Go for it. Go for it. Oh, there they are. Exhale. That's the first normal thing. That inhale. Good.

That's closer to dance and diving. Maybe. I Dunno. Exhale. But again, it's like you're squeezing the air out. The shape kind of matters here and exhale, it looks beautiful and now you can become fee in it. Have I just two more squeezy. Crazy me. Squeeze the air first. Beautiful. Bend the knees and come on down. Excellent. Feed on the foot bar carefully cause it's lighter for your, the leg weight and push out to the straight legs and then you're going to step into it one foot at a time. Nice.

Then the knees, once you get there to a frog position. Beautiful. Great. And then let me know, you know, I don't know you well enough and you all at home should make sure that you're using resistance that makes you feel a little bit in control but that you're in charge at least 49% of it, hopefully 51 so from here, just to simple frog, it doesn't take effort. It's just like straighten your legs and then you pull them back in. Right. That's great. So what I'm offering her and you can do for yourself is just this idea to make an exaggeration out of it. This idea of she's got our heels together strongly, but she's pulling me to her and then then you find the amount of energy you actually need there back and forth. And you can go deeper with that frog.


I know I learned it where you don't for the sake of learning it, but then let's think of, can we lubricate it? Can we almost take it to a squat without the whole spine changing mats where you start to teach yourself. Okay, let's do one more in and out when you get to outstay there. Great. And we'll go parallel here. Cool. And then both of them are going to be more flexible than we probably need someone to say. Definitely stop at 90 and maybe even before then. Separate and circle around. And again, right now we're just thinking almost of lubricating the hip joints.


I don't know what you're thinking. That's what I'm thinking and and control of the spine. Can my legs move independent of my rest of me and around? Yeah. Can either one of them do it without gripping their feet?

We'll see. Yeah. Cause if they do with this light tension, one, one red, one blue, they're going to feel it more or sooner. Otherwise I, they're going to be here all day with the how much energy is being diverted away from. We really where we really want it. And again, I'm really just kind of going for freedom in the hips, but the abductors are usually where we'll get it. Let's come up, stop there. Oh, it's working. I don't, you can't see it, but the more you relax your feet, she shaky. It's great. It's not nerves. Exhale, come down next time you exhale. [inaudible] inhale separate comrades. Perfect. That's right. Let's, let's do something different. That's really the only reason for the record that I am talking about their feet because they're so used to a certain way and we're here to explore.

Inhale around. Okay. And for the sheer sake of I may have over corrected them or you, all of us knowing you're going to keep your spine, so go a little freer. Just whatever happens. This, you know, are tapping now. Just fluid for you to have. Are you good? Good, good, good.

Yep. It looks really good. Um, I hope it feels kind of good. Let's do one more around, I think I already said it, but one more round. Come down to the safe. Little lower than 45 for these two. Maybe not for you. And then from here it's okay. It's going to get worse. Turn out cause you're doing it really well and it's just a little different. That's all. So all we're doing now is opening to the side.

Open Close

Tell me if you can't write openings now the tendency would be to pull down or up. We're going to try not to do that. It says if I put a pole right here, she's gonna slide right underneath it. And if you really want to work this, and I see you over there too, by the way, you really want to work this, you, you use as little as you need to make the action and I guarantee you're going to at least have to hold it in the middle more. Not, not straining on the middle, but it's like all right there is my anchor. It's a reminder. This is great what you're saying. I'm almost feel bad. So good. Cause it's tough to kind of have the freedom it on the straight and sly. Okay, let's go wide again for everybody.

I'd raise them up a little cause I don't want to overstretch you. Maybe a little more, just so we know. And then you can take a stretch by taking your hands on the inside. Actually have the straps and carefully either rest your hands there, gently pull whatever feels good to you. If it feels good to you, that's going to be a good stretch. She's still on camera. It works. Okay. Just take your time.

If you feel like you're done with the stretch, the way out of it more safely, if you've really gone for a big one is to lift up with maybe one at a time. You know, so you're not just using your leg strength to do it, but rather use your hands to pull back to center and I, I'm ready for you to be done. Thank you. Okay, so you're going to take one foot off reach for the foot bar with that leg. That's right. And then if you keep it straight, the other leg comes off easy and now you can bend your knees and come on down. Fabulous. Yeah, so far so good. It's okay. Come on up. We're going to do a little scooter.

So you come off the side and I think what I'll have you do is Riana you come on this side and I'll have you on that side for this one just to teach it. So there's a couple of versions of scooter and I am going to do a couple of them. One is going to say I'm starting it as a build onto the knee stretch, which will come later. It's related to almost everything we've already done already. I'm going to start it, uh, with a blue, the lightest spring. I can choose actually not. I have a yellow, I'm not choosing yellow. I'm choosing a blue m and then I'll probably up it. So if I could mimic you or you can make men with me, we're going to, you can just follow along.

We're going to put our hands on one side of the reformer and um, the foot at the shoulder block. Let's start with that. So Yup. Just like that. So there's a version that we'll do in a moment that will work the glutes. So if you want to work with the glues, just stay tuned. But before that, let's work the app. They knew I was going to do scooter and they got all excited, but we're not doing that part yet. So what I'm going to ask you to do, at least, is both of you move your foot that's on the ground almost to there, and maybe even forward farther forward to the leg of the reformer.

That's a good place to start. Then with the knee on the carriage you're going to, if I, if I'm mirroring you, so to speak, or you're gonna lean back towards me round the back. So it's really going to be about the abs first and this heads to something later. We only bring your carriage back in all the way, and that's actually the exercise. Yeah. Okay. From here, you're going to push the carriage back. Just the care, sorry. Sorry. My fault. Lift lifter. Lift your knee off. Just hover it. Now push the carriage back without changing his mind all the way up before it.

Single Leg Scooter Series

Push it back, back, back, back. And then to bring it back in, in this lightweight, you're gonna pull the belly in and exhale all the way. Inhale back and exhale, let the spring almost bring it back. So this is the not real experienced on the reformer. So I'm starting to build up to that knee stretch that comes much later. The idea is that you keep this, you can even lean back both of you quite a lot.

So bring the carriage all the way back in, way back into the stopper. Way Back in. Yup. And now the way back here with your arms. Sorry, I keep an event and now go push out. Pull in, push out, pull in, trying not to move anything out. There you go. And then if you can, it's a hard one to learn, but it's a skill. There we go. She just got it. I'm going to back away so you can see it. It's like a scooping and it's almost easy on the leg, right? They want it harder, but it's not. Let's do a couple more and before I do the other one that you want me to do, I'm going to have you walk around so you stay with that feeling.

So walk around to the other side. Yep, that's fine. Hands on, you sit back kind of far. So you really almost like an a starting race position. There you go, round your back a lot. However the knees so that hips can be Lovell. Yup. Take this knee off and keep it off. Now scoop in and, and now find that exhale bringing that carriage. And that's nice roundup. So if I were to hold that carriage back, you'd round your back more or at least there.

It's almost like the spring desert. There you go. I know. It's frustratingly good when you get it. Okay, so that's that idea. We'll stay on this side. I will add some spring for them. Come all the way to the stopper. Yep. I just added one one full spring. So they're now at one and a half, which I think is a little much, but we'll see. So now my version of this is going to be, you can stay there. You're going to, instead of rounding your back, just sit back and hover that back knee. Okay.

And this one, we don't have to go so fast so the back knee is lifted. Go ahead and push out all the way, all the way. Is that too heavy? Has It? Okay. She can handle it. Good and bend it. Good. And what I'm loving about this, this is also like me stretch, but it's closer to the flat back version. Let yourself crease it that hip. There you go. Good. Let's just do a couple more like that.

Let's get on and how are you doing? Fine. The next version of this as an option would be bring it to the stopper. I'm going to lighten for sure. You're as maybe hers, taking the half Spring off to come to upright balance. Really up, right. Okay. And then straighten and bend all the way into the stopper. Yeah, bring it all the way in. There you go. There you go to two, five.

There's two or three more. Could try for full extension if you can't, don't hurt your low back to do it, but there you go. Yeah. Other side. Nice work. Yup. They start smiling when they can feel the bumps. I love it. We started with the flat bag version. That's great. That's really good.

Just out and, Oh wait, let me put the spring back on my thought. Yeah. Okay. And this one, this version, when your hands are on, hopefully here in the long enough spine that you can stretch it all the way out. So don't cheat yourself on that part. Okay.

Nice. All Nice and straight. They're not wobbling. I mean, they're feeling in, I hope to some degree, but they're not shifting their hips much in it. And if they do, they're fixing it. Okay, that's good. So next one, come in and all these, we'll take off the blue kids to that upright there, right? The forward knees bent and now you just straightened to the extent that you can. There you go. Chest itself. I know. Balancing [inaudible] [inaudible] let's do two more. Last one and in a week I'm fantastic. Okay.

So I'm going to keep you on a red and blue and since I don't knew that Wellman start you on a red and blue and we may change it. So we're going up into um, an upstretched position or a pyramid position thinking I'm going to change your foot bar just for the height or how long you are. So I'm just lowering rounds a little cause she's taller. Okay. So stand up onto your carriage knowing that the springs are not heavy at this point and you're gonna put your heels partway up. The shoulder blocks, they don't have to be super high, but just up there, shifting your weight back. That's it. So that you get this nice long line of the back.

So subtle sense from me that the tailbones lifting and then you can draw a bubble. You can drop your head a little. Beautiful. All right, now it's not heavy, so just let the weight of the strength of the back of the legs push the care down a little bit. Nothing else will change one little more than that. Sorry. Then it's again, the app that's far enough. Exhale and pull the ABS in so that the springs do the work to bring it down and push out a little, a little just about their nest. Start. Exhaling Elise. And that brings it back in. There you go. So the later you get on your feet on that exhale to rise up, almost the, the springs end up doing the work, but your abs are really having to pull up for that to accommodate it.

Up Stretch

Looking good. They're both doing a great job of keeping the shoulders pretty open. Try not to round a whole lot more. The low back. We'll round some can you feel that good and your feet semi sort of maybe relaxed. Good. Happy. Can you hold the den now from here we're going to just swivel to a plank position so the carriage will move out. It's okay.

Long Stretch

Go ahead and move the carriage. Rhiannon, go ahead there. You're a little more for you. Just drop your hips, your honor. They're from here. Travel forward as much as you can. Travel back. That's about enough travel forward. Good, good, good. Travel back. The long stretch.

You can both probably take a little bit more on the traveling of back. Alright. And then lift up off. My fingers. Don't collapse into the shoulders and back. Let's just do one more here and as you come up, think of rising off my fingers a little. There you go. Okay, go back to a pyramid shape position. Put your heels down. It's still lots of blocks though. Sorry, and just put the heels flat on the carriage. That's it. You're going to go later. I'm gonna leave. Here's Rianna and again, it's warm for length. All right.

And then wherever you are on your former, think of rotating, those armpits may be inward so that upper back feels like as long we're not going to hang the head. You're going to be more pointing to that bar. That was gorgeous. You actually were in a good spot. I just want to pull on you. Lift your head a little right there. Yeah, that action. But pull the ribs in the little and now we just press the heels back and down a little and bring it forward. Just like you did before. Good. Back and down and forging. Go a tiny bit faster. Rihanna.


Okay. Can you soften your hands? Yes sir. All right. Yeah, just like points of contact here. And then the middle of the body's doing the work well on the springs. Have I one more and then carefully step off to the side. It's still glad you came. Okay. Draft the boxes from the back.

We'll bring them up and we'll put them in a short box position. Yep. Fence. Exactly. Thank you. And then you're definitely going to cover yours. I actually no, I take that back. I take that back. I'm going to do them the way I love it. So I specifically am having them put the short box in front of the shoulder rest for the version of a short box. I'm going to do have a seat on the box and let's put the feet in the straps.

You might, depending on your reform or you might want this little bar out of the way. It's fine if you do. Yup. And then rather than sliding to the back of the reformer, we're going to stay near the front arm over arm for him over forum. Yep. And then we just need to get you centered on your box and yeah, that's good. Okay, we're going to do roll back. So what you want though is you want to feel that you can pull on this.

Hey, so, and when we get back there, you're going to be able to use your hamstrings more. It doesn't maybe make sense. I feel like I want you to skip forward a little and if it feels weird, I can move your box. All right. We inhaled, this is this version. You're going to roll the Asi as back as you rolled down. Yep, exactly. Just keep going. He goes, you're fine.

Round Back

And now this is where you can push the backs of the legs into the carriage. A little. Don't push the carriage out. I should've put more weight on. Just see. But it's Kinda good. We didn't inhale. Stay curved. Exhale, come forward. When your shoulders are over your hips, you'll just straighten back up. Okay, so that's cool. I'm like, I'm glad that happened. I'm going to leave it like that cause you're safe. Right. Okay.

So try not to push the carriage English down all you want. In fact, I encourage it, but it's sort of that balance. See what happens. Exhale we roll. The Asi has back or the hip bones back. Yes, yes, yes. And you can press the thighs into the box. Beautiful. Stay there. Inhale. And this is where I really like size into the box because it's just so much easier for everything else. And then sit up tall, beautiful. Inhale, beautiful.

And exhale. It's like I'm holding your arms a little but I'm not. And then you hold the waistline back. Inhale, exhale and come forward. And then press back. Last one like that. It looks great. Exhale. Yes, yes. If you want to go further, you can. I'm not really advocating for it, but you could use those hamstrings if you choose to do it yourself at home. Who Rate? Take the urns behind your head.

Lace the fingers fully or hand over hand. But you want that contact. It's not subtle. What you're doing here. Before you go anywhere, subtly pull those Asi as back just as an idea to keep you straight. Yep. Then you push your head into your hands. Now you travel back and you lead from the front. Just keeping it nice and long.

Flat Back

Straight back. Sorry, my fault. Straight back. And then exhale is a tough one for me. I have to really think the front of the hip bones are taking me back so I don't arch and then beautiful and taking about it. Keep your eyes sort of on the same spot. Don't let him get too high in case and lead from right here.

Roll these back a little bit. Yep, that's plenty. And one more time like that. Great. I'm going to move onto the next one and not the next one. I'm moving on. Turn sideways and let your hands go and face inward faced.

That way your left leg is going to be, so actually going to be sitting on the box. Left leg is in and kind of almost like a figure four position. Yeah. Well you're right on the system. You're probably gonna need to move your box over the shoulder rest. Yeah. So the way at least has it is, is exactly what I said and not what I meant to say. So I'm going to have her slide onto the side of the hip bone.

So instead of being upright, you're right on that toe canner. So instead of here, you're there. Sorry, I didn't have my words exactly. Yup. Just like that hand on the headrest. Exactly. And so I moved Rihanna. Now it's simply because she's taller, but for where we set up the box to begin now with the hand on the head rest and the leg airborne. Actually no, in the strap. Sorry. That's right. There you go. So pull up on it. Then this top arm is going to be straight and your long. This is good. Very good. You feel secure with the strap? Good. Good.

It'll be much harder for you to get tall, young, beautiful thing. When you're ready, all you're going to do, nothing's going to move. You just going to pick up that lower hand and wrap your waist. Nothing moves. Beautiful. Inhale, dive down. So you're just curving into the well and then you reach to come up to that long line again, right there and down again. Inhale, we'll do five and exhale. Good.

Side Sit Up

When you feel like you hit that straight line, you can levitate just to touch. Inhale down for three and exhaling. Good. And aiming for the feeling to beat last one to feel it on the side. So if it's in your back, you're probably rotating forward. Hold it when you get there, put your hands behind your head and then your bottom hand can go to the headrest or the floor and you can stretch the top arm over and your forearm could get wherever it feels good.

Do you want that nice long stretch? Yeah, they liked me again. All right, the top hand. Put It on the frame to help you up and then the other frame and just wiggle your way up. Let's switch sides. I'm just going to put this headdress down so it's easier to hold. Good, good, good.

So the setup kind of is everything, right? So you're getting long, you feel secure, you test things out a little bit. I'm going to flip yours cause it's going to flip without you in a second baby. There you go. Fill it up, filled up, and then both of them are going to reach into it or through it. All right. That's just easier when you do that. That two way stretch. All right, you're down. You feel not long. Just take the bottom arm and wrap it underneath.

Oriana wants to go underneath her head. That's fine too in, he'll dive down for five. Okay. Start that exhale and slide. I like to use the fingers kind of right in that top of Leek so I can feel that it hardens or titans or is involved before you come up. You guys will count, right? Small tendency for all of us to use the head to go.

It does change but it's almost like you're diving over something and then just right back to it. It's not a whole lot of neck movement. When you get to your fifth one ish, go to your hands behind your head. If you have, it's still in you. Some sides are harder. They went both hands behind their head. They linked the nice and long and then you get to take your stretch. She's going to hold her as a little longer cause you did maybe six or I stopped her. She did not cheat and then take the stretch, enjoy it, and the reach of the foot is nice.

That's almost where I get the most of it when I get to do it. When you're ready to use your hands to help you up, it's a bit much to ask the body to get up from that. Yeah. Okay. Let's go to long box and Yup, and I'm just taking it to one spring. That's pretty much where we were here. And this one I'm taking off that blue one that we had from our up stretches earlier. Laying face down for what we'll get is pulling straps. Sorry. The other way.

So you're facing the back end and then take hold of your straps. The way I'll do it is I grab on these, I'll grab the plastic wrapping, it's just the length of ours and then wrap up a little higher so I have something else to hold on to. It makes sense. That works too. Yup. Just so it's, you've got something to actually hold where it's not sliding. What I do is this, and then I wrap and hold like that. But when she's doing this, just stuff and make it so it's in the palm of your hand, right. Okay. Ham when you're ready, hands are just outside the frame and straight and then put a little resistance on him right next to the frame. Yep. Knuckles to the ground.

So the palms are facing the frame inward, like from Yep. And it really is going to come from that upper arm. So a really the shoulders from there slowly. Don't worry about lifting your back. Just glide your arms right along the wood frame until it passes it, and then bring in next to your body without falling into the well. Okay.

Pulling Straps

At least you can lift your slightly and same thing these slides down to go back a little in front of your shoulders, maybe a little more. There you go. And regroup. Do it again. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Good. Right in. Next to squeeze those upper arm. Squeeze those upper arm. Squeeze him right into, right into Reno. There you go. And then come down, right. This is going to be your arm work and your back work. So go for it. Yes. Yeah. And the tendency you guys keep going. You're doing fine right there. Yeah and Huh?

The tendency can be, the more you pull, the more effort you start pulling into Easter to internally rotate. That'll force you down. We're pluses, not what we're going for. If anything later, what I would do is minimize the hand tension. You look great right there. And then down. How about one more sort of when you get there, stay there. I saw me get there. Get there, get there. Hug, hug, hug, hug, bend your elbows for tricep press. Yep, that's it. Riana you got to bend them more though. Rhiannan way in their way and they're their, and then straighten for five bend. Good. Keep it close.

Tricep Press

Four got homeless, the three. You got it. You can make it. This is it. You count your way to five to get that full extension. There you go. When you've done the fifth one, go back to straight or keep it straight. Lower controlled all the way home. All the way down. That's right. And you can re rack them so to speak and step off. I'll have you both step toward the middle.

Yes, yes. It's enough for one day. Let's do a roll down to so you can check in for yourself. Um, why don't you come with me. Turn that way. Perfect. But just come a little bit bit away from the shoulder as take a deep breath and your arms are just heavy and you just re take inventory. Once again, round forward. Feel free to bend the knees. Let's us feel good. This is where you kind of shake off whatever you might still need to. When you're there at the bottom, shake your head yes or no under the two, but let the, the gravity sort of have its way with you knowing that you're grounded in your feet and the abdominals are not working, but they're there to help.

Roll Down

When you're ready, the sitz bones start to drop down. You roll up your heavy. If it's strong, you're light and lifted. And then just looking straight ahead, turn the arm bones outward a little bit and take a deep breath in. Let the arms rise up way up and then exhale and just let them float down. I'm going to give you another one. This is your chance to just fill back up, bring energy back or let it go if you still need to, and exhale. Thanks for being here. Can I say mates? Thanks mate.

Thank you very much. Great.

Pilates with Kristi Cooper: Reformer Workouts


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Always such a beautiful blend of exercise and instruction (and good humor) in your classes. Thank you.
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Thanks, really enjoyed the challenge of the short box, side lying work.
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Kristi! I love this session. Just what I needed. Always a treat
Thank you once more. Loved this one.
Julie K
It's so helpful to watch you teach!  I love your demos, too.  But, as a new instructor, the real payoff for me comes from videos like this one!  Thanks soooooo much!!
Thank you Kristi - loved variation of the 100's and to keep the carriage as still as possible-very thoughtful and concise cueing throughout, and something to aspire to
Kate A
Love the cues!

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