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Reformer Release

45 min - Class


Let go of unwanted tension in this Reformer workout with Kristi Cooper. She teaches Elise and Rhiannon, who are Mat-based teachers from Perth, Australia. She pushes them on the Reformer, encouraging them to relax their feet and hands so they can connect deeper to the center of their bodies.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Aug 09, 2018
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Always such a beautiful blend of exercise and instruction (and good humor) in your classes. Thank you.
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Thanks, really enjoyed the challenge of the short box, side lying work.
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Kristi! I love this session. Just what I needed. Always a treat
Thank you once more. Loved this one.
It's so helpful to watch you teach!  I love your demos, too.  But, as a new instructor, the real payoff for me comes from videos like this one!  Thanks soooooo much!!

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