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Magic Circle Mat

35 min - Class


As a gift to Nikoleta in Greece, Meredith Rogers shares a Magic Circle Mat workout which focuses on the shoulders. She uses the Magic Circle to remind her of her breath as well as the circular nature of our bodies. She includes many different variations that will allow you to pay attention to where your shoulders are in space and a trick to help you do Push Ups with better placement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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This class is a gift for all of you, and specifically for a very beautiful person who I recently met whilst teaching some continuing education in Dublin. Her name is Nicoletta, she is from Greece, she...


Meredith, you are a great inspiration. Thank you for a great Pilates Ring class.
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I'm so happy!! You are here again!
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Meri, what a gift indeed! I have a deadline for handing in my PhD in exactly 3 months from now and am freaking out - BUT taking class with you is my daily break for sanity, health, and optimism.Thank you!!!
Would you be up for teaching a 30min class using two props at once, like the overball and the magic circle/foam roll...? I would love that!
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Every one of your classes turns out to be my next favorite! Just fabulous every time Meri. Thank you for keeping us all inspired. Sending you a huge hug! Nancy
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Love your classes Meredith! Can you do an advanced level mat class soon?
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Oh I was so so happy that you remember me!!! You are such a beautiful person too!!! You have a cute smile full of love of what you do, and that's why you are soo good!! It was my first seminar that teacher is really there, and wait for us to answer our questions, without a break! Full of inspiration for each one of us!! Thank you so so much for the great class once again!! I love it!!!!!
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So nice, so interesting class! Grate gift!
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Loved this class with the ring, great tool for Pilates push-ups!
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Great class Meredith, always love your inventive variations, using the ring for push ups is a real gift, Im sure students from around the world thank you, as I do, after they recover from your ring crunches that is!
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Meri you're awesome! Love the 30 minute intend class as ever especially the bridging. Thank you so much 😊.
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