Class #3164

Unilateral Reformer

40 min - Class


You will feel new connections in your body with this Reformer workout by Amy Havens. She plays with unilateral movement patterns in your arms and legs so you can work towards symmetry and balance. She focuses on finding a lift and length from the inside so you can stay connected to your center line.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Thanks Amy. I just finished your class and noticed some imbalances in my body that I hadn't picked-up before! Given me something to think about as I correct my clients :)
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Holy goodness Batman!
What an eye-opening challenge, Amy!
Thank you! Lots to work on here, as there is a clear difference on each side. Will be revisiting this workout again and again to see what changes.
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Thanks Amy, loved the whole work out and the awareness it brought to the imbalances I need to work on!
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Yay! Super excited to play more with this class. Beautiful!
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Fantastic practice! I found those differences in my body too and will cue these differences to my clients too:) Also a pleasure to work your practice here, thanks Amy!!
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ahhh! I wanted to click on LOVE! Thank you Amy, that felt so balancing, strengthening and oddly gentle too!
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I really enjoyed this workout, and as others have pointed out, it shows up the imbalances beautifully! After working all day, I decided I neede something to inspire me, move me and make me feel good, and this just hit the spot perfectly! Thank you so much.
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I have been getting my house ready, and them back to "normal" for days since hurricane Irma. This is my first workout since Tuesday and oh boy did i need it. I think a cried a couple of times during the workout. Thank you Amy for always giving us an amazing workout ❤️
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Boy did I felel the asymmetry when doing single arm supine! Especially in t arms. That was great thank you!
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I always love your classes and this one was no exception!
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