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Unilateral Reformer

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You will feel new connections in your body with this Reformer workout by Amy Havens. She plays with unilateral movement patterns in your arms and legs so you can work towards symmetry and balance. She focuses on finding a lift and length from the inside so you can stay connected to your center line.
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Hi everyone, here for a Reformer workout, playing with some unilateral movements and patterns with arms and legs today. So let's go ahead and start. Balanced body Reformer. I'm on three red springs, but set yourself up where you would like for your own foot and leg work. And I think today let's go ahead and start with heels parallel, little bit of space, maybe, if you just reach in a fist between your knees and make sure that's at the ankles as well.

Take your arms by your side. Let's go ahead and move our pelvis just a little bit to start some mobility, just in the lumbo and the lumbo-sacral area. So just take a little posterior tilt and then going forward into an anterior tilt. And as we start this warmup and just getting into our center, low center, focus right now, since it is going to be some unilateral things today. Right now you can actually just starting thinking about and feeling, are both halves of your pelvis moving relatively the same?

Or can you feel one starting to move a little bit sooner than the other side? None of that's right or wrong, just starting to notice, but as we work in our pilates practice and work towards symmetry and balance, see if you can start honing in, getting a little deeper on the balance between the two halves and that they are moving the same at this point. Okay, so just feeling that. And you might focus the movement more from your sacrum, or you might be thinking more about how your pubic bone is moving. Let's do two more.

Just a little bit of motion there. And last time. And then let's find yourself right in between the two places and just take a moment to pause. Alright, we've taken a moment to pause. Think about your arms now, both shoulders back.

I want you to think about the exercise chest expansion that comes later, as we know, and give your arms a little bit of chest expansion so that they're pressing down, you're opening across your chest muscles and your collarbone. Let's everybody take an inhale today to prepare and here we go. We're gonna do 10 of our extensions, just a nice easy pace. Just feeling that recruitment of your hamstrings, but don't forget about the inner thighs. They're not touching, but we're imagining that they're moving toward the midline.

That might even bring you into your heel contact on the bar. Almost thinking your heels pulling toward one another to keep that connection. We have two more. Here's nine and ten. We'll step down to the balls of the feet.

Same idea. Heels just slightly lifted. Let's breathe in to prepare. And exhale and press. Maintaining the heels in the same position as an objective.

Three, little bit of chest expansion, arms. And five. (exhales) So exhaling as we press. Some days I inhale, today's an exhale day. One last time and then on this one, hold.

Let's go ahead and stretch both calves, so setting both heels down. Just take two breath cycles. Here's another chance to feel where your pelvis is, if you're tilting side to side. Focus on that equal balance between. Take another breath and let's exhale.

Rise the heels and then bend your knees to come in. Heels together, toes apart. Exhale and (exhales). Now here we go. You can think about each leg doing the same amount of effort, pulling in toward the midline.

Each leg pulling in toward the midline. Arms are still chest expanding. (exhales) And press. (exhales) And try to spread your feet and your toes a little bit. Seven.

And eight. And nine. We're just gonna do one more pattern of footwork here with two feet on the bar and that will be some calf raises, so go back out parallel, both heels down and then raise and let's come back in. We'll do our progression, so adding two times now. Lift and lower twice.

We'll go all the way through six repetitions. That's where I'm heading. Feel free to go more if you need to. Equal work through the legs. Right now, because in a moment we'll be giving each leg it's own opportunity to move independently.

There's four. Still studying your equal balance across your pelvis and your sacrum. Three, four, once again five and then we'll make our way through six repetitions. Exhaling. (exhales) Two, three, four, five, six, and bend your knees in. Okay, reach your feet up and just shake them out a little bit.

Come up and drop some tension. I want to leave myself with just two springs, two red springs. One foot on the foot bar. Let's take it at the ball of the foot and the other leg extended and we'll do some patterns now. So just a nice easy straightening of that single leg.

Flex both feet, point both feet, and lower. Let's do six repetitions. So now we've got a unilateral exercise happening. Instability could start to creep in on either side of your pelvis, so it's your turn, your chance to really study that. So what muscles?

You might think, well it's abdominals. Sure, but it could be your back muscles and you need to activate more to help steady that pelvis. Okay, one more on this side. Flex and point and lower. So do six on the other side.

Make sure you're lined up. Inhale prepare. Here we go. (exhales) lower, lift, and in. So trying to keep both sides of the waistline, ribs to pelvis, lengthening. Either side could decide to start shortening, so you gotta really concentrate on the length.

Alright, three more to go as well as equal balance on your sacrum and your whole pelvis. (exhales) Once more. And flex and lower and in. Okay, i wanted to go over to your first leg heel on my left. Externally rotate your leg and look at the foot bar.

Make sure your heel is either right underneath your sit bone or it's okay to put it over a little bit to the left. Take the other leg up, also an external rotation with the foot flexed, so it's a little bit like a hoedown here, but I want you to focus again on the stability of your pelvis in this kind of strange asymmetrical pattern of your legs. Alright, just six repetitions. Trying to keep your knee over your second toe there. Five, and six.

That's all, come on in. Set that heel down, make sure take a peek. Lift, here we go six times. Again, both sides of your waistline should stay even. Feel if you're tempted to hike one hip up or not, so undo that if you're hiking.

Alright, we have three more. (exhales) Then I'll be repeating this same pattern again on each leg, but from the ball of the foot. So take a ball of the foot and then a pointed foot over on the other side. Here we go, six times. It feels different from the heel to the ball.

Three. Are you still chest expanding through your arms and chest? Five. And then this last one I want you to stay here, six. Extend that leg up.

Let's do three little leg circles like from mat class. So cross in, around, and up. And cross around and up. And cross, three the other way. Starting to mobilize, getting some extra movement in your hip socket.

And three. re-bend the knee. At the same time, you're re-bending the other knee and we come all the way in. Other leg. Six and then three of each.

And exhale. One. (exhales) Two. Objective, symmetry, balance, equal weight. (exhales) Four.

Five. Staying out there on six. Straightening the leg to the ceiling. Little bit of turnout is okay. Three circles.

One. And two. And three. Other way. (exhales) (exhales) And in, re-bend the knee as you bend the other.

Now I'll take us for a little walk in place. We're only on two springs, so be ready for a nice light little walk. It's not about forcing down with the heels. Let's focus on the up today and the up and the up. Okay, this is always a challenge on a hardwood floor with the Reformer on light weight to not push down so hard to scoot the Reformer.

It's actually that up and that levity that we want to promote anyway. Alright, I lost count. Let's take ten, nine, eight. So inside, how much lift and length can you do? And six and five, four, three, two, and one.

Hold, bend both knees and come in. Okay, lift your legs. Shake your feet out a little bit. I'm captivating by our sky out here today right now and that levity and the lift, I just kind of grabbed for clouds. It just kind of gave me that feeling.

Okay, let's come up and change the tension. I'm gonna do some abdominals from facing this way, so I'd like us to go to a blue spring only or something pretty light or one spring if you're using a bungee cord or something. Okay, just turn around. Let's take a look. Take our legs straight through.

Grab the straps lightly with your hands. I'm actually gonna put my hands a little bit more up so my fingers can go through those hooks and just hold your arms nice and easy in front of your chest. Easily sitting up on your sitz bones, take a deep inhale and exhale. (exhales) Let's just go for three of these kind of modified or small rollbacks, getting back on that sacrum evenly. Take a moment, are you there evenly? If not, adjust if you need to, breathe in.

Use your exhale to initiate. (exhales) How you roll back up. I'm gonna carry my upper back into more flexion. Inhale to prepare again. Two more times, so the tailbone, the sacrum and the pelvis, the lumbar going into flexion. Inhale and exhaling, in and up with those abdominals.

Okay, one more easy. Roll back. Sitting a little taller. (exhales) Widening your back body just as much as your trying to hollow in the front. Equal efforts there. And rolling up.

Okay, sometimes putting one strap down. I'm gonna take my left one away. On the Cadillac or the tower, sometimes we do rollback with one arm, so let's try it today on the Reformer. Keep your right hand holding the strap, left hand around your waist. Okay and make sure both shoulders are still in a bit of press back.

Let's take a breath. So it's an asymmetrical opportunity here, or movement I should say. Try not to come out of your center line, but without the effort and the assist from the other side, it may be more likely that you go out of center. So the exercise and the objective is to try to stay centered, with just one side (exhales), or the use of one arm. Holding, inhaling.

It may help to press your legs together. And lift again. Third one on this side. Getting more mobilization of your spine. Pressing the legs together, inhale.

Exhaling and wrapping in. Okay, three times just row the arm. Just a little bit of external rotation of the humerus and then back to internal. Alright, I'm gonna stay with that movement and add some spinal rotation toward that side three times. Just starting to build more awareness of the one side.

Okay, last one. Fairly simple. Let's do those on the other side. So just set that strap down. Pick up the left.

Again, you're in the D ring or the hooks. Arm around your waist. Take a moment to square your shoulders and sit up tall. Pressing the legs together here we go. Exhale and back.

So you're probably feeling the muscles I haven't said yet. I don't need to, I don't think, but your obliques. Those muscles right around the ribs, the lower back, think cummerbund or belt. (exhales) All through, deep inhale. And exhale. And they help us rotate and they help us swing our arms when we need to walk well. (exhales) Breathing in nice.

I just got a little adjustment somewhere in my sacrum. Alright, three times now with the arm rowing, just bending the elbow toward the side ribs. And release. So taking it through a little external rotation and a little internal. Same thing with that, adding the spinal rotation, more obliques.

Tall as you twist. Nice and easy. And okay. Now let's take ourselves into, both hands in the straps. Now turn us around and have us lie on our, I'll show you actually this first.

I wanted to show you all. So this will be what we do with our arms, when we're lying on our back in just a minute. You'll be holding a strap in each hand. I like the thumb up. And here's what the arm movement will be.

It's be coming down toward your hips this way. I've done this in several classes before, so it's not uncommon if you've seen this, but what I want us to focus on when you're supine, the external rotation of the upper arm, bringing your arm in toward you without thrusting the ribs. Okay, we may build a little chest lift in it, I'm not sure. We'll see how we're doing. Hold the tape or the place above your strap above the brackets.

You need to start with a little space between you, your shoulder, and the block. You're at the bumper to begin with. So this is a wonderful place. Let's actually just rest the legs, in fact. Take a breath and here we go.

Without bending the elbows, we're taking those arms down. By the time I'm here, those upper arms externally rotated, thumbs are still out, ribs haven't thrusted, it's a really nice back exercise, and then out and around. Just thinking six repetitions, here we go. Exhaling, pull. Inhale wide.

And take them through. Kind of reach your arms out into the air next to you. (exhales) Four. Nice healthy rotator cuff, shoulder girdle, glenohumeral rhythm stuff, scapular rhythm. It's more about our scapular rhythm here, actually, and there's six.

Okay, let's go ahead and try the same movement with the arms adding some chest lift. Legs don't need to go anywhere right now. Exhaling and lift, so kind of building the back muscles with the abdominal muscles. Six times we can exhale and turn. Exhale. (exhales) (exhales) Last two, five, six.

I know you can count. We'll keep the chest lift going, but we'll add some trunk rotation, okay? So I'm gonna turn to my left, first, facing you, turning up in just a little bit of oblique. So see how that one side, you can utilize. I'm alternating, everybody.

Now I'm doing left, left arm toward left waist. I can really feel that connection. Now it'll be right side to right hip. Just two more. (exhales) That's all, okay.

Now let's put the feet down. Take one strap behind you and just set it on your hook. I'm gonna let go of my left one, use the right side, so right hand in, now let's do a long lever, both knees up. Let's make it a little bit more of a 90, 90 position. Okay, unilateral.

All we're doing is arm pulling down and up six times. Try to feel the midbody stay stationary. Sometimes with these arm movements, the ribs will start to translate left or right. This is our chance to not do that. (exhales) Four, five, six, you've got three more.

(exhales) And then hold the arm down. Let's take it out to a T position. This one's a little more exposing if you have those asymmetries or yeah, weakness on a side of your abdomen. It's normal. Try not to have those ribs shift if you can help it or shoulders shift.

(exhales) Last two, five and six. Okay, three little circles each way. One, open out toward the side and pull down. Use the exhale on the hardest part on this exercise. Right here, exhale.

(exhales) Three the other way. We know the best stuff happens when you're out of your comfort zone. I think though, you know, if you feel like you're experiencing a new connection in your body, that's fantastic, I want you to. It's okay to feel not always in full control of your movements. It's where we learn new things sometimes, okay?

Who knew if you had a right side that was stronger or left side in these movements but we're learning. Feel, here we go. Six times easy arm and down, up and down. (exhales) (exhales) Starting with a fairly simple pattern. Probably fairly stable and stationary in the ribs here.

Okay, we're gonna keep it down. Now adding a little more challenge of stability out to the side. Exhaling, pulling in. Inhale out, I think I found my side here. Exhale, so not only would the ribs decide to take a shift, maybe the pelvis is wanting to do a little fishtailing.

Press your legs together. That may help you connect. The inner thighs and obliques are really wonderful pairs of muscles that can help with the stability pieces. Alright, our circles, three each way. Up out and open and then down. (exhales) (exhales) Daily life opportunities, like with one arm and one leg things, happen all the time, we just don't break them down enough to really think about what's happening.

That's where the pilates program comes in, can break things down and really feel unilateral movements and what's happening and where. Okay, let's add onto that with a little bit of spring. I'm going up into one red, taking off that blue spring and let's step into the straps, first with both feet. It's gonna feel nice and light. We'll just do some frogs to start, with two legs, okay?

You get it? Six repetitions, so here we go. Extend and bend. Light spring, still work on connecting first in the back of your hips. Let that reach down through your heels.

Four. Five. We'll stay out on six. Parallel your legs, up and down. Just gonna have us do three there actually, right there in parallel, and we'll do three in turn out. (exhales) We'll make the change at the bottom.

Here, turn out three times. Heel pressure is consistent, constant, because when you only have one leg in a minute do do this, you're gonna want to remember where the heck that midline is. Now let's come back down and we'll just do three open close, just go for a little bit of stretch here in these adductors. (exhales) And come back in. Three times. Do what you need to with your feet.

Sometimes a flex position feels better than point. You get to make that decision. Okay, now bend the knees, take the left one off. Set that back behind you. Want you to keep it in a table top and take the other leg straight up.

We're going for three more straight down. Here's the challenge, maintain your stabilization of your pelvis. Neutral pelvis, or level. Three in parallel, three in turned out. Make the change at the bottom.

Here we go. (exhales) (exhales) And three. So I didn't do circles, I bet you knew that. I didn't do circles with both legs, so let's try it with our single leg. They're gonna need to be small.

I'm gonna take it down first, a little out to the side, around and up. Three each way. Remember where that midline is. So I'm focusing on my other leg, my bent leg, kind of pressing inward toward midline to talk on over to my obliques on this working side, or the working leg side. You can feel a nice kind of crossed connection in there.

Okay, that was our three. That's all we get with that leg. So take it down and take it over to to the left side and feel free to add more repetitions if you feel the desire to do so. Alright, so table top, a straight leg, and let's take it down. And up.

And down. And up. Make the change at the bottom, externally rotate. And press. And press.

And press. Press it down again and we'll start our circles going down. Now remember, they're tiny and the other leg is somewhat leaning in toward that midline. (exhales) And three the other way, mm-hmm. Revealing.

It's fun to learn about oneself here. Alright, there. I already knew that about myself, but it's fun to kind of re-find it. Okay guys, let's come up and grab the box and we'll put it on long and I want us to take our spring back down to just a blue. As we're on the unilateral theme, three reps and six reps, let's go with two arms pulling straps, three reps, and then we'll do some single, okay?

And I like to have us set our shoulders right at the edges. Reach up, grab those straps, but then up a little bit higher and I want us to start with the head down, legs engaged, stomach engaged. Here we go guys. So just easy. I know it's nice light spring, but that's okay.

Feel the effort more in your back extensors. If you want to pull your arms higher up, go for it. I'm actually just trying to think about the sides of my spine, those big broad muscles, more than my arms at this point. Three times. (exhales) Okay, staying there, let's go for a T press, three times. And one.

Externally rotating those humerus. Three and coming down. Now the combination I've done before. Let's take those elbows and bend. As those elbows extend, lift the eyes, nose, head, chin, chest, all that business.

Now out to a T again. Close that T, re-bend the elbows and start all over. So just a little creative pattern. Bend and straighten those elbows, add that upper back extension. Out to a T.

Close that T, feel strong, re-bend the elbows and then down. Once again, here we go. Bend and straighten, add the T. Close the T. And return.

Okay, so we're on a blue spring. Let's take one side down. I'm gonna take my left side down, go back up here, three times. Now what can happen with the other arm is up to you. You could find lots of places to put this.

You could fold it and put it in front of the shoulder rest. You could put it behind your back. That's gonna be my choice. Or you could put it right alongside your leg. Find something that works for you, readdress those abdominals.

Let's go, this is straight arm. Now I want us to focus more arm and a long spine rather than an upper back extension. See if you can just kind of plank line it here. Okay, three times. And now adding the elbow bends three times.

(exhales) Keep adding those abdominals. Pull them up to support you. Just our last one and then we'll repeat the straight arm to just bring it right down and pause. Okay, just those two on the other side. So three straight arm and then three triceps.

Here we go. And pull. (laughs) I'm gonna invite my inner thighs to the party, see if they can press together to hold my body more connected in my center line. It's what I'm learning today about myself, three. Bend and straighten. (exhales) One.

Shoulders are level, square, parallel to the box. And three. Straight arm comes down, alright. Okay, come on up into a child's pose or little rest pose on the box. Let your feet hang off the bottom of the box.

Pull with your hands a little bit, re-stretch your lumbar spine. Take a couple deep breaths. (exhales) (exhales) Want to get that sense of stretching. Okay, so those are pulling exercises with single arm. Let's do some pushing, just as important. These are really functional kinds of things.

Let's go ahead and keep it just on the blue. Come on down on your tummy. Put your chest now again, similar orientation. Your shoulders right at the front, hands on, body long, forehead right over the bar. Three times let's just push.

Now I'm not going to have us stop just here. I want you to push even more to see if you can get some upward rotation of your scapula. It's not shrugging, it's letting the shoulder blades rotate upward and then return. Three times with two arms. Go a little bit beyond.

See if those shoulder blades can rotate up. Your chest is wide. And in last time. (exhales) Good, now single arm. I'm gonna put it behind the back again. This is a great place to feel and study that your chest, your ribs, again, stay evenly weighted on the box.

If you sense yourself leaning to the side away from your arm, maybe lean in toward the arm a little. (exhales) Other arm. (exhales) I'm proud of myself. I started my single arm with my non-dominant arm. New patterning, that's pretty cool.

I love that stuff. Okay, here we go. So some pushing and pulling unilateral. Now let's pull with our legs a little. So with hamstring curls, where I have the strap length, you'll probably all want to shorten yours too, so I'm gonna take this strap and just put it over the post instead.

I want that strap a little shorter to really get the benefit of what's gonna happen here. Okay, so let's go ahead. If you don't know this mount, I'll give it to us, but I need to lower the foot bar, because otherwise you'll be face in that thing. Okay. Here we are, back around, and let's sit on the box.

How to get in for hamstring curls is what we're about to do guys, so lift your straps. Cross one, okay, whatever you do. Put your feet in the straps or the straps over your feet. Now lift one leg. That's the one that's on top.

Turn that way and you're gonna come over on to your stomach. Keep the feet up. This is really part of the exercise. Now hug your box, make friends with it, take your chest down, and for a moment, squeeze the legs together. So hamstring curls, if you want a lot of weight for this right now, you could up the weight.

I'm going to keep it on the blue. This feels just fine for me. Start with the legs back and long with a little bit of lift. Take a breath. Keep the weight on the pubic bone and the hip bones and curl those hamstrings, heels toward the butt, and extend.

Re-lengthen. I'm gonna go six with double legs. Hamstrings kind of need the work. Lift the legs and then extend them back. Lift and extend.

Lift and reach back. I owe myself a quarter. Gotta keep those things quiet. Last two with two legs. Up.

And last one. Okay, now with one, you can just let the other leg dangle. This leg will be the working leg and again I'm gonna do six repetitions. I know it sounds like a lot, but again, those hamstrings need it. If you don't like six, you can stop and do your three, you can do as many reps as you need.

How is that pelvis? Are you staying even on the pubic bone and the hip points? Four. Now I'm not bringing my upper back into any extension here. For me that would actually make me work my lumbar if I lifted my head so I'm keeping my chest down.

That was my six. Because I want to have it focus more on my lower area, so for me if I lifted up here like that, I know myself well enough I'd be feeling only my low back, so if you know yourself to have more lordosis like my body type, let's play with it and keep the head down, okay? Certainly, if you know yourself not to be that way, you could try to lift the chest, certainly fine. But again, these unilateral pieces today are kind of concentration enough, so perhaps simplifying is okay too. Wow, my left's on today.

Little less connected. Hmm. And five and six. (exhales) Good old hamstrings, alright guys. So let's go ahead.

The way out of there is kind of simple. Just shake them off, get yourself up, and just if you want to straighten your legs and do a standing roll down that would be fine. I'm gonna take us into some side overs. So let's load up a few more springs. So our carriage stays nice and still underneath us.

Grab your strap. Get yourself on one hip, okay? Yeah, talk about unilateral. This is a perfect place for that, side to side. So why don't we go ahead and enjoy a pretty luscious stretch first.

So take your arm over your head. If you want to go further, you could come down to your elbow down there. You could put your hand on the floor. Do what feels good for you at this point. Maybe three breath cycles.

I will have you think about the long leg reaching from your hip to your heel. Feel then that beautiful long stretch. Grab, or lightly hold, the side of the Reformer. Lift your body and then ask for more rotation. Still stretch that leg long.

I'm gonna actually let my upper body round slightly, three breaths. (exhales) I'm breathing into that nice open right side of the back. (exhales) Walk yourself up. Now, not done. Take this arm up overhead, this one right underneath you and let's reach arms in opposite directions as much as you can.

Reach, reach, reach. And reach, reach, reach. Now use your top waist to lift you up, turn and look toward the back of the Reformer, but don't get too cozy, just reach. Two more times, reach arms in both directions as much as you can, shoulders are square. Lift, rotate, and look.

Last time, reach in both directions. The leg is still reaching. Whew. And over. Not full climb a tree sequencing today.

That's all we're doing, so turn around. Go into that wonderful luscious stretch. So again, if you're on your elbow, you can go to your hand. Deeply breathe, open up the single side. A long leg reaching toward the heel.

(exhales) Now to go into the rotation, hand can come down but rather than just to twist yourself, lift first, lengthen second, and then maybe you have more rotation, okay? I wonder if the microphone is picking up all the adjustments that are going on? (laughs) Get some cool stuff here. I'm out of breath. One more time, okay. So now we have the contractiony part.

Here we go, top arm over, bottom arm under. I'm reaching both arms in their opposites as much as I can, going for length. Now using this top side to pull my body up, rotate and just reach over. The foot strap stays taut. Top side, we reach.

Lift and hover. One more everybody. Reach arms in opposites, lift, and hover and coming all the way up. Okay, that's enough. Let's just put the box away.

And then I'm feeling a leg stretch coming on, so we're going to, on the way back up, pick your headrest back up, and I think for this series, we can all do probably a red and a blue, a low bar, and we'll be facing the back of the Reformer for lunging. So come on up on your Reformer, alright. I like to set the front foot first, the ball of my foot going up the headrest ramp, pretty close to the other shoulder rest, weight in your hands. Look back and set your foot on the bar. I like a turn out foot most times, but today I'm gonna go into parallel.

And why? I just feel like today's gonna be the day I need that kind of symmetry and squaring. So I'm aiming my pelvis toward these shoulder rests, bend that front knee. Okay, so I know myself well enough and you all can see it if you're looking, I'm not square. Okay, I want to try to feel more square.

Okay, so for me I have to bring that right hip forward. You might be that person too, possibly the other hips back and let's just breathe here. Okay, settle in. The back leg is very strong, you're on the ball of that foot. My chest is reaching forward toward the front, I'm sorry, the back of the Reformer.

Now let's try three times, little deeper stretch of the front leg hamstrings and re-bend. Ideally we'd want to maintain a nice flat back. I'll show you something here. This is what we're trying to avoid, okay? Yeah, you were thinking to get the leg straight.

Don't sacrifice the beautiful long strong spine. We did a lot of things to keep that symmetry, so if your front knee stays a little bent, that's fine. Keep your back integrity, okay? Now keep both legs straight as you bring the carriage in. Both legs straight as you go back out.

You'll probably be able to split further, imagining. The abdominals assist us here. Lift, lift, lift, and back out. I'm pushing through both legs. Okay, I'm gonna hold out here. (exhales) Re-bend the knee.

Bring that carriage all the way and step the back foot off and let's start again. Alright, so front foot up. You could also put your back foot first. I just seem to like to look back at it and readjust the front foot. Get down in that lunge, square your pelvis, settle in.

Re-lengthen and three times, working that front leg hamstring stretch and bend. Lengthening through the upper back. (exhales) Let's keep here on three, alright. Straight leg's coming in. I do change my head focus. Looking down toward the front foot.

You'll probably be able to split a little further. Next time we'll try this on a high bar. It's a little bit more challenging for that flexibility. I'll take on more here guys. In and out.

Let's see if we can hold that split just a little bit longer, pressing through both legs. All the way in. Okay, take the front knee into a bend, come all the way down. I think we're kind of wrapping that up. I don't think we need to do any more, so I hope you feel pretty well balanced or a little bit out of sorts but back in balance and thanks for taking class with me today.

I'll see you again.


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Thanks Amy. I just finished your class and noticed some imbalances in my body that I hadn't picked-up before! Given me something to think about as I correct my clients :)
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Holy goodness Batman!
What an eye-opening challenge, Amy!
Thank you! Lots to work on here, as there is a clear difference on each side. Will be revisiting this workout again and again to see what changes.
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Thanks Amy, loved the whole work out and the awareness it brought to the imbalances I need to work on!
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Yay! Super excited to play more with this class. Beautiful!
Michele M
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Fantastic practice! I found those differences in my body too and will cue these differences to my clients too:) Also a pleasure to work your practice here, thanks Amy!!
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ahhh! I wanted to click on LOVE! Thank you Amy, that felt so balancing, strengthening and oddly gentle too!
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I really enjoyed this workout, and as others have pointed out, it shows up the imbalances beautifully! After working all day, I decided I neede something to inspire me, move me and make me feel good, and this just hit the spot perfectly! Thank you so much.
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I have been getting my house ready, and them back to "normal" for days since hurricane Irma. This is my first workout since Tuesday and oh boy did i need it. I think a cried a couple of times during the workout. Thank you Amy for always giving us an amazing workout ❤️
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Boy did I felel the asymmetry when doing single arm supine! Especially in t arms. That was great thank you!
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I always love your classes and this one was no exception!
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