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Get ready to have fun in this quick Mat workout with Dana Santi. She approaches the class as "overlooking the ugly" by taking the movements and doing them without worrying about perfection. She teaches wonderful variations and combinations that will challenge you in different ways including the Series of Five, Neck Pull, and so much more!
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Sep 11, 2017
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Hi, my name is Dana Santi and today, we are going to do a fun 15-20 minute mat workout and we are going to approach it as overlooking the ugly. Of course. So as I didn't tell them the name of this class, I am going to ask both of you ladies to come back. Please. But here we are.

Three different teachers. Living proof that this method works right in all different ways. And the way we approach it is completely three different ways but somehow, we all get to the destination. So what I'm asking of them today, miss KRN to be ugly. So sometimes you have to just take that workout and just do it and not stress about whether your body is in the absolute correct position.

We just need to work out. So that being said, please lay down. Okay. Arms come back. And now from here, lift the arms up to the ceiling.

Lift your legs up to your working level. And pump and breathe. Inhale. And exhale. And again, two.

And exhale. And three. And exhale. Keep going. And exhale.

Now, just separate your legs. Let them work independently and have their own mind. And exhale. And again. And exhale.

Two more breaths. And exhale. And one more breath. And exhale. And release.

Hands behind your head. Bend your knees, let them line up, the knee with the hip. Again, we're gonna keep the feet separated because it's more fun. And stretch the legs out and pull them in. And two.

And pull it in. Three, pull it in. And four, pull it in. And five, pull it in. Now, arches.

And push it away. And pull it in. Two, pull it in. Three, mm-hmm. Four, five.

And stretch the legs. That's it. Now, reach through the heels. Bend them in. And stretch.

Bend them in. And stretch. And bend them in. Stretch, and bend them in. And stretch, and bring it in.

And toes, heels. Two, heels. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and bring it back in. And stretch the legs out. Circle them.

One and two and three. Reverse. One and two and three. Make them big. And legs go down.

Reach the arms back behind you. And from here, arms up, chin in. Roll up, round over, and roll back. And again, just go. And stretch.

And roll it back. And again. And stretch and roll it back. And again, roll it up. Stretch and roll it back.

One more time. And up, stretch and roll it back. Alright, keep the arms behind you. Stretch the right leg up. Ground that left leg, and from here, I want you to make circles bigger than you normally would because we're gonna get sloppy, ladies.

And up, and up, and up, and up, reverse it. Make them big. And around, crossing up. And up, and up, and up, and up. Switch the legs.

And cross around. One and two and three and four and five. Reverse it. And five. Four, three, two, one.

And reach. Bring your chin into your chest, sit yourself up. Keep your legs straight for a second. So reach the arms in front. Roll back and I want you to try to get your hip bones up towards the ceiling.

Now, take the balls of the feet, place them on the mat, and will both those legs to come in to you instead of you going to them. Grab on. Separate them. More fun. Get to those ankles.

Here we go. Roll back. And up. And again, roll back. And up.

Stay back in that scoop. Roll back and up. And again, roll back. And up. Try to get the heels in closer.

And roll back. And up. And roll back and up. Now, stay in the scoop. Reach the right leg out.

Keep the left leg in and drop the ball of the foot down. Here we are. Don't let it move. Now, slide the ball of the foot forward and drag the other ball of the foot back. Smear all five toes down on that mat.

And press it away. Pull it away, and bring it in. And again. And in. And press.

Pull it in. And press. Keeping the toes down. One more. Finish with the other leg.

Now, from here, keep this where it is and pull the other leg in. Here we go, yup. Now, get all those toes down. Press it away. Reach.

Holy mother. Bend and come back in. And press it away. Lengthen. And bring it back in.

Keep the scoop. C'mon, get those hip bones up to the ceiling. And reach. And pull it back in. And reach.

And pull it back in. One more time. And pull it back in. Now, from here, extend the left leg out. Reach the right leg up, and lengthen it up.

And give it a pull. Now, from here, switch. So now, lengthen it up, and pull. Switch. Try to keep the pelvis still.

And switch. But if it does move, it's okay because we're overlooking the ugly. And switch. And switch. And switch.

And switch. And switch. Now, leave it. Put your hand behind, lower down a little, and up. Two and up.

Three, four, five. Now, turn. Switch. Look at that back elbow. Switch.

Switch. Switch. Switch. And release. Yes.

Lay back down, please. Stomach series. Pull the leg in. And pull, pull, switch. Pull, pull.

Two, two. Pull, pull. Three, three. Pull, pull. Four, four.

Pull, pull. Five, five. Pull, pull. Last one. Bend both knees in.

Inhale, reach it away. Keep them separated. Exhale. And inhale, hold it. And exhale.

Inhale, hold it. And exhale. Inhale, hold it. And exhale, one more. Reach and pull it in.

Leg up, lift it to the ceiling before you pull it. Pull, pull, switch. Pull, pull. Two, two. Pull, pull.

Three, three. Reach it high. Four, four. You wanna reach low, you can. And reach.

And reach. Reach. Reach. Hand behind. Keep the legs separated, lower.

And lift. And two, and lift. Will the legs back up to you. Come to mama. And up.

Criss cross, hold. Switch. Switch. Switch. And release.

Whoo. Suit yourself up. Place the fingers tips down. And inhale with your breath. Exhale.

Reach forward. Aim the top of the head towards the middle of your knees. And roll back up. And again. Inhale.

And exhale, stretch. Stretch, stretch. And roll it back up. And again, and inhale. Exhale, breathe, breathe, breathe.

And come back up. Find the tailbone on your way. One more time. And exhale. Stretch, stretch.

And come back up. And release. Again, will your legs up to your hands. And from here, roll back. And up.

And again, roll back. And up. And again, roll back. And up. And again, roll back.

And up. And roll back. And up. Now, just for fun, open them wider. What the heck.

And roll back, and up. And roll back, and up. This position will come in handy at some point. I am confident. And roll back.

And up. One more. And up. And then close those legs. And walk down.

You're gonna reach the arms behind you nice and long. Give it a whirl. Big huge corkscrew. Make it juicy. So from here, legs go over.

You're gonna roll down the right side of your spine. Bring those legs around. Lift them up and over. And to the other side. Left side of the spine.

Reach. And up. And again. And reach. And up, last one.

And up and come down. Arms out to the sides. And twist in the waist. And drop the head down. Reach the pinky finger towards the pinky toe.

Stretch, stretch, stretch, come up. Twist it and center. And twist right above your hip bones. Drop the head down. Stretch, stretch, stretch.

Come up twist it. And center. And again. You're trying to keep your way evenly on both hips. But if you're not, it's okay.

And twist to the other side. And drop the head down, stretch, stretch, stretch. Come back up and center. And release. Legs together.

It's a little separated. Roll down. Hands behind your head. Okay, neck pull. You ready?

And roll it up and stretch, stretch, stretch. Roll it to sit and now, pull in. Roll back down. And again. And roll it up, stretch, stretch, stretch.

Roll to sit. And roll back down. And again. Roll up. And stretch, stretch, stretch.

Find the tailbone. And roll it down. From here, bring your arms over your head again. And let's try your jack knife. So from here, legs are gonna go over and up.

Hold it and now, roll it down. And again. And over and up. And roll it down. And again.

And over and up, and roll it down. Now, place the hands behind your head and go right into your neck pull. And stretch. And lift. Now, keep your hands where they are.

Roll down and go right into your jack knife because we can. And roll. Stretch. Lift, roll it down. And up.

And one more time. And stretch. And lift. And roll over and up. And home.

Facing on your side, and we are going to do some side kicks. So from here, take your knees, you're gonna bend them. Now, spine stay straight. Just as if we would. Keep the feet connected.

So that whole bottom foot is touching the mat. The whole side of it. Now, the side of the top foot is touching the other side of the foot. Yes, one straight line. And now, from here, lift it up, and bring it back down.

And lift it up, and bring it back down. And lift it up, and bring it back down. Yes. Up, and bring it back down. And lift.

And bring it down. And lift. Sometimes, if you're only gonna pick one side kick, this is one of the most effective ones. And down. Very useful.

And down, and up. And down. Now, ladies, leave your knees on the mat and lift your feet up. Now, from here, keep the feet connected and lift that top knee again. Up and down.

And two. And down. And three. And four. And five.

And six. And seven. One more. Eight and home. Now, from here, flip over onto your stomach.

Knee stretches. We're gonna throw those in instead of beats. Sometimes, you gotta be more effective. Alright, so from here, you get those knees off of the ground and now, bring those knees underneath you. And you're gonna take it and jump it out.

One, in, two, in, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, longest ten ever, nine, ten. And over to the other side. Bend the knees. Feet are nice and straight. And now, lift the knee up.

And bring it down. And two. And down. Three. And four.

And five. Six. Seven. That's it, try to lift it higher now. And home.

Now, lift the feet and from here, up. And two. And three. Four, again, never know when this position's gonna come in handy. I am confident that it will.

And up. and up. Two more. Up. And up.

And release, yes. How is that? Very useful. Swipe that one to the right. Legs in front.

Get it all sloppy. Can't be sloppy, sloppy. It's like, how many people would be jealous of me being able to make her look ugly? Yes, it does have its perks. Alright, from here, we're going to go into your tweezer.

So what I want you to do is just roll back, and at the same time, you're gonna lift your legs. Roll back and lift. Now, try to keep the legs where they are. And lift the upper body a little. Roll down a little.

And up. And roll down. And up. And roll down. And up.

And then come back home. Another one. Legs apart. Separate. I love the legs apart.

Way better than closed. And roll back. Up. And lift a little. And roll down.

And up. And two. And up. And three. And up.

And four. And up. And lift, lift, lift. Lower the legs. And home.

Lay facing side and we will try some side sit ups. So take your hand, place it behind your head. Foot on top of foot. Take your arm, reach it down at your side. From here, try to will your upper body up somewhere.

And come back down. And again, up. And come back down. Looks like nothing, hurts like hell. And up.

And down. One more. And home. Swing yourself around. And enjoy your ride.

Up and down. And two. And down. Three. Four.

How many do we do? Five. How many? Five. Five, okay, that's enough.

Swing yourself around. Seal. Grab in. Try to get your whole foot. Be fun, yes.

And from here, one, two, three. Roll back. One, two, three. And roll up. One, two, three.

And roll back. Find that same scoop that we did and roll in like a ball. And back. One, two, three. And up, one, two, three.

And back, one, two, three. And home. Legs long. You're gonna lay down. Both feet over your head.

Try to get all ten toes onto the mat. Take your both hands, grab your right ankle. Lift the left leg up. Hold it. And then switch.

So we're trying to get our hips square. But in this class, if they're not, it's okay. And lift. And switch. And switch.

And switch. And roll it up. And that, my friends, is how you do ugly.


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Great👏Thank you.
So happy to see you Dana!!! Genial! thank you
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what a fun class ! loved the camaraderie .....more please
Moving Being
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Thank you Dana, my powerhouse is so warm.
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Ugly should always look this good!
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It was not ugly, it was lovely!
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You must know when I am about to leave! So glad I stayed - LOVE your classes and treasure your perspective. Big THANKS!!!! Kathy T.
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Hi Dana -
Mary B here from Hubbard St. Great to see you..and Im glad to see you devrlooed a clasd for the less than perfect!
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I love everything about this "ugly" class!!
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Love it extra work out laugh g!
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