Class #3195

Challenging Mat Flow

25 min - Class


Get ready to have fun in this quick Mat workout with Dana Santi. She approaches the class as "overlooking the ugly" by taking the movements and doing them without worrying about perfection. She teaches wonderful variations and combinations that will challenge you in different ways including the Series of Five, Neck Pull, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Great­čĹĆThank you.
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So happy to see you Dana!!! Genial! thank you
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what a fun class ! loved the camaraderie .....more please
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Thank you Dana, my powerhouse is so warm.
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Ugly should always look this good!
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It was not ugly, it was lovely!
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You must know when I am about to leave! So glad I stayed - LOVE your classes and treasure your perspective. Big THANKS!!!! Kathy T.
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Hi Dana -
Mary B here from Hubbard St. Great to see you..and Im glad to see you devrlooed a clasd for the less than perfect!
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I love everything about this "ugly" class!!
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Love it extra work out laugh g!
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