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Transformational Reformer

50 min - Class


You will move with more facility and swiftness after this Reformer workout by Rachel Taylor Segel. She focuses on breath, flow, and power so you can move with purpose and control. She also helps you feel the support from your center in every exercise so that your body will be in it's best place when you are finished.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Well welcome. My name is Rachel Taylor Segel and I'm here to teach Intermediate Reformer class with breath, and flow, and power. Okay, just like Mr Pilates hopefully would smile down o...

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The wisdom of Pilates in motion, ahhhhhhhh big EXHALE!!! šŸ˜Š Thank you so much.
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completely lovely.
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Rachel, I love the little nuggets you drop with each class. "Don't make the shape" let the breathe move and expand you, and move with less tension. So important. So lovely to have a lovely flowing class.
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Definitely felt the presence of my movement with my breath! Thank you for beautiful cueing and bringing awareness to my body!:)
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Such fantastic fun! Inspired me to go straight to my reformer to move and breathe. Thanks Rachel!
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Thank you for a wonderful, quick, difficult workout! Loved your instructions and tips.
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Almost didn't do this because I wasn't really in the mood for a classical flow today. So glad I made myself do it. Your instruction was great. One of my favorite cues, (there were many) was in doing climb a tree when you said keep your arms high on the low leg when going back and reaching high when coming home. What a difference in the abs! I hope I said that right, will have to go back and re-listen. thank you Rachel!
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Thank you Rachael. It was beautiful and fulfilling! I loved how lifting through your arches gave more attention throughout your whole body.
i love this classical flow and nice to see all of the energy move in unison. One question? I was taught that the head stays in line with the spine. there seems to be a break there at certain points? thank you.
Karen tell me more exactly your question ok ? Thanks for watching! And questioning! Rachel
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