Class #3228

Creative Reformer Flow

50 min - Class


Create your own intention with this flowing Reformer workout by Kristi Cooper. She encourages you to think about your breath so that you can use it to move in a way that works for your body. She includes different Mat exercises, like Spine Stretch and Saw, to help you connect to your center in a different way.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi everybody, I'm really happy to be here and we're gonna do some reformer. So I have it set up almost for my foot and leg work. I'm gonna do three reds and a blue, which to me is very...

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Great workout Kristi! Thank you!
Even Kristi's casual conversation is insightful. Thank you.
Thank you Kristi, that felt really, really good!
Thank you Valya, HK and Dorit! I'm glad you like this class!
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Thank you Kristi! Love your classes! I normally dread knee stretch series and sometimes fast forward. For some reason your cuing was spot on!
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Love love love!! Thank you Kristi! Besides being an awesome class loved having 50 min of Kristi time! T x
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Great class and awesome leggings
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Love this class, especially the focus on breathing and connecting with the back of the legs. There are some great cues - i hadn't thought about pushing the shin into the shoulder blocks on the mermaid, but it feels great.
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Love the creativity of this workout.
Love this class. Thank you!
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