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Wunda Chair Challenge

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In this Wunda Chair class, Amy chooses exercises to challenge the strength and control of the three instructors in class. The workout builds with intensity starting with Double and Single Seated Leg Pumps, moving into The Pull-Up and Side Leg Pull-Up, including Swan Dive, Frog Front (with leg and triceps pump), two of the One Arm Push patterns, Running Start, Cat and a Swan with Rotation that concludes this 40-minute Chair class. Be encouraged along the way by seeing these three teachers work hard to find their form, and make modifications and or changes to suit their positioning and quality of movement. Enjoy!
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All right. So let's, we're going to start with some seated foot work today and we've got our springs on one side is up on two, one's on one. These are all balanced body, uh, one to chairs. One is an XO chair and the other two are the low chairs. So I think this morning guys, let's have you put your arms back behind you and just real light fingertips at the back edge so we get a chance to open up your chest, see if you can get a little more weight. Uh, also just uh, on the back edge of the sits bones kind. Oh, and you know what else? Start Your pedal down. [inaudible] ticked it. There we go. Something didn't look quite right. So there we go sir. Pedals down. Let's go parallel up on the Relevate with their feet.

And then as you're back on the back edges of your sits bones, that checking the rib cage that it won't open up. All right. And then opening the sternum. You can look forward slightly. Let's take a breath in where you are and then your exhale. Here we go. To start pulling the pedal up and inhale, pushing down, and exhale, pulling up. Inhale, pressing down. Let's take just eight reps today. Here's three. So on the pushing down, see if you can get the hamstring glute to fire.

And that thinking of every time the spring stretches, you're stretching up in through the spine, out through the top of the head. And exhale, lift and inhale, push and exhale, lift prs. Good. And lift. And last one, press and lift. And then we'll have to push down to transition. So once you're down there, let's just go heels on. Staying in parallel. Inhale, prepare the exhale. Here you go. Coming up and feel the ABS. Inhale, stretch.

Okay. Yeah, because you've got that nice plum line from your head through your shoulder girdle, down your ribs, down, your lower back. Really light fingertips. And in stretch and center. [inaudible] staying kind of on the back of the sits bones. Two more times. [inaudible] and live. Good.

Okay. And Prs and lift. Now press down again and then we'll transition to a first position. Balls a feet on the V and then go with this one. Your arms out to your sides, palms face up, so you get some of that. Is there any warm up, shoulder girdle, external rotation, lots of lats down. Bring those ribs back. Little softness in the elbows and arms.

Just slightly forward of the shoulders. Yeah. All right. Exhale, calming up. Inhale, press. You can get the back of the legs to kick in and again, every time that PR pedals going down, you're going up in your body. Ribs are staying back for more. Inhale, stretch and exhale. Looks good you guys. I mean taking the space.

Feel some lift and some energy through your arm position. There you go. Make the last fire. Now I'm going to have you push the pedal down. One more time. Keep the pedal down. Just stay right there as you breathe in. Let's just add a little spine rotation. So no pedal movement.

Just take an inhale, rotate toward the left and then exhale as you come back to center, you're trying to get that upward and around. Inhale to your right and exhale around. That's it. So stabilize that pedal with the strength of your hamstrings. Your glutes looks really good up in around Lynn. Inhale and exhale. One more time.

You decide if you're going to ride around your central vertical axis. Good. Keeping even weight on your seat, your seat on the seat, and then center. And then just go ahead and lower your arms for a minute. Good. Let's change back to parallel on the balls of your feet. We'll stay there. Kind of warm up, a little single leg. Um, so how about taking your arms to your genie position and reach your, bring your right leg up just a little bit, couple inches off the pedal, so you're still wanting to work on that. Both sits bones down evenly and without throwing the ribs to the side.

Now just five times. Exhale and lift the side a little bit. One and two. I want you to think the lift of the leg comes from pulling in the belly right there on the right side for now. Last one, five hole here. Stretch that leg out. Just hold it and yes, you're going to feel your quads. Can we do just five lifts of this leg? This one? One, believe it or not. And two, reach long and three good you guys. Four and five.

Hold now the other leg five times and on threw it in there. Little lifted the pedal three. That's a very heavy spring and for good. Last one, five and down, right? Changing sides. Other arm on top. Exactly in a little relevant with your feet. Your left leg lifts just a couple inches, not too high.

So the exhale is by pulling in your abs. You're gonna lift your left thigh bone up a little bit too. I know this is heavy three swing. We're not going to do too many reps for now. That leg stays there. Five stretch it long forward. Can you lift it up a little bit?

Five times in one. Just little too. Three. You're still pulling back through your left abdomen. Four, five. Hold it there now the right thigh end one. And to keep it little good work and for and last one five press all the way down. Lower your arms and bring your pedal up. Nicely done.

Let's step off. Turn around to it. Step your feet onto the pedal and let's work a little bit of foot and ankle. All right, so kind of a prep for the pull up. So hands at the back of the chair, round your spine. Let's see yours. Nice C, curve on shrugging your shoulders. Deep low belly. So kind of follow the line of your hips or your thighs up into your groin. Way Up underneath this low belly, up to the ribs, and then hold that position.

Bring your sitz bones together. Let's bring the heels down. Inhale, heels up. Exhale, 10 times, heels down and heels up down. Use this as a preparation in your mind because it is really for your pull up or your pike. Hah right there and down. Lift, lift. Just two more and then we'll take our walk in place.

Could you guys down and up in a hole for a second? You don't have to answer out loud, but we do want some glute work going and there might be a little warmth happening in your glutes. Okay, so walking in place and a one and a two and a three. Good. Feeling your rhythm, letting your knee bend forward. Bet, shh. And four and two and whole lift both. Okay, thank you. We're ready this morning to go into your pullups. So yes, you do get to shift your weight forward towards your hands.

If you want to move your hands more to the side of the chair, you can. Again, we're trying to keep our shoulder girdle above those risks. Ready? Exhale. Shifting forward, pulling up now hold at the top. Hold at the top. I want you to slowly press the pedal down. Work the same kind of principle, controlled down [inaudible] and strengthened. Control up. We're just going to do five, sorry to yell at you and you're just gonna feel me. I'm trying to not let you shift so far forward out over the chair. That's it.

We want our hips back over our feet. If you can let your head drop. You got it. You guys pull your weight up. Inhale slowly lower. It's a stretch for your lumbar. Exhale. Inhale down. Now one more come up. Exhale. You're going to stay up there. Can you drop your head a little bit more? I'm going to have you pulse up and so yeah, you have to come down a little and just for three.

Very nice. Last one. Slowly descend with control all the way down and tastic here we good. Okay, let's go ahead and turn to your left. That'll or that left right correcto righto. Left though. Yeah, that way. And then we're going to do our side leg pull up. All right, so the definitely some old bleaks but also just a little change of leg position.

Yeah. So hands can be right to the front two corners. We're still on that one low spring and then one spring on the second notch. So there I want you just to focus for just a second and let me help you just kind of with my hands, your pelvic rotation and as much as we can get our hip or standing leg, you know we're right pelvis right above it. The challenge on this exercise, at least it is for me, is not letting my weight drop toward my hands is to keep the weight more over your standing leg. Okay. And then the straight out leg to the side doesn't really have to be that high at this point. All right. Just really think about the reach out to your left. Okay, so let's go five repetitions. Again, you are going to shift weight to your right a little bit. Exhale, and you pool your weight up. Inhale, same idea. Slowly lower down. So those abs that go right up in through that, you know, following the leg line up into your right hip and belly. Yeah.

All right. Up here. Exhale. You got it. Good, good. You guys stretch that leg out to the side. Inhale slowly lower. Let me have your leg. Pelvic tilt, a little more pelvic tilt. There you go. All right. And I think that was our five, wasn't it? Yeah. Alright. And stepping down, we'll turn toward the red wall. Okay, good.

Alrighty. Yeah, so checking in. Let's get everything to work in there. All right, so again, just as much as you can on your standing leg over that left foot. Ready. Exhale and pull your weight up. Doesn't have to be too high. Okay.

Might be a little wobble or two on occasion. We know one side's more familiar with things than others. Here you go. I think it helps to think of reaching out out maybe down toward the floor there. So you really pull up on the leg, the abs up on this leg.

Yes. And after your five, which I think you're on, just go ahead and turn around and sit on your chair facing this way over here and then be on the balls of feet for a first position. Let's do a little some triceps. So frog facing away. All right, so putting, putting your hands right at the front edge and I want you guys to first fire up that relationship of tricep lat to your back and just feel it pushed there and the chest lift and opening and then sliding your pelvis forward. Okay, now hold on for just say, yeah, all the way off trying to still feel like an optimal neutral spine or level spine. So you may have to swing your tail back a little bit and just turn them up. Okay, interesting. Now bring your pedal up and hold your pedal up.

That's where it should be. And then the triceps. Here we go. Bend your elbows, straighten your elbows. Five to eight of these. I'll let you decide what you need. Bending the elbows back on. Shrug, press, press, press, press, press. Watch those ribs. Oh, we doing? But that sternum up a little.

Oh, were there last one, maybe enough energy in your arms to put your seat on the seat. Rest for a second. All right. [inaudible]. That's your second. Push right back out. I'm going to have you then push with your legs five to eight times.

So now the shoulder girdle, stabilize. Ready leg presses and inhale down. Exhale, lift down and lift. Narrow your knees, you guys a little bit. Uber and Lyft. Let's take four more. Yup, that's better. Yup. And last one live.

Now get that tailbone back a little more. Find your back extensors, right? There you go. Okay. Let a little more, little more, little more in than say shake your wrist out. Okay guys, we're going to come around for some swan dive from the back. You are fine to keep this spring tension. Would anyone like a sticky for this? For Yankee? Let's try it without, I can always run and get one down. They go. Yeah. As you know, again, I haven't, we haven't changed the springs at all so it's pretty firm, which we might like in one regard. But if I can always change it, I can drop away one. Yeah. Yeah. Let's go. Let me go this.

I'm going to take away one low, but the other one up on three, that's fine. This is actually good to see because you know what works for some is not what it is for everybody else. Okay? So what I want us to do, where we are now is um, let's approach this from lower extremities first. So if we engage our hamstrings, glutes back extensors up come the legs, I want you to let your elbows bend. You just kind of warmed them up with those tricep dips. We know our pedal is not all the way resting down on the bottom wood.

So you've got that relationship. Tricep lat right. There we go. Now I want you guys to find more upper back extension. That's sternums. Gotta lift up your upper back. Yeah, upper back pulls up to the ceiling. Okay. Not Quite yet, but they're, and that was gorgeous, but not quite all right. Yes. We've got this Nice, beautiful dip here. Now I'm going to hold your legs.

I want you to lift your back up. Keep going. The back is what's going to then press your legs downward and then let's go up again. Keep your back up and press with your legs. So it's the really the rocking kind of quality. Go down a little more with your triceps, press, press, press. Alrighty. Linkedin, that neck. And here we go. Lift your back to lower your legs.

Now keep your back up. I want you to lift your legs. I want to see the legs go up. Starts those knees there and start pushing the pedal at the same time. So by the time you arrive here, you want your pedal lower, a little lower. That's it. Okay, couple more. Lift your back.

Got It. You guys, now keep your back lifted. We're going to start lifting the legs, fire those glutes and hamstrings. Press with your arms. You want your pedal about two to three inches above that wood platform. Tuck those elbows in. We got it. And I'm going to let you do two on your own.

Okay. Legs lift first. It's like the legs. Push the chest down. Exactly. One more. Doing well you guys, are you breathing? Try to get their hipbones down. Yeah. Well sure. With your arms. Bush, Bush, Bush. All right.

And will come up at rest for a second. Oh Mama Mia, shake your wrists out. So that might've been a Scotia heavy for you to just discuss you, but at the same time you worked fine because you dug in and got it. A little lighter. Might've been easier to rock, but um, you know, okay, now let's do something completely opposite. Come around on the floor and yeah, so lying down, head facing the chair, the um, we're going to do corkscrew. Just say it out loud.

You know what it is and hold the edges of the chair nice and lightly. Okay. Making sure that you're in. I'm going to wait is just go ahead and start one leg up to 90 the other leg up to 90 and just hold that for a second and bring your ribs to the floor. Okay, breathe in here guys. Exhale, lift your hips first. Beauty full lightly. Place your toes on the top. All right, we're going to just do four right left, left, right, right, left, left, right coming down the right side of the spine.

Now you know we're kind of close with the cheer setup so you probably won't be able to do too much of a leg circle or you could. Nice Brittany up the left side, lightly placed the toes and here we go. Down the left side can try to really connect your ribs to the floor so that when your take, especially on the leg circle, that's your ribs. Don't arch. Bring your ribs down. That's it. Up the right side of the spine. Add reach and rolling down right side of the spine and up in, oh, we're last time down your left bone by bone on the left side of the spine and round up the right side of the spine. And then just gently set your toes on top here. So let's do just a little kind of what we might do in Mat.

A little kind of prep for a Jack Knife. So if you Wiz, you squeeze your glutes and your hamstrings. Let's do an exhale. Lift your hips and legs up and then lower back down. How about an inhale, exhale down. Same breath to come up. Sure.

Lift hips, hips. Yes, you guys end down. So when you're going up that high, you guys are doing fine. I'm watching. Just make sure you still stay in spine inflection through your thoracic spine. All right. Get a little more spine inflection in there. Yeah. All right. And then down two more times.

Glute hamstring. Beautiful and down. Little gentle touch of the chair. And then one more. You're going to press up. So when the, Yup, the big one, now we rolled down our spine. Try to keep those legs up here. It's that spine long underneath you. Nice control. You guys. Just bring your knees in, give yourself a very nice deserving hug. Gorgeous. Yeah.

Turn your head a little bit from side to side. All right. And then we'll come up for the, I'm going to just bring you right back up off the floor. I love doing things on the ground, but we can do a the running start. So why don't I go back to where it was, if that's all right.

We'll try back to one on the second arm up from the bottom. One up from the bottom. All right, so we know the mount, I think, uh, not putting your hands on the, on the chair at all. So if you just step on your pedal with your right foot ball of foot, just push it all the way to the floor. I'm getting into the core, get into your focus of balance and then lift the left foot and put it right up on top of the chair seat. Good catch. Okay. Now it's choices. You can put your hands on your thigh, your front side, or I think you guys are fine to do the genie shape again with your arms. So I want you to find your spine flection.

Go into that nice deep sea curve of your core and your abs. Lot of Lumbar flection. Okay, there you go. And just stand right there for even a little bit longer and feel those glutes connect. We were still looking for hips. It'll will be level and head down just a tiny bit. Okay, now start to press into your left foot enough that your pelvis then up comes up on. So your level with your left thigh. Now we're going to start the knee band on the right, so bend that right knee.

Exhale, stretch. Let's go 10 these. So the pushing leg you want, you've got a lot of muscle work going on. We need to thanks. Hamstrings, glutes, hamstrings to the glute. All the while those belly muscles are deeply pulled in since bones are squeezed. [inaudible] you really couldn't contract your abs too much on this one c curve.

Yup. Couple more. And press. I'm going to throw it at you. Hold right there. I do want you to come all the way up to the full lunge and then bring that right foot up on top. We're going to transition up top. I just changed my mind. Okay. She probably kind of felt coming. So left foot goes back.

You can squat down into your running start position there. Give me more seeker and you could probably go down a little bit low or that's all right. Challenge that quad and 10 presses, hamstrings, hamstrings. To stretch your knee. Quad on this one. Okay. Horse glutes. Just stretch your hip. That's right. Seven, eight. That's better. Nine thanks work you guys 10 of course you're going to go all the way up and let us step that foot up.

Okay. Pick a foot. Any foot step backward to dismount. Yeah, and of course we try not to put your hands down. If you can help put step back carefully lift their revere. Nice. Okay. Out of our legs.

Just go back to some arm work and I think so too in the one arm push series. So I think for you guys, come around the back of your chair and take off the one the spring that's hooked on the lowest spring. That's just going to leave us one side, second spring from the bottom. We'll see. It could be a little easy, but I'm not sure. Uh, and let's come around this way. I'll get out of your way. Okay, so in fact we might need to move our chairs or you got no, no, let's do, let's do a little cheer. Can I use your chairman? I'm going to do it. Let's go this way.

Yeah, right. I think we'll be fine. I'm around this way. Everybody. Let's face, I know we suddenly went, oh gosh. Now what? How to work with space. So arms up by your ears. We'll do a standing roll down to get down. Take a nice breath here.

Exhale from the top of the head. Get that contraction. You'll probably have to readjust how you get down there. So hands to the floor, walk out into your plank position. You want that hand right in the center? Yeah. Okay. That was not the best choreography on my part. That's all right now. Yeah. I want you to start pedaled down. Get Your uh, left hand on that pedal. Push it down. Now as you see on, on, on your support, two hands or one hand, two feet. As soon as you start to lift that pedal, it's gonna want to toss you sideways, right over to your right. So prepare, knowing that's going to happen.

Put a little more weight on this inside foot. Ready and go ahead and release the pedal and bend your elbow toward me over here. That's right. Work your chest. Push. Inhale elbow toward me. Shoulder blade down your back. Ex. That's it. Add and again, five to eight reps. Finding that relationship. Yeah. Shoulder blade down. That's it. Stretch that humorous to the left.

Here's some good quivery breathing. Must be working on hard. Exhale. That's it. Elbow out. Shoulder blade down. Where are we? One more. What the heck? Huh? [inaudible] all right. Let your pedal come up. Put that hand down on the floor. Pike your hips up. Let's do a knight. Yeah, that's a nice clean dismount.

And walk your hands back to your feet. Roll up your spine, engage your Comey, Tommy, Tommy, rolling all the way up. You're going to walk around to the other side. Good. [inaudible] arms up. Take a nice breath in. Right from your center. Exhale and curve forward and over. Hands to the floor.

Walking out in that right hand on your pedal. Yeah, it just your legs. Get your pedal all the way down. And let's just check in. You know, I love to get you have you have a moment to really feel what's going on before you rapidly start moving, you know, cause that spring is going to toss you off your balance and just a way, now I want, uh, reach your chest out. Do you go, oh my. Okay. Where was that on the other side? Ready. Exhale and let the pedal come up. Bend your elbow over here to the right. There's a natural rhythm of that humerus in the shoulder girdle. Elbow out, shoulder blade down.

Okay. Just keep that chest reaching out so that upper spine working good. Yeah, really good. Exactly. Exactly. Guys. Little more weight on your right foot. This incites a connection. Exhale. Think we're on two more to match the other side. Press and prs and return with control.

Yeah. Hand to the floor. Pike your hips up. Get a good stretch there. You're going to walk those hands back to your feet. Rolling all the way up. Okay. Now I think we're okay to go back to our first chair set up.

If we go put a little bit right back, we will be. So just now the other, uh, the next one arm push my thought on this one. You all could do it with this spring just fine. Um, you know, no, I haven't taken class, so that was added, but this arm with that light of weight, you know, that's, that's not a lot. Do you want to try that or would you like a little more support from your chair?

You need more support? Want more? So you want probably, yeah, I think a little more support is nice because the quality might, um, resonate more than that. So if we come back around and bring back on that. Okay. Other side on the one spring down, that's enough. It's going to really help you. So let's start at this side. Okay. No, I think I would have a right hand on the chair here.

Left hand on your pedal and start with your pedal up and just stretch those legs back and hold your support position for just a second. All right, because again, I think that the setup is really important. We're a little like a little bit leaning. That's fine. Now we want to not lock out the right elbow. We know we're going to bring the shoulder down and chest forward.

Now when we bend the elbow differently on this pattern, um, of course it doesn't stick out to the side. It comes back. So here we go. Then don't go too low. Exhale and press five to eight repetitions, elbow points back. Exhale, press. Nice you guys. That's it. So just a little encouragement. Tucking your wing in.

You don't have to go so low that your elbow liens out to the side. You want to be able to manage your depth of how far you're going down and Tuck that elbow in. So relationship, shoulder girdle, lat to your bat, to your core. Seven. Eight. I felt our numbers. Where are we last time? Broad chest. Yeah. All right.

And then walking around facing the other way and yes. Approach to the chair and in the corner. Good work. Can't not do the other side. All right, so let's just check in. Yeah. Strong legs. I didn't say that on the first side. I was going to nine. Kind of went somewhere else. But your glutes can be active, your hamstrings, inner thighs, all of the good support. Wherever you can. Really. All right, we go bend that elbow back and exhale. Press, shoulder girdle support. That's right. Exhale, press. [inaudible] I'm just going to hold your head. Yeah, yeah.

That's all right. No bubbles. Snow bubbles for more. Yeah. Triceps, shoulder, lat core. ABS. Back. Elbow in. Yeah. Yeah, that's right you guys. Last one. Tuck that elbow in and arrests. Okay. Gorgeous. Let's walk around to the back of the chair. How about cat? Okay. Cat is a kind of a nice little, I going to say cool down or final or finish, but um, oh well one more actually after cat check.

I think that Spring's going to be fine. So come on up top and two places we've done our knees, which we can do. You can put your knees all the way to the front edge, be my guest or you can put your knees back halfway and be my guest. Either one. I think it's very helpful. No matter where your knees are is to anchor those shinbones down. You know there's that reflex that starts to happen where we kick a little bit.

So let's bring our arms up alongside the ears again. Breathe in there and then we are going over and we were around getting that c curve. Got To shift your weight back a little bit. Now when you get your hands to the pedal, I want you guys just to hold for a minute, not a full minute, but just be right there. Okay, so relatively where our hips are is where they stay that we don't travel forward. We just get to rotate. But I want you to push the pedal down now couple inches on the way over wall on the way out. Start to rotate your pelvis, reach your breastbone to the pedal and making sure we're not leaning for it. I'm going to shift you back, so here's that cue. Get on those shinbones. Okay.

He wants some spine extension. Reach your sits bones back a little more. I want your lumbar extensors to fire more. I know you do. To your inhale where you are now, your exhale, change the shape curve your head and cur and spine and tailbone curve together stayed down. I'm not going to have you go all the way up. We'll just do it two more times. Okay, so rotate your pelvis. Oh, over the top of the femurs. Press those shins down.

Is that nice? Good spinal extension. Find your lat support. Inhale at the bottom. Nice work you guys. Now that hadn't tail curl toward each other. Curl the abs are what are right in the center. Pull up shins down.

We've got one more and over. Does it feel good? It looks like it feels good. We want it to feel good. It's an opener. It's definitely balanced. You've got a lot of strengths, but, and you just bring your weight back a little bit. There you go. Stay right there. I need you back a little and give me more spine extension in your upper back there. There you go. You'll like to wait. You'll like that. And then exhale, curl back up, belly in and up. Tail under.

Now this time you can come all the way up onto your knees. How about your hamstrings to help open up your hips. Beautiful work. And then you will step down. We have one more exercise today. This one will want light. So I would take away the spring. That's on the second hookup. Leaving you. Just the one.

All right, wacky, wacky. So how about we approach it, um, on, get on your left tips here. A little bit of a side, a hip mount, I want to call it that. Rotate your spine. So, uh, hands on your pedal and get your upper back and whole spine in a rotation. And then the legs get to a scissor in your top leg will come back. Your bottom leg will come forward. All right. And I know I'm gonna just kinda come in right now and just do a little check.

All right, so hard I think to determine are you really on your hips laterally? Sometimes you've got to have a friend or a teacher can check it in. All right. And if we see in now of course the ideal would be that both hands would feel even weight on the pedal. So in order for this right one to feel even wait, we've got to let the spiral happen in the, in the spine, in the back now, right? As well as lengthen. Alrighty. Only three times. You'll be happy about that. Inhale pedal down.

Now pedal up, use your, you use your spine, use your abs, use your back. That's right. Inhale out and up. You guys, is three going to be enough or would you like five? Three, three is good. We like three up and then I would just bring your legs together. You can just kind of turn this direction. Good. And um, indulge me by letting me check cause I just, you'd have got to help you get set up.

Cause sometimes again you think you've set up in your, we know our one side's different, all those kinds of things a little more. Okay. And doing what we can to get even weight on this. Now it's our left hand so we've good. Find your back extensors again right there. That's going to help you get on right. All right. Inhale down. Exhale out and up. Beautiful guys.

Inhale, exhale, control your rib cage. One last time. Inhale [inaudible] and exhale gorgeous. And then just bring your legs together and then just unwind. Let's just step to the side of the chair. I'll just have you do and you can face the windows. Just a nice easy standing roll down.

So kind of finish and you don't have to lift your arms up. Just take a good breath. Nice work you guys today and rolling down. As always, just feel the opening of the back again. And I never want to leave anybody with a feeling of being twisted or rotated on one side. So after those big rotations, coming back to something kind of central is always a good idea. We're rolling all the way up. Making sure to open your shoulders up, bring your weight about a little more forward over your ankle, and you're ready for the rest of your day.

Thank you.


Thank you for this great class!! Feeling felt the work!
Hi Adrienne...thanks for your feedback!
Ames... finally tackled this one. Feels great...
Yay, great Amelia!!! Thanks for writing!
Lots of new variations I'm excited to try... thanks Amy! especially love watching the girl in the front- she's so strong!
Hi Colleen! Great, yes some fun variations from your vocabulary I'm sure. Enjoy them and let me know how they feel. Glad you enjoyed the students' performance!!
Great class. For the floor plank on the Wunda chair, I always use the black bar under the supporting arm to level the shoulders. Can you tell me why you might opt not to use it? Thanks!
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Hi Nancey, I have used the black bar under the supporting arm before also and yes, it does indeed help to level the shoulders. I tend not to use it so to keep with the traditional work which didn't use too many props or extra devices. However, if someone is really needing it, I will use it.....or any other prop/assist that seems appropriate.
Amy, I loved that last exercise! Such a challenge! Thank you, this is a great class.
Hi Robin! Thank you so much for taking class with me, glad you enjoyed it. Hope you're well my friend!
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