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Feel Good Tower

45 min - Class


If your body is feeling cranky today, this this Tower workout by Kristi Cooper and Meredith Rogers is perfect for you! They teach a feel-good class, focusing on stretching and lengthening so you can feel more mobile in your body. They include a nice mix of traditional exercises as well as a few creative variations to make the class fun as well.
What You'll Need: Tower

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Hello. Hello! It's been a while. (laughs) It's been a long time! Look who's back. Meri's back from all her travels and her teaching around the world and some vacation, I presume? Yeah,...


Welcome back Mere! Thank you ladies for all that shoulder medicine. That rollover prep with no Springs was so much fun and I really enjoyed Tower in a different way today feeling my hamstrings open up. I’ve had a interesting few weird energy days including being woken up by my 10 year old in a tizz because she woke up to find a mouse in her room. Now everything is well with the world after 45 minutes with you both which sped by. I so very much enjoy your exploration and your real ness. You are both very very very good teachers and offer your teachings up with love. Thank you x
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Cant waitttt girls🙏🙏
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Wonderful treat - feel good is a great description. Thanks for including us in your girl time!
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As I imagined:) thank you very much.
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Great! Many wonderful cues from both of you. Thank you ladies!
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Great class! My spine especially thanks you:)
Thank you ALL so much!!
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Amazing, thank you.
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I always adore your girl time classes. So glad you did a tower workout together and shared it with us.
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so wonderful to see you both back together- really love the exchange of ideas between you two. Thank you Kristi and Meredith
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