Class #3247

Dynamic Flowing Cadillac

50 min - Class


Work on strengthening your upper body while improving your flexibility in this Cadillac workout by Deborah Harris. She offers ideal conditioning for dancers, working on the areas they often neglect. She includes fun variations with the Arm Springs and Trapeze, including an interesting twist to the Ballet Stretches at the end. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Reformer Box

About This Video


Hi. My name is Deborah Harris and I'm so excited to be back here at Pilates Anytime. Most dancers spend their entire lives working their legs and their feet, leading to those areas becoming exceptiona...

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Lovely flow and cueing
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I love this! The arm springs and the ballet stretches were amazing!
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Lovely class! Really nice flow. If you have a tower rather than the full Cadillac (as l do) you can do about the first half of the class. Approximately the last 10 min of the class are creative versions of the ballet stretches - they look beautiful!
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Beautiful flow, I just loved the whole practice!! Especially the ballet stretching at the end:) Thank you Deborah!
Deborah's classes are always clearly articulated, creative and have great transitions and flow. I love the variations with the arm springs and trapeze. The beautiful ballet stretches are innovative and feel wonderful. Gia was gorgeous completing all of the exercises. Thanks, Deborah for another fantastic workout.
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Love it! Beautiful flow!
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This is a very accessible 2/3 level class for those who have a 2/3 experience but maybe not a 2/3 strength :) It moves slowly and precisely enough with just the perfect amount of reps. I will have to spend more time watching the ballet stretches at the end before attempting again as this is always a challenge to execute and watch, but it was so satisfying to finish! Great teaching skills!
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You arre so young and so good teacher!!! Amei a série toda.
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Beyond LOVE this!

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