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In this Advanced class, Adrianne takes you through most of the advanced exercises at a pace similar to those familiar with the traditional Mat. You should be very familiar with these exercises which will enable you to follow along and keep the workout safe. Some modifications are given for Jack Knife and Corkscrew. This is an excellent way for those more versed in the traditional mat to get a great workout! Enjoy!
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Dec 03, 2010
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Well, good evening. Let's see if we can't get warmed up. I'm gonna have you start at the front of your mats, um, in your plotty stance. So heels together, toes apart, and then you go ahead and sit down. However it's comfortable for you. But if you'd like to cross your arms, take one foot behind and go ahead and try to nail down without using your arms. Please do so. Hands at your hips and then you go ahead and extend yourself back and lie down.

We're going to go right into your hundreds. We're going to try doing somewhat of a advanced math. So go ahead and lift your heads, extend your arms out, lift your legs and begin pumping the arms, taking a nice deep breath and get those legs up to a level that you've got control of your spine. Exhale, two, three, five lots. Energy in the arms. Use the bottom, stretch your leg. You can use that powerhouse breathing in with you out with here and with you out with here in two, three, four, five X four five, deepen that.

Curl into the sternum. And one more time. Deep breath in and along without. And go ahead and drop the legs, drop your heads and rest your next, taking your arms up. Keep that back imprinting into the spine. So navels in and up to the spine. Take a nice deep breath in, coming up into the roll up, rounding off the mat, stretching over to the toes, shoulders, stay down, heels together. Go ahead and start to take that down.

So let's make this move. So as soon as your heads touched them out, let's go ahead and begin to come up. So deep breath in and exhale. And now we're going to add the flow, so a little bit quicker and down and right back up and keep the scoop and the wrap happening. So you've got the scoop in the powerhouse, the wrap and the thighs and making it look nice and controlled so you're not tensing your necks or your shoulders. Uber and keeping the flow. And one more time up and over, and then we'll lie back down. Hands at your side. I'm going to have to move down a little bit. I've scooched back.

Some of you may have as well. We're going to go into the roll over. So let's begin at 90 degrees and then we'll add on. So you're going to take your feet. You have to be careful if you're next, but you're going to take those feet, the head, tap the mat, open up your feet, flex, and then try to skim those thighs on your chest. Careful with the shoulders, neck. And let's go all the way down. Feet together and come right back over.

Open flex and control it down together. Over flex. Really get that stretch. Work on the powerhouses articulating. And now we're going to reverse the feet down over together, the feet and rule back down two more times. Try not to do you. Use your arms together.

This is a whole power house and it's a great stretch anymore. And together this time when you [inaudible] come down and keep that right leg up, drop your left Lake, getting ready for your leg circles. So the leg is stretching up, backs are still anchored and begin to circle and we'll keep them pretty big. As long as those hips are still accent is up. Three, five times total. Four and five and now reversing one. Still still hips. Two.

Both legs are stretching through shoulders and next are relaxed. Four and five. Scissor, the legs and up to the nose. Long extended legs. Both legs are long and reaching. Three four ribs are together. Five Reverser circles and one and two up three and four long like to work on that stretch. And five rest the lay. Sit up.

Place your hands at your hips and sit at your heels. So you're going to lift your bottom to sit at your heels. Grab onto your ankles with your heads down, right, getting ready for rolling. Likable. So heads there. Now go ahead and find your balance and begin to roll. So chins are tucked and you control the roll up. Inhale, back.

Exhale. Now if you want to make this more advanced, you can go ahead and hug those legs with your heads between the knees. Otherwise continue by holding onto the ankle one hand on each angle, about five times five or six times four and right back up five and one more time. And drop your feet. Once again, hands back down. You're gonna lift your bottoms to lie back down. Bringing one knee in, setting up your single leg stretch. Left leg is long, right hand on the ankle, left hand on the knee. Keep that stretch happening. Squeeze your bottoms, look at your belly buttons. Let's lift that left leg. There you go.

Look at your tummy and switch legs and hold. Really work on that stretch. Make sure you're not crunching your knees and switch. Elbows are up. Strong. Arms and switch. Deep scoop switch. And now let's do six and a one and one.

So every time you're moving you're perfecting it. So be conscious of the movement. Fuck, sorry. That's four and five and five and six and six. Double leg, arms and legs out. Arms and legs in here too. You can either take the legs up high to get a nice strong powerhouse.

Otherwise, if you want to challenge it, you can take the legs low, extend them out and back up three. Well this is harder, more challenging for keeping that powerhouse solid, fun, and two more and last one and now one leg up. If you want to rest your knife between do so. Otherwise, keep moving. Look at your tummy. Shoulders are two scissors and pulse. Puff pose. Pose to pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, switch, port, port, and now quickly possible postbox pulse, pulse and pulse.

Pulse and both legs. Up, head down, head up. All right. Beginning with the lower lift. Keep that back really anchored. Zip the legs up. Now go all the way down, all the way up, all the way down and right back up and keep moving up. Long leg. Curl your chin towards your chest.

So really get those heads up and around it so you don't arch your back. And one more time. Lift up in here. Good. And now Chris, cross. Bend your knee one and switch. And now hole. Really get that shoulder up off the mat and dreaded. Tap the knee and switch and hold.

Careful not to drop your extended like so much that you lose that powerhouse and switch. Switch and hell. Sorry. Fast in one. One. Watch your powerhouse. Watch your linemen. In other words to that, the feet stay lined up with the head. Three three that you're not crossing foot end and sit up. Fate apart, spine, stretch forward, deep breath in, and exhale, take it down.

Now keep the rap happening with AI in the scoop and your stomachs instead of tall. So no feet are flexed. Knees are soft. Squeeze your bottom. So deep breath in and exhale and come up tall. So let's keep the flow going down. So make sure that when you come back up to more that you're rounding of your still artistic. He the vertebra instead of just coming up and rest. All right, let's go ahead and move forward.

Going into your open land rocker. So you're going to go ahead and take a hold of your ankles and then you want to try and get those legs up. Good. Sitting tall, drop your head around your back. Shoulders are down. Begin to roll and then come up and balance. Lift your backs up, up, up, up, and four more. Inhale, exhale, energy tall. Three more curl nose tins towards your chest when you go back.

So the way to the head doesn't take you back. And now back. All right, back up and lift. And one more. Inhale and exhale and hold. Bring the feet together. Walk down those pretty legs. Keep the legs up though and get set up for your corkscrew. So lakes are now up. Begin to circle no lift, no Jack knife, just yet, just center and it just kind of get the feeling, reverse it and center. Now you're going to add a lift.

You can go as big as you'd like or just the first four vertebra off the mat. So little bit. Shoulders are down, chest is up and lift. And if you'd like to go all the way down, you may and you could go home. Whip. It's really up to you how challenging you want to make it. Just make sure that you're not using the arms or the neck and last one up and then you'll sit up. Once again, feet are apart going into your saw. All right, so listen to your bodies and now turn and stretch. Careful that your hips don't go with you. And then once again, you're articulating to come up and turn, stretch nose to the knee, then center and turn and reach up and flex your feet.

Scoop those ramps and Sandra and one more set. Turn and stretch up and center it in. One more reach. There you go. Up and I think you've finished on the left over on the right. Okay, that's fine. Alright, go ahead and let's have you lie on your stomachs getting set up for your neck roll. That's it. The palms are underneath your shoulders.

Four heads are down, so you're lying all the way down to begin with. That's okay. Don't lock those knees. Careful with your feet. Keep them soft. All right, you're really trying to wrap the thighs still. So your hips are pushing down. Tummies are lifting. You're going to push into the POVs and come up off the chest.

It's called your neck. It's your preparation for your Swan dive. You're gonna look to the right. Roll your heads down. Left center. Look left. Damn right. Center. Go ahead and lie down to rest for a second. We'll do one more. Getting a cramp. Occasionally that can happen. I'll work it out.

You have to get up to, so we'll do that one more time. We're going to come up. Tommy's are up. You may not be able to come all the way up. You do what you can. You might just come here. That's fine. Just get those ribs up. Look to the right roll. The head's down. Left center. Look left. Damn right. Center and arrest. All right, so that's the for what's next, which is the Swan die.

So we are going to come up into the neck rule position and you're going to land on your stomachs. Legs up, arms up. So everything you're walking on your stomach. Here we go with the leg up with your arm. Good. Try to keep those feet together. Arms up, legs up, arms up, legs up. One more time. Arm, legs and rest. Sit back on those heels. Get the body woken up there.

Good. Nice to have a little stretch after that. And then all right, and then we're going to end up lying back onto your stomach's like going into your neck. Eric. Excuse me. You're singing sing like Kik. So now you're going to come back up onto the elbows. Tommy's are up, those ribs are up. So you're not collapsing those lower backs and you're using those bottoms, inner thighs and right kick, kick, left kick kicks.

So when you kick, your lower backs aren't dropping. You keep them up and kick, kick and kick. Kick. And one more set to each side. Right, right, left, left and rest. So you should [inaudible] feel a stretch on the top of thigh. Hands are now back. Both hands are clasped. Feet are together. And you can turn your head. You're going to take your feet and club your bottom three times one, two, three. Drop their feet and then try the lift and drank.

And then switched cheek thing. Kick one, two, three and stretch back. And now quickly, one, two, three and really stretch, stretch, stretch and switch. One, two, three. One more set. Switch. One, two, three, stretch. Last one and one, two, three, end stretch. Okay, go ahead. And once again, sit back on your heels, keep your back to stretch.

[inaudible] and then I'll have you end up lying back on your backs getting set up for your neck pool. So hands are now behind your head. This is a more advanced roll up because now your hands are behind your head. We'll start with the articulation rounding up, so feed her out, flex energy out of the heels. Nice deep breath in. You're going to peel off that mat when you come up. Try not to let those elbows come in. Exhale round over, and then sit up as tall as you can. And now one vertebrae at a time.

We're going to start with yard the round and then we'll add on with the hinge in just a moment. Heads touched. Deep breath in. Exhale, scoop those ribs in. So no flat FACS as you come up and around, back down. So now we're going to add on. We're going to go a little bit quicker and come up and Uber tall, adding a hinge. Stay as tall as you can in this tall as you can, as tall as you can. And then round back M and right back up and over and talk and hinge.

Feet are only hip with the part, so don't let them splay out and down to Mark up right away. All the way over. Sit up tall, hinge, hinge, hinge till you can't hinge anymore and round and last one up over tall and add your hinge. Good. Keep those ribs together as you're hinting. Heels are out and rest. All right, let's move on. Once again a little bit down towards your feet cause we're going to go into just a Jack knife, which is kind of what we did earlier with the corkscrew without the circle. So now let's again start at 90 degrees. So feeder in, knees are in, legs are up. Let's just do a few Virta burrs first.

So keeping those necks from doing this, you want to keep the neck back in the neck. Long legs are zipped up, arms are relaxed. Take the feet, little lift, little kick, roll it down. I actually added way too much there. So we'll just do a little one first and then up and control it. So let's just do that two, two more times and then we'll get a little bit bigger and up, controlling it down, not getting into the nose. Next one more. Now make it bigger. Trying to get all the way up to the ceiling and now and hello all the way up.

Now if you want to even add on, you can go. We know the lakes. All right, back up and down and tumor and Oh and and last one. And and lift and sit up. Tall feet flexed. Let's go into spine twist. You're sitting on top of your hips as much as you can. Theater, flex and nervous to the side. Take a deep breath in, twist to the right and exhale two times and I'm blowing the air out.

Center to the left. Careful your feet. Don't shift here. Try to keep them together as you're twisting and grow. Tall and center and left center. Now a little bit quicker. Center. Stay as tall as you can in your lower back center center.

Last one. Center left. Okay, let's go ahead and land or a back one more time and we'll go into a pelvic lift. So feet, hip, width apart, hands at your side. Nice. Kind of welcome relief. After those you're going to curl your hips up. Articulating. Tell your hips are all the way up off the mat. Feet should be even with that left foot forward a little bit.

Tell me these up. Ribs, shoulders relaxed. Take a nice deep breath and then start to exhale and start to roll down. Start with those ribs, keeping your neck long. Exhale, let me feel that air coming out next. He likes, he likes, yeah, there you go. And threw down and now hips start to come up this time when you're up there, hold it for a little bit longer and add that extra lift right from underneath the inner thighs rapping and lifting that belly button way up. Good.

And then start to articulate that back down carefully. Your shoulders over pop forward. I want to keep the shoulders open, chest long, open and wrath. Now a little bit quicker and ah, and hold and articulate that back down this time. Let's go ahead and bring the feet together. Squeeze your knees together and PLF. Keep those knees together.

Then add that extra lift by wrapping the inner thighs, lifting your stomachs, closing those ribs, knees, knees, knees. Stay together and roll it down. I'll work the inner thighs and two more. Come up, lift the hips. Oh, okay. Little bit higher.

Work on the lift tabletop position and then articulate. Now upper back, middle back, lower back, hips, Walmart, time, hips. Come up, Oh old and then articulate down, rolling down. And now let's go ahead and open up the feet. Once again, going back into the other pelvic lift, but we're going to add a little leg lift, so now you'll come peel off the mat. Once again, come up into your hip position. You're going to bring your right knee into your chest without the hips dropping and then you're going to take that right leg up, reach it out, try to keep the hip lifted. Don't let either hip drop. Drop the heel to the mat. Slide your foot back in. Switching legs, left knee and left leg extends up. Reach it out.

Keep those hips up long, long left leg and heel drops. Slide the foot back in. One more time, right man, right leg up, reach, reach, reach, drop, and slide it in. Left knee and hips or away. Up leg is reaching for the ceiling. Stretch the leg out hip. He'll come in and let's go ahead and rule that down.

Okay, go ahead and bring your knees in and just kind of rock around for a second and then we're going to shake your legs out. Now lie on your left side getting set up for your sidekicks. So get yourself lined up with the back of your mat. Hip on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder, and always check the taking that right arm. Check the back of your math. All right, you can put your hand behind your head for more advanced routine, otherwise you can place your hand down. All right? But you do want to try to rest all the way down. You're gonna take that right leg up, hip level and rotate from the hip out.

So the turnout isn't from the foot from the hip. All right. Beginning with your front kicks. Ribs together. Two kicks forward, kick and swing it back. Hank. Kick, kick, always incorporating a stretch, kick, kick. And of course the control kick, kick and and kick kicks, or the elbow stays still. You don't want a lot of movement in the upper body and kick and back. And three more kick, kick and back and kick, kick and back.

And one more. And back. Up and down. Let's take the leg up towards the ceiling. Reach it out and squeeze the inner thighs up and reach and up and reach. Now add the flex and then appoint on the down. So flex on the up, point on the down. Three more up. Get that right leg longer than the left and keep your tummies lifting and little circles. Five and five. One, two, four, five and reverse. And one, two, three, four, five. Hips are still ahead and arrest. Cross the leg over.

Go ahead and grab onto your ankle now. That bothers your knees? No, he's dropped the knee. Okay. All right. Take the leg up. Little circles, two times. And then three big ones up and around. One, two, three. Reverse your circles. Two little ones, one, two, and then big ones up and around. One, two, and three and rest. Go ahead and place your feet back on top of the other. Make sure you haven't moved around at all. Check your placement again and then you're getting ready for your hot potatoes. So the hinge can either be behind your head or on the mat.

I'm gonna start with the leg up, PIP level and tap your heel in front of the other five times. So one, two, three, five accent up and five behind him. One, two, three, four, five and four. One, two, four ups. And that gets quicker. One, two, four, up. Three, one, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Up. One, two, up. One, two, up, one up, one up, hip on top of hip, up, up and rest. Okay, let's go ahead and go into a bicycle. So place your Palm down cause you want that support. Take the leg up. Once again, hip level, rotate it out. So hip is turned out, stomachs are up. Take the leg forward, bend your knee, knee to knee. Take advantage of that stretch hip. Stay still as you stretch the leg back and forward.

Bend, meet any and stretch and one more. And, and stretch. Now let's go ahead and reverse that three times. So go back, watch that you're, you kind of look where your leg is. Make sure it's not down here or up here behind you. When you want hip level, then the knee need a shoulder stretch. Two more back as far as you can without letting those hips roll.

Need a shoulder stretch. And one more time. Back. Bend the knee, knee to knee, knee to shoulder, and stretch. Very good. Rush your legs. Let's um, go ahead and bend your knees. I'll do a little clamshell here. So knees are bent. You're going to take that right knee up. And once you do that, get those hips right on top of each other.

So you have to kind of push your hips forward by squeezing your bottom and lower it down. So don't let the hips roll around and up and down. Tummies up, shoulder, back and up and down. Three and try to do ten four, five, six, seven a keeping the lift and keeping the hips from falling. Nine and 10 heels up, knee up, knee down 10 times two. Then we'll put it into a devil. A pay three and for and five all the while. Still conscious of that powerhouse. Six and that there your shoulders aren't rolling around seven actually that's eight. This is nine and 10. Now you're gonna bring the knee up, take the leg up, reach it out, heel, back to heel, knee, back to knee to more knee up, leg up.

Stretch it out. Heel the heel, knee to knee. And one more time. The up, leg up, stretch, heel, knee and rest. And let's go ahead and flip over to our stomach. So on your tummy, getting ready for your transition. Beats legs are long, hip on top of hip. Go ahead and begin to lengthen those legs, lift them off the mat, keeping the foreheads down, and then clap the heels together for 20 counts in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and 10 quick, ten nine eight seven six three, two, one and rest. Okay, back over to the other side. So you're switching legs. Left leg is now on top right leg is on the bottom. Getting your alignment as quick as possible.

Great. All right. Taking that leg up PIP level, getting ready for your front kicks. Powerhouse is solid, chest is open and two kicks. Front kick, kick and back. One kick kick to kick kick. Three kick kicks a little bit harder with the hand behind your head for so like I said, you can always put your hand down if that helps to stabilize you and get you a better workout for the leg, but don't totally control it with your arm. And two more front. And one more kick. Kick and leg on top of leg going into the up and down.

So now the Lake comes up, you reach that leg up and still lift your stomach up. So navel to spine powerhouse to stretching out, adding the flex in yet the point on the down and flex. So you really want that left leg to look as though it's longer than your bottom leg because you're really reaching from the hip and the inner thigh. Outer thigh, bottom two more up and stretch and last one up and lengthen the little circles. Five and five circling one, two. The ribs are together, four, five and reverse. One, two, three, four, five and rest going into the crossover.

You cross your leg over, grab on to that ankle. Hey, careful the shoulders don't real forward. And I, you know, lift that leg up and drop it and lift and lower than two little circles, one and two and then as big as you can three times one up and around, two up and around. Three reversing two little ones, one, two and three. Big ones. Up and around. One and two and three and rest, both legs back on top of each other. Once again, check your alignment. Make sure you haven't kind of fallen forward on the hips or anything. Getting ready for your hot potatoes. Take your leg up, PIP level and five clap taps. One, two, three, four, five, accent up and one, two, three, four, five, faster. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four, up. One, two, three, up. One, two, three. Up. One, two, up. One, two, up. One up, one up. Last set. Up and up and arrest. Very nice.

All right, let's go ahead and bicycle. You're gonna take that leg up. Once again, you might want to place your Palm down. You don't have to, but it helps you to take that leg forward. Bend the knee. Need any stretching back, excuse me. And to teamwork up Nina shoulder, knee to knee. Watch that you don't roll those hips. Work roots together.

You stretch back in one more time. Up knee to shoulder, knee to knee, then lengthen behind you. Now reverse that going back heel to bottom. Need knee, need a shoulder stretch. Try to keep the leg turned out. Don't let that need. Turn in. Get that out. It's stretch that we all need. And one more time back. [inaudible] then the knee. Need a shoulder and stretch. All right. Resting the leg. Now getting ready for your climb shells.

So you'll bend your knees. Good heel on heel and you can always lie down if that's more comfortable, but don't fall asleep. All right, lift that knee up. Hip on top of hip and lower, so let's keep it moving up and down. Two, three, all the wild came into consciousness of your necks of your shoulders. Powerhouse is still working for that. I've just, because you're working just leg doesn't mean you Slack off everywhere else. Six always conscious. Seven eight, nine and 10 heals up 10 times with the heels up and now knee.

Hip, hip stays forward, so don't let that hip roll back. Two and three up. Four up, five up. Six. Waking up the hips. Seven and eight. Nine and 10 going to the devil. LoopPay knee up, leg up, leg stretches, heel. The heel. Need a knee. Two more times in the up, leg up. Stretch, heel to heel and last one knee like LinkedIn.

Then need a knee and rest. All right, let's lay onto our back can set up for your teasers. So we're going to start laying flat back into that powerhouse. Long legs, long spine, getting that stretch going from the heels, toes to the top of the neck. So you're stretching opposite way. That's fine. All right, let's go ahead and take the arm straight back. Your knees are going to start in your chest getting ready for teaser one.

You'll take those legs up and then you're going to lower them down to 45 degrees. Come up into your teaser. So let's begin. Arms up, head up, legs lower and come up to the toes. Reach, lift your spine and then lie back now. And as soon as your heads touch you, come back up or reach for the tub. Reach for the years or the back of the room and come back down. Keep the leg level on. One more time. Try the toes to the years. Float down. And this time come back up for teaser to get the legs up a little bit higher. Keep the back lifted. Now just the legs lower and lift three times and tall. One tall too.

I'm sorry I left you there. Three and lie back down. Lie flat. Getting ready for teaser three. Everything comes up together, but it's not just like this. You're articulating. That's fine. Off the mat and then float down. So everything off the mat together. Let me up into your T's ear hole. Everything down together. One more time. Everything off the mat together. Reach for the ceiling.

Bring it back down and hold. All right, let's go ahead and sit up for your seals sitting at your heels. Hands inside the ankle with your head down, right. And if that's not comfortable, you can always hold on to your thighs. Okay, I want to get a good seat position. Shoulders down, knees in the bed. Next. Relax. Alright, in the cop, the heels, three times. One, two, three year old, back one, two, three claps with the heels to come up. And now quickly, one, two, three. Back. One, two, three.

Would you keep your head down? One, two, three, back. One, two, three up. So you don't strain your neck. Look at your powerhouse. That's it. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Up. Two more. One, two, three, back, right, back up, eh, one more. One, two, three. And now try to come up to a standing position. If you know this, you've cross your legs, her shorts to stand up. Otherwise you get up, however it's comfortable. Pivot around. Take those arms straight up. Getting set up for a pushup, standing tall. Walk down those legs and walk out into your pushup position.

Okay, heels are up. Sh palms underneath your shoulders and I just like you to hold it. Not doing an actual push up here. You're filling that Naval up, squeezing your bottoms. One straight line to open up your chest. Now take that right heel up and stretch the left back so you stretch the heel back. You shift your weight forward. Switch feet. So now left heel up. Stay in one straight line, heel stretches back. Heel. Stretch it forward.

Drop one more time, right heel stretch. Shift both feet down, left heel up, stretch, shift, hold. And now your pushups. Elbows in the ribs and come up three times. Tell me he's up. Bottom squeezing two and three. Walk back to the feet. Good. Articulate. Up. Good. Taking both arms up.

Come up to the toes, take a deep breath in and walk back down. One more set. Okay. It into a plank first you're going to do the heel stretch up on the tippy, tippy toes first. Good. So there's your position. Chest is open. Really squeeze and now foot lifts. Stretch back. Shift forward switch feet and the other foot up and stretch back on the heel and drop the foot and hold. And one more time. Right foot up. Stretch, back, stretch forward switch feet. So you're actually stretching the ankle back.

Wor hold. That's enough for you. Okay. And then you're gonna [inaudible] then those elbows and push up and tell me up, up and down. Three times you can go to your knees if you'd like. Ribs up though too. So right now walk back, do not come up just yet. Do walk back like your elephant. You want to try to get those hips on top of your ankles as much as possible. That locking your knees. Okay, that's it.

And just try to relax for a sec. Shoulders relaxed. Now come up a little bit more. Filling up that navel pulling up. Now hold. Now shift your weight back towards those toes. Hips on top of the ankles as it slowly soft knee, a little bit more forward with those hips. Good. Coming up a little bit higher, all the way up, a little bit higher. Reach for to probe one at a time. Tell your standing.

Let's do three shoulder rolls forward, one lifting up to the years and forward two and a phone around three. You can move your feet if you need to turn them out a little bit more. That's fine. And then circling back three times, we'll lift your powerhouse length and that's fine too. And sorry, take your arm straight up. Three big circles. Deep breath in. And exhale. Arms come down. Tell me lifts though. Grow taller.

Add an extra vertebra lifted up like an according up. One more time. And now reverse your circle three times up and down. Tell me up. Still wrapping their thighs though. Not locking those knees. And one more time up. Now let the arms just hang.

Let's do the wall here. So if as though there were a wall against your back, where your bottom, you're gonna start to round down so your bottom cannot move. That wall can't fall backwards. You want to try to keep your bottom against the wall and your weight towards your toes, so take it slow. That's it. Now if you really had a wall there, you know where it is and you wouldn't be able to move.

It's a good exercise to do against the wall. Then you're going to go to the top of the hips a little bit lower and then you're going to stop and then you just want to try to relax, let all that energy relax, and then you're going to give your arms a little push and you want the momentum to help you, but you're going to circle the arms five times with very little energy coming from you is just relaxed pouring out of the tips of your fingers and then a little push to reverse your circles. Toes are relaxed, knees next, everything are softening. That's it. Five little circles, four and five. Now you're going to start to come up. Once again, keeping the weight towards the toes, the hips on the ankle, nice and relaxed. Come into a standing position. One last finish. You'll take your arms up, come up to the toes with the heels together and make that longer length than top of the crown. Crown of the head, really up to the ceiling. Navels are up, tummies are up and rapping. Deep breath in. Yes, we're still up on our toes and exhale, drop to a flat foot and then you may shake yourselves out. You are done.


Thanks Adrianne. Smooth transitions and quick paced.
It was raining bad, so I decided to do the pilates at home. adrianne what a wonderful class you gave. I enjoyed it so much. love you all. blanche.
Perfect class. Great and clear instruction! You give me such motivation and inspiration for teaching my classes here in Houston!
I loved this class!
Great paced class, excellent workout, thank you!
Great class and pace. Will return to this class again and again. Loved the instruction on control front. Thanks so much!
Marlisa E
Really great pilates workout! Love all of Adrianne's classes. I really liked the side-lying series here. Thanks!
This class is amazing! The best I've taken on this site so far. The pace is excellent, and it's traditional pilates exercises. Loved it, thank you!
In the famous words of the prospector in Toy Story One "My biscuits are burning!", Thanks for another great workout!
Love the leg lift series. Will do this one again and again!
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