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Class #3282

Day 3: Cleanse

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 3! Today is all about breathing. Monica encourages you to breathe in and then let everything else go while you are moving. She includes a lot of Rolling and other dynamic movements so you can cleanse your lungs with your breath.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Mat

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Okay, today is day three of your 30 session challenge, and I have my good friend Christie here with me because it's going to be all about breathing. We are going to cleanse your body, we are going to ...

The Revival Challenge: with Monica Wilson


Great workout this morning loved the cues and breathing variations thanks Monica
So glad you enjoyed it!
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It's my Day3 ! Love This challenge ! Thank you Monica!!
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Great class! Thank you
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Another great focus- thanks Monica, and so good to see Kristi working so beautifully. Its also fun waiting for the next class to be unlocked....
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I did the first half as I don't have a cadillac. It's good to be reminded of the breathing pattern associated with each part of the exercise (e.g. boomerang, jack knife, etc.). Do you think some exercices of the second half (thigh stretch) could be done with a flex band? How could they be adapted for a mat practice? Thank you Monica in advance.
Hi Lina! I think playing around with a flex band is a great idea! A Magic Circle could offer a little variety as well. In the future, if you ever get the itch to want to do Leg springs, Arm springs or exercises with the Roll Down Bar but a Cadillac is not an option, one can order Gratz springs and connect them to eye hooks placed at the appropriate height in a doorway. You lay an exercise mat down and your ready to Rock 'n Roll.
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Loved ittttttttt
Did this day 3 challenge this morning. I do not have a cadillac so I improvised using my TRX straps for my legs and flex bands that hook at the top of my door. Worked like a charm. For the standing stretch, I shortened the straps on TRX and shifted my weight. I love improvising and the ideas you are giving to make this challenge doable without all the equipment. This is the only piece I do not have.
So impressed! Great job Kimberly!

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