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Day 3: Cleanse

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Welcome to Day 3! Today is all about breathing. Monica encourages you to breathe in and then let everything else go while you are moving. She includes a lot of Rolling and other dynamic movements so you can cleanse your lungs with your breath.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Mat

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Okay, today is day three of your 30 session challenge, and I have my good friend Christie here with me because it's going to be all about breathing. We are going to cleanse your body, we are going to breathe in and let everything else out, let everything else go. And it's very hard to be able to talk through that, the deep breathing that I want you to enjoy in this workout while doing it myself. So Kristy is generously offered to be my example as I talk you through this workout. So cannot wait. Let's start in our [inaudible] stance. All right, so we're going to do a lot of rolling today because that is one of the ways you really cleanse your lungs. Okay? So come forward just a little bit more beautiful politely stance and drawing your powerhouse in an app, one arm over the other, one foot in front of the other and lower yourself down to the mat.

Go ahead and lift your bottom back and take the full length of the map. [inaudible] maybe come this way just a little bit. So when we do the roll over, you'll have enough room. Good. All right, so I want you to think about day one when we did our mat and I want your arms from into the mat and I want you to take a big breath and lift your head up. As you exhale, look at your toes and use your powerhouse to lengthen your hips and lift your legs up at eye level and pump vigorously. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Nice shot. That looks beautiful, Christie. Focus on those. Chose taking a big breath and really squeeze the air out of the lungs in with the air and feel the back of your ribs spreading on the mat. That's 60 in with the air.

Longer arms pumping that blood through, that's it in with the air. Get that deep scoop and exhaling. Give me one more. It's beautiful. Don't lose all those from muscles as you lower the legs and reach your arms up and back with a long spine. Inhale, the arms come up in the head. Exhale, curl into yourself as you reach for a beautiful start with an inhale to roll back and now exhale lower back, middle. Think of the breath and with your spine. All right, so arms head, upper back. As you inhale and exhale, start with the roll back in with the year. And exhale, get that lower back. Yes. And arms head pressing, strong firm arms.

Good. And in with the air. I want to feel your exhale into here. As you roll down. There Ya go. Give me three more arms head. Exhaling, reaching, pressing the back of the legs into the mat and inhaling to start. And again, exhaling into there. It all rolled out. I love it. So you're really the air out. Two more squeeze and standard on low ceiling if you can get even closer to your body. Beautiful. So you really like wring out that air and XLO. Ooh, she didn't, I didn't even have to tell her this time. She went right one more time.

And exhaling. Sometimes you can actually get a little light headed from practicing all this deep breathing. You might experience that, but it'll go away by the 30 sessions. Let's come a little bit more onto the mat and we're going to get ready for our roll over. So press your arms firmly, pull your powerhouse and inhale the legs. Come up and exhale, ring out. All the years the legs go down. Inhale, open the legs and flex the feet and exhale into that upper back. Come on. Yes. Feel those ribs really squeezes legs together and over.

Exhaling all the way. Open the legs. Flex. Inhale to start. And then exhale all the way down. Squeeze in. Inhale to start. Exhale all the way over. Good. Let's reverse it. Bring your legs together. Squeeze, open and over. Good. Don't forget that breathing and he held to start. Pull those legs close to you.

Really close. Squeeze it all out. [inaudible] inhale and exhale over. Inhale, squeeze. Pull into the mat, the back of the ribs. Down to the waist. One more time. Beautiful fluid motion. I love it. Inhale to start. Pull those legs into you. Squeeze. Oh, so good. So good. Keep the right leg, lower the left down the middle of your body. Good.

Reach your arms long, pressing down, long loose neck. And let's start with exhaling that leg up to your nose. And let's in with the air around. Exhale, Eh, it's chorus. Good. Just really feel the breath reading. Return to life two more. He does a breathing a little bit differently and I, and he does the full hip circle that's reverse scooping him, but I want you to just exhale all the way up because we're still working on squeezing the air out so we reach and extend as we fill our body and muscles.

And that was five sweats. [inaudible]. Good. So you're really working on stretching the inhale and compass, pulling everything in with that. Exhale. One more beautiful rivers. Let me see your lower back pool into the mat. With that exhale, reach out that leg with that inhale. Yes, give me one more Christie. Wonderful. Stretch that leg down. Inhale, head up. Squeeze the air up. As you exhale all the way up, lift your bottom forward. We're going to be rolling like a ball.

Cool. Good grabbing on. Get tight as a ball. Okay, so again, feel the air in every vertebra, right? We're going to balance with your feet up. Exhale, get tight, tight, tight x. Take another breath and exhale into here. Love it. Relaxing the neck and shoulders. Let's inhale on rural back and exhale, squeezing that air out and inhale rock back.

And exhale. We've got four more in with the air and exhale yes in with the air and those ribs are pulling in and squeezing the toxins out of our lungs in, in with the air. And exhale, release any bad energy in your neck. Let's do one more and exhaling and lower your feet down. Lift your bottom back and let's do series of five. Okay? I'm going to want you to inhale right and left and then exhale, right and left. All right, here we go. From arms school, easier out. Start with that full exhale for me.

And here we go. And inhale and inhale and exhale and exhale and exhale. Good. Exhale, one more. Set in with the air. And exhale. Exhale, grab both ankles, inhale and hold. Fill the air all the way to your fingertips. And exhale, inhale, reach. Look at those toes right at eye level and exhale in with the air.

Nice long body. Beautiful. Exhale in. Exhale, two more from arms. Exhale, last time, pulling your belly and enough right leg goes up, left lightboard and inhale. Inhale, exhale. Exhale in with the air. Exhale in exhaling. One more set, round forward, a little more. Yeah, both legs up, hands behind your head in with the [inaudible]. And exhale, reach your leg longer to me. Exhale from your hip stretch amount.

Exhale, two more. Reach and exhale. Last one and that double breath again in with the air. And exhale, add in with the air. And exhale. Now just inhale, hold and exhale, twist more, more, more, and one more like that. And then Xcel to those ribs. Exhaling and hug both knees in.

Sit Up for spine, stretch forward. We're going to open the fee and do the breadth, the advanced way with your arms firmly up. Lift off those from bottom dip and take a big breath. And now exhale, squeezing out all the air and inhaling up. Let's do a little return to life breathing. Exhaling.

Exhale down. Further. Exhale down further and inhaling all the way up. Exhaling down. Excellent. Down further and further and inhaling all the way up. Do One more of those head and the ribs and exhale, exhale, exhale, and in with Ya. Nice job. Good.

You cleansing all that out. Yeah. Get a little light. We're gonna do open like rocker. So we're going to rock back in our weight if you can lift the legs up right away. Awesome. Beautiful. Exhale here. Thank you. In with the air and through the ribs. Exhale in with the air, lifting the hips, exhaling in with the air.

And exhale. Nice. Two more. Look and good focus on something forward. And last one. I want you to hold this last one here. And now inhale and pull your belly in and up and come forward more onto your sip bones and lift your ways. Lift your heart, squeeze your legs together, and exhale. Roll down away from your legs corkscrew.

Press your arms firmly into the mat. And I want you to start kind of in the rollover position. So we're going to take a breath to start and exhale, bring the whole body up. Good. And now inhale, start twisting to the right and exhale all the way to the left around and over. Inhale, rolling down to the left and exhale all the way.

Cleanse your lungs, really feel the back of the ribs on that net, pulling into them first and then exhaling all the way over. One more set in with the air. Exhaling all the way over last time. Inhale to begin. Exhale all the way around and sit right up for soft. Roll right up and flex those toes. Straight up. Good twist tall and exhale down.

Further, further, further. Inhaling up and twist and exhale further. Further, further in with the air and twists and exhale into my hand. More, more, more and in with the air and exhaling. Lift, lift, lift, and one more. Set. Loving it.

Reach your arms long and exhaling right into your yes and last one. Reach those arms around and stretch to the re. Beautiful. Good. Rest your arms down. We're going to go into neck full. Now we're changing the order a little bit here because we're just focusing on the breath. Sit up tall with your hands behind your head, like the little narrow or just in line with your hips. Intentionally. Toes up to the ceiling. Press those knees from up the bottom, scoop it in and see if you can hinge back using your powerhouse a little bit from here and starting with that inhale, and then exhale the rest down.

Excellent to that lower back, middle. You exhale until your head touches. Inhale, lift the head. Exhale, push those knees down. Yes. Inhale, whirl up your spine and you're going to start exhaling back, back, back. Good ant. Inhale, lift the head. Push this down. Beautiful. Exhaling. Inhale, rolling up and exhaling. Lift off. Push your heels, pull those toes up, everything right and in with the air and exhaling all the way forward in healing up and lift and scoop. Xcel Xcel. One more for me in with the air. Exhaling all the way forward.

Inhale, roll up to tall and exhaling back, back, back. Nice job. Good. We're going to sit up for spine twist, so go ahead and roll right back up. Squeeze your legs together and really intentionally pull those toes back. Press your knees down into the mat, squeeze about your thighs, and now don't just hold your arms up, but reach your shoulder blades apart. Your scapulas apart. Touch the walls and you're going to inhale and exhale, score, ease out the air and in the air.

And exhale two, three. And with the grow taller, exhale two, three and in with the air. And exhale two 30 give me one more set. Love it growing taller, taller, and one more axial. All that air, all that, and come forward. We're going to Jackknife. Lie down on your back from legs. Press your arms down, scooping in. You're going to inhale debris in the legs up, exhaling all the way over. Inhale up Jack Knife and exhale. Start with the back of the ribs, back in the arms and inhale to begin. Exhale all the way over. Inhale and exhale.

So when you're inhaling, I want to see your powerhouse. Reach to touch the ceiling in with the air to start. Exhaling. Inhale up, so feel this length with that inhale and then exhale, score. He was out that air. We do that every time. I'll do it one more time. Here we go. And inhale, exhale and inhale lane.

Every fiber in your body. Every muscle has air. And then exhale, strong arms lengthening, reaching good. And we're going to do a quick session series of sidekicks just front and back. So lying on your list of your left side. Love it. Slide back the back edge and bring the feet forward. Just that. Yeah, just the front edge. Let, can you lift your head on your hand.

Does that bother your neck at all? Okay. Bring your shoulder and elbow back further. The bottom one. Thank you. Good. All right, here we go. I see your spine still needs to come back more with the upper body. [inaudible] hey, you got it.

All right. Lift this leg up a little bit. Turn it out. Good. And we're going to swing it forward and we're going to swing it back. We're going to end with here and exhale, we're going to end with the air and exhale and in with the air and exhale. So remember the ribs. Stay really connected with the back with your lungs as you exhale, right? And that helps you not roll forward.

Give me one more as you do this and that's enough legs together. Roll onto your belly. Roll to your other side. Good. We're just doing front and back today just to get the legs moving. Good. Lift the left leg just a little bit. A little lowered. That's it. Nice in with the air. And exhale, stabilize that. The rassic cavity. Exhale. Beautiful.

Exhale good. You get a lot of work in your leg. Toning all those muscles. If you know how to breathe properly and hold your posture properly to them in with the air. Exhaling in with the air. Exhale. Last one. Good job. Legs together. Lie on your back. Bend your knees into your chest. Good.

And we're going to go straight into teaser three. So long arms on the mat, long legs on the mat, arms reaching back. There you go. Back of the thighs and seat squeezing. Hips lengthening away. Scooping in the powerhouse, right? So I want you to lift up. We're going to lift up your head. See that? Don't go any further. Arms back. I'm going to be just a little cruel. Okay? Yeah. So look, and I want your arms and your feet to lift up at the same time as you exhale.

So take another big breath and now exhale and come up into your teas are all the way up, all the way up, all the way up. Take a breath and exhale. Everything goes down at the same time. Those toes in hands touch. Inhale, lift up your head. Xcel at the same time. Lift those legs, lift him. Come on, get him up from the back of your thighs. You got it in with the air and XL intensity in those arms.

Reach to your fingertips. It's all the way back. Give me one more inhale, lift the head up and exhale. Please hear up and lift. Float up to the ceiling. You got it. You got it. You got it with the air, and exhale, reach to me as your arms. Reach back, reach, reach, reach and that's enough of that one. Nice work. Good. Where do you use that breath to help you? Okay, we're going to do hip circles, so you're going to roll up to a seated position. Thank you. Good. And you're going to put your arms behind you. Okay? Yes. What? What feels comfortable.

As long as your elbows don't hyper extend. Thank you. All right, so you're going to, I'm going to stretch you a little bit, but you're going to exhale and bring those legs all the way up to your notes. You can bend the elbows if you need to, but enjoy a stretch. Exhale, eh in with the air, and exhale up and exhale in with the air. And exhale. Don't forget that breath. Last one. Exhale. That was it. Just enough. Come down, right ankle over, left for boomerang hands, right by your side. Good. So you're gonna inhale, levitate those legs without going back too far.

Exhale all the way over. Switch as you inhale, exhale back of the ribs, roll through it, balance in your teaser from arms. Go down and try to bring your chest forward as you go. Deep and big. Exhale back to your ankles. So we inhale to start lifting the legs.

Exhale all the way back. Inhale, switch. Exhale, roll up. Inhale the arms, circle back. Exhale, stretch forward, forward arms circling to your ankles. One more sec. Inhale, lift those legs. Exhaling all the way over in heel. Switch. Exhale, roll through the back of the ribs and balance.

Inhale the arms come and exhale big circle all the way back to your ankles. Last one. Try not to rock back as you inhale and lift and then exhale back. Inhale up and close. Exhale, rolling through. Hands go behind. As you exhale all the way back to your ankles. Good job. Let's do the seal and then we're going to stand up.

Good. So hands go between maybe go a little bit for a, I see cause you want some room to stand up? Fine hands right there. Good fee. A little lower to the mat, please. Ah Huh. And Clap. Two, three. Let's inhale and exhale. I'm not thinking about the clapping yet in with the air cause I want to see this go down first exhale. I want to see. Inhale, this fills up on an exhale. I want to see you get a little free or let their legs now reach back more. Okay.

In with the air reach. Thank you. Exhale, two. More like that. Inhale, exhale. Do you remember breathing everything in and letting everything go right in with the air. Exhale. Beautiful. Now this time when you're back there, you'll let go across the ankles roll all the way to a standing in with the air. Let go and roll all the way to a standing position. Good. Love it. All right, now I'd love to take you to the Cadillac.

So we're going to finish there. All right. We are going to do a sequence on the Cadillac, specifically for your breathing and to have a nice ending into end upright like I always like to. So we're gonna start with chest expansion. We're gonna need your roll down bar and later on we're going to need the trapeze. So have those handy. Okay. Go ahead and kneel down facing the roll down bar and arms distance away. Good. And before you grab the bar, let's make rest your arms down and have really good posture.

So your knees are going to be hip with the part. Feel the back of the size and the seat. Lean your body weight, your hips in front of your knees, practically your belly is going to pull in and up into your lower back and lifting. There we go. Now keeping that posture, grab your bar and it's more about the stomach to begin with. All right, so we're going to pull it down and inhale stomach look right, look left, look forward, and exhale. If you can feel your belly and inhale liking those grot springs. Look left. Look right, look forward. Annex sail. Once your powerhouse feels that, then you can open the chest, but we're going to inhale. Pull your belly in, look right, look left, look forward and exhale and one more time in with the air.

Look left. Look right, look forward and exhale. Good job. All right, well maybe with thigh stretch we could do a little more breathing. Here we go. So we're gonna from arms. Press down a little, just a tiny bit. Okay, squeeze that seat forward more. Thank you. Look down at your hips and we're going to inhale to start hinting back and exhale all the way up. Good. Let's do that again. Look down and inhale, hinge back long and exhale. Good. One more in with the air. I'm loving this and exhaling, why don't we do a full back extension?

So you're going to do inhale to start and then exhale all the way back til your head almost touches the mat. Inhale to look at your belly. Exhale the arm slightly lift as you come home. Very nice. All right, let's turn our back too. If you have bad knees, you'll want to step off the Cadillac. If not, here we go. Slide back. Just a hair. There you go. So that your toes are still on the mat though. And you're going to grab the bar. Palms facing down as close as you can. Not as close as you can, but I'm giving you that cue because your arms are really wide. They're good.

So you want them shoulder with apart? Yeah. Good. Again, posture, back of the thighs and seat scooping in. Okay. And we're going to inhale and slide and up and exhale and in with the air. Lifting the heart and coming up and exhale one more in with the air and sliding up. She's not holding her breath. Now next have reverse exhale hoops are in with the air end. Grow Tall and release and pull it in and grow tall and release one more and growing tall and really wonderful. Okay, let's turn around and we're going to do, actually don't turn around.

Lie down on your back with your head here. I want to do rolling stomach massage. So you're assuming the legs, spring positions, straight arms. Hands are about um, five or six inches above. Good. And they're going to be firm, right? [inaudible] good. And we're gonna put your knees right. I got it. And we're going to bring your knees into your chest. There we go. Crossing your right ankle over your left and lower your bottom. That's it. Good.

So we're doing some rolling exercises here, right? So that's how we're going to cleanse our lungs. Okay, so inhale to start curling your tailbone to exhale, touching the knees almost to the mat. Good. Inhale, lift the knees up, stretch and exhale all the way down with the lungs, the ribs. Roll it down. Inhale to start curling. Exhaling all the way up. Member Jackknife. Have a you lifted, lifted, lifted and toes touch and exhale down the ribs and everything. One more in this direction, Christian and in with the air's heels or yes, there we go. Long, long as you inhale. Exhale here, here, here.

Good. We should reverse the toes. Touch and you're going to inhale. Lift to that inspiring point. Exhale, squeeze out all that air, all that air. That's it. And lift the seat and inhale all the way up and exhale. Press those dyes into the chest. Rolling it out. Give me one more of those. Inhale up. Exhale, squeeze out all that air. Ketchup you deserve.

Roll the roll back now. So we're going to take this bar. Good job. I got it yet. And roll up to a seated position. Spin around, put your feet against these poles. Arms are shoulder with apart both hands on the bar. There we go. Good. Exhale. Your head looks down. Good.

All right, from arms, but it's a powerhouse h exercise. So you're going to inhale into here to start rolling down. Exhale all the way down to your head. Inhale, lift the head. Feel each vertebra breathe into each, to each one. Thank you.

That was nice and held to start pulling back to initiate. Exhale into each vertebra. Beautiful. Inhale to lift. Exhale into each vertebra. 26 of 'em. Here we go. Move in. Last one. Inhale to start.

Exhale into that one thing. Cue that lower back, one of that in with your look and exhale into the back of the ribs, into the waistband and stretching all the way forward until your bar returns home. Nice job. I'm going to add the chat piece so that we can do our breathing exercise. How are we going to concentrate on breathing without doing breathing, right? So we're going to lie down. Make sure it's always nice and safe. Okay.

When you're going to lie down with your top of your head, a couple inches from the top edge of this Cadillac. Good. All right. And you're going to rest your ankles in this strap. There we go. And turn 'em out and have a nice firm grip so that you can use the back of your thighs and your seats. Yeah, dead. Scary there, pat knee a little bit. Okay. [inaudible] straight arms.

There we go. Alright. So on the count of three, you're going to take a big breath and fill your lungs with air for five counts, right? And then, yeah, and then we're going to slowly roll down for five counts as you exhale and squeeze the era and then we'll increase it to six, seven. Any sound good? Here we go. One, two, three. Lift up with the are in four, five. Exhale down three, four. Let's do six. Inhale. Inhaling, inhaling, inhaling. Inhaling. Exhale down. Curl curls.

We use that air out to six inhaler with energy, energy, energy. Six. Seven. Thank you. Exhale. I need you to see stars and exhaling things Cuban in one more time. Inhale up for eight in nailing. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Get the back of the ribs. Exhale into each vertebra. Stretch and down as that bar returns to normal. Good work. I got that.

Bend the knees in. Good. You can grab a nice little thing to put your feet against for Spreadeagle, but I'm just going to have you do it. Okay, so we're gonna sit up, spin around whatever you need to have. You're going to have your soles of your feet turned out and against the that's right. And I want you to, I'm going to get rid of this a little back here. Let me grab up about right there. Yeah. Good. Good. Turn out your feet really wide. Yup. Good.

And I want you to hover over the mat into a big c curve. You might end up needing to come up higher with those arms. Yeah, that's, that looks good. Good reel. That's it. Okay, good. And we're going to inhale. Come up to a straight line in your body. Turning the souls of your feet down. That's right. So we're back the thighs and see. And now exhale, lifting your chest to the ceiling into a beautiful back bed.

Nice. Inhale, head to chest and exhale into here, into here. Eyes on your belly. Keep the c curve. Good. Inhale, come up a little bit and exhale. Lift even through the hip flexors. Feel all that air. Inhale. One more time. Head to your chest. Exhaling into this bone, into this one. Eyes on my hand here. Thank you joy.

That stretch in with the ear. [inaudible] and exhaling all the way lifting, even through here. Inhale, how, just look forward and step back and you are all done. Nice job. Yeah.

Very good. See you on day four.

The Revival Challenge: with Monica Wilson


Great workout this morning loved the cues and breathing variations thanks Monica
Monica Wilson
So glad you enjoyed it!
2 people like this.
It's my Day3 ! Love This challenge ! Thank you Monica!!
1 person likes this.
Great class! Thank you
1 person likes this.
Another great focus- thanks Monica, and so good to see Kristi working so beautifully. Its also fun waiting for the next class to be unlocked....
Lina S
1 person likes this.
I did the first half as I don't have a cadillac. It's good to be reminded of the breathing pattern associated with each part of the exercise (e.g. boomerang, jack knife, etc.). Do you think some exercices of the second half (thigh stretch) could be done with a flex band? How could they be adapted for a mat practice? Thank you Monica in advance.
Monica Wilson
Hi Lina! I think playing around with a flex band is a great idea! A Magic Circle could offer a little variety as well. In the future, if you ever get the itch to want to do Leg springs, Arm springs or exercises with the Roll Down Bar but a Cadillac is not an option, one can order Gratz springs and connect them to eye hooks placed at the appropriate height in a doorway. You lay an exercise mat down and your ready to Rock 'n Roll.
1 person likes this.
Loved ittttttttt
Did this day 3 challenge this morning. I do not have a cadillac so I improvised using my TRX straps for my legs and flex bands that hook at the top of my door. Worked like a charm. For the standing stretch, I shortened the straps on TRX and shifted my weight. I love improvising and the ideas you are giving to make this challenge doable without all the equipment. This is the only piece I do not have.
Monica Wilson
So impressed! Great job Kimberly!

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