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Class #3285

Day 4: Tension Relief

40 min - Class


Welcome to Day 4! You can use this class to ground yourself and to connect your mind to your muscles. Monica takes a step back and uses the breathing from the previous class to relieve tension in your body. She also focuses on finding the correct muscles and placement so you can be aware of where you are in space.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Wall, Hand Weights

About This Video


All right. Welcome back. Today is your fourth day of your 30 session challenge. And the, we really kinda hit the ground running in the beginning and today I want to take a little step back and try to ...


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Loving this challenge, the mix of mat and equipment. The breath cuing and shoulder reminders have been so helpful! Thank you 😊
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Love the mix of equipment! Looking forward to the challenge!
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I've liked the arms exercises with the weights.
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Its so nice to be taught with your excellent cues, and focus on ones own body placement. A lovely break from my teaching day. Thank you
Oo wow, I sincerley liked this class. Best one  -for me- so far
A new favorite class for me. What size handweights do you recommend for the final
part of class?
So glad you enjoyed it! 2 lb. weights.

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