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Day 4: Tension Relief

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Welcome to Day 4! You can use this class to ground yourself and to connect your mind to your muscles. Monica takes a step back and uses the breathing from the previous class to relieve tension in your body. She also focuses on finding the correct muscles and placement so you can be aware of where you are in space.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Wall, Hand Weights

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All right. Welcome back. Today is your fourth day of your 30 session challenge. And the, we really kinda hit the ground running in the beginning and today I want to take a little step back and try to relieve some tension and really concentrate that breathing that we just concentrated in class number three and add it to some mat and some, a lot of our work. I really want to get back to doing some strong PyLadies, just pure and simple. And part of that is the standing arm work. So we're going to use some arm weights today, so you might want to grab some arm weights.

Other things we're going to grab our, your M is we're going to do a Cadillac mat on the Cadillac with the push through bar. And that's why I have my push through spring ready and some arm springs. All right, we're going to try to move pretty quickly, but becoming very, um, aware, using our mind to really get into the right muscles and placement so that we can find ourself in space today because we really need to know where we are, where our pelvises, where our ribs are, where our shoulders are, when we're doing standing work, which are not going to do today. We will be doing later on in this series. But you want to really use this class to get grounded again and find yourself again and really connect your mind to your muscles. So let's begin. So we're going to put our arm weights away and we're going to use those later.

I'm going to grab my arm springs and though we're going to start warming up our body with a [inaudible] mat, mainly a basic mat just to get everything. I do want to wake up my arms and make sure I'm using them correctly. So I'm gonna play around with the order and uh, give you a little more taste of Monica Wilson Teaching Romanos supplies and just strictly Romanos. Pele's. All right, so I have, um, we're starting off without the hundred at the moment, but let's keep it in mind. We're going to open the shul, the shoulder bones, collar bones into the mat. I want you to think of the breathing from class number three.

Take a big breath and exhale. Feel your lower belly pull into your lower back and slide up to the back of your ribs and try to keep your tailbone as flat as you can, not gripping in your hip flexors. We're gonna do that one more time. Taking a big breath and exhale. Just really feeling our spine. We talked about in class one our spine really flat against the Mat.

You worked a lot on alignment and purposeful movement. So here we go. We're going to affirm our arms, straight arms, straight risks, straight fingers. And we're going to exhale. We're gonna take a breath. We're going to use our exhale to go down and inhale to come up and exhale. Don't let your spring's Jingle, you're gonna stop before they come up. Completely.

Feel the connection of the firm arm and the back of your ribs. We're going to do one more after this, trying to use your powerhouse and then we're going to bend the elbows and take a break. You see how far I am from the polls? If you feel like you need a little more challenge, you can slide a little bit away or less challenge. You can slide a little bit that way, but this is about the starting. That's now do arm circles, so we're gonna keep our pelvis square.

Being aware of where it is. Pull the lower belly into the mat, back of the ribs and shoulders and collar bones. Nice and up and the shoulders are what I'm really interested in here and we're going to take a breath and exhale down to start our circles. Belly pulls in and up. Inhale to circle back home. Exhale really reached the spring long to your feet. Reach it away from your shoulder.

You want to feel like your hand is not what's pulling on the spring, but your shoulder. We're going to do one more in reverse and we're going to go the other way. Starting with an exhale and an inhale. Exhale the air. I'm trying to keep my shoulders really anchored.

I'm making them pool away from my ears. Two more as I pull on these springs last one. And now we're going to take a little break. Bending the elbows. We'll go into tricep press. So we're really being aware of our arms here. Here we go. We're going to have straight arms powerhouse in.

Take a breath and exhale. Bring the arms down like you're squeezing all the air out of your lungs. Inhale, Bend and press. The back of the arm is glued to the mat. The elbow is glued. We're going to do two more. The wrist is straight.

I'm pulling my shoulder away from my ears, not getting tighter cause I'm going to release tension. Straight arm. Press all the way up and relax for a second. I'm going to slide back just a couple inches cause we're going to use these springs for the hundred K so we're just gonna edge our way back a little. Find where it's comfortable for you and I want you to start with the straight on press again. But let's always be aware of our powerhouse. So we are warming up with the a hundred here. We're going to squeak, almost pull the back of the feet towards us.

Press the feet down and the back of the thighs. Slide towards a squeeze. The inner thighs, pelvic floor, lower bellies, pulling in and up. Take a breath as you lift your head. Exhale as you pull down. Slide your right leg straight on the mat, lift it where it's comfortable, and then the left and pump and XL.

I'm trying to find myself in space here. I'm using the mat to really anchor my spine and XL. [inaudible]. I'm trying to keep control of these springs by reaching my shoulders away from my ears in with you and exhale and inhale and exhale, pulling in the belly and exhale from arms and inhale and exhale. One more. Actually two last time. Thinking of my roll up, I'm gonna Lower and I'm gonna release these arm weights.

Arms Springs back here. Reach my arms. I'm thinking about having those arms springs. I'm going to inhale up my head and exhale, squeezing all the air like you did with Christie. Okay. Reaching forward and from arms, from legs, powerhouse, pulling back, exhaling all the way down from legs, reaching back yards between the springs.

It's nice to see whether you're even too, if you hit a spring or not, right in with the air. Excellent. Reaching forward and drawing back just during those first three classes have helped me so much getting over my tailbone, so I hope it's helping you to getting back into shape. Call back to heavyweight from arms, not up by your ears, right? They're pooled and open. Using the breath to work your body. Inhale. Yeah.

Exhaling back to more arms. Head. Exhale, stretch from legs, from belly. Let's do one more arms head. Yeah. Slowly holding my breath there and then I fight myself.

Exhaling all the way down. We're ready for single leg circles. I want you to take these arms, think of your arms springs, and use them to press firmly into the mat. We're going to bring the right leg up and cross around up in an exhale and exhale in man. Exhale. One more reverse from arms back, the ribs staying anchored. We're getting back in the shape here. We're really doing pure and simple, PyLadies and not and really concentrating.

Let's switch left and in with your exhale, cross reach it out from arms from back of the ribs two or hound last one, powerhouse. And bring that leg down. You're going to inhale to lift the head and exhale all the way up. Okay. Lift your volume forward and we're going to roll like a ball. So I'm going to curl here and we're gonna inhale to start and exhale. So right here, pay attention. Are Your shoulders here.

Let's release that tension there. Away from your ears. Are Your elbows flopping? They're lifting with your triceps, the back of the arms, lifting them. Okay, here we go. Really using that breaths. Yeah, for more. Keeping the shoulders down. Yeah, and two, three and in with the air and last one and rest down. We're going to keep using those arms, so we put them behind us.

And when you lift your bottom back, they don't go like this. You use your triceps to help lift and you're in place. Now we're going to do this series of five and it's very important that you keep these beautiful open collar bones and that when you switch, your arms are lifted like so not hanging. So we're going to be really paying attention to that. I'm going to bend my knees to do the transition with squeeze my inner thighs and I'm going to inhale and I'm going to roll down like this. Just really angry, my back drawing the right knee in and here we go.

So collarbones open elbows to the side, tighten the back of the arms from them. Use them, left, right, left. Let's do two more arms, arms. They're not. What's bringing your leg in there? Just an extra stretch. Double leg stretch both hands on ankles pointing towards each other, pressing down in, in. Exhale in with the air from arms hugging.

[inaudible] I'm here. You can hug and an exhale in with the air. I'm going to want to reach under this bar, seeing a slide a little bit more away. Let's see if I can get under it and not clobber it. Here we go. And in with deer and exhale, notice that my are like pulling myself through some water.

I don't give them a break. I'm thinking about them. One more in with the air. Exhale, same thing with single straight like it's up. But instead of hanging back here, I'm going to take a breath and I'm going to exhale. Coming right on as if I'm pushing something down with this leg. Nice open collarbones using my upper stomach and switch and switch. Just doing a little double pulse and now let's make it fast.

Okay, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch one more and left. Now both hands behind your head and you're going to take a breath and you're going to, again not lay here, but get onto the bottom of your shoulder blades as you squeeze here out. [inaudible] elbows wide and now you get to reach and pull up and reach and pull up and stretching up. And three, you know, two more exhale. Last one. Exhale, Chris, Cross, twist. Try to keep your elbows wide. Would y and switch, twist up to that knee and switch? Not so much over, but twist to it. And one more. Okay.

Okay. Then hug in both knees. Great. So now I'm going to roll up nice and quickly and I would be ready for the push through or I'm sorry, spine stretch, Bang. Gonna use the push through. So I'm going to scoot in a little bit. Add my spring. Okay. And we're going to get back into position for the push through.

So the push through is not an arm exercise. It's going to be a powerhouse exercise. I've added an extra hook here because I'm a little height challenged. If you are normal height, you can keep it with just one spring. I actually might maybe for the push through, I'm actually going to do it with just one addition instead of two.

So I'll put it down right here for the Shari and others. I'm going to add it. Okay. Okay. Grabbing her shoulder with apart. So I mentioned it as not an arm exercise, however you want to still keep them firm and away from your sh your ears so that you can work really nicely through that powerhouse. All right, here we go.

I'm going to inhale to start pulling back and then exhale the push all the way through [inaudible] and exhaling. Watch the back of my ribs. Really get full of air [inaudible] as a stretch, stretch, stretch, release tension, right? I mentioned that ant. Here we go back to the thighs in with the air and exhale lifting my ribs as far from my pelvis as I can and two more. Let's do three more in with the air [inaudible] really stretching that lower back to start and then you can go forward more if you want. Some people don't need this stretch at all and but remember, no shoulders by your ears. I kind of cheated there. Here we go. So I'm, I'm getting a little bit of spine articulation here, which is super important to understand where your spine is in space to more pulling back with your powerhouse arms.

Just follow your spine as it stretches forward instead of you pushing forward. Yeah. [inaudible] yeah. In with the air notice I'm blocking not here and then control with those shoulders. Connecting to my, what I like to say is my upper powerhouse around my ribs and lungs and exhaling. All right, one more time.

We're going to try to keep my heels more glued this time. Exhaling. Okay. I like it. And further that still no shoulders around.

Ears and pulling back with the waist, pelvic floor, lower belly, and I'm going to push up again, lifting my ribs from my pelvis but not losing my shoulders. Okay, so now I think I'll going to add that extension. I'm going to go straight to teaser, so I'm going to add here. You're going to be on your back and this should pass just over your forehead. So I'm going to have from legs sliding from the back. I'm going to pull, squeeze my inner thighs. Everything else has to be mindful, right?

Like that terminator. I said earlier in series two and I'm going to draw, let's see. Here's my shoulders. Is that good news? So I'm going to be aware of them. Use this spring about 35 36 pounds to pull the back of my deltoids into the mat. Now I'm going to try to firm up my triceps, the back of my arms, and that's what's going to pull the spring down.

I'm going to pause with it over my forehead. Taking a breath still too. Uh, there we go. And exhale as I reached back. Okay, we're going to go into, the teas are here, so we're inhaling the back of the arms, very aware that they're staying as close to the mat as I can. But notice my ribs are not lifted. They're not like this. They're on, I have a straight spine trying to get that straight spine Joe supply he's wanted.

And then I'm gonna let the bar come up without letting my shoulders come up. Inhale, looking at my belly like the roll up, the no, we're going to exhale all the way up into a teaser. Notice where my shoulders are also. Okay. They're not all the way up here and with the air. And then exhale, head and toes at the same time. Stay connected with your arms and your lungs and it's down.

And two more down and last one, and now coming down at the same time. Exhaling the whole rest of the way. More to tempo. Here we go. Back of the arms into the mat. Stretch long and lean, bending, straightening without losing it. Lift the head. We're going to get ready for shaving. Shaving, one, shaving two shoulders, going away from the ears. And down we go.

I'm giving my body a whole check. Was My powerhouses deep. I don't think so. And open the collarbones back of the arms. We're going to do one more. It's going to be a combo and we'll release our bar once we're up there, back at the arms, elbows, wide, ribs anchored in with the air and exhale, that's better. And, and two combo legs, arms, legs, arms. Now we're gonna reach our hands to our feet, cross already ankle. And we're going to bring our hands here. Take a breath as we search forward and big circle.

Exhale. Oh right. That felt good. Open that up. It's very important to know where you are with this. So our arm weighs, we're going to place a hand behind me and then another one so I can slide back to right there and now I'm ready. For my reverse push through. So I'm going to turn, grab, push it down. And now I have lovely elbows at like to hyper extended.

I'm going to try to keep them in control. Here we go. Drawing in my squeezing my inner thighs, pelvic floor and lower belly to go back. Okay. Trying to get my waistband as I open the shoulders and coming forward. Okay, so this series, I'm sure you do a thousand times, but do it mindfully. Some people can get their waistband down, some people can get all the way down at the bottom of their shoulderblades.

I'm hoping that maybe this is a balanced body, one more and that maybe on the grads, the dimensions are just a little different where I used to be able to do a little more of that. We're going to switch the grip palms up. They're about shoulder with apart. Watch the shoulders, watch the elbows again. Squeeze those inner thighs and do a roll back. Okay. And coming forward and let the bar stretch.

Open your shoulders. Be Very mindful of those elbows and inner thighs and exhale so that you squeeze in one more. Squeeze. Rolling through, right? Yeah, in coming forward. Okay. Oh right.

So next I'm going to turn and I'm going to kneel down here. So keeping control of this bar, we're going to do the mermaid or push through. Press down. Okay, so you want to be about a little over extended than I am right now. So what does that mean? I'm going to slide out just a couple more inches and kind of pull.

You got to play around with this, but you probably know exactly where your placement is. The back of my feet are hanging off my feet. I'm going to squeeze, I'm going to press my hamstrings forward. I'm going to have my hipbones over my knees. I'm going to draw everything in an up and with strength. I'm going to reach that arm out, right?

We're going to work on my right shoulder here. Here we go. I'm going to press three times pressing one and up and two and up and three. So it's really isolating my shoulder. I'm going to do the mermaid now. I'm going to start with that and I'm going to reach this arm and I'm going to keep squeezing my bottom forward and reaching my left arm is close to my head as I can and with absolute control from my obliques. I bring the bar home, start with the press down, then a lifting through my spine, through the crown on my head.

And this is so that you have some idea of how your ribs can also move. One more time. Love this stretch pressing down and then lifting, reaching. Everything else is squeezing forward and coming up and really [inaudible] have to do the other side now so you can either step off if your knees don't like it or just turn around. All right, so you're going to see how I'm going to Hook my feet and this is me sitting back, which is going to do no good. So we're going to squeeze my seat forward and this arms can be strong and straight. There we go. Drawing in my belly and I'm going to do three shoulder presses right?

Here we go. One. Notice my hand is a little in front of my shoulder too. I'm using all of here. Sometimes you can hold the shoulder to just be very aware. That's three. And, but I'm talking to instructors and really accomplished Pilati students. So I know I don't need to go into such detail. So here we go. Press down, reach up through the body and over and coming back, releasing the bar and to stretch or I'm close to the body.

Resisting that with your obliques and the shoulder. And one more strong straight arm. Press my bottoms. Pressing forward, my Belize lifting and coming back, resisting that bar gray. Good job. Now we are going to do the um, push through on your stomach. So I'm gonna lie down on my belly with the bar right between here. And it's important again to really open up those shoulders.

Some of you are lucky enough to have your feet hang off the back edge. Mine are going to be on the mat and I'm going to start with a warmup for this push through on the stomach cause it's a big one on your shoulders. If you're not ready for it. So we're going to put a right cheek on the mat and I'm going to lock my arm straight. But first I'm going to squeeze my pubic bone into the mat and I'm going to squeeze my bottom and lift my belly.

And so this is a really good exercise to understand where you should be in space with your pelvis. Okay, I'm going to keep my arms straight and feel my shoulders slide away from my ears and my powerhouse will lift my chest up. Here we go and switched cheeks. Just one more warmup to really feel that belly lift. Okay. And switched cheeks and we'll go into the full version. Keeping your head down as long as you can for maximum stretch. If you're going to bend the elbows away from your ears and then when you need to come up [inaudible] and then keep your arms straight and Hain your head down and go as long as you get on with your arms straight.

And then bend and stretch, keeping your head down, shoulders away from ears, keep it head and then come up with your powerhouse. Had Hastings and then you'd bend down and come in. So you're maximizing the stretch on the way up, like keeping your head down and you're maximizing the stretch on the way down by keeping your arms great as long as you can and then [inaudible]. Then when you can't anymore, we have one more. [inaudible] belly is what's lifting you. Trying to keep your legs close as much as you can.

Long and lean. Okay, we're ready for the Shari or the press down on your shoulders. So we're going to start with the bar. Let's start with the bar down as well. So I'm going to sit, it's many ways you can do this. And I'm going to put the bar hip with the part right there and I'm going to, nope, a little bit more and I'm going to roll down. All right? So those arms, shoulders are open. Press the back of the arm down.

All right. And we're gonna really use those arms here to get maximum work in our body. We're going to bet the knees towards us. You're really drawing that push through bar with your powerhouse. Keep the tailbone down. And then lift your back, starting with your bottom.

Press those arms, and we're going to kick the right leg. One, two, and left two and right too. I love this. Bringing class number one, and we're going to come down. Big Breath, and then squeeze the air out, right, right here. Breathe. Exhale into each one. Vertebra, strong, straight arms bending and stretch straight arms back to the thighs. Powerhouse in and draw it back. Let's start moving to tempo. Legs extend. Squeeze it up. We'll start with the left. Stretch.

Strong legs, strong arms kicking over using your power house and we're going down empty in the lungs. I feel so delicious. Bending and stretch that hip flexor. Don't use it. Draw it in. One more set. Standing here, squeezing up strong arms. Strong back of the thigh, right leg first left.

Try to split if you can. Keep your hips even though, and rolling down. Squeeze in that era. One more. It starting with your left foot. So we're going to extend. I'm trying to get rid of all that tension legs. Start with your seat.

Curl it up. Left right, left. One more and we're going to inhale and then squeeze that air out. Squeeze the air out. Really feeling that. Okay, I'm going to let go and hug my knees in and I'm ready for the wall and our arm weights. Here we go. Okay, so I hope you enjoyed that mat and Cadillac portion. We're going to grab our weights and really do this at a nice tempo here. So put your heels against the wall to try to find your tailbone against the wall. Draw a line from one hip to the other cause this is finding ourself in space, right? I'm going to draw that belly and all right, I'm going to bend my knees and slide up my wall, pulling my belly and even deeper.

And I still have a little light between my waistband and Bra Strap and the wall. So I'm going to go out a little bit. You don't want to go start out with your feet out because that's like kind of making it easy. You want to keep your feet as close to the wall as you can. All right, here we go. We're going to pull our inner thighs together, pelvic floor and in with the air and exhale two more with energy with vigor.

My shoulders are trying to stay back, reverse in with the air. I'm trying to grow taller and my spine. I'm really grounding my spine into the wall. Last one and then the peel down. Here we go in with the air and squeeze every last part of your breath out.

Lifting in your belly, coming down to about waist high and circle one release tension, two, three and rivers. I'm doing a wall right now and we're going to come up because we're going to do our arm weights and I want you to feel Zit, be very aware of where your body is in space. One more growing, taller [inaudible] in that era. One Vertebrae at a time. Me circling the tension away and reversing. Still lifting in my powerhouse and rolling up. Starting with an inhale and exhaling the rest up. Good.

We're going to do our wall set. We're going to separate cause the hamstrings and glutes are super important in your arm weights, they're about a foot or two away. I mean two feet away from the wall back is there, and we're going to slide our arms up as we go down. Here we go. Hold tightening the back of your thighs and your seat reached those strong arms and press down. As you come up with energy, they go up and you go down. Your power house goes up, back of the thighs and seat.

Try to stay working evenly. One more and back the thighs and glutes in the power house. Work together to press down. You're going to walk your feet back into the wall, politely stance. You're going to press the back of the arms and weights into the wall and you're going to take your whole body forward like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Now I want you to step a little bit away and we're going to get ready for our arm weights with the little standing footwork. Here we go. So feeder and Pilati stance and we're gonna rise up. Then we're going to bend the knees as low as you can play with your feet. Then you're going to roll down through the feet evenly and use those feet. And the back of the thighs in your powerhouse to come up and [inaudible].

So we're getting into a really good position so that when we do our standing arms springs in a few sessions, you're going to know you're going to be there one more this way. Scooping it. Every toe is spreading and working. Powerhouses, lifting, roll down through the foot. Back at the thighs powerhouse.

Let's reverse for three plea AA or bend the knees out to the side. My ankles are Steph there. Roll it up. Up we go. Everything squeezing and lifting rural down through your foot please. [inaudible] I love that everything's squeezing and lifting. Here we go. Let's get back to [inaudible]. The position to be in, right heel, squeezing and down.

Don't use your calf work from the knee up to the hip. Plea A. Okay, so think about that right now. From the knee to the hip is working, not the calf and down. You should be in position. We're gonna turn our pumps forward. Keep the shoulders open and raise our arms up to shoulder height.

Pull in a heavyweight like they're springs, like leg springs resist attached to the wall in front of you. Pull them in to your shoulders that are open, not here, here, and you're grounded with your body, with your powerhouse to more polling in release. One more. Pull in, tightening those arms. Really slower them down. Open them to the side in your peripheral vision. Here we go up. Okay. And Ben, you should be very aware of those shoulders. Use Them. They're not by your ears.

Collarbones are beautifully open. Ribs are lifting from your pelvis instead of shrinking down. Beautiful chest lifted. One more pulling heavy springs from the wall and release. And we're going to come down.

Put your elbows in the two little pockets of your uh, obliques and pull up the heavyweight here. Lift the elbow up high, stretching the tricep. Bring the elbow down tight and the tricep. Flick the wrist. Pull up the way. Bring the elbow up, stretching. Bring the elbow down, tighten the back of the arm and stretch everything else in your body is working. Keeping perfect posture. We're going to do one more up with the bicep. Stretch the tricep.

Put those elbows down, tighten the back of your arms a little flick. Separate your feet parallel. And we're going to come to a tabletop position for boxing. So I'm going to roll down an imaginary wall and then I'm going to hopefully get nice and straight spine with my powerhouse in stretch your right arm forward, left one back. I want you to do this boxing with control. What does that mean?

Lift the elbows up high when you switch and don't let your shoulders come up by your ear. Try to keep them square as you reach as forward as you can and as back as you can. Let's do one more set powerhouse in stretch, and last one, trying to keep control those shoulders and now arms down. Curl a little. Return your feet to Palabra stance. We're going to do side. You're going to take this as like mermaid so you know what that feels like and you're going to lift your powerhouse and go over to the right really long in the arm.

Reach it up and switch one arms pulling down one arms lifting. We're going to do for these four sets. Try to get that arm right next to your head. Lifting, lift and back center and switch up. Are you aware of where your pelvis is? Is it going side to side? We have two more sets. So as you're going over, are you pushing over cause you're going to be in a bad situation with standing arm springs. If we're not aware where our pelvis is right now.

One more set. Adding a nice here just like the mermaid up over. Let your arm go around your head, lengthen and up to the ceiling and switch up over. Let that arm go around your head. Lengthen and switch aren't ready for the bug.

So I'm going to separate your feet. Bend your knees and roll down into a tabletop. It's this is all about shoulders and collarbones open. Tighten the back of your arms and pull apart a really heavy weight, opening those collar bones, cracking a walnut and resist those weights coming together for more back of the arms. Lift the elbow, lift the elbow, lift the elbow and pull together and flat back, back of the arms. Lift, lift, lift, and don't get a caved chest here, up to and back. Keep your chest open. And one more.

We're going to be doing this next class on the reformer that your head hang weights, hang and rule up your spine back into Pilati stance. We're going to chest expansion. Weights are right here. Collarbones open shoulders in, place in with the air and look right and left and forward. And exhale. We'll be doing this in standing arms springs, right, so pull your powerhouse and open everything left right forward and exhale. One more set right, left forward and exhale.

Now we're going to do a zipper. Here we go. We're going to glue them here and we're going to pull up our elbows, not our shoulders. In fact, press your shoulders down, press them down, lift your elbows, press them down, and then press all the way down. Elbows lift while shoulders stay down. Everything else in your body's working and press down and three more up with those levels up, up, up, up, up and down. Like you're zipping up your jacket.

I have a favorite Padagonia Hoodie and down. One more. Transitioning into shading up with the elbows, not the shoulders. Wait, stay together. And then you extend. And we're going to bend the elbows. And just because we're super awesome, I want you to IX, come onto Relevate as you shave k. So we're going to rise up making sure everything's working long and lean and resist to come down for more elbows trying to point beyond the ears.

It's hard to talk and balance and elbows, back powerhouse in bending. Two more, almost there. And we're going to do arm circles, this one and that'll be it. And you're doing great and come down with your arms in front of you. We're going to hold the end of the weight. Slight bend in the arm, but the shoulders are open, collarbones are open. Everything else is working.

Eight circles. Here we go. Lifting, one, two, three, four, five, six, higher. End Up and reverse to circling the upper arm. See if you have some beautiful bangles around your upper arm and circle, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Reverse them. Everything else is long and lean and lifting. Two more sets. Here we go. Circle the upper arm, shape the shoulder, shape every part of your eye, and eight and reverse. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Run last one. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight and reverse. Shoulders Open. Collarbones, open, powerhouse in, and a, and you're all done and ready for the rest of your day. Good job.


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Loving this challenge, the mix of mat and equipment. The breath cuing and shoulder reminders have been so helpful! Thank you 😊
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Love the mix of equipment! Looking forward to the challenge!
Lina S
2 people like this.
I've liked the arms exercises with the weights.
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Its so nice to be taught with your excellent cues, and focus on ones own body placement. A lovely break from my teaching day. Thank you
Oo wow, I sincerley liked this class. Best one  -for me- so far
A new favorite class for me. What size handweights do you recommend for the final
part of class?
Monica Wilson
So glad you enjoyed it! 2 lb. weights.
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I enjoyed this session as I have no Pilates equipment. I simply have my mat and my resistance bands and I was able to use them to do almost all of the exercises.

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