Class #3312

Functional Mat Practice

50 min - Class


You will create an active mind/body connection with this Mat workout by Tom McCook. He focuses on increasing function for something we do all the time - walking. He goes over what the joints are designed to do in basic terms and then practices loading the muscles related to gait while standing. By the time you get down to the Mat, your body will already move in a more functional way.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hi everybody, I'm Tom McCook, back here at Pilates Anytime. Very happy to be back. This is a mat class and the focus of this class is to increase function, based on what we do all the time, which is w...


Loved the basic movements and to feel the response of the body. Thanks!
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Tom, have you every done a workshop on Pilates anytime on breathing? I get confused when teachers say to do lateral breathing while keeping the abdominals engaged. It seems so unnatural/restrictive etc. Thanks. loved that class.
Fabulous as always Tom. Need to be doing this class every day. Thank you
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We are all so lucky to learn with Tom McCook! I love the way you so generously share years of study of different disciplines with your students in such an accessible way. Your relaxed style, kindness and ease of delivery inspire me. Thank you!
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Ok, excuse me while I become an over zealous commentor. I watched this class before work and practiced it after. I feel like I have a whole new low back. Thank you, Pilates Anytime and Tom McCook!
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Loved this classTom. Working a whole class devoted to gait is so great. I am wondering if some of this was based on your course with Gary Ward? Obviously there is lots of great Franklin method here too.
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Hello. Id love to watch this class but it won't load, any suggestions? Thanks very much.
Andrea~I'm sorry you're having trouble with the video playback. Here is a link to some FAQs that might be helpful. If you continue to have issues, please email us at I hope this helps!
Thank you for my new back!! really lovely exercises so beautifully taught and explained - wonderful!
Loved it! Simply genius!
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