Class #3630

Functional Reformer 2

55 min - Class


Focus on the relationship between the hips to the feet along with the movement of the spine in this Reformer workout by Tom McCook. He teaches a full-body flow that will help you become more efficient in your movements so you can enjoy the process of creating more fluidity. He includes wonderful variations to exercises like Short Spine Stretch, Saw, and much more.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Franklin Ball (2), Jump Board

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Hi, I'm Tom McCook is a great pleasure to be back here at plottings. Anytime I'm here with Aaron and Aaron and we are teaching. I'm teaching today a reformer class with a focus on the relationship bet...

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What a fabulous class! The cues from the clavicles were really helpful. I love the ball work at the beginning, and the saw on the Reformer is amazing. The tutorial on feet to the pelvis was very helpful in understanding the cues in this class. This work is really beautiful - I’m so grateful to have the chance to participate.
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Holy Clavicles!! Deep work without undue tension is so wonderful, thanks so much for all your thoughtful cues.
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Did your Gait and Hip Flexor tutorials first and then this wonderful reformer session. Tom, it was all completely lovely. Entire body feels amazing. Thank you so much.
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Thank you Rachel, Laurie and Lori! So glad you've been able to see the tutorials and the integration in the related classes. It's endlessly inspiring to me how incredibly well our bodies are designed. Thank you for sharing your experience, wishing you all the very best!
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Probably one of the most intelligently designed classes on PA. Thank you, Tom McCook.
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Thank you Amy for your appreciation!! Wishing you the very best!
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So happy to have experienced this too-had been feeling demotivated but your cueing and imagery woke me up and connected me again-Thankyou
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I saw your class was up and I knew I had to make time to watch and do it. I hope one day to be the quality teacher that you are, giving so much information, yet not just constant babble! Loved the class, The Saw variation felt yummy! Thanks Tom McCook !
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Tom, as always I really appreciate the anatomy put into movement so we can move with greater fluidity and balance. For me this is great tool, although being hypermobile means I have to find ways to not get so much space. SI joint force and form closure are an absolute which means I have to forego all lumbar flexion. It's been a long work in progress after 10 years of doing pilates along with old neck issues. I would love to see your take on actually creating whole body support for us "squids".
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This was amazing. Total body feels wonderful. Great cues on the feet and shoulders.
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