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Advanced Reformer Flow

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Meredith follows the BASI block system in this workout beginning with the warm-up on the Long Box. Play and practice Single Leg work variations, Short Spine and Long Spine, Arms Sitting plus the first two exercises in the Rowing Series. Meredith will guide you with precise instructions through the Long Stretch Series, Long Back Stretch, Side Overs, and Pulling Straps 1 and 2. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Dec 07, 2010
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Okay, Christie, we're going to start with a couple of roll downs. Here we go. Inhaling, standing tall, finding your weight in the center of your feet. Xcel at the head fold forward. Using this as a moment to connect mind and body. We're rolling all the way down or as far down as you wish.

Letting the arms be heavy, the shoulders plugged into the back. Inhale. Exhale. We roll back up working through the spine. Thinking about alignment as we come back to standing. Inhale and exhale. Folding forward, letting anything Elf. Yeah, it doesn't involve what you're doing at right this moment to go away.

Okay. Sailing to role. Taking your time coming for again, ideal posture alignment. We're going one more time hearing him. Exhale, folding forward, letting the abdominal support the spine as we take our bodies forward, feeling the suppleness of our spine holding. As we inhale and we exhale to just come back. Alright, we're going to start with a warmup on the box. So if you just sit down right at the front edge of your box, this feed on the foot bar is fine, and I'm going to position myself pretty close to the forward edge. And here we are. I'm straight ahead, sitting tall in here. Exhale, feel the pelvis move out from underneath you as you round down towards the bottom of the ribcage. We're going to pause there and inhale. Exhale, feel the abdominals drop down.

Focus on keeping the spine curled until the shoulders. Reach over the hips and then sit tall. Inhale, exhale. Again, start from the pelvis. That always makes a difference. Peeling the body down in here. [inaudible] do I again feel that inner thigh contraction, maybe it a little bit of a contraction through the back sides of the legs, pressing the feet into the bar. This time we're going to raise the arms, breathe in, breathe out as the arms drop foe, and then we come up. We sit tall and breathe in. Letting each movement flow into the next exhale.

Huh? And I'll just flow. Exhale, arms down. And Rola. One more like that. Excellent. We're rolling down, letting the breath be the rhythm. All right. [inaudible] and then if we come and change it just a little bit, go to a place where you feel strong. I'm going to come to the bottom of side of my ribs. We need to go into a little bit of an oblique. Reach the right arm back, look back at it. Exhale, bring it back home. Inhale, keep the lower body stable as you reach the left arm back and exhale to bring it back home. Do More to each side.

Maria Ichi and back as you turn and reach the arm. Feel the length of that side of the body and back last time. It's such a pretty day. Jane. Feel lucky to be here, Heidi, and we're up [inaudible] and we're going to go back again. We're heading this time into the double leg, single leg stretch, so find your way down towards your shoulders. Once you get there with control, the left leg or one leg comes up, the opposite leg comes up. Both hands on the tops of the knees.

Inhale the arms and legs and exhale back. We pull the abdominals into the box underneath us. It's a fluid movement. Each movement linking into the next with the breath. [inaudible] reaching yams. Way Back last three.

Okay, last two. One more. I'm going to do the single leg stretch today with my hands behind my head. You choose what you want to do. The right leg goes, the left leg goes. Go ahead or whatever. One leg at a time.

And using the hands to support the weight of the head. Pressing the chest towards that bent thigh. Yeah. And here's five for theory to crisscross coming up. I'm good now. And her pressing up in a cross with the reps looking for flection with rotation.

So there's always a sense of going forward with the body. Yeah. Last four times three, two, one. Bring it back to center. Both knees bend, reach forward. Place one foot down on the bar. Place the other foot down on the bar. Can we come up from here? I think we can. Here we go. Woo.

Well let's sit up tall and just twist. Yeah, come back to the other side. Just taken one hand to the outside of my leg, the other hand to wherever it makes sense to me on the box behind me. All right. Coming back to center, reaching the arms forward, heading into the hamstring pull series so we roll back one leg up, extend that leg towards straight, guided towards your body with your hands. Extend the other like down towards the ground. And we pulse to change. Keeping the body stable as the legs pass through space, keeping the shoulders down as I the leg towards us.

More from the ABS and from the arms. I'm gonna move on. Hamstring to Whoa. Pulling the leg towards us. [inaudible] one more time. Both sides. Hamstring three coming up had just moves with the body. It's heavy in the hands. Reaching the chest up in, across. This is our last one to each side.

Both legs are center, the body. Then the knees. This time I think we'll just hold the backs of the legs and rock ourselves forward. That's it for the boxes for now. Let's put it down. [inaudible] I didn't straight into footwork. Starting on the heels of the feed in Carolina. [inaudible] um, senator site's feet flexed from the ankle joint. Here we go.

Find the backsides of the legs. Extend back and, and, and, and yeah, focusing on working both ways. Remembering that the hamstrings bend the knees by a mechanically. So how can we use them or encourage them to do their job? Last five, progressing from the abdominals. Four arms long in stray [inaudible] neutral pelvis. Last too.

Last one coming back in all the way. Shift to the toes. Heel slightly lifted still feet and we go ah, and back again. It's rhythmic flows. Paying attention to the way you support yourself on the feet. Ankles lined up. Stray. It'll still last five. Pull yourself.

Pull yourself. That's it. Coming into the first position. Small v no, it's just outside of the shoulders. Here we go. Squeeze a five buttons together rather than pressing from the feet. Pressing him way up, close to the sores, dry in enough through the abdominals each and every time.

Continue that rhythmic movement, warming up the body last to bring it all the way back. Think the heels to the outside edges of the bar, flexing from the ankles. Try to relax the toes here in the thigh as active back to the exact tiff [inaudible] and can you even work in both sides of your body, meaning both legs, even s even weight across the back, the pelvis, so just as much work on the way in is on the way out. Last five energy through the arms, through the back. Last three supporting the knee as it extends.

One more toes. Same hip position. Here we go and back and working the springs in both directions. Concentrating not just on the leg work, but what else is happening in your body. Last five Safir back, active ribcage, resting gently down last two. Here's our last one.

Coming back in for progressive cab raises, feet on the bar, press out, take the hills down, up once and here we go for twice. Work the foot. Don't rush away from the stretch. There's three pull and float work from all the way up through the top of the leg. Last two sets five then six you get a sense of pulling with your waist as well as with your feet. So spice has our last set rather than coming in after six we're just going to go into prancing and here we go. One Ah, change. Ah, so we still get that full range of motion out of the ankle, out of the foot.

Feel the feet working. Don't just let the leg don't let either foot. Relax. We're pulling and lifting and pulling. I'm going to do about three more to each side. One to bring attention to the stability of the pelvis.

This one's three all the way up on the toes. Bend the knees and come home. Single leg step the left foot heel on the bar. Let's just, here's what we're going to do as the left, like extends the right leg. It's going to extend on a, on a diagonal. Here we are stretching both legs, polling both knees, stretching both legs. I find that activity not only through the backside of the pressingly but the backside of the extending that leg as well. Paying attention to the pelvis in square and stable.

Last four here and three and yeah, here's I last one. [inaudible] come all the way in. Just fee which switch fee and here we go. Ah, Paul. Free legs being pulled in from the waist. Both legs. In fact, last for energy control. Okay. Placing the left toes on the bar now and take the right leg and slide it underneath the foot bar. It's strong and energized and a stretch the left leg and bend the right knee.

Extended up. Flex both feet, both feet. Then both knees. Slide the right leg down a little quicker now and up n e n a. N. N really working through the feet five more. Pulling that straight leg, two wards the body. Paying attention to the alignment of the working lake last too. Was that it? Sorry I got lost. All right.

Left leg underneath the bar. Right toes on the bar. I'll try and finish it the right time. This time. Here we are. Flex Point Paul, stretch, lengthen, resist. Check in with the shoulder. So that's more for me than for you I think. But it's probably benefits everyone. You can do four more.

Oh, I'm in of the ankles imperative. Well, I mean of the knee and the head, I think to one, and we're finished. Let's pull that leg up under the bar. We're going to come up and adjust our springs. I'm heading into abdominal work. [inaudible] [inaudible] Oh, we're using one and a half springs for our abdominal work. Can you quick moment checking my straps. Oh, they're not even, sorry.

Maybe they were. Here we go. Start with the arms just over the shoulders. There is a little tension on the springs. I'm going to pick the feet up and we're going to do the a hundred prep. Exhale, pick up the chest, press the arms, pass the hips, and you'll work your way down. Don't think about moving the arms.

Think about moving the sternum and allowing the arms to fall through. Pressed from your back. I mean the upper back. One more. I'm going hold up this time. Stretch the legs out.

Prepare for the a hundred in hand and it's feel two, three, four, five. Shoulders down. I carried, still challenging the flection of the body. [inaudible] halfway. Six, seven. Keep lifting the chest. Eight [inaudible]. This is it. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Bend your knees. Lower your body coordination. Exhale, lift, open, close, bend and exhale to lift and open and close the legs.

Inhale and inhale. Pressing the ribs forward. It's just the legs that open. Active, pull. Push. I smell food. Do you smoke pancakes? Oh, that's what it is. Last two. Open. Close. Pull. As you pull in, can you challenge the height of your body? Pull, hold. Stretch the legs back out. Abdominal openings.

We open the legs and arms. Then we pull and we open and we dig. D challenging that upward contraction keeping me arms level to the body. Last three [inaudible]. Last two. [inaudible] one more. Hold it there. Rotate the palms down. Bend the knees, come all the way back. Hip work. Press.

Press up with the feed into the straps. Think we'll just do the regular series, Christie today. So we start with our frogs. Let me find our position and then we press [inaudible]. Something I've been working on lately is how much can I feel that I'm pulling back with my trunk? It's not that I'm not working my legs, I definitely am, but I'm initiating so much from my waist before I allow my legs to start moving.

Focusing on the external rotators, the inner thighs, about three more active press through the heels to keep the NFS strong. [inaudible]. Um, let's go into down circle. So bring the legs, big external rotation of the hip. We press down open, circle and open. Pull the legs in through the abdominal, then press pelvis in neutral, strong and stable. Okay.

Okay. Feeling the rotation of the Femur in the hip joint. Last three, potentially keeping the knees just a little bit soft or definitely making sure they're not overextended. Here's our last one. He hit the top. We reverse reached down and together there was another place where throughout this entire series I, throughout this entire workout or in your [inaudible] practice, how much can you involve your powerhouse? First, the center of the body is always working. It's always strong.

The limb should be able to move freely, but with support from there, looking for symmetry in our circles. Last three openings. Take like straight out and not out and up, and then squeeze from the waist. Inhale, open. Exhale. Imagine the legs are going just sliding across a horizontal plane. Let me keep our feet relatively relaxed here. Another challenge of my, Oh, these are so hard. I feel like they'll always be hard. Last for it.

Sorry, finish it and what I mean by that is yes, bring the legs the other bit. Then squeeze. Last one. Okay. I'd like to do long spine and short spine. Do you have any preferences to which one goes first? Can Short spines first address adamantly down?

Start in frog position. As you exhale, press forward points your feet. Inhale, bring your body all the way into the stop or folding in half at the waist, keeping the carriage still XL. Roll up onto the shoulders. As you inhale, allow your knees to fold in towards the shoulder blocks. As you exhale, roll away from your feet. Some don't let the leg straighten beyond about a 90 then start to drop the knees towards the body. Flex the feet, reach across the top and forward. Inhale, we fold in half x how we roll. Arms are long and active in healing to bend.

Excellent to me, articulate the spine, keeping the carriage still. As we roll down, we then endorse the flex our feet. Inhale to bring the legs across the top. We're going two more times folding in half legs. Strong hip sector externally rotated, Rola, creating length through the spine bend.

That's a good place to watch the line of your pelvis. As long as you can. Make sure it's coming down evenly. Feeling the spine flex. It's across the top and last one here. Folding over, rolling. Folding the knees in. Yeah, and we're willing to heading into the long spine. Maybe three. Inhale to vertical. Keep the carriage, the very stuff Rola, lifting up, lengthening through the spine. Got to use your hamstrings here to keep the carriage still open the legs, a little roll down. Start from the chest.

Peel the spine down all the way down. Look for neutral pelvis. Tailbone down. Allow the legs to finish by coming together. Circle doesn't get much wider once the legs are already open. XLE We roll looking for back extensors. Abdominals, hamstrings. Inhale, open. Exhale, heel and finished by bringing the legs down and together. Last one really am separating. I don't really. All right. Bring the lights down and together we're done.

Now bringing the feet out. [inaudible] okay. Come on. I'm going to do the full lens. All right. Uh, when spring is what I'm gonna use, the stand on a reformer, I'm going to put my right foot on my shoulder block and my left foot on the bar. I'm impressed my right leg. So in the initial stretch, we're looking to lift the spine, extending a biasing towards the postier tilt, keeping the back of the straight leg strong. Here we go. Start stretching the front, Leigh. Remember, it's important to stay as long as you can in your back. More so than straightening the leg all the way you look good.

Bringing the carriage back and Adam lifting energetically the chest op away from the sky. Breathing and breathing out, stretching back through that front leg. [inaudible] anchoring back through that backlight. He'll give you a good stretch when you come in. Let's change. Here we are breathing in, lifting the chest and he shouldn't be much fo uh, further forward than the ankle here. I'm gonna start to stretch for the hamstring, doing our best to find a long flat back. I hope I've got one.

Certainly not perfect though, right in me that folding the front knee and lifting the chest up away from the knee. As we come in, pressing that left heel into the bar and here we go. Stretching back, dropping the hips as you're coming in and out. That angle between the back leg and the carriage never changes. We just slide back and forth. Step in up. Stretch. One, two, three.

Starting with the up stretch. One heals up against the shoulder blocks, heels of the hands on the foot bar, long back, ribs in, shoulders down and heel. The legs, chest and XL pole. Inhale out as you pull your legs underneath, you lengthen forward through your spine. Not Necessarily Sara Lee down or it's more about it. Lots of upper back work. I think just one more Christie. Up Stretch to inhale. Keep the arms and shoulders still lift the head. Press back through the legs.

Exhale, lift the hips, let the body fold forward. Inhale, the legs go out. The head comes up, shoulders down. Exhale, keep strong through the legs, strong through the abdominals, strong through the whole back. Inhale out XL app. One more time, an excel app. Stretch three is coming right now. Inhale back to up. Stretch to continue. Inhaling as you bring your body all the way into the stopper. Then exhale, keeping the carrots still this the pelvis or the hips. Inhale up. Stretch to continue. Inhaling through long stretch, fun.

Stop or pick up the hands, not long fluids. Straight supported spine in here, and exhale. One more. Inhale, add, comes up. We come all the way forward. Excellent. And then just lower the feet, lower the hands, then forward for a stretch.

It's bringing the hands back to the bar. Bring yourself back up onto your toes. For the downstream [inaudible] probably want to be a little bit higher. We're just going to drop to our knees. Setting the feet up against the shoulder blocks, bringing the body forward lightly posteriorly, tilting the pelvis, then rising up through the spine. Inhale, we press, oh exhale, we press back is the correct breath pattern and we left away from the bar as we bring ourselves. Then Emile back body wants. It's in that arch shade. Never change.

As we're supporting through the back of the legs, we're supporting through the abdominals. We're very much working the upper back extensors and again, we're working fluidly. It's never a moment of I'm not doing anything. I like to imagine that there's a brick wall that I'm trying to come up against. Lifting Taller and taller and taller.

We're going one more time at and taller and taller and taller. Hold there around your spine. Back said just off the heel, down the knee. Stretch, round, back. Inhale back and exhale. Pull. The action is on the in the shoulders or pulling down. The trunk is stable. The neck is long. We're going two more times. This is it. Stay there.

Stretch your back out straight. Pull your abdominals in. Don't arch the ribs here we got [inaudible]. Whoa. Working on the hip extensors to move the carrot, taking it into an abdominal focus as the knees bring or come underneath us. Let's have about two more. Bring the carriage all the way in. And while we're here, let's take the foot bar down. I think we'll do, I'm sitting today.

Okay, so we're going to turn around starting with the chest expansion like straight out spine, straight, hands on the handles, arms just slightly in front of the trunk, just checking out ribs in, abdominals in. And here we go. The arms go slightly down in, back and slightly down. As we press back as your arms reach back, focus on extending the spine up. Focuses on the downward pressure of the shoulder blades. Last three and one more. Reaching the arms forward, but in the straps over the elbows.

Start with the Elvis directly in front of the shoulders. Palms are facing in spine is straight. And here we go. Opening the arms and back. Focus on show scapular stability. If you can find that first, then you can create an add action as long as there's no elevation of the shoulder blade. So we want stability before we challenged that, keeping the hands directly over the Elvis as we reach out in my mind as I go out, I'm thinking about just gently guiding my thumbs behind my elbows in order to keep my hands in the right position. Let's see, three more and too much.

All right, heading into the bicep and on the handles. Reestablishing our flat back position, abdominals in arms parallel to our shoulders. Keep the upper arm still as you bend your arms, so any arm work we can always think about. I don't know, turning it into an upper back component or remembering the upper back component. That's where we find stability of the shoulder blades, so we're not only reaching them down, but potentially just ever so slightly back. When I say back, I definitely don't mean that they're squeezing together. I just mean that they're in the right place and stuff.

Last four and three. Then muting the for it to care. I'm going to take us into some rowing. Just get a little flowering if you don't have room for shins. Cross went off with the other arms straight and spine straight. We're going to inhale to bend the elbows.

Exhale as we post to really tilt the pelvis, curling down through the lower back and you know, reach the arms open. Exhale, bring the body forward, the arms behind you, all that keeping the carriage still. Then reach the arms up, rolling the shoulders into the correct position. As you bring your arms all the way forward. Then we roll up into a straight back and heal the arms bent. Exhale, we roll back. Inhale, reach down and out with the fifth start pulling back. Now there's your upper back. Reached the spine way forward. Inhale the arms up, the shoulders pull down. I think about as my straps are pulling forward. That's encouraging the length of my spine forward. Rolling back up. Four two.

Inhale back. Exhale, articulate down in heel to open. Exhale to fold forward the arms. Reach low on the pelvis. Stay touch either in reach, turn the shoulders in the joint and roll that. He goes, I last one in year Xcel role and he'll reach down in a exhale, bring the body forward and he'll reach up and around and roll the spine. A rowing back to bend the arms. Bring the upper arms down next to the ribs. As you articulate downward pause.

Start exhaling here, extending up through the spine, reaching the arms up, and then finishing by sitting up straight with the arms forward. Inhale. Then there's heaps of kite surfers out there. They're pretty exhale. Roll back in. Heel. Shoulders down. Pause. Exhale. Reaching up, up, up with the spine and dropping the spine back straight with the arms for last two. Rolling back again. Just keep the fluid movement of the body. Yeah. And he'll pause, initiate slightly inflection, and then begin the extension, the body. Bring the arms all the way down and dropping the straps. Turn around.

Um, hug a tree. Salute. I wanna do the wrong friends here. Do you care? Whatever I say. I'm trying to make Christie plan on the class. Alright, so here we are again. Nice and straight. Grab the straps, feed her out front. Um, bending the knees if you need to. For the Hagia tree, bring the arms across the front of the body and he'll open. Don't allow your arms to go behind Ya. Feel a sense of expanding the entire trunk as the arms open and then compressing the entire trunk. It's a great place to um, encourage or practice fuller breath.

Yes, Rach, the arms out. Feel the stability of the shoulder blade. Last three. Keep the spine long. Reaching energetically awkward too. [inaudible] then the arms bring the hands just near the tempos.

Fingers pointing forward and then shoulders reaching down as we press and, and feel as the elbows bend, the shoulder blades are broadening in the back. Spine continues to extend upwards and that's five here. Sending the fingers on a slight diagonal let us do. Is that the straps back? I need to stretch. I'm just going to reach forward dropping my head, my feet. Full body too. Let's do a long back stretch.

Still in that one same red spot. Just stick with that spring for the be easy. All right, sitting on the bar. Hands facing forward. Fingers reaching underneath of the foot bar. Setting one foot at a time into the shoulder blocks. Cutting for the feet. Pretty close to the shoulder blocks. You're right there.

We lifting up away from the floor. Bend the arms. Inhale. As you exhale, roll out with your body. Allow the arms to straighten. As that happens, continue excelling as you roll back, keeping the pelvis lifted the shoulders very much down. Find yourself to the stopper. Still supported from the shoulders are still with a long neck and full bend. Exhale, ah, and in lengthen. At no time do your, are you creating a v shape with your collarbones so always a strong commitment to the lats. Your legs will help you here, the hamstrings and specifically finish two more. Christie. Ben. Exhale. Extend and roll back.

Lifting the pelvis up as you curl backwards through the abdominal muscles. Inhale, flatten out the back. Bend the arms. Exhale, curl and back and restrained and stuff. Yeah. Alright, we're going to head into the side splits. Setting up the box, getting the strap load up the carriage. Sure that the leg that's underneath the strap stays in parallel or perhaps slightly biasing towards reaching into internal rotation.

Finding a straight line hand is on the shoulder block. Once you're there, you're going to bring your one hand behind your head, that free hand bring the other hand behind the head. Even a nice straight, strong lines. Important that you know how to be here before you can go down so that you can come back to that same line in hill. We go down, guide the head forward, keeping the next [inaudible]. Keep the legs still. Two more enough for you is that if you don't do very many, it gives you the chance to challenge the little bit or the small number of the ones that you're doing. That's enough for me correctly and we all know that what's most important is the correct movement, right? Not doing more just to do more arm reaches, overhead leg reaches away.

That feels like it's too big of a stretch. You can always go to your elbow or like my hand on the floor. It makes more sense to me. I'm going to turn putting both hands on the frame, guide the spine forward, keep it long and just pull towards this risers. It's a fantastic stretch in my opinion. I've got a lot of those Christy. Lots of opinions to share. Let's change sides.

You're ready? Alright, so we set up, we've got our hand on her head, Russ, about our opposite leg and the strap and a top hands please. Bottom hand and we're off and running. Here we go. Stretch and length and stretch left moving the body as if it was between two panes of glass last two times one, one. Yeah, I'm comes down. I the put the Hobo on the head.

Rest of the hand on the ground. Top arm overhead. Press opposites in opposition through the leg. It makes a difference if you use both sides of your body to find the stretch. All right, carefully come up out of that stretch both hands on either side of the frame. Guide yourself into rotation, trying to score yourself to the floor and then pull slightly outwards.

I'm trying to stay long in my body rather than rounding down. Okay. Coming up, turning a box you to do pulling straps. One solid by pulling straps too. Alright, lying on the buttocks. Chest is just over the box. The rib cage is on the box. I like to look back and just make sure I'm straight.

Oftentimes times can catch yourself being crooked. Both hands on the straps. Wrap your hands around the strap. Abdominal Zen, legs strong but not actively lifting, very high. Just reaching away. Here we go, guiding the work from the shoulder blades. We pull the arms back, lifting the chest.

We release or resist the movement down and it's an exhale to [inaudible] top of the head reaches forward. Keep your eyes on the ground, perhaps just slightly forward of you maybe right where the cord, what I'm going up and down lowering as my arms go down and I'm extending my upper back as my arms reach up. I'm not lifting into the highest back extension I have available to me. I'm trying to concentrate the effort in my upper back only. I feel like one more should be just fine and then we release all the way down. I'm going to give us a little break. We're going to unwrap our hands for the pulling straps to find a t position with your arms bodies parallel.

Same thing here as I bring my fingertips, my pinky fingers towards my thighs. I extend through my upper back and I reach back out, lowering my chest to neutral. I extend through my upper back and I bring it back down. The hardest thing in my mind in the, in this exercise is to keep the palms down. It's quite a challenge, so check it out. Are you doing that?

Let's say just three more. Oh, Christie doesn't want to do three. How about two? Okay. See, he's done. All right. I'm done. And Dad sets straps. Matt, Chrissy, let's step off. Let's find a place to do a couple of roll downs and we'll be done. Alright. Standing Tall.

I feel like I have more energy than I did when I started. Here we go find the head. Let it fold forward. Pull up through the ams, reach the shoulders down. Inhale XL, start the lift through the middle of the body. Here's where we get to just let tension go. Let's do that two more times. Rolling forward.

It's checking in with your body. Does it feel differently than it did when you started? Yeah, me too. Yeah, exactly. Christine and I are trembling, which is a good thing. I think I'm going to change it this time. Chrissy, let's reach out both arms forward, and then from there it is going to die for lengthening out through the spine, folding at the waist, springing the hands towards the ground. Take as long as you need to hear, maybe hold onto your ankles and guide your body further forward, and then when you're ready, we're just going to finish by coming up. [inaudible]. That's it.

And that was fun. Hmm.


Ahhhhhhhhhh fun class, been so long I have done long spine ,had almost forgotten how it goes! Thanks Meridith for a great workout. You guys are so fun to work out with. My wish is to come to your studio there one day and participate in a real class!! Maybe the dolphins will make an appearance! Hmmmmm I gotta go write Santa!
Jamie - If you are ever in our neck of the woods we would LOVE to have you in class. Thanks for participating!!
Come on over Jamie!!!
Ok so I am wondering if I have an inner ear thing going on Kristi? I loved this workout!! Amazing! I was fatigued nicely at the end, and on the last rolldown where Meredith changed the arms, I had to run to the bathroom and throw up. I felt fine until then. I'm wondering if it's not an inner ear thing. I'm going to have to see a Dr. about this, it's getting rediculous, as I can't be getting motion sickness while working out! Meredith...great workout!
Ann Please consult a Dr. before taking any more classes.
Thanks Ann. Hope you are ok.
I posted a little about what the Dr. said in the "general discussion" part of the forum. I'm fine. It was a great class Meredith!
What a fantastic class to watch!! You both are amazing!! I've only been teaching for about six months and I completed my certification with BASI!!! If I'm ever in your city, I would love to take a class!!! Sincerly, Lisa Blackstock
Lisa, We'd love to have you in class!
May I ask how many springs attached on the footwork ? and what were their colour ? thanks... great class !! can't wait to do it!!
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