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Day 17: Working with Springs

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Welcome to Day 17! The springs and straps on the Reformer are meant to help you so Monica focuses on how you can use the springs to get deeper and stronger in your practice. She adds in a few advanced exercises so you can continue to challenge your body.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Welcome to class number 17 in your 30 session challenge. Today we are going to work on just a intermediate reformer with a few added advanced exercises I want, one of the things that Ramana used to tell us is, are the springs are your friends, and you use the straps and the springs to help in any weakness that you have. So it really should help you. The reformer was designed to help strengthen whatever you need to strengthen. Don't get tense and work against the spring, but find a way to allow it to work deeper and to get stronger with it.

So I'm going to be a little bit more deliberate in my pace today, trying to take a time to do that. Hopefully by now in class number 17, you're starting to see, um, you've started to feel a lot more muscles. You might even feel them, where they're starting to cramp up on you, your work. And I'm so intensely might happen to me today. So that's all right. And we're working towards having a completely different shape to our bodies.

So we're going to start on the reformer four springs. I have a grots, I'm going to have four on work with years, different tensions. Um, if you have another manufacturer, all right, here we go. Dry in the powerhouse in and up, lengthening the lower back. I'm really wanting to keep this area from clenching and gripping. I'm going to use my powerhouse in, connect my mind to my body from the beginning. So I'm gonna draw it in line down, toes go on the bar pretty wide and your Claudia's stance. Okay, so we're gonna use this spring.

I'm gonna make sure my pelvis is nice and square and flat. Instead of just going today, I'm going to really can think about my inner thighs and just do an isometric contraction of them not even pushing out, which allows me to think about my pelvic floor and my lower belly. And I'm going to pull up my lower belly against the spring for one inch. And now that I haven't engaged in a, pull it all the way up to my upper back. Keep it there, stretching out the crown of my head, and then continue on with my nine pulling all the way up to the crown of my head. Always keeping it there. Inner thighs, pelvic floor, scooping in and up. That's it. We've got six more.

Your quads are always gonna work, but allow the spring to strengthen your powerhouse. Initiate. That's the name of the game. Initiate from your powerhouse. One more initiating. Hold it in arches. Same thing. Stretch down your tailbone. If you're gripping, undo those. Squeeze those inner thighs together.

Wrap the feet around and let's pull out just a little bit. Finding that connection. And now keep pulling that lower belly all the way to the upper back, up, loose neck, cause you're stretching and keep that as you pull in and pull out all the way in, all the way out with your belly pulling in and up the entire time. Stretching. Let's do six more pulling up against the spring, right, initiating with your belly. Four trying to wrap those feet, but most importantly, let's pull against that spraying. Hold it in up to the heel.

Pull your toes back, squeeze again, the inner thighs. Find that pelvis and let's pull out a little bit. So your inner thighs, you're pulling up your belly into your lower back. And now let's put all the way up the crown of the head and pull your toes back as you come in and out. So pull against the spring. Initiate from your powerhouse. Don't just push out. We use the word, pull the carriage out. Pull the carriage out in Romanos is pull it out.

Pull your belly up to the crown of your head, realigning our spine the way God intended it to be. Getting rid of bad postural habits. One more. We're going to go down a toes. Same thing. Make sure you're back in alignment. Pulling this isometric inner thighs. I'm also gluing my heel, so I feel my arches are engaged. Heels, inner thighs, pelvic floor, pulling out a little bit and now I'm going to pull all the way up to the crown of my head. Remember, I'm going to make sure I'm releasing those hip flexors.

I should have a really deep scoop and I'm going to keep my energy up the crown of the head and we're pulling up against the spring. Keep the spring almost out. As you stretch down your heels, pull it out even more. Stretch. Draw those inner thighs, pelvic floor, scoop, scoop, scoop, and Belize in and up, right? Cause we get to strengthen it against that spring. And we got four pulling in and up, releasing any gripping the should be really stretched.

Anchoring the back of the ribs. Let's do one more. Stretching the calves, but working from the back of the find and seat here. Hold it up. This is what your a hundred should feel like and we're gonna draw that. Carriage it. Slide a little away from your shoulder pads, lower the bar and your head piece and grab your handles. We're going to again, really work on that Spring, right? So we're going to take a breath looking at our belly, and then as you exhale, pull the spring up into your upper stomach. Here we go.

Ain't in with here. And exhale and in with there, and exhale. So this is your warm up here. Make sure you're feeling your arches lift towards you, your inner thighs, squeezing your pelvic floor, your lower belly. It's all pulling up, pulling the carriage out, like you can pull it back behind you and your arms are reaching. Let's keep breathing in with the air in with here. Exhale it all. Really exhale. Squeeze the air out. Two more. When you squeeze here, squeeze it against the spring again last time. And those straps are helping you.

Yeah, Ben, everything. Alright, we're going to transition to short spine massage in with the air. And exhale, rolling up. Drop two springs. Just going to pull my Mike A. Little. Okay. And I'm going to turn back and roll down. Put the letter through the handle, pull in, and you can even use the straps here so that you squeeze your legs together and use your powerhouse to pull it in. So just a little tension allows for that belly to engage more.

Extend the legs, maybe lift the bottom, and then we're gonna roll down for a delicious [inaudible] short spine massage. All right, so this should look like your foot work where your belly pulls against the spring and initiating from your belly, keeping this long, and then lift, letting the straps age you, but don't let them do the work for you in. With your exhale, I'm going to pull against my straps. I'm not really moving my feet, but I'm stretching each bone away from my feet and come down and allowing that to be like my tower on the Cadillac and three more in with the year. Exhale using my straps to help me lift my hips even more in with dear empty my lungs. I'm stretching down one bone, articulating another. Again, pulling against the strap to stretch in between each one and here two more. And during my lungs with the air empty.

Yeah, all the way down. And he alls last one and then reaching up long, not depending on the straps, but letting them help you and stretching away. [inaudible]. Next is coordination. Slip the straps off, bend the elbows to the Mat and lift your head. And here we go. The belly pulls in and up against the strips. Squeeze.

Draw it in and in with ear open class. Exhale, make this nice and deep. Three more, really get that upper stomach or maybe reach arms longer scooping. And one more. I think I said two more. Okay, so one more here and pull and keep reaching your hands for your ankles.

And let's go into rowing. Both handles in one hand. Come up into your teaser. As you rotate. I again use my straps a little bit there to not pull on the carriage where it actually moves, but to have a little bit of tension. All right, so let's get more out of our rowing. Thinking about our springs, we're going to think of um, doing a rollback as we squeeze our inner thighs, drawn that lower belly and we're going to pull against our spring and our straps with our lower belly initiating one, maybe a little lower. Lengthening the back, [inaudible] pulling. Let's go a little lower. Great. Now hold that in your powerhouse. Feel it. Use it to help give you strength.

Keep pulling your belly back against that spring, back against that spring back. And then we're going to big lift. And now here, lift your ribs up, up, up and up, and stretched. Two more. So we're going to squeeze and we're going to scoop pool against that Spring Open. Keep pulling against that spring and then keep pulling your belly back and remember that feeling to help lift into wonderful c curve. One more.

Pull back against that spring. It feels delicious. It's open. Use that power. Scoop it and keep pressing back your arms. Open those shoulders. Lift up. Lift more, lift more. Let's do riding all 90 degrees. Alright, we're going to lift up tall. Push into your straps, feel the tension in the leather.

They're going to help you and we're going to scoop our belly and lift up. Lift up more. Naval is lift, lift, lift. Let's go back as far as we can. Use those straps to keep our energy g up and stretch forward. Pull with your powerhouse, always initiating big circle. Back to more writing angle.

You should feel the back of your thighs here. You should feel your belly and especially pulling into the back of your ribs. Lifting, lifting. You don't allow your elbows to droop on that one. Okay and stretch, and then keep lifting your belly up, up, up against those straps. Oh, one more. Here we go, scoop.

And I'm really taking a moment to find my powerhouse each time and initiate from there. So right here, a little more open shoulders, a little. Press into those straps. And then use your ability to lift, lift, lift, lift, and all the way back. All right, we're going to slow your handle there. Turn around and slide your bottom between your handles. And let's put just your thumb in there on the strap goes underneath. Here we go. We're going to scoop in. Let's lift off the back of the thighs, scoop your belly in and pull the belly up up, up.

Now stay up and press your arms down. Keep your belly up, keep your belly up, keep it up, and then you're gonna lift your belly up as you lift those arms up and keep lifting it up to push into those handles. Keep lifting and lifting it, lifting it, and release two more. In with the air. Exhale, your belly pulls in and out. Okay, stays up. Crown of the head stays on the ceiling. Use those straps to feel the lift. Feel the lift, feel the lift and down. One more.

Okay. In with the air, exhale back of the thighs. Belly lifts in and up and in with the ear. Opening the shoulders, pressing it into your straps. Use them to help you pull yourself up between two buildings. I love to imagine, let's flex your toes back. Head down for from the hips.

We're going to scoop. Let me try that again. I didn't initiate it from my belly. I had just initiated from here. It doesn't feel that great. So you're going to draw those inner thighs, draw that belly and that stretch your lower back just a little bit. Can you feel your belly pull against just a little bit forward as pulling back. Keep pulling your belly back, back, back, and it rules you up.

Keep pulling your belly into your back and now lift it, lift it, lift it, and two more. So immediately pull your belly back against the spread straps. Pulling it up, lengthening it up. Keep lifting up to the crown of your head. I think we have one more. Pull back against those strips. Use that stretch, roll it up, and then lift.

Make sure your shoulders are in joint lifting up, up, up, and now you're going to take your handles. Swivel your hand in. Scoop your belly into your back as your legs cross and bend the elbows and straighten the arms. Try not to let this spring stop. Bend the elbows pulling into your lower back. Ben, use the momentum of the spring forward. Then push your knees down against strap. Two more. Push the knees down. One more, and we'll transition needs. Go down, Belize, back. Open the arms. Keep the energy in those arms so your belly can stay in and in with the air.

Exhale, pushing with the back of the arms. Pull your belly back against that spring. Push Open. Pull your belly back against that spring. Push your arms up in reverse. Exhaling to come in and you're using the back of the arms to lengthen the arm out to the corners. And exhale.

You're really feeling those straps. Strengthen your arms. One more time. Oh, budding. And we're done with our rowing series. We're going to hang up our handles, grab our alarm box, make sure this is in, we're gonna grab our bar and our box. Let's put it on for long box. I like to Tuck it under and it's going to be ready. Kind of have to do that quickly, otherwise it gets out of your way. All right, we're going to stand on the back edge to get in and we're going to use this kind of like a standing foot work. That's why the transition is so important.

So I'm going to squeeze my inner thighs, draw my belly in, push out a little bit until my shoulders are even. Okay. So now I feel really engaged and I'm going to press down, grab my straps while holding the carriage out, and then grab your handles. Make sure you feel comfortable in the box and let your carriage come home. All right, so we're gonna pull an inch. I think I need to skip forward. Just a tiny, we're going to pull forward and Andrew at first, send your engage. Send your hips.

Long legs are long, pressing the pubic bone down, lifting your belly. Now pull down just a couple inches and feel your belly really lift, relaxing the neck and shoulders. Now keep using your belly to pull all the way up to your sternum against those straps and long down. So this one is specially, don't fight the straps. Use them to help you. You can hold onto the handle or not. Press lengthen. Pull an inch, fill your belly.

Think about push through on your stomach and you're going to lift up, up, up, up, lengthening forward. Reaching your legs long and down. Feels really good. One more long legs. Scoop. Press pulling up, pressing down, palling up, pulling up. This action being simultaneous is super important to the feeling.

Let's go down to the strap, the Hulu part, and we're going to do t the t or pole straps to reach long, longer shoulders and joint long legs. Press the pubic down, stomach in, and we're going to pull back just a little. Now make sure your shoulders are engaged. Good. Now keep lifting, lifting, lifting, and reaching out to come on. Reach out, pull back, stomach's in, lifted up, lifted up, lifted up, and reach long to return. One more reach long stomach pulls up against those jobs, up, up, uh, reaching forward and long to come home. All right, you should be feeling all this. We're going to step up at a spring. We're going to do backstroke. Handle on each hand behind you.

One Hand, one foot, one hand, one foot, and you're going to have your tailbone off the front edge and we're going to roll down our back. But even here, use these handles. Pull your belly away, pull your belly and your back pull and you feel really good about your positioning. And we're going to go up. I'm still pressing, I'm opening. And now I'm gonna press as my belly pulls in and up, up, up, and scoop it and keep scooping your belly against those straps. Okay, three and bending stomach pulls into your back, keeps pulling into your back, pulls against the spring. As the carriage moves backwards, one more time.

Belly pulls in open. So now where belly pulls in and up and it hap in and it pulls against the straps against those strips, against those times, that's what allows you to keep coming up. How? All right, let's do teaser. Both handles in one hand, exhaling to come up. So you're going to use these to kind of hold your balance and use your powerhouse to roll back to drop a spring. You're going to use the other hand to swivel back and lie down.

You should have a little room from the front edge more than you did on backstroke. So same thing. Don't fight the spring. Let it help you. Inhale, pulling those inner thighs, lower belly, right, pulling against this trap. Polling against the strap up, up, up, and now hold your belly back as you do pumping one, pumping two, one more pumps, pulling the belly in and up. Polar back pressing, no gripping with those thighs pulling, pulling, delicious roll down. Let's try circles in with the air. Squeeze those inner thighs. Pull the belly against the strips against pulling back against the springs.

There we go. And Open ad's scoop and pulling your belly against this trap. Don't let that spring go. Don't lose the energy hold and now rub back. Pull against the spring against the spring. One more.

Reversing that in with deer. Don't Yank yourself up and arms two more. Try not to start getting lazy. And now inner thighs, pelvic floor, lower belly, and Voila. Okay, I'll try not to make a loud noise here. We're just going to put the straps at the end. I'm going to grab a pad for my short box work. I'm going to turn my box around.

Voila. My poles ready to go. And I'm going to add a spring and I'm going to grab my straps and I'm going to sit down. All right, so in the first one, we don't have a spring, but we do have a strap, right? So we're going to pull our belly into our lower back against that strap. So whenever you start seeing your legs come up, it's a dead giveaway that you're kind of gripping instead of allowing for that opposition to happen, that length to happen.

So I'm going to put my hands here to get a little bit more of a view and then I'll put them around my waist like they're supposed to be. So scoop and in and up, and I'm going to draw those inner thighs. Draw that pelvic floor, pull against that strap. Pull against that strap. Pull against us. Drop into the box in with the air pooling. Mobilly back, back, back, back. You really want to have a nice, not just scooped in, but scooping in and up and length in the back.

Lengthen against the stroke length that against the strap. Reach all the way back if you can against that strap. Delicious in with the hair. Exhale, super important. Two more inner thighs. Lower belly polling against a strap into the box. Stretch in with the air.

Okay, one more. Lengthening any heel to start. Pull this bone, this bone, this one, all against that strap. Let's grab your bar. So now your bar is going to give you some more information about your body.

Don't have an arch. Find your seat. Press the sit bones through. Push your heels away. Draw the belly into your lower back, just like you did. Now, use your belly to lift your arms up as if you're on the reformer line down for your footwork. You're pulling in an up against the spring and go as if you're sliding up, up, up and forward. So use the footwork to remember what it felt like to draw your belly into your lower back and to slide it up to your upper back against those springs.

I hope you can see it in my body. We're going to do one more big connection from the back of the fine bottom to the back of my ribs, trying not to grip in those hip flexors. Now we're going to do, I'm going to the side [inaudible]. Yeah, so same thing, finding your pelvis and space, pulling your belly into your lower back, lifting it up, and now stay up against those imaginary reformer springs as you side bend and come center. Okay. Belize stays anchored. Reaching, reaching, reaching. This is not supposed to be really a down exercise, but a reach over. So I'm gonna work my obliques again, lifting up in the center, but then really stretching, stretching, stretching, working more my obliques to come. Center. One more set.

Waking those up so that I can do my twist. One more time. Breathing really helps. It's kind of an inhale to reach. Exhale to come center. All right, we're going to do the twist. Arms up, pulling your belly. Yes, let's talk list. Ring it out our lungs.

Now pull your navel against that strap against the safety strap and pull out and keep pulling your belly against that strap to come up. One more slow twist. I'm going to draw my inner thighs away from that strap. Pull my pelvic floor in my lower belly, my waist, and keep it all lengthening as I come up here we go up, twist, reach, and it up and up. Twist, pull out, keep pulling out. Notice my cue is one more set twist. Pull out the belly, keep pulling it out. Last one, twist. Don't leave your belly forward.

Key pulling it long and rest or stretch. Okay, slip nearby or underneath and make sure that both hips are down. And here I want you to pull. Don't have an arch right here scooping, scooping so much that you pull that leg up to you. And we're going to stretch and stretch and stretch. Hold it up and we're going to stretch forward.

Okay? We might have a loose strap right now. So what do we do? We pull our belly against that strap, pulling it, pulling it. If your elbows are bent, you can now lengthen against them. So your back, your pelvis and backer on the box and that's go down. Okay. And with the air pulling into your back, stretching up out of your lower back. And do that again. Pull your belly against the strap.

Pull your belly against your arms. Walk down in with the air. Stretch up out of that lower back. One more rocking back. Pull your belly against that strap. Pull against your arms and stretch and in with the air. [inaudible].

Exhaling all the way up. Flexing the toe and stretch. Alright, other legs. So both go under the strap. Both hips are squared. Pull your belly in, slide that leg up, and here we go. Stretch and stretch and hold it up and stretch forward. Trying to pull your belly into your lower back. All right, let's pull and bring this up just a tiny bit for, I'm going to pull back against that strap since my arms are bent in a pool into the box and walk down.

Add in with the air. We didn't do this on the other side, but you can stretch back like you did on the first short box. Exercise the hug, so pull into the box. If your pelvis is secure, you can reach your arms and pull simultaneously so that you can get that opposition of that strap and one more Paul into the box. Reach you back in with their pull into the box against the strap. Don't let your belly touch your leg if you can, and then grab your toes and stretch up to a tall back. Super important. All right, we're going to bring down our box.

We are done with short box, so I'm going to bring my pad down like this grabbed my bar and my box. Put it down evenly. Put the bar back in place as I come back here and to lift my head piece, put my pad, lift my bar in place, and I'm ready for the long stretch series. So we're going to get on hand foot. We're still going to be using that spring. We've got two on hand, but this point, you should have your back leg locked, your powerhouse in.

We're going to keep that just like you did for when you got on the long box. You're in position, you ready to go? So you can do these exercises beautifully. You're going to pull the belly in to pull that other leg in place and now pull the belly against the spring you're pushing out, but your belly pulls in and up and it really pulls in and up as you come out and scoop that belly and pull. Think about that long box. Your hips should be squeezing down. Pull the belly in and up. Out.

Squeeze those inner thighs. Draw the belly in and up. One more. Exhaling. Now hold. Kneel down gently separate your feet and you should still be forward in a thigh stretch and you're going to [inaudible] push out and now pull the belly up. Pull it up higher, pull it up more all the way to your sternum against that spring, right? Push that spring out from your bottom. Pull the belly up, pull the belly.

Don't lose your belly. Here it goes up, up, up. Let's do two more out with the hips. Hips squeeze forward. Belly pulls in and up. Up, up. Last one, going into a backbend, pushing out belly pulls in and up so much that you can crawl onto your fingertips. Lifting the arms, pulling up and back. Yeah, we're gonna go into your up stretch hands scooping up, trying to do it simultaneously. All right, we're really gonna get into our, what I like to call your upper see curve or the upper stomach and the upper back curve. Make sure your heels are pressing pole up in it to begin those springs hoops and pushing out. Find right now the back of the thighs in the back of the ribs.

Push out just a little bit. Holt, you should be keeping the ribs where they are back in the size. Push out a little more. One more bit. Squeeze your bottom down. Now pull the belly up into your upper back, head between those arms into your upper back, head between those arms and then fold up. Try One more like that. Hold in the ribs here and back of the thighs. Not Front. Let's shape the back of the legs. Hold those ribs forward. Back the legs.

Squeeze down. Draw the belly in and up. All right, little bit. Turning into arm work, so let's keep it up to tempo. Back the thighs. Hips, scoop and I'm pulling up back the thighs. Scoop, scoop, scoop and lower the heels. Have them against shoulder pads. If you're tall enough, I need them a little forward and I'm going to think of my pull up here. I'm going to anchor my heels, push out from the back of my thighs and I'm going to lift up. Lift up against, that's me. Lift up against that swing more.

Push out against the spring. Lift up my heels, dig down, lift up, up, up, and push from the back of that eyes. It's a nice stretch. Pulling up inner thighs, pelvic floor, pulling up. One more push out and scoop in. In, in. Nice. Let's go ahead and step off and we're going to do a long back stretch. Really finding the back of the thighs and see push against those springs.

All right, so we're going to do hand, foot, hand. Your bottom's going to be in the air. We're going to do a tricep that makes sure your heels are there. TRICEP dip. Now push out with the seat. Lift the seat and it's in. Dip out with the seat. Lift the scene and one more.

Lift the seat and my hands are slipping. I'm getting sweaty out. I should be pushing with my hips out. Not with your sad little wrists. One more time. Hips. There we go. And done. All right, bring it down. Let's do stomach massage.

I am one of those that loves stomach massage. Most people don't, but I love how it stretches my lower back. Okay, so we're going to round to sit. Get your feet in position, make sure you're centered and we're gonna. It's, this is your rolling like a ball. So you're going to scoop into your lower back and pull out. Pull out another inch. Are you pulling out with your belly scoop?

Let's pull all the way out. Stretched down. Pull your belly against those springs as come in. Keep pulling your belly back, back, back. Don't let it go forward. And to tempo. We're always keeping our belly off our thighs.

We're trying to keep the heels in the same spot as you go out. That allows you to squeeze your innercise against those springs. One more. Drop a spring, arms back at the same time. Now scoop your belly in and we're gonna lift it. Lift your belly. That's what straightens your arms, not your arms are right back of the thighs and belly lifts up belly a little more. Can you lift it more against those springs now all the way out, town's still staying up. Pull it up. And Ben, one more like that.

So we're going to pull the belly in and up and up and up and up, the longest tiniest waist you have, and we're going to keep it as you push the heels down and lift up even more. And in sweaty hands. Here we go. But if you do that correctly, well then you're ready to do the advanced version, right, which is no hands so and pull in, but we're not doing that today. Scoop it up, down, lifting it. Scoop. Almost put my quads into that one last one. Inner thighs.

All right, here we go. Reach the arms forward. Drop the spring stretch and pull against the spring. Don't make it a quiet exercise here. Pull into your lower back, pull. Keep your arms at this level and exhale to tempo. Excellent. One more cause we'll do the twist. Pull against the spring again, don't push, pull, pull into your back and in and pull.

Pull pool into a straight line. And Paul Paul, oh that [inaudible] belly and reaching forward. Reaching back against the spring. One more set. [inaudible] last one. Hmm.

Don't forget to breathe. Okay, we're going to bring it down and now we're going to do a little tendon stretch, so we're going to use that spring again. We'll sit down. We're going to do it the basic way, and we're going to push down your heels. Push that carriage out. One time I see the word push. Maybe it'll be more so really pushing it away and hopefully you're going to all of it here so your hands are on the bar. Pull your belly and stretch forward the head, the upper back, the next part, not your lower back. Keep that off your thighs as low as you can go. Now, squeeze those inner thighs, pull up in that pelvic floor and lower belly and let's see if my lower back pulls up against that Spring and all the way out and down and innercise.

Pelvic floor pulling up and two more. Actually three squeezes those his size. Pull the belly up and two, and last one. I'm going to start with my exhale. Okay, great. Okay, we're going to lower your bar for semicircle, so we're going to start with that down. Put Our pad away and I'm also going to set up my straps that are back here for my leg circles after this. All right, so those are going to be ready to go, but we'll get to enjoy semicircle first.

Hope you are enjoying feeling how much the spring can help stretch you, strengthen you, get rid of your weaknesses. All right? Had pieces up and lower yourself down. There's a few different ways to get into this exercise. I always do Fisk because I'm so height challenged, but if you're taller you can have your hands like so for me, I need to go a little bit more. Okay, here we go. So I'm going to try to hold the kerogen. Why?

Because then I can really get a little more stretch here rather than being way out. I don't want to try to roll down again, so I'm trying to hold the carriage in, hold that spring in as I go all the way down and maybe I have to push out a little to get through. Now back in the thighs and seat from your ball of your foot. And now squeeze up the seat against that spring. It doesn't move and stretch in stretch, stretch, stretch. Hold it in. [inaudible] keep it still keep it still.

Maybe has to move a little. When you move too much, you really give away a lot. Sliding out, not just straight leg, but almost up, up, up, building strength and come in and one more. You can really see how much your belly can pull in against this spring here. [inaudible] and we're going to reverse keeping this beautiful lean line. We're going to push out with the back of the thighs and see.

We're going to push out because I want you to feel those muscles in the back of your legs. Get strong now hold it. And same thing. Curling, curling, curling and sliding in, lifting up, back of the thighs and seat. Push, not your quads and melting and up. We're gonna do one more and in and hands go forward. Okay. And stretch. Okay.

I even tried to lower your heels if he can. [inaudible]. Yeah, they lowered in my mind at least. And now we're going to slide back and get ready for our legs. Springs like circles.

So use the straps so that you'd move both legs at the same time. You can pull in your belly, use that opposition. And now feet come here. Same thing as your foot work. You've got your pelvis squared and we're gonna push out just a little bit. How's that belly? As in, pull it in more.

Pull it in more. Now squeeze those inner thighs until that bellies up to your crown of your head. Stay tall like that. As you come back in, use that spring to pull the carriage out. Pull your belly in and up and keep that three more to tempo. We're going to now what does that feel like? Just to keep your belly there.

It has to build stamina. One more hold and now push the back of the Fi's against those straps. I want to see these muscles get developed, developed, developed, reaching Outta here. Scoop and control. It happened one more like that. Open with the outer thighs, back of the legs, back of the legs. Let me see a little dimple here between the hamstring and the glutes.

Scoop the belly and against those inner thighs and up. Three more to tempo. They circle and two and three. Reverse one and two. Three more for pulling my belly against that strap and stretch.

Very nice. Okay, we're going to slip these straps off your feet, lower them down into the well and get ready for your knee stretches up we go. Always trying to lift into your teaser hand, foot, hand, foot. Okay, so we're going to really think about this. Um, keeping your upper body still and I love to see my legs go back like that without my hips pushing forward. Let's see if we can do that. I'm going to use the springs to strengthen that part. So pulling against the spring, already pushing into the handles. I'm going to pull my belly back, pulling, pulling.

Now let's see if my hips without losing my back. Can I push out and scooping one more like that. Pulling my belly back, pulling, pulling it back, hips. And in eight more to tempo. Okay?

Maybe further, further three, two, one, switch as you go out, lift your belly more to your sternum, to your sternum. Push and pull to tempo. Back the thighs, heels, pushing it. Belly lifts against the spring. Notice my chest doesn't drop. Three, two and one. Lift one, pull your belly up. Stretch your knees down. Stretch your knees down. It's called knee stretches.

Five, four, three, two and last one, lowering. Dad running and pelvic tilts. Stepping down and we're going to get to take a moment to cool down a little. So pelvis, just like footwork, heels. They're a little closer together here. The toes, maybe even all the way together. Let's try all the way together. Alright, here we go. Pulling out.

Polling your belly in against the springs. The knees don't roll in. That's why it's harder to do it parallel. Even though your toes are together, you don't get to go knock kneed and we're going to stay up. Stay up with your belly. Pull up against that spring as you stretch. Stretch, stretch, pull up the spring with your belly switch, switch, switch, inner thigh arch. Everything pulls up and then you have to switch legs, scoop. And then this should be like your single leg stretch on the mat.

Let's go to tempo. Okay. Stretching out the hip flexors, back of the ribs on the mat. You're almost simos lost footing with my left foot. You're pulling up so much. Nothing's going down.

Yeah, yeah. Up End with energy. Last one up. And that's very important. Up to come in. You don't just come in with your heels down. Arches. Here we go. Length in your bottom, tailbone, everything that way.

Lift up while you length instead of gripping. And we're going to press out with this, but same time, feel your belly pull into your upper back, upper back, upper back against those springs and resist that staying loose and long in the neck as you come in. Think about the way the legs are working so that when we do our split series right now, they can connect with this lift formally opening the knees three. Oh, I've had a fun time doing this workout, so I hope you have to do one more after this. [inaudible] and roll dance. Slide your feet together, hug your knees in and we're going to do some split.

So make sure you have two black pats. Lower your foot bar. Put a pad just underneath that, leaving enough space for your foot to also go on it. All right, and we're going to stand up on the reformer. You should feel a lot more stable at this point. This is not like feeling off-centered because all your muscles have worked so much against those springs. You're going to take your right foot, put it on the solid part, keep your box square, keep lifting up against those springs and heel-toe the opposite foot.

In this case, my left out and I'm going to make sure I'm square. Pull up first, pull up, pull that carriage, pull up, use it now. Outer thighs, push out out, out, hah. Pull up, up, up. Switch it to one spring. You can do it on two springs. That's how we learn it, but I like my springs now to work on one spring. Again, I get a lot more out of it.

So it's like a skateboard that skating away from you and you have to control it. Challenges me more. Okay, so you're going to split out and hold two, three and now feeder's not rolling in or out. You're gonna lift those inner thighs against the spring. Lift your pelvic floor against the spring. Lift your belly and hold it in and push out with those outer thighs.

Hold two, three hands are here. If you'd like. Lift the inner thigh. Make sure your feet aren't rolling in stable ankles. Lift in your pelvic floor. Lower belly. Hold it in. Push up, push, pull up, pull up. Notice I'm saying pull up, not pull in. If you keep pulling up, it'll come in. He'll tow. That should feel a little different when you think about it that way. I turn towards your spring's other foot. I'm gonna fix this pad a little.

Okay. And Nice and square. Heel toe. Okay. Even weight on your feet and push open. Two, three, pull up against the spring. Paul, the inner thigh, Paul, the pelvic floor, pull the lower belly arms can be out like this and out Paul Up. You should have weighed on your outer foot, lifting the arch pelvic floor and Pasha and pulling up up. Oh, the way in. There we go. Heel toe.

Notice there's not much sound because I've always lifted up. You can step down and we're going to ask a safer way. Sometimes I just stay up there. Add your second spring on and make a little v back. Here we're going to do front split followed by Russian split, so hand, foot, hand, foot.

We're going to put your right foot between your sternum and your shoulder and top or heel-toe that foot back. Make sure there's good energy there. Square off your hips. All right. Use this part of the thigh to push out against those springs. Pull. Push out. Pull your belly into your back.

Push with the back of the leg pole. Lift your hips so you're at a right angle. Lift up your arms, put them behind your head. Let's push the front leg out against that spring. Pull your belly up. Push out against that spring. Pull the belly up. One more right hip against that spring. Pull. Great for your knee.

Lengthen. We're going to bring that foot down, left foot forward, left foot up, and I'm going to hop my right foot back. You can again weeble wobble it. It's probably safer. Okay. Right hip pushes back against the spring. Pull in your belly, pushes back against the spring. One more. This is really good for me because my right ankle gives me grief and you really want to make sure ankles correct here. Yeah, hips come up.

Arms simultaneously this time left hip. Okay. It should be a right angle. Left hip pushes against that spring pulls belly poles. You should even be lifting the crown of your head to the ceiling. Everything's working and arms left foot down, right. We're going to turn around. I'm going to get rid of a pad.

You can put them on your foot bar if you want. Hands go on top of the shoulder pads. Left foot is going to go out. This time right foot is going to go the ball of the foot into the crack where the head piece starts rising up at an angle. And I'm going to push out the carriage to get into place. So the heel is on the top part, ball the foot.

You should all know this though, and now we just work this in front splits, so get it going. And now we're going to push out with the front one and bet and push out with the front one and bet the lap back. One's locked front one and bet pulling up again. Let's try that again. Front for front. One more front. Now the delicious part, reach the heel, goes in the center and stretch out.

Pull up with your hips square. Might him pull up with the spring and let me tell you that doesn't feel smart. Let's go out again. One more time, pushing out, stretching out further further, further. Now draw those inner thighs. Pull up in the pelvic floor. Pull up in your powerhouse. That felt a lot better. Right foot back, left foot down, right foot goes back to that bar.

Left foot. Okay. Strong right leg pushes out the left. So the right we did this. It's from push out, forward, left legs working well. Both are one more powerhouse pulls in. Powerhouse reaches through your fingertips. Push like should be at a right angle. Square those hips. Watch that front knee. Pull against the spring.

Hold. Pulling against the spring. Reach. Hands to lift the heel. Square off your hips and split. Keep slowly pushing out. Feeling that stretch against the spring. Inner thighs powerhouse pulls up two more or one more. We just did two on the other side.

You can always do a third of it feels so good. Stretching out. [inaudible] pull up against the pull up against the spring. Hold the kerogen one foot the other foot stepped down. And I think that was a delightful work of strengthening our body against our springs. Hope you enjoyed it.

The Revival Challenge: with Monica Wilson


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To really focus on how those springs make us stronger was brilliant. Thanks Monica.
1 person likes this.
Fantastic teaching and ques to go deeper in your practice. Thank you
1 person likes this.
This has been an amazing journey so far. I can tell I am getting stronger and able to get deeper into the movement. You have amazing cues, Monica! Thanks for a great workout:)
Monica Wilson
I am so glad I am able to give you just the right cues your body needs! I love it that y'all are seeing great results from this challenge!

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