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Class #3380

Day 19: Feel-Good Mat

35 min - Class


Welcome to Day 19! Your body will feel great after this traditional Mat workout with Monica. She uses the Wooden Dowel in the Mat to help you get more opening in your upper back during certain movements. She also uses it to challenge exercises like Corkscrew and others.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Welcome to class number 19, out of your 30 session challenge. Um, we're gonna do a matte today about an intermediate with a lot of legs and a few advanced exercises. I wanted to use the wooden dowel t...

The Revival Challenge: with Monica Wilson


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Great variety and nice challenges
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I am a 78 year old female and I must confess I do modify some of the exercises, but my body is changing for the better. Thank you!
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Thanks for this wonderful challenge. Feeling longer, taller and more connected 😊
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Thank you for another lovely day- 19 sessions have gone so quickly. Out of interest why do you not use the foot strap to help with neck pull? I find I can keep elbows behind my head with the support of the strap on the way up- and it enables me to articulate through the thoracic stretch.
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I love this class!! I even start to appreciate side kick series with this class and my teaser was so much better after!! Thank you so much for this wonderful challenge, Monica
Thank you so much everyone! I am so glad y’all are enjoying this class and the challenge! Thank you also for all your feedback:)
Hi Caroline, The foot strap is an excellent tool to success! Just like you commented, it allows you articulate and keep your elbows wide and your chest open. Once you feel you’ve really got the hang of neck pull, you want to make sure you continue to challenge your body and to keep advancing. The next step would be to not use the strap and see if you can still execute it as beautifully. I do love my foot strap though!
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Loved this class, vitalising!!!

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