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Unwind some of the tightness and stress that you may feel in your body and life with this Cadillac workout by Meredith Rogers. She invites you to join her as she lets go of the "rules" of movement and allows her body to flow into what feels good. By the end of the class you will feel more length and ease in your whole body.
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Mar 19, 2018
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Hi, thank you for being here. Uh, some of you know there's been some upheaval in our community here and unfortunately that has led me to neglect my movement practice a little bit and I just feel tight and stressed. And so what I'm going to do today on the Cadillac is I'm going to try to unwind some of that and just get some ease and some flow in my life and in my body. And I want you to join me. So come along. I have set up so far yellow springs with the roll up bar, about three quarters of the way up. And I have the push through bar set up with a red spring.

And we're going to start over here. So taking the push through bar. So if you're down for this, what we're going to do is just try to flow in our body and try to move with ease. Yeah, that sounds amazing. So holding onto the bar in here, I feel the weight of your hands push down onto the bar and as you do that, maybe you're excelling now or just continue to breathe. I didn't anticipate talking this long while you in here, but just feel that you could push down on the bar and just get a little straight or a little taller, a little more upright.

Okay. And now in here, no, as you exhale, start rolling down and you're gonna let the bar move forward. And what'll happen is you'll feel that the spring is going to want to pull you. So you've got to control that spring, stay inflection. And then at the last minute I'll allow the spine some freedom.

Okay? And Xcel, push the bar away, Tuck the tail under, drag the bar towards you. So that's where we pick up the tension again of the spring anyway, and lift up tall, pushing down on this spring on the bar in here, and exhale around the spine. So there's our reflection or deep flection. And then we're just going to start again. Allow the body to just ripple. Just ripple. And guess what? I'm gonna let go of the idea that I have to keep my ribs in all the time today.

[inaudible] Yup, I said it and I'm doing it and round. So I'm letting my back just extend and it feels amazing and inhale and exhale around control. Don't let the springs take control, we're in control. And then we release. We feel that amazing extension. We allow the shoulders to have a stretch and then we gather everything up as we pull the bar back in and we'll just do that twice.

More. So standing tall and inhaling and rounding. Okay. And Ilan gating, looking just to create a little movement and that curling, bringing the bar through, feeling the stretch. That's a stretch in my middle back and in my neck and [inaudible] and around just keeping the shoulders softly down the back. As we start sending the chest through, the tailbone reaches up and pull back, pulling the bar in, creating work from the back of the legs and the front of the body. And one more time, just rippling feeling the flection feeling that point where you let go, the flection, it just becomes effortless.

So let the spine change and hold here and bend the left knee. Lean into the right head and to stretch and then straight and bend the right knee and lean into the left hip and just stretch and straighten and then bring the bar back, rounding the spine and standing tall again. And then let's take that bar down and come and sit on the mat. So taking the bar in our hands, backing up a little past halfway, lifting the spine tall, we're going to bring the bar into the chest, pull and reach forward and pull and reach forward. And one more. Pull and reach forward. And then round the spine here, tucking the tail under. Feel the stretch forward in the legs, taking it all the way down, lifting all the way at rolling through the spine, reaching forward, and then ending the arms to lift the back and reach out and pull in out and pull in. Keeping that spine along out and pull in and reach out.

And now exhale, dragging the springs down, articulating through the spine. Head comes down, head comes up, and we wrote up. Okay, and reach forward and bring the bar in and just let each movement arms forward. Arms back, float into the next, like they're all connected to each other because they are and around was over the horizon. Head down, head up, Ken. Act. Roll up, resisting the pool of the springs by deepening back into the abdominals. Reaching all the way out. Bend the arms lifted back and arms go.

One and pull in and two and Poe in and three and po in and reach forward and a roll. Okay. And this'll be our last one. Lift. Ah, rural. Ah, oh with the spine and pull in and reach forward and put in sitting tall and roll down. So now we're going to reverse that. And how it's going to go is once you arrive on your back, we're going to do that same thing. Pull in, push away, pull in, push away, pull in, push away, pull in, lift. Right the spring of, yeah, I said ride the spring sacrilege. I know we're all down. Yeah.

And pull in and reach forward. Pull in, reach forward, pull in and reach forward. Bend and lift the bat. Okay. It was letting the spine move and reach forward and round. [inaudible] um, fuck man.

Tapping into the breath [inaudible] and reach forward and round [inaudible] who in and for [inaudible] and pull in an arch, open heart, open mind, open chest and take it, the arms forward at a roll down and bend your knees, bring in the legs together to touch when to lift head and chest. Gonna Rural and back. So working through flection, deepening into that and back, curling forward and back. So yeah, using the springs a little bit to get a deeper connection. [inaudible] to feel that you can work in both with, yeah, if I use that word a lot, I'm just realizing but that's what I'm striving for.

So that's all right to talk about. I suppose. Let's do two more and one more and then rotating left and crow and um, and uh, and uh, yeah. [inaudible] breathing, thinking, working deeply, moving. So importance hard and you let it go for a little [inaudible]. Yeah. And then come down and into the center. Stabilizing the pelvis, rotating right, left, left and left. Don't forget about the down. That's just as important as the app.

Maybe more so cause that's where you can put the work in that you're stretching the springs, but stretching your spine as it comes down. Last three. Okay. Come down into the center lift so that the bar is just above the knees. Stabilize the trunk, lift the knees, hook the legs over the bar, place the feet down and roll down and in here and exhale, tucking the tail under.

I'll allow the spring to pull your knees forward as you lift your hips up into that bridge and inhale and exhale. Starting from the throat. Allow the chest, the heart to soften the spine, to stretch the tail to come down and in here and exa arms are reaching forward. Abdominals are supportive. Let me just feel all of that mobility that is possible in movement. Yeah, I suppose there's quite a lot of opportunity for mobility in life as well if we allow for it.

[inaudible] softening into the experience. Two more exhale into lift. Okay. Long neck and last time. Exhaling to the left this time and lift the arms up. Reach them overhead, the bars and the way. That's all right.

I'll just go around it and then reach the arms roll down, lift the scapula up to the ears, slide the shoulders down. I go around the bar there, lift the head and chest, take the bar in your hands. Corola coming into the rolling like a ball. Shea deepening into your abdominals. We do a little rock and we balance and a little rock and we balance and a little rock and balance and a little rock and balance. One more little rock and balance and come down.

Take two feet out, roll up, open the knees, lifting the spine and lean left, rolled down the left side of the body, keeping the knees open. Wide Roll all the way around to the opposite side. Roll up that side all the way over in through the center and Rola and lean right. I roll down that side and Sentra and over the other way and roll up that side and they reach all the way forward into the stretch and lift and back to the left. Okay.

Trying to get rid of some of that tightness that can manifest itself. [inaudible] in our bodies. [inaudible] all the way up and over an app. One more time in each direction to the left, down the left side, over the other way, up that side, all the way through and this way, all the way down. Okay.

That's through center. All the way up, all the way forward. Roll up through the spine, open the legs so that you're straddling the mat and in here and exhale, rolling down. Squeeze the mat a little bit and reach out with the spine and then crural behind users. Just rocking and lifting and rolling forward. And then bring the spring with you as you rock back and let the body come up with ease and lift up. One more time. Rounding forwards in the back. Lengthen.

Rolling back. Rocking back. Okay. And lift. And then we're going to take those springs away. We're going to set up the leg rings instead.

We'll come back, come back to those later. So I've got my legs, springs, it's too heavy for my liking. So I'm going to lower my bar just a bit over my own shoulders, maybe to my nose. But that there really depends on how tall you are. Some choose a spring. That feels good too. You come down onto your back.

Okay. When I feel tight in my body, I like to usually I like to try working bilaterally, sometimes one side at a time. So I'm going to put my left foot in the strap on a hold onto the pole. We're going to lift that left tip off the mat, let the leg cross all the way across the body, press the leg down towards the other leg that's on the mat. Let the spring come out to the side, stabilize with the other side and up and cross over and pull down.

Stabilize and cross over three. Feel the relationship between the moving leg and the idea that we want to keep the spine stable and last one [inaudible] and then we go out, pull down, lift the hip, let the body twist, come all the way up and return it in out and lift up and return an n at n. Dot. I lifter and richer and last too. So allowing for some rotation, allowing the pelvis to [inaudible] and rotate. And that's fine. We're going to take that foot out of the strap and then hold onto that leg with the opposite arm.

I'm going to take my hand actually off the bar and bring it down to the frame. If you've got enough room in your shoulders, this will feel amazing. If not, just keep it on the barn. We're just gonna stretch [inaudible] and then coming back, the Leslie can reach out on the mat. Now their right foot can come in to the strap. Okay, right, who's on the Poles? And we lift, pull down, stabilize, reach around and up and lift at, pull down, reach out. All right.

And Ah, and lift the pole. So I'm rocking. Then I'm neutral and I come or paying attention to the breath, to the tension or lack of tension in the movement. And last time lift [inaudible] and Paul down, reversing, reaching on into that strap. Last two times each. Hang out into the strap. Okay. And then bending that knee, letting go of the strap, taking the opposite arm across. Then you can hold onto the frame if you want, or continuing to hold the bar. And we just take the body across and there's no rules here. Not now anyway, so make it feel good. Ah, and then coming back, allow that way to just reach out straight.

Lift the arms over the shoulders, lift the head in chest and you just roll up [inaudible] and set up the safety strap till we got a safety strap first. [inaudible] then I'm just going to put one spring on from the bottom. We'll come all the way down. So placing the left foot underneath the bar, getting it lined up with the hip, getting the pelvis, um, to be steady and level and take the episode leg out straight in. This length is gonna reach up.

Feel that you're pushing the bar away as you straighten your knee and bend straight and push the bar forward and Ben Straight and just continue to breathe here and enjoy the stretch. Dropping the pelvis down as the leg stretches, which is do two more and one more. So now we're going to hold that. We're going to take the other foot up just to hold the bar and then take that left foot and bring it over towards the right side of the bar. Then the right leg is going to go back down onto the mat and we're going to roll the hip up and roll the hip back.

Rural the hip hop. You roll over onto the opposite shoulder and rural the hip back. Okay, roll up one boy and then Ben, bring the right foot up. Square the pelvis. I'm just going to keep my knee bent for a minute until I find and get organized. Taking my left leg straight and we're going to bend that right knee.

Push the bar away straight and fully and bend back of the rib. Soft on the Mat, a reminder to myself and to anyone else who may benefit from it. Last one, and then the opposite foot comes up just to hold the bar as we cross that leg over the body, send it to the opposite side and then yeah, I'm lifting my pelvis up, dropping my tailbone on that side, my sitting bone towards my inner ankle. And rolling the hip up and back down. Yeah, you're rolling the hip up. Opening the front of the hip and back down. I'm allowing myself to lift up off my opposite shoulder a little bit.

Just that it'll get light and rolling the hip down. And last one here. Roll up, roll down. Bring the other leg up. Bend both knees. Take the bar in your hand. It's scooting back. I'm going to, for me the position I don't want to be in. That's where my school, my that, my occipital Ridge, the base of my school is just over the edge. We're gonna take the arms, push the spring up, lift the head and chest roll up. Oh, reached through.

Then the abos control the polo this spring. Shoulderblades draw down his arms, reach up, and then feel the weight of the spring imprinting. You're helping you imprint as you lay your spine back into the mat on the head to go back slightly over the end and he'll pick the head up. So rola feeling into the movement. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] this is something about moving your body that makes you feel grateful that you can me anyway.

Okay. Last time. Okay. [inaudible] and then once we're down we'll take our hands off the bar and we'll just slide forward until the arms are straight. Okay, so we're going to just put the feet up underneath the bar. Okay.

Well keeping the arms overhead, just feel that same thing that we did when we were bending and straightening the knee that you're just pressing slightly forward into the bar. Then we're going to start to roll the pelvis away from the Mat and as we do that, we're going to allow the knees to bend. We're going to allow the bar to inhale and rolling back down simultaneously allowing the legs to straighten and reaching all the way down with the pelvis. We're going to flex point bend and Corolla [inaudible] and in here and we're rolling down [inaudible] energizing through the arms. Again, allowing the weight of the spring to just help you into your movement. Help you into your stretch. One more rolling [inaudible] and the slacks and then this time was straight. Legs, roll up, lifting through the spine, bend straight, feel the body get longer and it'll roll down. [inaudible] well, the way I ran egg Xcel to lift up Ben and stretch and roll down and flex [inaudible] point roll bend and stretch a little down.

Okay. And then reach up for the bar with your hands. And I'm to keep my head up cause I have to see using the arms, bending the elbows to bring their body further closer to the legs. And then taking the bar in your hands and removing your sheet. Okay, I'm coming here. So let's grab some handles and set up for arm work. Okay, so let's remove the leg strings. You can just, I usually just set mine on the floor and then we're going to take the yellow springs off the roll at bar and put the handles there.

We're gonna take those yellow springs, we're going to attach him here on this bar. And then we're going to put the bar just at between the Chin and the shoulders. Okay. Pretty clear depending on your height. Okay. And we'll just get this out of the way. We don't need it.

Okay. So starting with chest expansion, I almost skipped it, but I don't want to skip it. So we're gonna take the arms down and back. And as we do that, I want you to lift onto your toes, almost like you're going to fly forward. And then the arms come forward and the heels come down and you reach and you take up a lot of space. Yes. And finding balance and breath.

Yeah. [inaudible] one more [inaudible] and now we'll turn around and take the arms out to the side. Okay. Yes. Hoping I'm in the center, leaning into the spring and taking the arms forward and open forward and letting the rib cage mimic the arms. So we take deep, full breaths feeling the expansion, a capacity for expansion that we have in our bodies.

One more. Rotate the arms, lift the arms open forward, rotate, lift up, open and forward. Keep that forward. Lean all the time. Breathing, feeling that upright position that we so rarely are in without thinking about it. Right? So much time Bento over keep full or steering wheels or phones or desks or children or all the things that we bend over for and how many things do we have to stand tall for now? Many. And that's reverse, just flowing, feeling the shoulder blades, rotate the relationship between the movement of the arms and the movement of the shoulder blades, which sometimes happens together and sometimes doesn't and do two more. Also, I'm not counting.

So if you're a, it's important for you to count or have a specific number in mind to do, you should do that. But right now I just feel like I'm just gonna move and then we'll move onto the next thing, which is now we're on a rotate reach the top arm up in the bottom, arm in and back and de rotate and center. So I guess that's not rotation for us. That's the lateral flection. Then we add our rotation. Keeping the springs tight or endeavoring to keep the springs tight.

The upper spring won't be a problem. It's that back spring that you want to keep tension on. Keep pulling in and center and in here reaching around and reaching through and back. There's some hilarious exercises that just feel like a dance to me. And this is one of them and center and in here and around letting each movement flow into the next last time and around back and center at Brown and back and center and down.

That feels nice. Okay, so we're going to come up onto the mat. Are we going to put a spring on? I'm going to use the red spring. You could also choose to use a blue blue. It'd be a little easier in relate in terms of managing, um, control of the shoulder blade. But if you're up for the challenge or red is a, has a good spring, so you're gonna push the bar down.

I'm going to get some hair out of my mouth with this arm. Push the bar away and lean. You can let your pelvis go in the other direction. It's like swaying and then keep pushing the bar away as you simply come. This is where it's hard on the shoulder right there.

I'm going to reach your way. Just sway. Let the pelvis go in the other direction and then lift up and reach away and back. And then we'll add some rotation to that. So we'll go over first and then take the body and rotate. And again, I'm not going to give you rules of where that top arm goes. I might change mine every time.

Cause where you put the arm will make the stretch feel different. So give yourself permission to play with it. Give yourself permission to let go of what needs to be perfect or have a rule or a or a destination specific destination and allow, allow yourself to feel for it. Yeah. One more. Yeah.

Okay. And then as we come up, we'll let the bar come up and we'll just switch sides. I'm pushing that arm down, lifting this arm up and reach over and uh, okay. And over and uh, okay. And over and uh, wow.

And into rotation. So we could inhale and exhale might feel a different place to be on this side of different place that feels good and let it be okay that both sides don't have to do exactly the same thing. Or, I'm just trying to let it be okay with me because it's kind of against the rules, isn't it? That's all right. If the two sides are different and they always have to do the same thing, are always going to be different.

I think if I'm guessing and I'm willing to put money on it, that the two sides are going to be different forever unless someone has a strategy. Anyone have a strategy to make us perfectly symmetrical? I want it. Or maybe I don't. I let in, the more I think about it when I'd like to let go of it there, you're just gonna push down and just inhabit what we have. Okay. And reaching out and finding a straight back and then taking the spine through and then lifting the spine up and rippling back through and bend, um, press around open and dies.

Okay. And around, I'm Ben. Let's do two more and around. Okay. [inaudible] Ben. One more. [inaudible]. [inaudible] [inaudible] hips. Press forward.

[inaudible] and bend. And then I thought arm strain and arc. And then the bring the bar with you come down. So what we're going to do here is a little asymmetrical back extension. So we're going to go head down on the hand. Arm reaches overhead.

We're going to bend arm turn had. Oh Wow. The arm to the left. It's hard from the top. Bend and reach back through and bend. Allow the body to lift the head can lift. We can look up at the hand and bend and reach back through.

One more. That makes for if you want to be even on both sides. Switching sides. Bend, rotate Ben. MMH Ben. And rotate. Then reach.

Imagine the elbow being heavy towards the floor is the arm. Does the rotation in the sky and the shoulder. An elbow bending and being heavy towards the floors. We reached through one more time, Ben [inaudible]. Not really using the bottom of it all. It's just resting both hands on the bar, bend the arm. Sabas forward back, think of Elvis and front of hands, lift arms, straighten and then lift the spine and then take the spine through the arms bend and reach through and bend and reach left jock through. And then okay, and one more time.

Okay. Okay. [inaudible] careful with the bar. Bring it with you. As you come up, reach up and sit back on your feet. [inaudible] well up through your spine. Oh, take the bars. They were a little higher than I anticipated. It's going to Tuck the towel or in it. Press the pelvis forward.

Change your arms if you needed to. How real as mine were in the right place and just hang. Okay. Press into the Shin and lifts the knee just off the mat or the foot. I guess you have to push and do, do cause this chin is lifting and then take both sides up. I have my right knee back.

I'm going to bring both arms to the right bar or the bar over my right side and I'm just going to hang. Yeah, I'm just going to move forward and move back a little, eh [inaudible] back. [inaudible] I'm just switching sides. [inaudible] and then the hands come over the leg that's placed in the back. You can just hang there.

Let me just a little shift and I, I'm just leaning really. I'm Kinda using my front leg to, to find, okay. Different sensation. I can't really tell you how to do that for yourself. You don't know. You just got to look and then we'll come up, okay. And one, calm down.

Okay. And we'll stand on the floor and we'll take the arms off. Okay. And lift the chest and then pressing the times outs and taking the head down. Just falling forward.

Okay. Keeping the knees soft. Lifting a [inaudible]. Resetting, recharging. Thank you for coming with me.


Kate V
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Just what I needed after a wonderful crazy weekend with my 2 year old granddaughter! Thank you!
Send my best energy to your community ♡♡♡
2 people like this.
Sending prayers to your community! I’m dealing with some personal stress myself and this class felt peaceful to me. Sooo glad you did not make us hang from those fuzzy straps today! Thank you!
Michele M
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That was a fantastic stretch for my whole body after an intense ski day on the east coast! Thanks Meredith, you are always such a pleasure to work with on PA!
1 person likes this.
This was great, thank you!
Such an important class ... know the rules ... know when to break them and #justmove. Love it, friend!
1 person likes this.
Live this class!!! Wunderfull meredith!!!
2 people like this.
Felt SO good!!
2 people like this.
Thanks Meredith. Very relaxing and refreshing. Hope you feel better too.
3 people like this.
LOVE this class. Beautiful and deep. I love your approach of being flexible with the rules. If you have a Tower rather than a full Cadillac, you'll be able to do everything in the class except the final stretches, which are easy to modify
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