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Day 21: Transitions

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Welcome to Day 21! Today Monica focuses on the transitions so that you can keep your powerhouse connected between movements. She continues to add in more advanced exercises like Overhead, Swakate, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Apr 02, 2018
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Welcome to class number 21 of your 30 session challenge. I hope you've been enjoying it and being challenged today I is going to be a harder workout. I'm not going to lie. We're going to have the intermediate based and we're going to be infusing of few advanced exercises like second long box and some overhead and maybe some swack a t. So we're going to really work on those exercises, try to breathe through them, but most importantly, remember that the transitions are super important to keep the powerhouse in and up, to keep your movement going. It really helps you with the exercises to not disengage, but keep your mind connected to the exercises. A lot of help and whenever any exercise gets difficult, try to really breathe through it to give you more energy and stamina.

So without further ado, let's go ahead and begin our reformer workout. Here we go. We're going to pull our belly in and up and lying down on the reformer. Always thinking about your teaser, drawing your powerhouse in and up. Make sure we're gonna do a lot of energy today.

So feeder here and we're gonna s how'd the pelvis nice and square drawing the belly in enough. We're going to go out and draw it in. I'm on four springs as for our foot work and we're gonna pull it out. Pull it in. My Belize in and up. I'm really working on keeping my ankles locked and in place to more pulley my inner thighs up from my arches. Last one. Let's switch to the arches and out. Good and squeeze.

I'm going to try to pull my heels under the bar as I come in with the hamstrings and glutes or buttocks. We're going to pull in and up with the belly. Get a deep scoop. Stretch that spine, realign it from any bad posture habits we're doing the rest of the day. Can me one more and slide up to the heel and up and pulling it. Squeeze those inner thighs. Draw that pelvic floor. Ended up really getting a nice scoop back of the thighs and seat.

Let's do three more all the way out, all the way in. Pull it out, pull it in. Last one down to toes when your tendon stretch and drawing the arches up with you, the inner thighs up with you. Your Power House is all in and up. Stretch the Achilles tendons. Scoop in, up, stretched out, drawed. Stretch your hips and everything and then draw it up. I'm thinking about my overhead right now.

I'm how I'm going to lift my hips to the ceiling right over me. It's a really challenging exercise for me. I don't know about you. I have a hard upper back, doesn't like to curve like that, but I'm going to really try to use my hips to help me and scoop deep into my upper back. Two more. Last one. Stretch, stretch, stretch, scoop, scoop, scoop.

Draw the carriage and prepare for your hundreds of, you're still keeping your belly in, lowering the bar, lowering your head piece as you grab your handles, elbows by your side. Inhale, lift your head. Exhale, stretch out for the a hundred and we're going to pump so vigorously pumping. Let's start with releasing any tension in the head and neck. Anchoring it instead in your upper stomach with the ribs squeezing out the air of your lungs. That's 30 [inaudible]. Then keep thinking of your footwork and your pulling your powerhouse in and up from your arches. Inner thighs. Pelvic floor [inaudible] plus should be 60 [inaudible].

Okay, think about those hips 80 [inaudible]. Okay, one more. Draw the belly in and in bend everything. We'll drop two springs for our overhead in with the air. Exhale into your [inaudible] teaser. Transition.

One to swing it back around and you're going to have about two inches away from the shoulder pads. Arms straight up to the ceiling. All right, now reach my hips as I make sure you're thinking of Ziff. You're allying on the long box or ready to do single leg kick on the mat. I'm going to scoop my belly. Answer's like a mouse hole into my belly in the mat.

I'm going to squeeze my hips and reach them long. Connect my shoulders with my [inaudible]. Here we go. We're gonna inhale one over and out. Jack Knife up, up, up and control it down. Okay. Lincoln in the arms and hips and arms go at the same time.

Over up. [inaudible] we're going to do two more reached the arms. Stretch and coordination always feels different after doing overhead. First. Last one, Pat, Eh, oh, Ben, for coordination. And here we go. Oh yeah. Feeling that in the upper belly. Being close. Exhale. Exhale.

[inaudible] two more. Stretch. Open, close. Exhale. Last one. Belly ended up no tension in your neck. Let's set up for rolling both handles and one hand in with the exhale, sweeping around. Drop a spring and we're going to get ready for rowing. All right, so we're going to be doing from into the sternum. Here we go.

Draw those arches towards you and we're gonna end with there. And exhale, press back. Draw your belly in and up, and they'll keep lifting your waist. [inaudible] create space between your belly and your thighs. And two more shoulders and joint like you're doing a roll back, rolling back. Open the arm.

Keep pulling your waist back. Keep pulling your waist back. Use those straps to keep pulling your waists back. Lift with those straps. Let your arms circle freely. One more and roll back. Open the arms, press back, keep pulling back that waist, opening the shoulders, lifting in the waist. There we go.

90 degrees or right angle, nice and tall. And here we go. Lift the belly in and out. In and up. Lifted off those straps, lifting it and forward. Lifting the waist and arms pull back. Same thing. Keep lifting the waist so your arms circle freely.

Ah, two more. 90 degree and powerhouse in and up. Keeping the exercises nice and continuous to keep our powerhouse engaged from the start to the finish circle. Ah, one more facing this direction. 90 degrees, belly in and up. Keep lifting those elbows. Crowded the head to the ceiling growing taller and the waist. Good. Work through the body. Pull those arms back. Open those shoulders.

Lift [inaudible] and stretch. Put your handles down and spin around and put your bottom back. We're still on one spring. We're going to slide back in. The hands are from your sternum. Now from your chest. I mean here we go. Long legs. I'm thinking of my footwork, pulling my arches towards me, my inner thighs, my powerhouse. And here we go. And exhale, connecting in the back of my thighs in the back of my ribs.

And same thing here. [inaudible] and exhale when you get to this point. So the breathing is in with the air. Okay. Exhale, press down. Growing Taller, taller, taller. Inhale all the way up. Keep inhaling, keep inhaling, keep inhaling, and exhale here. One more time.

Exhaling down. Keep that belly lifting. Now as the arms press down, find your belly getting stronger to lift up against those straps. Straps, straps. All right, let's flex your feet and we're going to stretch from the hips. Think of spine stretch forward. Your belly is pulling back, your belly is pulling back, your belly is pulling back, shoulder stand. Join growing taller. Touch the ceiling. Pull the neck out of the shoulders and again, okay, rolling up. Shoulders and joint. Keep reaching your arms long, longer, longer. Push those heels away, pushes you. Lift, push as you lift and I think that was three.

So we're going to do Indian style that or cross your legs and your hands are going to be shaving. Here we go. Try not to let the spring stop. Bring the hands all the way back if you can, and then straighten arms, back, belly in and up. Shoulders down, knees down, shoulders down, knees down. Give me one more. Shoulders down, belly and knees. Down. Arm. Stay up. Open in front of you as you switched legs and yeah, scoop. Push away as you exhale in with the air. Yeah.

Push the back of the arm. Open the collar bones. Open the shoulders. One more. The re movement is from the upper arm. We're going to reverse the breathing. Exhale, squeeze in with Ya. Exhale, squeeze in with the or back of the arm. LinkedIn's reaches. Open those collarbones. One more in with ear. All right, we're going to relax those arms down.

Hang up those handles, and we're going to get our first long box. So I'm going to bring these straps in. Go ahead and come back. I'm gonna leave my pole, grab my box, and I'm going to put my box right here for our first long box, which is going to be pull straps. All right, so we're going to grab a strap, a pad to do our swan here. It's much nicer for my body to do it on the ladder barrel, but some people really like it here. So we're going to add one spring.

My pelvis is going to be teetering off this edge. I'm going to my feet up here. Put my hands here, don't move pad. Slide out. My knees are going to go in the well. My pelvis is going to be right on the edge. Ball the feet, and I'm going to just hang. All right. Same thing as when you lie down for single leg kicks, your hips are here pressing into the box. Long thighs reaching out, scooping in that mouse hole, right? And here we go.

And exhale, make it bigger. And now shootout, create that mouse hole and bent to more. Make sure all this is working properly, first one and down bigger. And then reach and bend. Last one, hips and everything, lengthening to the well and lift with the belly and really lift with the belly. And I'll reach out, get the belly up off the box and being, you're right.

Not Bad. Let's pull back up into a pike with your powerhouse and get rid of your pad. Get rid of a spring, and we're going to go for our pull straps. Hands go the top third of the box. Same leg engagement pelvis is pressing. Reaching away the legs.

Stomach is in. Lower down. Grab your straps up high. Alright, let's catch our breath. Let go of your feet and your pelvis should be nice. And on the box it's gonna press down. It's gonna reach away. And we're going to create a mouse hole under our belly. Pull shoulders and join.

Lift with that belly lift. Lift, lift and reach. Long to come down right into the next. Yeah, no energy in that neck reaching long to come down. One more pull strap. Yeah. And who long to come down? Let's do the t or post drops.

Two hands. Go inside the loop. Reach straight out. Shoulders in joint. Press the hips down. Reach along, stomach in. Yeah. Trying to make sure I don't do it. My lower back. [inaudible] and one more reaching out to the sites, reaching out.

Oh, that was my best one. That felt really good. I was able to reach my arms and legs. Both handles in one hand. Step to the side, add a spring with your free hand. Keep your belly in. Okay, we're gonna put one hand on each hand behind you. Hand, foot, no bottom other foot. Bring your tailbone off the front edge. Roll down. Ready for backstroke in with the ear. Exhale in with the air and exhale.

Three more [inaudible] and two more. One more. Making it a little bigger. Going down and bend. Teaser. Both handles in one hand. Use your powerhouse. Hold. Drop one spring. Swing back and fold. You should have slid back a little bit and we're ready. Here we go.

In with the air. Exhale, I'm still thinking about my footwork and how the back of my thighs and ribs engaged. One more. And now hold your arms reaching for your ankles. Hold them there, pulling your waist back and unfold. Let's go to circles. Reach for those ankles, reach for them. Reach firm. Stay reaching with your upper body. And circle forward.

Open on the way down and circle far one more. Okay. Keep reaching for your ankles. Yeah, we'll do the reverse on the way up and the arms go down. Two more. Last one.

Ah, all right, so now is when I usually get to enjoy. I'm actually right here. Let's set up for short spine massage. So I want you to get your straps through your handle and they're going to be ready for your short spine massage. Let's hang it there and there. We're going to bring down our long box. Here we go. We're going to put it back in this space.

Short box will come later after our second lom box. Go ahead and lift your head piece up. There we go. Grab your pad. We're going to do the long stretch series. Add a spring, lift your bar up and here we go. Keeping moving with your power. Hell's hand. Foot powerhouses in and up. Lift the other leg and here we go.

Still thinking of lying on her belly. Hips are pressing down in lengthening Valeo. I lost the strap. That's all right, and exhale, two more. Okay, one more. Really try to pull your belly in and up off of those springs and keep coming forward until all of a sudden you have to kneel down out here he belly is lifting your sternum on this down stretch. One more.

Lifting, lifting, lifting. And let's go into our up stretch. Fold right on it. Speed. Slide a little forward for the ball, the foot and the ribs are holding here. Back of the hips. Here we go. Down last, the other strap and float and I was wondering if they'd stay on. At least I'm prepared.

Great. One more hips down with him. Lifting my belly in and up, in and up. Ended up rolling up my upper back, middle back. Slide down my feet for the elephant. Here we go. Push, pull, push, pull, push stomach back.

That I feel the strong hips too. One more. Alright, we're going to step off to the side. Keep your springs like they are. So we're going to do long backstretch. I'm going to put my right hand, my right heel, my left hand, and I'm already squeezing my right glute. Ready to hold my weight up. Not on my sad little risks and we're gonna do a tricep dip.

Push out with those hips. Lift those hips, pull it in. D, push lift in. One more dip. Push, lift. We're going to reverse. Lift those hips to the ceiling. Dip. Keep the shoulders open and out. Down, up. Last one. Hips out. Dip. Roll the shoulders. Up we go. One foot to the floor, the other. Let's bring our pad down for stomach massage. We're going to put springs and sitting down.

Keep moving. Keep your powerhouse in feet and politely stance. Draw the belly in and up. I'm a little off center and hands on the front. Here we go. Belly pulls off the dies down. Lift in it down. Damn. Read through it. Make sure you're not holding any tension in your neck and shoulders.

Hold as much as you want in your seat. Well, don't give yourself squeeze in your psychiatric and nerve or something, but pool away the belly tumor. Last one. We're on forced means and we're going to drop one to make it three valleys. Lifting hands. Go behind you and here we go. Back of the thighs. Back of the ribs connect.

You keep lifting your belly to your sternum. That's what keeps your waist narrow, pulled in, lifting long. Use this on your short box. And five Dan left Paulina. And here we go. Two belly pulls away from those sides. And now bring your arms forward at the same time. Drop a spring, the reach, exhale in with the air.

Exhale and with your belly pulls back. You're doing spine stretch right here, spine search forward. Excellent. One more. And we'll do a twist like we do on the mat, spine, twist and and twist. Exhale and in and twist waste, waste ribs. And one more says too, I think this is two. We're going to do one more set after this and back of the thighs and seat solid hips so that you have something to twist from. And one more feels great coming in. And we're going to do tendon stretch. So feet down pad comes down a little bit. All right, and we're gonna sit down now we're not gonna sit down. We're going to put hand, hand, foot standing up. All right, really squeeze those inner thighs. Drop those heels. Scoop your belly in and keep scooping as you push out and pull your belly off your thighs. Man, it's still spine. Stretch forward.

[inaudible] one more and dip down and step to the side. Here we go. We're going to lower the bar down. We get to enjoy short spine massage. I'm going to get rid of my pad and I'm going to grab my straps up. Fell, but at least they're looped and I'm going to put them. You can hold on to them or hang them back up as you lie down and let's get ready. Make sure my head pieces flat. Grab your loops. You're still on two springs.

Knees come in at the same time. [inaudible] and roll down your spine. All right, pelvis is flat. Dry your belly in and up. Lift the hips should be easy. Now that we've done overhead and roll down [inaudible] but don't throw this exercise away. Really work cause we're going to add our corkscrew.

Tick Tock and prep for balance. Control step offs. And here we go. Out on one, lift up for two hips up, hips, up, hips, bend the knees. Keep lifting your hips though, without depending on the straps. Rule away. [inaudible] lengthen. Lengthen your pelvis away. Leaving that it away. Bring down you got two more valleys and in an up lifting. Okay, and with the air and lengthening down, stretching, articulating, and then the heels.

Let's enjoy one more before semicircle. Reach up. Yeah. Use your hips to lift. Wow.

No tension in the neck, shoulders and arms. Reaching Long. One bone at a time. Delicious. Let's take those straps off. We're going to just hang up the handles right here. They're going to be ready for our chest expansion fee are here on the bar. Slide down.

I'm going to make two fists so that I can get a little more extension on my five foot two body here. My right foot needs to get anchored. All right, and draw the belly in and up. That's what rolls down our ribs. First down through the well. If you can go as low as your body feels good, push with the ball, the foot and hips. Lift with that and come in and stretching those thighs. Roll down. Roll down the ribs first.

Roll down the middle back next, not your seat. Try to keep that up until the very last second. Push with the ball, the foot and hips lift before straightening the legs and coming in on your transitions. Make sure your body, your carriage stays still on rolling down. Sometimes it moves a little cause you have to kind of pass where the springs connect to the bar. But now out, keep it still right here as you left and come in and that solid straight line from shoulders to knee is reverse hold. Now don't move as you roll down and you're going to go deep calming in and up to more back of the thighs and hips, no movement rolling and make sure the ball of the foot minor, losing it there. I want to get a good push with the ball. The foot here, roll India. That really lets me get into my seat and then roll it up.

Lifting with what my back of my thighs is. If I'm lying on my stomach, my belly stained clip, scooped in, arms float forward. Grab the bar for a stretch of the thighs, lower the heels. If you can or you can grab your ankles, whichever feels best. Grab back and slide onto your mat. Let your back settle before stepping off and we're going to do chest expansion, thigh stretch, and swack a t. Here we go.

We're going to step off and we're going to grab our handles. I'm just going to lift my head piece up and I'm going to kneel down with my foot hooking on the back edge and then grab up a little higher on your straps just a little bit more. All right, just like I'm lying on my belly, I'm going to, you're going to get to see my hamstrings, push my hips, push my belly scooping in, and I'm going to pull back. Look right, look left. Look forward. Exhale again. Forward. Exhale again, forward. Exhale. Last one left. Right. Should be releasing tension in your neck. Both handles in one hand.

Sit and do add a spring for a thigh stretch coming forward. I turned my ring in to make those two fifths. Just fixing that, grabbing up a little higher. Now for thighs stretch, you're going to see the state. Same thing though. When he use my inner thighs, pelvic floor, lower belly pulling up head looks at that line and we're gonna hinge back from the knee, stretching the quads, stretching the quads, arms up and back. Two more. All my feeling the back of the thigh and the back of the rib connection. And one more, maybe next time we'll do a full back bend with that knot.

Next class on the performer and lift those hips with those arms. Good job. Alright, so I'm going to hang up my handles for a second and I'm going to switch my reformer into first gear into second gear. So to put it in first gear, second gear safely, take off all your springs, but then add your little kind of blocks. Sometimes they're on that side and bends are on this side to keep your carriage safe and just one spring. This is a really cushiony map, but if it's not, you might want to add some pads for your knees. Okay, we're going to start off kneeling tall right next to our shoulder. Pet's hips will be right under your knees.

We're going to grab onto the strap in the front. Good. And you're going to put your hand either on your hip or alongside, but most importantly, you're going to draw your inner thighs up, pelvic floor, lower belly. Press the back of the thighs, forward scooping in hand here. And we're going to go straight out with this arm and we're going to go, what? Try to keep my elbow up to when you need more power. It's from the glutes three. And now I'm going to switch hands.

This arm's going to go straight up by my ear. Okay. And it's what? And scoop into and up by my head. Three. All right, now I'm going to slide out a little bit, putting my left hand on the shoulder pad and I'm going to almost what I like to say, going bowling. So I'm going to press my hips forward, scoop in my belly, and now I'm going to pull out two more and then we're going to go full circle. One more. Now, full circle all the way out. All in. Don't stop that spring pushing my right hip forward and make this happen.

Scooping my stomach in. Alright, now I'm gonna do the flower. This one is more mind over matter I think. So we're going to squeeze and we're just going to try to lift. All right? And two more. The idea is not to lean, so you're going to keep working on that.

There we go. Three. So this is a work in progress. We're going to put that handle down step forward. When you're super advanced or the gentleman will do it in first gear, we're going to kneel down again. Now with my back to you, knees against. Good. Ideally you might flex the feet here. Okay, so we're going to squeeze that allows for you to really engage. And here we go. We're gonna stretch one, but my feet get caught there.

If I had longer feet, fantastic. I mean legs hacked and switching right hand. And here we go. Powerhouse. Push that right hip forward one more. And arms down. We're gonna switch. Grabbing on with your left hand.

Kneel away from that shoulder pad and you're going to create this beautiful arc scooping in. And here we go. Pulling what? Pushing that right hip forward too. And last one, watching myself in this mirror and now full circle, right, hit Florida and to, so your gaze is at your right hand. One more. All I ran and now we're gonna switch to the flower. So now my right arm gets a chance and we're going to really draw up everything and we're going to use that to go up and use that to go up.

And one more, much better than my left, but still a work in progress. Kang up that handle. Step off. Alright, we're going to do our corkscrew, tick tock and balance control. Step off. So we're going to lower down this head piece. Put our handles down, we're done for them with them for the rest of the reformer. Make sure you have first gear two springs. Take off your spring, put it back, take away the block. All right, so we've done overhead, short spine and we've done a lot of work on our belly to really solidify our hips. Keep your belly in. We're gonna lie nice and long and put your hands here. Super important. On the mat, we used the dowel and we did a lot of shoulder stabilization and ribs. So now we're going to keep those shoulders open.

With here you're going to have just a little room from the shoulder pads starting with your hips right up to the ceiling like overhead. Okay, so scoop those inner thighs. Draw the pelvic floor, lower belly, lift the legs all the way up and we're going to go down the middle. Sweep to the right ribs. Anchor over to the left and up and down the middle. Over to the left. We'll start adding a twist.

Now twist your hips, come on the right hip. Ribs reached down on the left hip, off of the left hip and up. Twist down on the left hip, around and up. One more set on your own and last one and coming down. And why did on your own cause it's really hard to talk through that and get your belly to pull in. So you want to really pull your belly in. Here we go. Tick Tock legs are gonna stay straight up and you're going to keep your ribs down as much as you can. Let them fall to your right as you look left belly, belly belly and scoop it up. And again, left.

Keep looking right as your legs fall. Ribs trying to stay down and pull into your center. And again, one more second. Reach the heel. Stay even, even, even and scoop. It feels delicious. One more. Look to the right Belize in and up. Inner thighs, inner thighs and scoop back flat. Good. Alright, lower your feet down. Slide down a little bit.

So you're going to have about two arms distance between you and the headpiece. K the head piece is still flat, long neck and you're going to hold onto these handles. We're just going to do the prep today. So we're going to lift our legs right over our shoulders and get ready for the prep of balance control. Step off. These are all super advanced exercises. So we're going to have here and we're going to go right on up.

[inaudible] alright. Tops getting in the way and we're going to drop the right leg. But think more about reaching the left. Went up to the ceiling, tap the right one on the outside and and left. Really? One legs reaching up and and again, retreat treats. End Up one more set. Yeah.

Okay. Last one. [inaudible] powerhouse to the foot, up to the ceiling and here and now. Roll Down with control. Nicely done. All right, put your feet down, slide back a little bit. And we're going to do long spine massage with your hands underneath the carriage instead of your feet and straps. All right, so you're going to hold on here. Bring the legs forward. Long neck, my head piece sometimes get in the way here, so apologize if I take a moment to get centered. So you're going to lift your legs all the way up open and come down.

Reaching the legs in front of you. Try to lift your hips immediately as soon as you can. That helps you and not let them drag that behind you. Here we go. Up Open, reaching, reaching, lengthening, lengthening, sweep down together. Two more. Reach, reach, reach. Exhaling and one more in this direction.

Reversing it legs open and reach two more. Okay, last one. Try to feel the back of your thighs. [inaudible] [inaudible] okay. How again, those knees. And we're going to step off and get ready for our second long box. So go ahead and grab your long box and our bar cause we're ready for our second lom box.

I'm going to Tuck my bar and make sure you're trying to keep your energy up. Don't get bored, don't get lethargic here. Keep your transitions moving. You're going to stay on two springs. We are, I had misspoke, we're gonna use our straps for beets. So you're going to do it just like short spine. So I say for to come over here. So I'm going to loop my leather through my handle and then you have to be very careful if you have someone to assist you. Awesome.

If you don't think about using your box, keeping your powerhouse and in your balance, this is a super advanced exercise. So make sure you're ready for it. Slip your ankle and with tension, you're going to put your foot on the outside of the frame. We're going to put your left foot in this frame, but so you're going to have to balance on your right leg and your box while keeping your powerhouse in and putting your left foot. Okay, so I'm going to grab on here. I'm going to nice and feel balanced and then I'm going to slip my left foot. Put It on the red. Now when you lie down, you can lose your strap.

So make sure you're going to kinda reach out and do a circle. Maybe one leg at a time. I might slide back. You're going to want your knees to be right off the back edge. So see, I'm going to pull this one up. Knee on the edge. Pull my right one up. Alright. Lower myself down. My arms are going to cross on the front edge for the beats. Knees are just off.

What's super important is getting rid of this space, k that is gonna create nothing but a mushy tushy and has reminds to say, and a tight hip flexor. So we're going to do the opposite. We want a strong powerhouse and nice strong bottom. So we're going to press our back of the size down or pelvis down. Keep your knees together and then you're going to scoop your belly like you've been doing with the Nice Mousehole, no tension that neck and keeping your thighs on the mat. We're going to pull those heels in three times. We're on one spring. Whoops.

Good thing I said that was dropped to one spring. Here we go. So scooping in and we're going to pull one. Squeeze those knees together. Heels to bottom to last one, three. Now you're going to try to squeeze everything. Press down into the box. Lengthen those knees out of those hips. Lift those thighs up, scooping in the belly. Angela, one your thighs and knees up to your bottom and last one thighs up as high as you can. Oh yeah, I know you feel that very nice and now you're just going to drop them in the wealth, sliding them off with your feet like you're taking off socks.

There we go. When you're too lazy to get out of bed and you want to slip them off in the bed. All right, so we're going to slide a little forward for our rocking or just a, you want to find exactly what feels right for you that you're not going to fall down, but you can stay up. Same thing. We're going to reach back. Grab the top of your foot or your ankle and we're going to press the pelvis down. Lift the head up, get my ponytail out of the way. Here we go, and we're going to click bring one, two, three. Now press the pelvis, lift up, belly up to your sternum and rock, rock, rock, rock. Really stretching those quads.

And now stretch out for swimming and pelvis. It's flat. Two, three, four, five. Exhale to reach those arms for fi again and exhale and melt man. Very important. One foot to the floor, hands the other foot to the floor, both hands to the floor and then roll up your back. Arms lift, and you're ready for your short box. So we're going to turn our box around, put it here, grab our bar. I like to do my short box with a pad. Somebody grab my pad, but here by now, my hair is a mess.

I hope yours is too and you're just flowing with it. We're going to grab our safety strap. We're back on two springs K and we're ready for our backs. Should feel so good and ready to go. We're going to scoop our belly away from our back and we're going to roll back with it and unfold and in with here, and you're always pulling your inner thighs to more lift into a big c curve, pulling the waist back, pushing the heels away.

One more, no energy in those shoulders. Let's lift back. Stretch, lift into her secret. All right. Grabbed your bar and you're ready for a flat back. Arms Up, powerhouse in and up and lift your waist. Lift your waist, lift your waist and come forward. Just two more. When you're doing advanced with a second Lombok, just three's enough and forward. Rest your arms side reach, head over and exhale both hips stay down and exhale. It feels so good. Both hips stay down and exhale. Highlight to imagine that my hands are behind my head.

I'm dropping one elbow down to my well in front of the corner. One more set of this box. So I really got that opposition of my square pelvis. Last one, lifting the waist lifted, lifted, lifted, and rest. Now for the twist, arms lift and twist with the waist, square, hips pushing away. Exhale and twist. Square hips pushing away. Exhaling up. Try to lengthen all the way out to your fingertips.

Touch the back corner of that reformer and up twist. Reach out. And it. One more time trying to do this without taking any tension in your neck and shoulders. And it's all in your powerhouse square pelvis length. Instead, end up in stretch forward. Ah, slip the Barney your lights. Roll up your body.

You're equally, and I slide back just a hair. Keep your pelvis. Think of rolling like a ball as you pull out that right leg. Hands underneath, stretch and bend. Pull the belly always away from your thigh. Walk on up and stretch forward over that leg.

[inaudible] pull back like you're doing. Rolling like a ball and rolling down. Oh, delicious head. Okay. All the way up out of the lower back to more [inaudible]. Slide down. Reach those arms in pool scooping up out of the back. Last one.

Pull the waste into the box all the way back. Make sure you're pushing your heel away so that you can scoop your belly away instead of gripping with the quad or the hip flexor and flex a toe and stretch up tall, tall, tall, switch legs. Both legs are under nice and square. Think of rolling like a ball. Stretch up to the Ri and there's a lot of variations on this where you put your hands. How many stretches?

Okay, first one, I'm going to stay here. Hopefully you have your routine down of what gets you the most connected here and stretching. Stretching. For me, it's pulling my waist into my thighs, into my m box right here, so to straighten my arms and then down and reach, pulling my waist into the box, into the box and all the way up. One more. [inaudible] all the way up out of your lower back. Hips are squared. Shoulders relaxed. Pull back the toes.

Pick the apple off the tree. Yeah, and we're done with our short box. We're going to bring it down and we're going to get rid of this pad for right now and the bar [inaudible] box and we're going to do knee stretches, running and pelvic tilt. We're getting close to our cool down, but don't lose steam. We're going to lift up our head piece to enjoy a nice quick moving. Eight, eight and eight for Reps. Okay. Hand Foot, knee, hand, other foot.

I'm going to goop in my powerhouse and pull my belly back away from my thighs to go. Oh [inaudible] four three, two, one more and then we'll switch. Push those hips. Push, lift the belly up to your sternum. Left, left three, two and then we'll switch up. Scoop, scoop. Stretch the thighs out of the knees, I mean out in the knees, down to the mat and three, two, one and lower. We're going to do running and pelvic tilts. Keep it on two springs, lower down. Put your toes on the bar and I was just making sure my head piece was up and here we go. Lift those ankles, lift those arches, inner thighs, pelvic floor, stretch out of those hip flexors and run [inaudible] holding my belly in and up.

I'm not giving up that image as if I was lying on my belly and I'd really have to press my hips and pelvis into the mat and my belly would have to lift up. Two more. Last set and bend the knees. Hand Arches on the corners. We're going to turn out those knees. Take a big breath for me. Exhale the back of the ribs down and you're going to take another breath. On. Next exhale. We're going to lift up our hips for our fun. Final exercise. Big Breath.

Exhale. We're going to lift up the hips and pushing out and turn out those knees and back of the thighs and seat and stretch it out. Long reaching out, eh, back of the size and seat and length in your pelvis. Lengthen it away from your rips. Reaching out four more. Yeah, cause the thighs and seat. Try to get the back of the ribs anchored, reaching your pelvis away. You can pull back your toes, but most importantly, keep your knees in the same alignment as your toes. One more reaching long, lower down with perfect articulation.

Slides your feet together, hugging your knees, and let's go ahead and stand up and you're all done with today. Great job.


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That was a great mix with some super advanced exercises :)
2 people like this.
Wow, great energy, nice flow and all connected. Thank you!
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Loving this series. Each workout makes me focus on my precision, flow and control. Feeling stronger too.
Monica Wilson
This was not an easy class! Great job and way to stick with the challenge!

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