Class #3408

Reformer and Barrel Play

30 min - Class


You will feel like a million bucks after this Mixed Equipment workout with Benjamin Degenhardt. He uses the Reformer as a warm up so he can play on the Ladder Barrel. He recommends this class for advanced practitioners who are familiar with the traditional order as he breezes through the work.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Reformer, Mixed Equipment

About This Video


Hi everyone. My name is Benjamin Degenhart. I'm here with my great friend, Frank Zito and we are about to work out. We are going into a practice that will take us to the reformer and the ladder barrel...


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WOW!! Amazing job from both of you! What a challenging fast paced class! Benjamin you are simply awesome! I love the way you teach! Thank you both for an amazing workout! Saludos desde Costa Rica ;))
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So ace to see men working out together. Loved the class & pace :) Thank you
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Thank you Benjamin. You are an extremely talented teacher and an amazing practitioner.
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Yeah, you gotta love when we get to see the men in action. Lovely movement.
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Working out alongside a good friend is my favorite thing!!
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This was like watching dance. What a beautiful flow, performance and such simple but powerful cues... Btw, is 'second-hand lengthening' possible? I feel extended from just watching!
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Great workout, loved it! cant wait to try it on my self... love your teaching and learning from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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Great class thank you. Even though I couldn’t do the latter barrel because I don’t have one I just continued on doing my own exercises.
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Love classical pilates
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