Class #3415

Mat for Traveling

30 min - Class


You will feel the length in your body after taking this Mat workout with Gia Calhoun. She teaches a class designed to ease the stiffness that comes after a long flight. She focuses on opening the front of your body while activating your back body so you feel tall while you are on vacation.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Hi MGM, we're going to do a mat class today. I recently went to Australia and I learned that the long flight and just walking around the city a lot, it took a toll on my body. So we're going to do som...


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Excelente clase.
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Just perfect! Really good cueing and the right balance between strengthening and stretching. I loved this and it's going in my favorites! Thank you, Gia!
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Loved this class! I look forward to taking the class again on my travels this summer! Thank you, Gia! šŸ˜Ž
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I agree with Kandie , you cueing is really superb! The hip cueing was especially helpful to me. Another one for my regular rotation and Iā€™m so looking forward to more of your classes!
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Thank you, Gia! Just what I needed after a 10 hour flight.
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This an excellent strechting class...more please...thank you
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Really enjoyed this, thank you Gia
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Great class Gia! Excellent cueing - I feel perfectly aligned!!
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How terrific to have you not only working "behind the scenes" at PA but right out front and center leading classes too. I so enjoy my first class with you!
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Thank you Gia!! Body is alive again...Great class
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