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Athletic Reformer

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You will work on improving your flexibility and control in this Reformer workout with Tash Barnard. She teaches her husband, who has a tight and athletic body type. She challenges his stability with exercises like Planks, Reverse Knee Stretches, and more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Theraband

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Jul 30, 2018
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Welcome back to [inaudible] anytime. I'm Tasha Barnard from South Africa. Today I have the leader of our home with me that is going to be led by me in our wonderful reformer class, specifically targeted for, um, or at guys with a tight body types. And um, what you'll need is a theraband and you'll need a short box and y'all, let's have fun. Okay, Andre, you can come and stand at the end of your carriage, right standing up nice and tall. Just take a moment to bring the body and mind into this space. We're going to start with two inhaled breathing in and just breathe out.

Just connecting the body and mind together. And one more. Inhale and breathe out. Drawing the abdominals up. We're going to start with a roll down. Inhale on the XL, articulate your spine rolling down, reaching your hands into the age of the carriage. On the inhale, push the carriage away. We run a light spring, so we're on a blue spring per racing that spine a little bit more forward. Allow your spine to stretch and then on the exhale, engage the abdominals and come back into flection. We're going to repeat that. Standing up tall. Inhale. Exhale.

Draw the abdominals to the spine. Rolling down, keeping the knees nice and soft. And on the inhale, extend the spine reaching and Ilan gating the back. Getting that extension and excel draw in. This time we're going to stay down and we're going to repeat the movements. Three more times in Hell. Praise through that thoracic spine. Abdominals. Engage. Exhale into the deep flection.

And we repeat that twice. More. Inhale, bracing, pricing, price the tailbone away, and Xcel drawing up. And we're going to do one more. Inhale, extend. So let me give you a bit of tactile feedback. They praise Ford, praise, Ford price forward and excel. Row Up, tailbone under. Articulate the spine, rolling up all the way, no leaning. And that ties into the football in hell.

I saw that excel roll down play show, right hand on top of the left hand, bringing the hands back on top of the carriage in the center and we inhale. Extend the sum. We add in a rotation, reaching the right arm out to the side, rotate, rotate, rotate through the waist and in excel. Come back, swap hands and in help racing the right shoulder down, rotating from the waist, and bring the hand back. We repeat that twice more and we go. Inhale. Extend that carried you. I praise the carriageway. Thank you. And come back and we do one more. Inhale, rotate in that spine and down.

Pause for the embrace and on the XL roll up from the base of the spine, bringing your body into your upright standing position. Good. You're gonna come and lie on your back with your head in their head race. I'm going to add the springs on. So this time we're gonna to the carriage up for the footwork. Lying in your supine position. Draw your knees up into your chest for me.

I'm going to lift the football up, holding a thing, securing the bar, and then we are going to bring your heels on top of the ball. As we prepare for a pelvic call. The idea is for the carriage to not move underneath the body. So we're going to start with that embrace. Engage those deep abdominals as the pelvis moves into the posterior tilt.

Allow the hamstrings to work. Allow the glutes to kick in, pause, inhale, and on the XL. Articulate your spine. Roll down, keeping US hamstrings active in order to keep the carriage on the stopper in hell. No holding on, and excel and row row roll. So I'm going to ask you to lift your hips a little bit high, Andre that said, inhale and excel to roll down and down and down to the neutral and breathing and excel. Tilt the pelvis so it's okay if the carriage moves. Try and keep it still at that pointing. Lift the hips. Lift the hips, lift the hips. Inhale and in excel to articulate down. In a sense, you could probably move the gear lever up a little bit so that is more space between the hips and the football. Two more. Inhale and excel.

See if you can press those results into the carriage, getting that beautiful shoulder extension using your triceps. Inhale, inhale, lift tapes. A tiny little bit and excel to roll down and down and down. So we'll do one more. Inhale and excel deep flection in that lumbar spine. Left your hips, bracing up.

I'm going to give you a little bit of traction as you roll down to stretch that spine out, making sure my own body's in a safe space all the way down into your neutral good. Move the arms around to hold onto the pig's of the of the straps on the exhale. Lift your right leg beand off the floor, prepping for your spine to supine and in the lift they got up off the floor. Right on the inhale. Move your legs over to your right side. Inhale, inhale. Opposite shoulder light stays on the bench. Exhale back to the same, so beautiful and inhale, keeping those knees stacked on top of each other and excel.

We could lower the heels a tiny little bit. Thank you. In how rotate opposite shoulder stays down and excel, so maybe make the range a little bit smaller in order to maintain the stability in the pelvis and in the opposite shoulder blade. Much better. Good job. Two more. Inhale to rotate. Can you press through your feats a little bit for me and exhale back to the same to one more. Inhale over towards your left side. Engage the obliques, they move back to the things to place your right foot on the bar.

Place your left foot on the bar, extend the arms up to 90 degrees. We are going into your abdominals. Inhale, chase, lift up. Exhale, left up. Reach up and hold. So I'm going to move your feet. Stay. They bring the arms to 90 so just so that we can open that hip out a little bit. Okay, and then inhale to go back down this time. Inhale to 90 degrees. Exhale two flakes up.

Maintaining the neutral pelvis. Drop that tailbone down and inhale to lower down. Good stuff. Keep those ribs down. Exhale to lift up. Race and reach and hold and in hell back. We're going to change the breathing this time we excel, left the chaser and bring the arms to 90 on the inhale.

Maintain the stability me abdominals, and they love with the chase down. We repeat that four more times. XL Left. They hit and chased. Forward. Forward, forward, forward. Inhale, arms to 90 abdominal stay. Active shoulder stability and then excel. Lower down. Two more. Inhale, nice active arms.

XL hit and chase reach reaches forward. Checking with the pelvis. Quickly. Check in with the pelvis. Thank you. To 90 my tiny abdominal strength. Yeah, and stability and lower down. This is the last one before we move into your favorite Andre. Your obliques, your rotation from here. Maintain the stability. The arms come up to 90 intellectual hands behind your head.

Rotate your right side, excel in hell. Sainter keeping those elbows wide in healthy painter and good pelvic lumbar stabilization. So there is no movement in the hips and the knees. Can we do four more and Excel d pores in hell and Xcel. Rotate and maintain that neutral pelvis. Watch the flexes. Don't creep in when the fatigue kicks in.

Last one and excel and seem to pause deep and deep and deep. And for the last one and lower the chase down, we're going to grab the theraband. Moving onto your footwork, keeping the right heel on the bar, placing the left foot up into this strap, holding the strap nice and tight. So we are going to start with this. Stripe legs are lower than laid down. I'm just gonna adjust the spring. Yeah. So the spring is on two raid now. Okay. Cause we're doing single lake. So breathe in for the preparation, active foot on the bar and on the XL. We just going to extend the leg, extended leg, extend the leg, reach and whole and then inhale come back.

So the Aimia is just to get the hip moving, get the hamstring to lengthen out a little bit, making sure the legs stay straight for this section of the work and Xcel and getting full hip extension. Stretching that right leg away and inhale, controlling the carriage and three more reach, reach, reach and lower the leg to come down. So we moving the hip and two more. Moving the leg in the hip joint and lower and activate the hamstring and parais sprays and lower down from here for safety. Bend your knee into your chest. Swap your legs around, make sure the carriage is home please and place the left yo on the ball. Lower the leg down to start with. Breathe in for the preparation.

Use Your left hip extensors and excel. Brace out. Oh this is the tight leg and in hell. Keep smiling. Keep smiling and exhale and inhale back and get the hamstring to activate and reach. We want the open hip. Yeah. Press up more hip extension and back. I think you're contracting your bleeds too much and excel prays out.

Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen and back in hell and use your big census. Yeah. Yes. That's better. Get this beautiful hold of Jeff for a second. Andre, hold the chair. Think of reaching the spring out of your hip joints so that you, yes. Can you see that length? Can you feel that? And inhale, come back to more at, to the hamstring. That is the game changer. Yes. And back one more and moving the leg in the hip joint.

No tension in the shoulders and come back. Moving onto the balls of the feet on the bar. Bend your knee. We're going to swap the legs around again. Put your foot in a strap first. Make sure the strap is open so that it doesn't roll off your foot into your face. The right ball of the foot is on the bar. We are going to bend your knee this time. Bring your FEMA to 90 degrees, so establish good hip and thought placement car.

Inhale on the exhale. Stretch the right leg away and extend the theraband leg as far as what you can by maintaining the 90 degrees in the hip. And inhale to bend and Exhale, lift your heel, get the deep plant affliction. Lift up, lift up. Yes. Stretch your leg and back in Hell and excel in engage or hip extensors to get this side to press out and in health. To me, you're doing well. You're doing so well. Two more Perise reach. This is obviously what your body needs, Andre, and then one more.

Sign up for the hill and Xcel reach and hold it. Here. We're going to move into the hip circles, so we go in hell, the leg circles. Exhale, inhale, nice and XL. One more. Say Inhale and exhale. Hold it. Rivers in Hell and excel. Moving that thigh in the hip joint. Two more states and excel one.

Say Inhale and exhale. Holden, bend your knee and come back. Lift the right leg up, place it in the strap and swap around right. Remember the plant affliction here in hell. Find your hamstrings. Thank you hell. Seeing the leg away, keeping the FEMA on top of the hip. Stretch and being back in health. Bain, Bain, being bale and excel. Reach, reach rich and in Hell, bean and IX. Help brace out. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen the spring and in help. Good formal and excel. Richard, Richard, Richard, and inhale, keeping the FEMA at 90 degrees and excel two more and in Helbing, relax the shoulders and IX hell hole the chair.

Go into your plant's affliction of the left foot. We circle the leg across the body. Inhale for one circle, exhale for one, two more seats. Inhale and exhale. One more pelvic stability is crucial here and pause and reverse. Inhale and exhale. Think of that ball and socket moving deep within the hip and Xcel loss it in Hell and excel.

Pose and hold and being the knee and come back. Place your foot back down onto the bar. I'm to take the strap away this time. We'll use it again a little bit later, so keep it close by. I'm going to add one raid spring for the carve rises the calf. Breathe in. Use your hip extensors and exhale, stretch your legs away.

Arms are down by your side this time and enjoy the movement. Yet as you lower the heels with control and Excel [inaudible] up in hell, good alignment in those ankles, Andre and Xcel rise. Work through the feet and inhale. Inhale, aches, hell rise and in hell. Inhale, exhale, rise. Three more. Inhale down and Xcel. Give a little bit of love, two more.

Inhale and excel. No bouncing it to smooth movement. One more smooth. Smeed SMI and rise. Rise and rise into the prances, pushing one heel underneath the bar, bending the other leg up and we rise up and we change and we can speed this up a little bit. Maintaining the alignment, maintaining the quality and integrity of the work in hell and inhale and exhale and exhale. Hold the chair. We're going to hold it here for three breaks. Get Two d plans, a friction ne for a little stretch.

If you want to be con to your client, give them a little bit of a stretch. Grab your hand from the carve and then just gently pull down towards the hill and change sides all the way up. Always encouraging full range of motion, even if you're in a stretch, maintaining the stability and excel. Good job. Inhale, rise up right up and resist the carriage. As you bend your knees, stay on the rise and come back all the way, keeping your femurs adducted. That's it. All the way in.

We're going to move onto the hip work. Seeing that you're already in the supine line position. I'm going to remove one raid spring, and from here I'm going to ask you to extend your legs out. I'm going to assist on right again into the strap. So explain the legs out for me, right?

Lifting your left foot, the foot further west away from me off the bar. Push into my hand. Find your stability here and then lift the other leg up. Good. Bringing the legs together. From here, we will move into external rotation and bend your knees into the frog position. Holding it. Yeah. So ideally, Andre, we want to make sure that your FEMA is in line with your hips, so pretty sure legs away from you a little bit. Stop. Make sure your pelvis is in a neutral position. Great.

Soften that rib cage down. Soften, soften. I don't know if that works for a guy, but anyway, breathe in active by Darth hamstrings annual add drs and extend your legs away. Praise. Come on. Perise me away and in hell to bend your knees. Nice resistance. I love it. And Excel. Praise and reach away and relax the feet and in helping and always activate the muscles before the joints move like that is the biggest secret for me and [inaudible] is activate the soft tissue before this [inaudible] system moves. So kind of like think of manipulating the bones with the muscles to Hmong.

Good, nice. Add to work and exhale. Press away. Reach and reach and the length and out of the hips. And one more. Inhale and excel press way. Moving on just into the abduction. We not going to do the circles here. I'm going to inhale keeping the legs on this lane again. Get the adductors to activate before you move the FEMA and draw the legs together. Squeeze and hold, squeeze and hold, squeeze and hope and inhale, reach the legs. Nice and wide. Control Control and no, it feels good, but we're not in the stretch yet. Okay, so keep the stability, keep the strength for more. Inhale and excel thing of reaching and touch my arm with your heels.

Lengthen out of that hip joint. And two more. Inhale, reach and use the breathe XL. Relax that cheese. And one more. Inhale and we're going to hold it. Yeah, I'm gonna get you to bend your knees a little bit. That's it. Holding straight for three breaths. Inhale. And just Xcel. Allow gravity to just ease out into that time. Pelvis two more in hell and breathe out. Breathe out.

One more. Inhale. And we're not gonna stretch the legs this time. You are just going to bring the legs together in the beam position all the way together and I'm going to free you from the straps. Keep the resistance on the left foot, keep it there and it's like the right foot out first. Place it on the box, God the client to find the bottom. Make sure it's nice and secure. Brush and then bring the other leg out and bring your body back in. Okay?

Okay. We are braving the semicircle guys. Can you believe it? Okay. The most difficult part of the exercise is to get into it. So I'm going to get Andrea to dry up your legs over the foot bar. Always one leg at a time. Safety. Bring your arms up and over your head.

Reaching onto the shoulder race. Okay. End In one. Swift movement. I know you sweaty, but just go for it. Brace the carriage away so that your pelvis reaches down. Well done. Okay. Hang on. Okay. We don't want you to strangle yourself. We need you. I need you, but place your feet in up on the bar.

So one foot and elevate the pelvis. Go into that. Come back to me. Keep the carriage. So plus your foot on the bar and going into hip extension, but I started foot on the ball. Yep. Okay. Right. So ideally the feed want to be in a small v position where the toes on the bar, he all squeezing together. I'm not going to get too sticky with what's going on with a feet day. I want him to move the spine. That is the aim for me with this exercise.

So the legs are not too wide. You're going to breathe in for me on the excel. Articulate your spine down, curling down. Beautiful articulation. Rolling, rolling, rolling. Feel this spring on your pelvis in help. Raise the carriage away without stretching the legs all the way and then articulate that lumbar spine, curling, curling, curling, keeping the heel squeezing together so those adductors are active.

And then inhale, bring the carriage back towards the stopper. The aim is for the carriage not to move as you XL. Deepen the flection. Beautiful. Lower the tailbone to the spring. Keep those lower ribs drawing down. Inhale, extend out and Xcel to articulate. Back Up. Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll. Look at this beautiful land from the shoulder, the hip through the knee. Inhale, bring the carriage, keep their hips up.

Use Your glutes, praise and excel. Co and cook. Slow and control. Slow and controlled. Slow and controlled, and inhale to brace away. Excel deep flection through the spine. Nice anchor work. They Andre, I love it. Inhale, move the thighs up and over towards the feet. This is your last one and Excel Co, Coco, Coco, all the way down. Inhale and exhale, articulate back up and feel free to reverse the movement if you are doing this in your studio, coming back to me. I'm going to give you the whole stretch. Okay. Stay up left up. So I'm going to place my hands on the thighs.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the stretches that gently pulled towards. Maintain that poster. It's out in your pelvis just to get that stretch over that hip joints. One more. Inhale. [inaudible] sleazy. Okay.

I mean from here. Inhale in one swift movement. Pull yourself back into the shoulder. Race. [inaudible] sticky, sticky, sticky and relax. Well done. Good. You can stand up for me. Come bring the carry time. Step up and stand up.

Okay. I'm going to love with the football. We are going into the reverse knee stretch. I am still on one full rate spring. Um, if you want to make it a little bit lighter, go onto the blue, but we are going to keep it on the raid. So come on Neil, facing the back of the carriage for me with the size and not touching the shoulder race, but more forward, reach your hands forward onto the frame. Let your hands be slightly ahead of the shoulders for the setups and bring your hands slightly forward. Then bring your carriage off the stopper. Just have to stop or pause.

Move the pelvis into a deep post urea totaled. And this is your setup shoulder over the wrist. Deep Lumbar flection abdominals lefting into the spine. We breathe in and you move your size forward as you deepen the curve in the spine. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, move back. But maintain the abdominal connection and the flection in the spine. And again, exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale back.

See if you can stretch the shins into the floor. I know those pita, tight and excel, good, beautiful shoulder stability. And in how back we do four more and excel draw deep, deep, deep. Inhale back three more and Xcel deep abdominals. Think of puffing out the lower back and in how? Back to Mo and excel for gimme shoulder stability. Andre, that's good. I love the shaking. It means all those deeper lotteries, those stabilizers are actually having an opportunity to wake up and back.

Come back all the way. Have a quick break as you press your pelvis into your wrist position please. I'm going to change the spring down to a blue spring this time and we are going to do the same exercise but with a single leg breathing and exhale, move yourself back up into the kneeling position first. Bring the off, bring your hand slightly forward please. Yep. Okay. Bring the carriage off the stocker. Move the pelvis towards that post Europe post urea, post urea. Hold it. Yeah, we're going to extend the right leg back out of the carriage and five on each leg. XL, pull the knees in an round, round, round.

Inhale back. Good and Xcel. Grow deflection, deep flection, deep flection and brilliant. Let's do three more and excel and if the quality of the movement can be maintained, you can speed the workup a little bit, two more, but not you. Sacrifice the integrity of the work. Last one and excel, draw, draw, draw and pause. Placed the knee down. Keep that carriage so underneath you and extend the left leg away.

You'll show the stability is amazing. XL draw, draw, draw. What about the action on the carriage? Please press it down in hell. Back. Thank you. And formal XL, deep lumbar flection in hell. Back three more and Xcel should pull up, pull up, pull up. Nice and back. Two more and XL.

Beautiful head and neck alignment and back. And thank you for stretching the knee. Last one, Xcel Xcel and inhale back, placing the knee down and come back all the way. Brilliant work. You can step down for a split second. I'm going to bring the football back up. We're going to move into a long lever, full body integration and we are going to repeat the sequence from the plank with a single leg lock we did in our mat clause. If you've watched our math class, you should know the sequence.

So from here we have one raid and one blue spring answer. More release, 150% resistance. Come and stay up onto your carriage with your heels against the shoulder race. Right? To get into this, I'm going to ask you to extend your arms forward. Bring your hands onto the bar, press your hips back and CPO hills halfway up onto the shoulder. Raise good stuff. Bracing the chase down towards your size. Push.

Get that big. Shoulders straight even more towards me. Bring your hips towards me. Hold it. Yeah, so I'm going to take my hand away. Thank you. He's got the carriage. We want the hip over the ankle, ideally. Right? Then from there, if I have the flexibility, let him stretch the leg. But for now we're gonna move into the plank on Raisa. On the inhale, press the carriage away. Lift your chest up and come back up. And we're gonna repeat that.

And this time I want you to keep your shoulders way. They also don't lean forward. On the inhale, press the legs away. Much better. Lift your sternum, lift your sternum, left your sternum and come back. Exhale. And again, inhale from, yeah, keep it. D, Can you bring your right foot to hover up off the bench behind you? From here, draw your right knee into towards your chase.

And we hold it for three, four, two, four, one. Place it back. Bring your right knee to your right shoulder. Hold it for three thoracic extension please too. And one per race it back. Bring it across to the left shoulder. This time for three and all the time the carriage stayed still because we have stability and place it back. Come back into your pike this time placing the foot left in your hips.

Back Up. Bring the carriage in. Beautiful shoulder work. I love it. Pull the carriage in, in and back into your plant. For the second leg and thank goodness there's only two legs and however the lift should keep the carriage still. Andre uses glue chair and we pull the knee towards the chased for three ways to show disability cap stability. Yes, and price it out and left knee to the left elbow. Four three, four, two, four, one brace and hold and across to the right shoulder. Four, three, four, two, four, one and back and hall. Beautiful. Completing the movement.

I love it. You are trained well and come back into your pack into your park. Bring your feet down flat on the bench for safety. Make sure the carriage is home. Reach your hands to hold towards your feet and then roll yourself up.

Excel, excel, excel. Good. Right from here we are moving onto our box so you can step down. I'm going to set this up. Come and grab your box. Hmm. And we all going to okay.

Get you to come and set. I'm going to secure the carriage. I'm going to put all the springs on this time so you can sit on the box. You can face me. We are going to use the theraband as the modification to do the traditional pole series to open up those shoulders. So hold your strap nice and wide. Don't we strike here? Just lift your hips quickly. One, two, three.

Okay, come back. Alright, sitting up. Nice and tall. Head is on top of the pelvis and the shoulders are above the hips on the embrace. Extend your arms up on the XL. Move the arms around and back and down. Try Not to poke the chin forward and in health, so keep your naked senses active and exhale to lower down. And inhale, lift and exhale back.

If this is too easy, use the pole or bring the arms closer to each other in hell to lift up, getting that rotation and excel to lower down. Let's do two more and we inhale and exhale back and down. Good. Inhale and excel. Your body's never gonna, doesn't know what's hitting things. And on this drive, exhale down and inhale. Lift your arms up and over your head. Bring it down.

This time bring the hands a little bit closer to each other so there's more resistance on the strap. We're going to inhale. Extend your arms over your head. From here, bend your elbows and just pause there for a second. I'd like you to get an external rotation in that humorous. Good stuff. Inhale, extend and excel. Lower down. Let's repeat that.

Inhale, bring the arms up in line with your ears. Exhale being so that your scaps, it's flush against the rib cage. Inhale, extend your arms and excelled, prays down. Good. Three more in health to lift. No upper traps. Painting the elbows forward. Much better.

Good shoulder work and left up and down to mow and inhale to lift. Whoops, whoops. And exhale. Elbows, Ford, Ford, that lift elbow. Yes. Good correction and left and love down. This is the last one. Make it the best one. Inhale up, up, up, up, and exhale and inhale.

Lift and exhale to lower down. Let me take the strap. You are going to hook your feet through the strap. We're going to do some abdominals on the box. We're going to just select a few from the series, placing your hands, one on top of the other, so just like this, bring your hands in towards your chest, sitting up nice and tall. Take a deep breath, engage your abdominals, and then move your pelvis towards that Postmates posts area told, articulate your spine, rolling away from your arms, rolling as far back as what you can by maintaining your abdominal connection pose for the embrace.

Watch the Halon was actually good where it was XL. Draw in Raleigh into your arms and then stack your spine. One Vertebra on top of the other. Inhale, engage the pelvic flow abdominal sink into the back, into the back, into the back roll, roll, roll, roll match. Better inhale and exhale to roll forward and sit up tall. Inhale and exhale to roll and it's if you can go a little bit further, a little bit deeper. The abdominals connected the transverse abdominis. Keep it, keep it in the rectus pulls down. Good. Inhale yet Andre, maximizing the movement. I love it.

And one more. Inhale and exhale. Roll abs into my hand, into my hand, into my head. Cool. Cool, cool, cool. Cool. Inhale and exhale. Cell Roll forward and left bringing your hands behind your head. Brilliant. Yeah. Inhale, twist over to your right side first. Inhale, inhale, and then resist. Coming back. Yeah, to the theater and in how up and over and excel.

Bring your head up in line with your spine. I'm going to guide you and inhale. Inhale, inhale and exhale up and inhale. So let me guide you a little bit more. Yes. Okay. And Left v and inhale. Beautiful and excel. And the last one, inhale, lift your sternum. Lift your sternum and eggs.

So well done and relax. Step down for me. We are going to activate those glutes. We're going to stay on the box. So this is obviously where your client will be familiar with the equipment you um, are going to take all the springs off except one raid spring. Oh, I'm gonna, I'm, I've changed my mind. I'm going to do a blue spring.

So Andre is going to kneel on the box. Okay. We're going to place the right foot in the strap. I'm going to assist him here. So I'm going to make sure my own body is safe. I'm going to pull the carriage forward. Have you got it?

I'm going to make sure he's foot is in a safe place. Keep your leg straight down here for me please and hold it so I've can feel he's got the carriage. We need a little bit higher up here. There we go. Better. Okay. Maintaining the stability in the body, making sure the shoulders have got stability, making sure the pelvis is Squarespace.

I'd like to use the imagery of chopsticks on either side of the waist, activating this glute Max. Ooh, little bit more bouquets. Graze and exile. Lift the leg up behind you. Good. And inhale to lower down. And again, try not to write the the extinct since before the actual limb moves. Guys. That is key and excel. Yes, you've got it. Good job and in hell down.

Keep the extinction and exhale left, left, left and in health. Three more. And Excel priests give me a little pause in the movement. Little pause, little pause, little pause and then down. And two more. Your care, your hands slipping and lower down and you work the glute maxim. You're going to hold it. Yeah, take you like 10 degrees to the right side, 10 degrees or keep the hip extension, left it. Lift your leg, lift your leg, lift your legs, squeeze and hall. Pull up that glue. Pull up the glutes, thereby keys, whole bags. Okay, and down. That's Afrikaans for Todd. Todd, tight ads, tide bomb and come down from here. I'm going to secure the carriage or gain being your needs like the foot out of the strap and comeback. So you're going to swap over to the other side. Okay.

Right. My shoulder stability is day before you let go. Breathing in, activate and into the hip extension, keeping the hips square this time. Thank you. In hell to lower down and excel. Aches. Hell inhale, lower down. Come all the way to 90 degrees. We need this hamstring to lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, and then go into the contraction. Good.

And inhale down. If the strap is pressing against the box, just bring the leg slightly out into that abduction. All good. You'll still get your glute Max to work and your glued meat will kick in. Ne. Activate the glade. Praise. Uphold, square the hips off leg slightly 10 degrees to the left side and lower down and freeze up, up, up to more. Lower down and race up. Good stability, good control. And one more.

Inhale and excel. Praise, squeeze and hold. Keep the pelvic number stabilization and come down all the way down and down. And I'm going to free you from this strap. You can stay down. Great work. Okay. Right. Are you going to move onto yours?

Yes. A lateral flection work. You're going to sit sideways on the box with your left hip on the box and the right foot out in the foot strap at this time. Okay, so was sitting in the middle. Okay.

The foot three nice and secure. Move your hips up all the way towards me. Bring that lift side 90 degrees and we are going to insulate the hands behind the head. Make sure you maintain your alignment. And on the inbreath we are going to lower the body down into the side. Bane inhale, inhale, inhale and then contract the right side. XL lift just to, yeah, and we do far more. Inhale, lower down, lower down, elongate and then get the contraction. Three more. And inhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale, lift and hold almost there Andre. To more increase the range, increase the range, increase. You've got it. You've got it. You've got it.

Exhale up. Last one in how lower down. Hold it. Yeah. Bring the left elbow onto the head. Race all the way down. Raced in with the arm on the head, Rafe, and stretch out and hold it. Yeah. Breathe in you safe. Exhale Perise and hold two more.

Inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale and exhale. Bring the hand onto the frame and push yourself up to move over to the other side. Okay. Right.

Keeping the posture upright if it's too tricky to bring the hands behind the head because the postures being fatigued. Cross the arms over the chase because we want to maintain the alignment. The arms are merely the torrid variation. Okay. Push the head back into the hands on the embrace. Extend the body up and over. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, contract and XL.

Lift up and hold and again, inhale up and over. Open that right shoulder, right shoulder. Thank you. And Excel left and hold and we do three more. Keep the hands internalized behind the head. I'm going to guide you this time. I'm here, I'm here and excel left and hold to Moki fixation.

Beautiful. Inhale and Xcel up. Last one. You're doing great. Inhale up and over. Pause and hold. Bring the right elbow into the head res. Reach the arm over your head and we stretch here in hell. Opening the body up.

Inhale and exhale. One more breath. Inhale, bring the hand onto the frame and push yourself up into your upright position. So we're gonna move onto a straight snazzy. You can stand up for me please. And then just change the box the long way. And we're going to do a hamstring and glute stretch.

So just extend your right take up and over the box, standing up nice and tall. Square your hips off. See if you can have your left foot more parallel. Please maintain the length in your spine. Place your hands on your thighs and lean forward and hold it. Breathing in and breathing out. Back of the makers.

Long. Good. Two more. Inhale, see if that right hip can draw back a little bit. Okay. Breathe in and breathe out. And one more. Inhale and exhale. Then bend your knee, place your hands on the box. Bend your knee towards the right side, leaning forward. Good. Keep the shoulders out of the ears. Inhale. How's that? Straight, Andre. Good.

Breathe out and inhale and exhale, and one more. Inhale and breathe out. Let the hips relax, relax, relax. Use your arms. Press yourself up, and we move around to the left leg. Square the hips off. Keep Your Posture Upright. See if you can stretch the knee. Keep the hips square and hinge forward.

If you need a deepest rate, hinge forward in hell, good work. And exhale, and inhale and exhale. We're gonna do one more. Inhale, lean a little bit deeper into the stretch, into the stretch, into the stretch, and bring the body up. Hands on the box, pain the knee, and squeeze that variety forward. Forward, forward in how? No tension in the shoulders. You're okay? Do you wanna bring your heel a little bit forward? [inaudible] okay. Okay. Relax your elbows. Relax the shoulders.

Just ease into this stretch. Inhale, relax down, and exhale. One more. Inhale and breathe out. Breathe out, breathe out. Awesome stuff. Push yourself up and come and stand up. We're going to move onto a last exercise, which is our back extension. So from here I just need to check the springs.

We are going to have the resistance on one blue spring. So on your lights, spring resistance. We want to activate those deep, deep, deep exchanges to work with this exercise. The footballs down coming to line, the prone position where the pig's over the box or kind of like where your heart rate monitor would be. Okay. You're going to thread your hands through the strap, reaching onto the rope, maybe go bringing the legs into action and from Ya extend your arms out a heat of you in line with your ears on right. Good. We are going to on the embrace, bend the elbows, bring the body, the elbows back, extend the body intake sanction left at the rassic spine. Extend the arms all the way through. Maintain extension in the back as the arm circles around entuity palms up to the floor, move the arms all the way up and over their head. Maintain extension.

That is the tricky part of the movement. They love it down being the elbows and we follow through again. Inhale, I'm going to assist you on your heels. Yeah. So really allow your upper back extensors to work as are assist you. Assist your, yes. Beautiful. Keep the extension. Keep the extension thoracic extension and we do two more in held bean work through your c spine, through your t spine. Arms out.

Get hit that tee position for me with the palms down. Continue the movement, continue the movement arms over their head. Yes. And we do one more and we go. This is the last exercise. Extend up tricep extension. The racich extension. All they extent is are working. Yes. Thank you for the increase in extension.

They Andrae move the arms up, up, up, up and lower down places. Stripes back onto the pigs. Well done. You dominate the, the reformer. Bring yourself up into a standing position. We are going to finish with the roll down. Standing up. It's all feel the freedom in your spine.

Feel the increased flexibility in the hamstrings as we inhale and exhale, lower the chin roll down, roll down, roll down, hang down. Appreciate the movement. Yeah. Can you reach for the toes? Reach for the toes. Hallelujah. Inhale and roll. I love that. Is America one more in how well the view is an XL roll down. Yeah.

Roll down. Roll down in Hell and excel. Row Up. Roll Up. Roll Up. Well done. If Andre can do it, you can do cards.

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Nice workout Tashb...great cueing...I especially like your cues on the set -up of exercises. Love your energy and excitement. Andre’ was a real Star...he did exceptionally well under the pressure! 👍 very well done you power couple 👏👏👏😁
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Well now that was great and I’m not even a guy! I do have a few men clients and a hubby that are going to really enjoy this....whether they like it or not! Thank you! You 2 are a very cute couple!
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Love the workout with the hubbie. Thank you for the cues. Very caring and amazing energy.
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wow super teaching cues love your work :)
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This class was amazing. Loved the slower meticulate pace. I was SHAKING at the end of class I felt such deep muscle work! Thank you for your lovely teaching!!
Love your energy Tash. A great class once again.
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That was super fun! Thanks for getting me moving!
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Tash and Andre you guys rocked this ... your both looking amazing!! Xx
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Thank you Tash- that was really fun- enjoyed the single leg work with the theraband - great for tight hamstrings and hip flexors
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