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Athletic Wunda Chair

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Focus on precision of movement in this Wunda Chair workout by Tash Barnard. She teaches her husband, who is an athlete who loves CrossFit, challenging his whole body to achieve active stability during each movement. She includes fun variations like "Monster Walks," Swan, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Theraband

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Jul 24, 2018
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Welcome back to is anytime. I'm Tash Barnard. I'm so excited to have my husband here with me today. Andre, who, um, has just joined me to come and walk. The ladies journey here at is anytime. So Andre is not our typical is divo t but he loves these crossfit and he's running his boxing, he surfing, you name it, all those boy exercises. So, um, we're going to take him through one to chain workout, including a thorough loop. If you don't have a a loop, you are welcome to take a theraband tying knots in it. Just do mighty fine. Keep going with us. Um, and you'll, you'll see Andre's got really good body away. Nice.

[inaudible] chiropractice so it is expected for him to take the cues. Well, but Yo, I'm excited to see how this goes. Let's see how it goes. Alright, so come and stand facing the chief. We're going to start with three roll downs. Just oh wait for my queue. You are excited like me. Okay, so take a deep latcho breath.

Roll Down

Inhale, engage the abdominals, lower the chin towards the chest, moving through the spine, keeping the knees slightly bent, relaxing the body over here, so just hang out there for three breaths. Andre, inhale for me and just exhale. Allow the body to stretch out. This is our first roll down for the day, so their body's feeling a little bit sticky. One more breath. Inhale and exhale. Just ease into the street. They hit us in line with his spine. Take another breath. Inhale, always engage the abdominals first and then roll the body back up into this upright standing position. We're going to repeat this twice. More. Inhale and engage the abdominals. Exhale, the aim is to keep the hips, so for as long as possible, moving the spine and then adjusting the pelvis.

Likely Bend your knees a little bit more higher. Good. Inhale and excel, tailbone under. Use those hamstrings, the rolling up and a little bit of tactile feedback to length and into that posture. Inhale one more and exhale to roll down. Roll down, roll down, roll down. So we're going to come back in a safe. The flexibility in these hamstrings and spine at the end of our session. Inhale, lift the abdominals. Roll up and stand up tall.

We're going to keep the spinal articulation. You're going to inhale, reach your hands forward towards the edge of the [inaudible] 40 if you need to, maybe go elongate that back and allow your hands to just grip onto the age of the chair here. Great. From here, inhale for me hitting line with the spine on the XL. Give me some lumbar flection, deep tuck in the pelvis, lock your pelvic call and then inhale back to the neutral and long gate back. Nice and excel deep flection. Lifting the abdominals into the spine and inhale to and elongate through the crown of the head. We'll do four more. Inhale, prepay XL two. Cool. Keeping those shoulders nice and stabilized away from the ears.

Pelvic Curl

And inhale, inhale, and we do three more. Exhale, deepen the affliction. Good and inhale, lengthen and two more XLF, the abdominals rounding that lower back and inhale to reach it out. I want you to almost think Andrea of moving towards an anterior tall, preset, tailbone away, away and affliction. You guys know what it's like to teach your husband or your partner. Sometimes it's the hardest thing. Breathe in for me. We going to roll up all the way eggs.

Hell got away from my cues all the way up, right? We're going to add in a rotation this time. Inhale one hand on top of the other XL. Press the pelvis back, reach back into that tabletop position. You're going to bend your left elbow to the side as you rotate up and out towards your left side, moving the head with this fine and in hell back and rotate to the right side pain, praise, stretch, reach and inhale back and allow the spine and the pelvis to move a little bit with each other. Here we still in our warmups are let your body move and back. We're going to repeat this three more times and rotate.

Thoracic Spine Rotation

Get the rotation in the waist, in the waist, in the waist and back and two more. A little bit of tactile feedback on the ribcage, on the shoulder, making sure their hands, my hands are nice and secure on the client's body and stretches on for me. Pull back. Yes. Good job. That was the last one. Inhale, come back from here. Inhale into your lumbar affliction. Curleigh royal up and stand tall. Right from here, we're going to move into the abdominals.

I'm going to spin the chair around. You're going to live with your spine on top of the chain with the scaps. Just off the chain, the hands internalize behind the head, making sure the hands are guiding that nick and hate the shins are parallel to the floor. Bring your size into my hands. Brilliant. So I have the thigh press down into the hip joint. We're going to inhale. We're going to do five chase lifts. Inhale, inhale first get the neck stability, then excel. Call the Hayden Chase up, up, up. Good. We inhale low down. We don't hold it up.

Chest Lift

The and first. Next stability chained to chase. Then cooler, cooler, cooler. Inhale, back reach, reach, reach. Throw the chin towards the chase before you come up. Thank you. Yes, that is great. Mixed ability. Call, call, call, call, and we do one more. Bring your size closer to your hips. Thank you. And exhale, Chin to chest. Call, reach and hold the chair. Place the hands on top of the knees. Ready for a double leg street variation in health to the hundreds. Lift the arms, head and chase as you circle out and around, keeping your abdominals connected, not letting the rubs flay.

Double Leg Stretch Variation

Call the hit and chase forward. Pause for the embrace and Excel Bean. The knees. Inhale, hundreds. Inhale, lift the arms, Hayden Chase, extents back. Draw those abs down. Good. Call the hidden cheese forward reaching hold and bend and you don't have to take your legs too low. Let's do three more in hell. Hundreds legs out. Yes.

It's more about maintaining the abdominal contraction and lowering the legs down. Circle hid and chase calls up and up and up. Bring the knees, hold a chair for one second. When the arms come into the tee, that's when a chain starts flexing forward. Two more. Inhale hundreds, lift the arms to 90 then Hayden chased as the arms hit the tee.

You call the hidden. She's forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, and being the knees. One more. Use the hip extensors. Boom. Last one. Inhale, left arms. Use your extension. Keep the abdominals committed. Draw the hidden chase call, call, call. Bend the knees. Hold the chair. Place the hands on top of the knees. Deepen the flection by pressing or signs into your hips, into your single leg. Stretch both hands on one leg and extend left leg out and change and bring your hand to the top of your knee to lift yourself a little bit higher.

Single Leg Stretch

Using your hands. Yes to challenge those abs. Two more and one, hold it for a breather. Hold it for a breather. Deepen the chase a little bit higher. Bring the hands behind their head, rotate towards that beamed me and we rotate XL and brace the league away and rotate. We do. Six more and five, maintain affliction. Maintain three. Sioux, you didn't grind one more. Both hands on the knees. Press yourself forward into your seated position. Good work. Remember it's all about the foam through out, spinning around.

Criss Cross

You did well sitting on your chair, ready for your footwork. We're going to spin this. Okay. Heels parallel on the bar. We're going to just start with your hands behind you. Opening up your shoulders, not racing in the hands and not sitting too far back on the Chicos. We need starts to move. So Chin parallel to the floor.

Take a breath. Inhale, engage their hip, extensive. Then axl prorates the pedal down, down, down, and inhale, resist, and exhale. Press Down Preston. Press down and inhale. So I've got the springs on Cactus, four two black springs on Cactus for Oh man, I think I might've been a little bit eager here, but let's see, and exhale, exhale and inhale two more. And exhale, exhale and left and last one.

Heels Parallel

Exhale. Exhale. And come up from here. Place the balls of the feet on the ball. Cross the arms over the chest area for me. Take a deep breath in. Lift those heels up. So we worked through the ankles, excel to prays down, down, down, and inhale up. So try not to lean forward and hamstrings.

Toes Parallel

Activate. Praise, praise, praise, great stability. So we all have to this stability and that relationship between the abdominals in the back while the legs move. The upper body is absolutely so and inhale and three more engaging the hamstrings as you Princetown resisting the payroll as you come up. And two more XL, XL XL, maintaining the alignment in between the ankles. You're doing great. And one more. Lifting the eyeline up, up, good ankle severity and bring it up.

Moving into the Small v position, I'm going to keep you to just get you to swap your arms around in hell. Keeping the heels on that same level and angle. Xcel engage the hip extensors. They embrace the pedal down, down, down, down, and inhale, left, left, left as that spring is tough. Aches, parades, down, abdominals and back. Working together. 100% on each side. And exhale, exhale, exhale and inhale. So if I give a little push, the body should not move and exhale, exhale and left up to Mo and breathe out.

Pilates Stance

Pure stability in this tool. So keep the heels together. Keep pressing on all five. Metatarsal is all five toes, lost one and resisted up. Resisted up. Re this. Sit Up. Move your heels into your wide v position. So yours. Go to the edge of the bar.

Second Position Heels

Extend the arms out to the side. This time making sure the arms are in line with the shoulders and not behind the body. Drawing these rugs. Inhale, hamstrings, activate and parades down. Press down, brace down, and resiste. Inhale, inhale, good and exhale. Exhale, exhale and inhale, lift and exhale to brace down, relaxing into the feet, but keeping the feet as if you were standing on the floor and four to go. Drawing those abdominals into the spine and left and Xcel. Three more and good posture. What do you guys think? And Sumo Xcel. Exhale, exhale and inhale to resist it up.

Resisted and resisted up back of the legs. Brace down and resist. Resist, resist. We're going to move into the toe wide position, the some. Andrea, you're going to extend your arms over your head. So we challenge the stability in the torso by taking the lever higher up. And I'm even going to do a little challenge here, so I'm just going to do a little stability check quickly.

Make sure the body is nice and active. Those abdominals are working with the back extensors. Yes, thank you for the stability. Married up in hell. IX. Raise the feed down, down, down, and inhale left up.

Second Position Toes

So it's that active stability that we are always after with Palladio's Xcel, the lumps on moving, but the stability is in the core. When we look at the body as a whole, five more exhale. Exhale and resist it up. Resisted up muscle focus breweries from the back of the legs and three Mo. Just keep the weight on the big toes for me and excel.

Exhale and lift up. Lift up, lift up, and exhale, exhale and resist it up all the way. And last one, keeping the arms in line with the ears and up. Up. Weldon done down for me and we moving into some abdominals. We're going to do the full pack and the side. Pike. We're going to keep a spring resistance on a heavy sating.

Pull Up

So you're going to face me. You're gonna bring your hands onto the side of the chair. Press the pedal down so steep off the off the platform. Thank you. So one foot down onto the pedo. I told you he's got a client in the studio and the other leg. Of course, we all know what happens that toes get codes under the bar.

From here, we're going to move your hands a little bit forward, right to the age. Come into your deepest lumbar flection without the bomb weaving yet Andrae move your weight over your, your shoulders, over your wrists. Maintain the lumbar friction. Breathing in on the XL. Pull the pedal up using your abdominals, lifting your hips. Tilt your head under under under great work.

And then inhale to lower the pelvis. Done. Keep the flection in the spine and excel. Draw in. Lift of my finger. Yes and lower down. Keep the hitting line with the spine and we do three moe abdominals left up, left up, left up and inhale down. Don't forget to look at the whole picture guys and waste my shoulder stability.

Two more. As you lower the body down. Keep that serratus active. Lift off my finger, yet left. Yes. Good. And one more XL XL. Tilt the head in, in, in, in, in, in, and lower down. But keep the lifting the back. Keep the lifting in the back. Great. More, more, more and all the way down. Stay. Are we going to add in? Some carve rises. Keep your hands. Say Inhale, lift your heels.

Keep the pedal on the floor. This timer, my bed, excel prays the heels down. Just moving through the carbs in hell. Three your calves and excel. Lower down and inhale to lift. Lift moving through that ankle joint. And we do five more. Inhale and excel to reach down for more.

Tendon Stretch

Inhale, exhale, lower down. Inhale, lift and exhale. Two more. Inhale and exhale. And one more. Inhale and exhale. Rise both heels up. Press your right heel down towards the floor, bending the left knee all tonight up and change and up and full plant affliction and up and change and formal, keeping the hips nice and stable and still three down and two down. And one whole that here. Breathing in.


And just hold it for your stretch. Exhale and inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale and XL rise up. Change the legs around. Three breaths.

Inhale and exhale. Two more. Inhale and exhale. One more breath. Inhale and exhale. Rise onto the balls of the feet. Turn your body to your right side. You're going to step your left foot to the front of your pedal and the right leg to the back of the pedal hands come towards the front corners of the box and we're going to target those obliques. This time.

Side Pull Up

Square the body off both hips, both shoulders, face as your front. So I'm gonna just cue you here. Give me more serrated as you round that spine, drawing into those rates. Inhale, and on the exhale, lift the pedal up off the floor. Lift up, tilt the head down, down, down, down, and inhale. Lower and whole. They'd see three more XL praise I think of a handstand on right, left up, left up Taco. Hey taco. Hey taco. Hey, inhale down to mo and XL. Draw, draw, draw, draw, and lower down. While you're on a rise, feet off. Let and one more left up. Left up and thank you.

Lower down. Turn your body to face the other way. Keep the pressure on the Pedro so that you're nice and safe and secure inside leg to the front of the Pedro. Stepping the leg back. Screw the shoulders off. Hips are square. Can you lengthen the right side a little bit more? That said, breathe in for me on the eight cell. Keep, maintain the shoulder stability. Left that pedal up and up and up and up and inhale.

Lower down. Let's do three more. I'm going to keep my hand here. Try and keep your sternum off my fingertips as the hips come down, up and up and up and up and up and two more XL. This right shoulder that the shoulder that needs a little bit of work and one more. Exhale. Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out and lower down. Just make sure you've turned your body to face the chase. They one, they back onto the floor late the pedal. Slide up slowly with control and stay back.

Great work. Not Too bad for ex rugby player. I think you are doing super well, right? So we are going to incorporate the theory leap for some bleat work. I'm going to get Andre to put himself into the strap. You're going to take the loop and you're going to place it over the toes. So I used to do this over the ankles and then I did this awesome hip workshop with Sarah a hundred mark, and she is a physiotherapist that told us that the glutes will work harder or more accurate with the lupus around the feet because of the external rotation that will be encouraged in the movement. So we call these the monster books.

Where I come from, which is bleeding South Africa. No, no, it don't have to be a mindset plus your hands on your head. He's not. And then you're going to sit into a nice deep squat. And what we're going to do is we're going to just use the space that we have to walk across. If you're in a studio with a long corridor, go for it. And nature clients feel that burden from here on right?

Side Walks

I'm going to just stand in front of you. You're going to walk with me. We're going to go steep, steep, steep, steep, steep, steep, steep, steep, not sliding the feet, but stepping it up, stepping it out, boom, boom. Get the rhythm. It's like a little dunce. That tight. Stay low. Stay low. One more. Stay low. Rivers, eat, stave stay. You pulling that strap pretty wide. I'm super impressed but nice. Nice.

Slipping the Frito. Left your feet up, up, up, up. Lean forward and pray. So hips back, yes. Step step. I think I should've given him two loops and we're going to repeat that and being your hair's found your precision of movement. Abdominals. Oh, lifting up into the spine and we go step, step, step, step are, this is Beta this time around are your abdominals lifted for more? Three good job on right two and one. Reverse and stay. State and state in choreography for three, two and one. And relax. Of course you can lift up and you can add the pulses if your client, um, if they take technique is so good that they can do more.

We are going to move on to our frog friends. I'm going to lower the springs down to a medium setting. You're going to come back, place your hands on the chair, pressing the pedal down with one foot and in the other foot. Hands forward, one foot down, other food down, and you're going to draw your heels together. Bend your knees, lift your chest up and move your hands back closer to your body. Right from here.

Move your pelvis more forward, but keep the not tucking the pelvis. Maintain the neutral, yes, but lifting up and might be being more if you can. So now Andrae the idea. You're going to have to bring your shoulders forward over your wrist. That's it from here. Give me a little bit. Shoulder stability. Perfect. Without moving the upper girdle, bring your heels and your pedal up towards the pelvis. Inhale, inhale. Inhale.

E XL brace down and he all slightly together. Pull the hills called the hills and down, and let's get a little rhythm. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Four more. Keep those yields together well. Then three exhale to exhale one and come upright. Okay. Keep your right on the pedal. Spin around to sit on the chair for me cause it spring and bird life right from, yeah. Kind of lack the same set up.


Although we are going to target the arms this time. So you're going to keep your hands on the age of the chair with your fingertips facing your glutes. You're gonna come back into your small v position. Bending your knees, maintain as stretched arms, bringing the pelvis off the box holiday right from here. Pull it into the shoulders stabilizes. Keep your chin parallel to the floor. Lift your pedal up towards your pelvis. This time, keep your heels close to your pelvis as you do at tricep. Deb, bend your elbows, Bend your elbows. Inhale, inhale and brace up. Exhale.

Frog Facing Out

Inhale. Inhale. Think more. Lower traps. Matrax, left Xcel, good worker, and four to go. And Xcel if you can keep your elbows pointing to the back. Yes. Good correction. And Press and hold. Hold, hold, Timo. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. Abdominals into the spine. This is your last one.

Inhale and exhale. Press and hold and push the pelvis back. Good. How was that? Okay, great. Work from him. You're going to stay down for a split second. I'm going to change this springs onto I light seating. We're going to do a full body incorporating some stretches and some upper body strength.

I will have this j on one spring on the second cactus. Okay, so making sure, again, you're your client understands how the one that j works so that they are in control of the equipment in the equipment is not in control of the client, but the client is responsible for making sure they body stay safe on the apparatus. You're going to actually turn around, spin yourself around, you're going to place your hands on the floor. We're going to press the pedal down with one foot to come into a plank position. So I'm going to assist Andre by just placing the bar down, making sure our own body's in a safe environment. Great. From here, both feet pressing firmly onto the bar, we're going to maintain this position for three breaks.

Plank w/ Knee Bends

Inhale and breathe out out, out, out. Two more. Inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale on the Xcel. Lift your pelvis into your pike, brace and hold. From here. We're gonna move forward into your plan. Drawing your right me into wards your chase. Allow the spine to come into flection. The need to the nose. Need to the nose, knee to the nose center, st as Saint.

Praise your leg back to however off the floor. Bring the right knee to the right elbow. Exhale, pull and hold. Get more extension your spine. This time for me, Andre, little bit more. Thoracic extension, extension, extension the other way. And press the leg back over to the left elbow.

Press and hold. Push through the arms. Extend those arms. Two more. Inhale. Exhale. One more. Inhale. Exhale. Place the fruit. Get into that plank position. Then lift your hips up and enjoy this stretch. Hold the chair for one Bray is you're hitting line with your spine.

Yeah. And come back into your plank. Pause and hold. As you draw the left knee into your chase here, you can come into the thoracic flection. So left those abdominals into your spine. One more breath. Inhale, and then come back and hit that plank position. So ideally, I want you to maintain the alignment of the spine as the knee comes to the left elbow. Draw an hole. Push through that right shoulder blade please. Yes. Good. Inhale. Exhale. Last one. Inhale, Xcel. Come back. Strike the pose. Flat Buddy. Yeah.

And take the knee to the opposite elbow. Press through the arms. Inhale and exhale. Good. A little bit more. Two more. Yes. And press your sternum forward for me. And placed the foot back onto the pedal. Left your hips into the pike, holding it.

They keep your head in line with your spine. Get that external rotation in your shoulders. Oh, um, yeah. And come back into your plan. Step your right leg forward for a stretch. Keeping the left for down on the ball. Good. Hold it. They Allen up. Breathe in.

Lunge Stretch

Moving that pelvis towards that posterior tilt. You can just let your hands rest on your side. Not Pushing, but just racing. One more breath. Inhale. And then exhale. Place your hands down on the floor. Stabilize through the upper girdle. Slide the leg back. Andre.

Not everyone can do a push up on the fingertips. Are you joking? Flat heads are the leg forward. Okay. And hold. Inhale and exhale. This is not crossfit. This is plot ease.

Stable surfaces and one more. And place their hands flat on the floor and back into your plank. Lift your hips up into your pike. Walk your hands back to wards your feet. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. Step your one foot onto the flow and late the pedal. Come up slowly, slowly, slowly. I've got it and up. So always find it helpful. If I am helping clients out of, um, um, positions to, to make sure that our verbally cue them, that, um, I've got the equipment I can let go. Otherwise, it's a big Palava.

Great. From here, we're going to move into some side work. So you're going to come around this way for me. We're going to stay on our lights sitting. We're going to sit on the right hip, facing your front, hooking the leg to the front of the chase, stretching the left leg out to the side. Plie show. Right hand on the Pedro. I'm going to bring the left hand behind the head on the embrace. You're going to press the pedal down to the side. Inhale, inhale, inhale and resist yourself up.

Mermaid Variation

Exhale, exhale, exhale. And again, inhale, keeping the leg in line with the hip and Xcel to lift up. Getting that contraction in the waist. And two more. So I'm going to anchor you a little word. I want you to move your body aes and left up. Lift up, lift up. Keep this leg active here. Okay. And inhale. Inhale. Inhale from here.

Extend your arm over your head. Please. Breathe in. Rotate your body down towards the boss. So both hands reached to the bar, to the bar, to the bar. So I'm holding him in here. Otherwise I can feel if I had to stay out of this, his body's definitely going to pull over. Good. Bring the arm back over the head, finalize the stretch, get that last little stretch arm overhead, overhead overhead, and yes, left a good spin around. So set yourself up. Press your head back into your hands, reaching the Lego way in hell first by yourself reaching up and over, up and over, up and over, getting that beautiful stretch in the waist.

And the XL to resist back up and inhale. Inhale, inhale and resist up. Exhale, exhale, excel. And I'm going to assist you. Inhale over, over, over, and XL. Lifting up, lifting up, lifting up. One more. Inhale, extend, extend, extend. Reach the arm over the head, intensify the stretch, rotate the body down, getting that stretch over the cubicles. Rotate, rotate, rotate.

And I'm just gently pulling the hip and the shoulder in the opposite direction. Bring the arm back over your head, getting that final stretch through those [inaudible] and left up. Exhale, excel and excel all the way up, right. We're going to finish off with a back extension. I am going to make sure the spread payroll has got a spring on each side and we are going to keep it on a light sating for those deep extents to work. And I'm going to take the poll out.

So you're going to lie in a prone position for me pushing the pedal, the pedals to the floor this time and in moving your body forward so that you back in your your lank position. So press him down all the way to the floor. Praise, praise, praise. Okay. The legs are active and adducted. Again, shoulder over the wrist, and I'm going to encourage the deep exchanges to activate. So using your inhale to extend the body just up off the floor, hovering up. This is where we start. We'll first do both arms extending into extension.

Swan Variation

Inhale, lift up Ireland. Forward, forward, forward, and XL. Resist the pedal. As you press down, we're going to do two more and then we're going to go into unilateral work and inhale. Inhale, inhale, lift the abdominals and Xcel. Praise, praise, praise, and one more. Inhale, inhale and Xcel. Priests down. Pause and hold it. Yeah, for me, Andre, bending the right elbow. Look over to the right side. Inhale. Inhale, press into the lift arm. Yes. Exhale down. Alternate. Inhale, inhale, inhale. Exhale down. Both arms working equally, one into the flection. Rotation and Xcel.

Maintaining the extension of the spine. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale down. Two more, and reach your legs away. Yes, and down. And one more. Inhale, inhale and exhale down. I'm going to assist the legs here. Come into one final extension. Lifting up island forward. Use Your extensors. Come a little bit more. I'm here to support you. Lift up.

Beautiful from, yeah, the pedal is home. Play. Show right hand on the box. Push yourself back with your left arm and just have a little street and hold it. They taking a DD breath. Inhale and exhale. Keep your head in line with your spine for me. Extend, extend, and late school. Inhale, inhale and exhale, reach, reach, reach. One more. Inhale and exhale. Bring your hands towards the floor.

Hang the body down in your roll down position. Inhale, engage your abdominals. Xcel roll up, roll up, roll up, and we're going to do two roll downs. Organize your body, feet parallel to each other. Inhale, checking in with your body, reflecting on the changes that has happened because you have a body that can move, that was willing to move, that was available to move. Inhale and Xcel rolling up and up and up. Up, up. One more. Inhale and engage your abdominals. Lower the chin rolling down through your spine.

Roll Down

Just taking a moment to appreciate bodies and willingness. Exhale to stay out of your comfort zone and do a [inaudible] session. Not For me, for the people that are watching. Thank you so much, Andre. You dominates it. Thanks for watching guys.


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Hi Tash, I love your energy and cues. You are fun to listen to. It is hard teaching husbands but fun. Thanks for the class and hope to see more sessions.
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Great sequence on chair and very challenging..needed this for my athletic clients!
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Great instruction for student who is not an expert in chair class. You have a wonderful, fun energy and make the class a lot of fun. Kudos to your husband as well!
Those monster walks are being added to my repertoire. I need to strengthen my hips.


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Loved it Tash!! You made SA pilates instructors proud!!! 😉
Great class and I especially enjoyed the complete connection - from the starting roll down all the way to the ending with a roll up.
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Thank you for a wonderful video!!
Kat Ernst
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Thank you Tash, this was amazing! And I totally agree with you, teaching to your husband is one of the hardest things! LOL.
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Brilliant cueing and corrections - fab both of you! Do you run workshops Tash? I am in Lusaka and travel to SA occasionally please let me know thanks Di
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Loved this class! The monster walks were awesome. I like using the split pedal as well. Thank you!
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hi. I tried almost 80% of this workout and my clients loved it. amazing Chair workout. Thanks.
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