Class #3495

Foam Roller Flow

60 min - Class


Get ready to work hard and have fun in this Foam Roller workout with Tash Barnard. She starts with some release work so you can prepare your body to move. She then moves on to more challenging movements that will test your balance, coordination, and control.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller, Magic Circle

About This Video


Welcome back to pinatas anytime. I'm Tash from South Africa and I have the Dream Team with me today guys. How lucky I've got Mandy and Mary and Christie and Sarah who are all local sup...


Great workout Tash! I loved the energy of this class.
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What a great combo of roller and circle! I love it!
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WELL... firstly what a fun workout! It was very well taught with great cues. Even better.. Tash... Ive just returned from KZN visiting my family in SA and always feel very homesick when I get back to the UK. You have really cheered me up and I laughed out loud when you said 'slap chips'. Baie Baie Dankie my skat! Hope to see you again soon. xxxx
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Tash, thank you!! I have been wanting a combo roller and circle class. Great class!
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Thank you Tash, what a lovely friendly happy session, getting a fabulous workout & stretching.
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Thank you for a challenging, balanced and fun class!! I'll be back to take this one again along with the dream team.
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You taught me once in Knysna with Tony Jadim, and were fantastic then - and you havn't lost your touch! Fabulous workout and lovely to see everyone having a giggle. Thank you so much! Brilliant :)
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Lovely class, Tash! Really enjoyed it all ... the challenging work as well as the giggles! That's how I like to roll too. Looking forward to more of your classes.
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Loved the combination of circle & roller . Challenging but will keep trying . Loved your little tips on feedback from clients
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Love it! Challenging and balanced,stretching work, (giggles, fun)and I have to say: I love the dream team!Thank you Tash
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