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Foam Roller Flow

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Get ready to work hard and have fun in this Foam Roller workout with Tash Barnard. She starts with some release work so you can prepare your body to move. She then moves on to more challenging movements that will test your balance, coordination, and control.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller, Magic Circle

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Jul 19, 2018
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Welcome back to pinatas anytime. I'm Tash from South Africa and I have the Dream Team with me today guys. How lucky I've got Mandy and Mary and Christie and Sarah who are all local supervisors anytime. So I know that you guys all know them and I just feel so privileged and honored that you guys have um, signed up or that you have been selected to come and take this class today. So I just want to say Hashtag Dream Team once again. Okay.

What do we selected yourself? I'm the Nike One. I am the lucky one and you guys are going to enjoy the session with us. So you are going to need a foam roller, you are going to need a magic circle and you're going to need a mat and just enjoy the moves you guys. Okay so we are going to start the foam roller is good. We all know for some release work so I thought basically just get into that first if you turn your rollers sideways for me. So we've kind of logged.

It's going to start nice and easy with the roller underneath your neck this time lying down. Okay? Yes. Place the roller underneath your head with your knees. Paints are, there is no tension on your back. And then you can just start any your head from right side to the left side and again from right to left and right to left and the next time turn your head to the right side hold.

Did they just find that tight little spots on the occipital and just turn your head in and around. Just try and release a little bit of the tension. Okay. And then reverse it the other way and come back to the same. To move the head over to the left side and circle the nose and reverse it the other way and bring your head back to the center. From here, just lift yourself up, flick the roller in underneath your shoulder blades, bringing the roller onto your thoracic area.

Interlace your hands behind your head please guys. And then just slowly allow your body to lean back and just open up that thoracic area. We're going to hold it here. Make sure it's not too uncomfortable. Adjust the Roil if you need to just hold if, yeah, we inhale and just relax the body. On the exhale. Your hands are supporting your head. We do that twice. More. Inhale, Andrew's. Breathe out. Every exhale, feel the body. Get a little bit heavier. One more inhale.

Okay, and exhale. Okay. Take a breath. Inhale this time. Then just move your body forward into flection, not worrying too much about connecting the abdominals. Rather just think of moving those facet joints of your spine in how to move back, keeping the hands to support the head and exhale to move forward, forward, forward, and you can move your spine.

Don't be scared to move here unless you feeling any discomfort in your, in your vertebrae, nose. Exhale or maybe in the neck or the shoulders. Adjust your body and we'll do two more guys. Inhale and excel. Oh my gosh, that already. Feel so much beta. One more inhale. The next one only come up halfway. Please exhale here. Press into those hips as you're, hover the pelvis up off the floor and then just release and roll out your upper back to wards your neckline.

Keep it in the center for now. Two more. Keep the hips lifted and one more. Okay, and over this time, rotate your body over towards me please. Everyone on paper and say on the one side You keep moving and over to the side and back and then over to the center. Rotate over to the opposite direction and roll yourself out and Ba and oh and [inaudible].

Two more priests and and one more and back lights your hips down. You're going to roll onto your side facing me. Keep the roller in the same position, so just below the armpit and above your bra strap or your heart rate monitor. If you're a guy, interlace your hands behind your head being your knees in. We just going to rotate. That's the rest expired. So close the body in here. On the inhale, lift your elbow up, exhale to rotate over towards your back or inhale and then Xcel move your body back. And if it's too uncomfortable for you, then just adjust Rhoda, either up or down. You girls can keep moving.

Inhale up and over. So we are just in a stretch and a release phase of this workout. Allow your body to do what what feels right. Okay. This is where you have to be responsible and recognize what's going on in your body and forward. We'll do one more. You guys can inhale, lift up and open and we're going to just hang out here.

Make sure your hands are still supporting your head. Hold it. Inhale, maybe look over towards the elbow that's out into extension. One more. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, move your elbow and you'll chase back halfway up. This is kind of NACA awkward position, but press your feet into the floor, lift your hips up, elevate the pelvis and in row, that whole shoulder girdle out for me over the lats. Just nice and easy wasting.

It's like tenderizing a steak like roiling and good to Hmong. Good. And of course if you find the spot that needs a little bit more attention than you just hold it, they can either just breathe in that space or just gently rock forward and back to try and get rid of all that pulled up. Lactic acid, lower the hips down. You guys are going to roll over to face the other side. Please keep your knees bent and supporting the head. Start with the elbow pressing down forward to your front.

Inhale, lift the elbow and Xcel stay in that extension. So we really get to stretch to that full degree of rotation and extension. And then move forward up and over. So this is the, the delicious session, this delicious part of the session. And I heard an amen and for it, and two more up and late.

Your head race back into your hands and up and over. The next one we're gonna pause and hold it in that extension. In that stretch you guys. So just pause here. Inhale. So no tension the body. This is your moment to just let go. Just be in the moment. Two more. Inhale an excel.

And one more and then on that excel, Jane, Click come half by forward and back. Press your feet into the mat. Knees point up to your ceiling. Hover the hips up and roll out your shoulder gently forward and back and two more. Or just stay on your area that needs a little bit more of that tension you choose and come down, okay? Okay. You guys arrive. You ready to work? Yes, thank you.

We are going to place the roller down so that your feet are gonna rest on the roller. You want to reach for your magic circle. If you don't have a magic circle, you can use a ball. I can use a cushion and then we're going to start with our pelvic calls in our supine position with our arms holding into the circle. Kay, so okay, Mike Shirt for the viewers that your rollers, not at the age of your mat. If we do the pulses, you don't want it to flip over onto that ridge. Okay, great. Nice beans. Arms extend up towards the ceiling. That's Mandy, and you are going to make sure that you've got a little bit of resistance in your arms into your chest as you press into your circles.

So before we start with our spinal articulation, take a moment and just set an intention for yourself in this class. If it is to have a workout, then that's great. If it is to pick up new cues or deeper your understanding of what [inaudible] means to you. I set an intention being mindful around that, and then check in with yourself again at the end of the session. So take your deep breath. Inhale everyone on the exhale.

Draw your abdominals to praise that lumbar spine into your mat. As you start articulating that pelvis and the spine up off the floor, you praise deeper into your circle. Inhale at the top here, and then Xcel to articulate your spine rolling down, keeping your arms still moving through that imprint into your neutral. Inhale again, and exhale, keeping your collarbones wide. So don't us traps kick in because of circle that's in your hands today. Inhale and exhale to articulate this vine.

Roiling down. Feel those hamstrings working on this unstable surface. Yay. Inhale and exhale the pelvis. Articulate for racing up, rolling up. Move each vertebrae individually.

Inhale and exhale to roll down. Keeping that roller nice and still nice and still nice and still and back to that neutral. Inhale again and excel. Maximize that Lumbar flection. Feel the homies, feel the glutes from here. We're going to inhale. Extend your arms up and over your head. You might have to maneuver the circles so that it's parallel to the floor.

Then Xcel articulate your spine rolling down and down and down. Once the pelvis is neutral, you inhale, bring the arms back to 90 we repeat that. Exhale, articulate the spine. Keep your adductors nice and active. Be Mindful about the movement. Inhale, it's very linear movement and XL to roll down and down and rubs. Draw down and inhale. Bring the arms into your neutral. Two more.

Inhale and exhale. Tell vehicle up. I know Sarah, it's hard to be the client. Sometimes inhale, reach the arms. Aruba all the time for some of us. Exhale to roll down. Use Your circle, beautiful work, and then bring the arms to your 90 I'm going to do one more XL. Deep Lumbar flection. Articulate your spine. Roll up and up in hell in the arms over the head.

This time you're going to exhale. Roll down and keep your arms over your head. Articulate more for me, Mary. Yes. Beautiful closers. Rebs closers, reps, closers, ribs. Keep your arms there and extend your legs. The roller will be underneath your ankles. Ready for a row lap. Inhale, lift your arms hidden chase. Exhale.

Roll your spine up into your seated position in hell and it's health. Feel the love. Share the love. Kidding. A little bit up close and personal is not a bad thing and arms two 90 hid and chased flexes. Xcel to roll up. Left up and hold in hell yes for the secret and exhale to roll and roll and roll. [inaudible] taking it back. We'll do three more in how arms hidden. Chase XL two row lap.

Yeah. In how? Pause. Use your breath guys. Exhale, roll down and cool and cool and cool. Taking the arms back to to go lifting the arms. Lifting the chase. Let your abdominals pull down into your back as you roll up, up, up.

Inhale and XL deep flection. As you roll back, bracing into the arms and lower down and this is your last one. Inhale arms. Hayden, Jace. Exhale to roll up. A blade left up into extension. Hold the chair. Breathe in, close your ribs. Feel your shoulders stacked on top of your pelvis.

We're going to do the spine twist towards me, everyone. Xcel. Exhale, inhale and exhale. Exhale. Inhale, keep moving please. For those who are a little bit tight in the hamstrings and the hip flexes are screaming at you in this position, bend your knees. Okay. Always feel free to modify to what is best for your body. Two more. You guys are looking good and one wall and exhale. Exhale. Hold the cat. Place your circle over the foot.

That's closest to me. Change your grip to underhand grip. We're going to breathe in and we're going to roll down. Moving the leg up into a little hamstring stretch and you're going to pull your leg in as far as your hamstrings allow you to go. Then activate the hamstring, push into the circle, left the and chase and excel. Two roll up.

Left the sternum. Inhale and Lumbar flection. Exhale, rolling down. Rolling down, rolling down. Stretch the hamstring. Activate the hamstring. Lift the head and chase and excel. Excel, excel in house, left and excel. Two more. And Roll. Roll, roll.

Inhale. Nice, yummy stretch. They activate the hamstring. Call the hit and chase forward. Forward, forward and the left up. One more guys and exhale to roll down. Up and down and down. This time we stay down and have the street show for three braids.

You might want to change your hands over again and just excel. Keep it here. Inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale and exhale. Can you move your foot into that super nation positions, so just brace up and Regina, it's like the leg across the body towards the opposite shoulder and back to same little narrow stretch they just gliding across and coming out of it.

And two more. Exhale and back and one more aches. Sale and back end. Change your legs please. Opposite leg up. Underhand grip. Oh, this is my dad's side. Breathe in, activate that hamstring left in and chase and the struggle is real and we lift up in hell and roll back.

Cool and cool and cool and stretch and activate that hamstring brace. Oh my goodness. I'm shaking like Andre [inaudible] and excel roll down and and down and two more and hamstring activation. Abdominals. Engage, pulling those abs to Lyon. Lean on your spine. Inhale, lift, open their chest. Open that heart and excel to roll that and back and back.

Enjoy that straight. Here we go for the last one and excel. Inhale, open, open, open and excel. Two roll down and down and holding it here. Change your grip if you need it for three breaths. Inhale. And we maintain up pelvic lumbar stabilization. So again, make sure that hip that's in the circle is pressing down and away from the waist. One more breath. Inhale and exhale.

And we changed the foot position, pressing the outside toe up into the circle. Glide your leg across your body and diagonally across to the shoulder and back and again glided across the shoulder and back. And two more and one more across, across, across, and back. Take your foot out of the circle, plus your circle just over your hip. Bend your knee, set yourself up and we're going to move your Raleigh so that it's the length ways on your map. And then just to get into your circle in a safe way, your circle to get onto your roller on a safe way. Make sure your circle is not too far from you because we're going to need it.

Now. You're going to just tilt your pelvis and roll back. If you need the support of the floor, place their hands down and they lower your head on your roller lock. Feel like one of those clients. Okay, so set up is everything. I'm just going to recap.

Make sure that you sit with your pelvis right to the front of the roller. Doesn't matter how tall or how short you are, your head will fit on either end of the roller. I can almost guarantee that to you. Okay, so the reach for your circle, extend your arms up towards your ceiling. And then from here we're going to just activate the arms by bending your elbows to the side. What I love about this exercise on the roller is that you can feel how your scaps and need to be safe and not pressed into the rollers, so widen your scapular so that you've got great shoulders stability, and then the only joint that's going to move is from the by SAPE.

So you're going to Xcel press into your circle. Inhale to release 50% and exhale to squeeze and inhale readily and excel, drawing the ribs down, activating the abdominals, and inhale to release and excel to squeeze into your circle. And inhale, release. We do four more. Exhale, exhale in hell. Your spine is in a neutral position, which means your pelvis will be in a neutral position, so you will feel that space between the roller and your lower back, all depending on the curvature of your spine. And exhale, squeeze. This is the last one. Inhale and excel.

Squeeze and press into the circle. Hold a day, 14 commit to the exercise. Praise and squeeze as much as what you can without the shoulders. Lifting up. Four, three, two and one. Brilliant. Extend your arms back up towards your ceiling. We're going to do the single leg lift if you are falling off your roller, but all means put your circle down, place your hands on the floor besides you.

It's more important to get the movement that try and fight this stability the whole time with poor technique. Alright, so we're going to inhale for the prep on the XL. The leg closest to me can lift up off the floor. Excel left, left and tap down and excel left up and tap down and x hell and tab down the secret. And all the work that we do as to activate before we move to more. Exhale. Yes, and tap down and Xcel lift and hold.

So for those who are here, we're gonna find the stability. We're going to inhale on the Xcel, extend that leg away. So press into your circle. It's going to help you stabilize. Inhale to bend and Excel. Breathe out Litos abdominals, press down into your back.

Although your spine is still neutral and three more exhale and in Helbing and two more XL. Okay. I had been one more. You guys are doing well, XL reach and hall and bend and place the leg down in hell. What's happening? Breathing and I know it. I knew it from the beginning. XL opposite leg lift up, XL, breathe. Use Your exhale.

Use Usual. Exhale and inhale down and this is always so good to check in with your body. What is the difference between the two sides of your body? One side is always harder than the other side. Inhale to tap down and exhale.

Pull away from my hand away from my hand. Yes, Sarah. Look at that in health. Three more and exile Mary, lower ribs down, down, down, down and down. Good. Two more. And Xcel, use the brace, then activate, then move in Hell and Xcel. Praise. Hold your leg up at 90 degrees this time. Find your inner core breathing and Xcel braced the leg away away and in Helbing.

Yes, I'm Stan and I love this. It's my absolute favorite that clients can adjust and modify to what I feel is rifle their bodies. Okay. This is your journey, XLE stain, good Sarah and pain. Two more. Use Your Xcel. Use Your Xcel. Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out and bend one mol and Excel. Breathe. Good man's almost had it in hell being and place the foot down.

Well done, you guys right from here. We're going to move the circle. You're going to place it behind your head just below your headline. If you have long hair, flick your hair out for me. Otherwise it's going to slide and just be annoying.

The entitle hands from the back of the circle so that you've got this external rotation. Yes, you guys are amazing other way. That's it. So that excellent. I was just about your side. Clients never gave this. As you can see, we do not rehearse these classes. This is as organic as it gates, Iraq. From here, inhale on your exhale, engage your abdominals. Then come into your thoracic flection flection. Pull on your circle a little bit so that it deepens the work.

And then we're gonna inhale down today and exhale, lifting up, lift up, left top left up, and inhale to lower down. Beautiful Work and exhale to lift up and up and up. And inhale to lower down and exhale, engage the abdominals. Can you lift one more vertebra up off that run a deep and deep and deepen and inhale to lower down to more and excel and inhale down and exhale, lift and hold the leg closest to me. Inhale, you either raised just the heel up or if you have the stability, bring the leg up and tapping down and excel, formal and top down. The other alternative you guys keep moving please as to lower their head and tapped the league. But keep moving the leg up and down.

This is your last one. Um, Xcel. Exhale and place it down in hell. Five on the opposite side. Xcel, what about the shoulders? Stability and inhale, lower and four X. Hell.

And it's okay if you're chased us down or you just raising the heel up. That's okay. You can set a goal for yourself and in three months time, then you try this again. Two more and down and one mol and down. Deepen the curve and lower the chase down. Breathing in. Ready for the obliques, guys.

Yes. Breathe in XL, keeping US elbows wide. You're going to rotate towards me first. Inhale and over towards me. Exhale in health center over towards the back of the room in health. A Nice Mandy and rotate and in Hell and excel. Rotate. Beautiful. Stability. Everyone. Formal Xcel.

Don't let it become a arm exercise. It's so in the waist, in the waist to Mo and excel and one more Xcel. Back to the sainted. Deep in the curve and lower down. Take your circle away. Okay, nice work. Hello, abs. Yes. So take your circle in your one hand. Lift your legs one at a time. Off the floor.

This is a little bit tricky and in place, so circle in between your ankles. [inaudible] well done. You did it. [inaudible] from. Yeah, we are going to keep the head down on the floor. Breathe in XL. Tap your toes towards the floor. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale to laugh.

Yeah and Xcel two parades down, press down, press down in Hell to love and it fell lower down and inhale, lift. So we want to make sure that our lower back stayed connected to the [inaudible]. Inhale left so no arching in the lower bad guys, you only move as far as what you can by maintaining your pelvic lumbar stabilization to more XL. Exhale and inhale and one more exhale. Exhale. Nice and inhale, pause and hold. Extend your legs up towards the ceiling. Do you need an adjustment? Yes.

Yes. [inaudible] you are just going to use your ad drs and excel. Squeeze. Can you see we are all normal excel, screes and excel activators, ed doctors and excel. Oh and eggs. Hell we can do a series on the shaking between Andrea and this class and my enemy and one more brace and squeeze and hold. Come on. Draw those. Adductors are for five more. Four, four, four, three, four, two, four, one. Bend your knees don't collapse.

I make salad thing up and externally rotate those legs. Breathing in air. Just always time to adjust. XL, draw in and release and XL. Get that external rotation and release and exhale good and Xcel. Remember, you should not feel any discomfort in that lower back, formal and exhale three.

Okay. And it's held to your hip screaming at you and it's hell. One, four, five, four, four and threes and two and one parallel legs. And Bend your knees all the way back down. So if you're, are you okay? And remember guys, if the circle is distracting your good form, put the circle down to the side and keep moving.

And the same goes for the roller. If you feel the role is too taxing on your body, but the Rolla to the side and keep moving with the circle, take control. Okay. From, yeah, we are not finished with it. Make sure you engage your abdominals and then you're going to lift both leavers up off the floor with control. Sorry man. Circle back in between the ankles. Okay? Okay.

Okay. I'm going to join you. I'm going to suffer with you. This is the Dream Team. Remain by breathing. I'm the XL. Lift Hayden chased and extend your legs away. Maintain the flection in the chase. Inhale to bend your knees, activate those you stains. Then Perise away, priests away. And in Hell to bean, you can either lower their head down if you feel the naked Steichen straighten here and in hell being.

But this is definitely not a beginners session or exercise. For more Xcel come on. Gimme hip extensors, hip extensors, and in helping and three more left that chased a little bit higher for the last three and two to go and XL. Exhale, exhale and bend. And this is the last one. Exhale, extend. Draw the abs down, down, down, left your legs, lower your head and bend your knees. Take your hand, remove the circle. Did you see that? Brilliant. Okay, you guys roll off to the side closest to me on your math. Take a moment and enjoy that beautiful sensation of the open spine on the stable surfers. And then you're going to just move your circle.

Place it over your head for now. Okay. And breathe in. Just excel, relax. And again, inhale and exhale. Inhale your next exhale.

Move your pelvis up into a bridge or a pelvic call. And then move your roller in underneath your sacrum. Okay. You're going to just draw the leg closest to me up in towards your chase having a nice little hip flexor stretch today. Yeah.

So I'm going to come and give you a nice little stretch because I love you guys so much. Okay. You can stay [inaudible] always making sure that if you are giving tax or feedback to your clients that you have their permission and that you move from one joint, from the hip down towards the knee in this case. And you'll also feel if there is resistance with the client's body, if it's not okay for the, hmm. Yes, Sarah. That's how much I love you. Breathe in and I'm going to do the other side for you. XL, pull the stripe league up into your chase, then press the other leg down and away.

Yeah. First allow the joint just to release and straight. Inhale and exhale. Hmm. And another, so that I'd like to share is that if you are doing tactile feedback as to also, oops, look at people's expression on their faces.

So all the other tell you in a, if it's a happy moment or a not so happy moment. [inaudible] brilliant. And come back to draw both knees up until chase for a split second. Just allow that lumbar spine to stretch out. Just being the space. I mean, get your mind ready for the roll over with a circle in between the ankles.

And then we're going to also move into the Jackknife. And again, if the Jack Knife is not for you, you keep going with that roll over. So placing the circle in between your ankles and just while I'm here, always make sure that when you get onto the roller that you are doing it in a safe way. Okay. So like for me, can I do this? Getting into the role of from this side is not ideal. Um, just because it's so white bearing on your spine, moving over this unstable surface. So safer way is to have the circle, the roller between your heels and your, your grades lie Supine, going into your political place, the roller place, the pelvis, and that's much safer. All right, so one day up at the lake up circle in between your ankles. I first kind of do your spine twist supply and getting into those glutes. Place your hands on the outside of your Rola, not gripping please.

No fingernails in the foam. For those who have tactile issues. Oh, move your knees over towards me, over, over, over, and exhale back to your center and inhale over, rotates in the waist and excel back to the center and inhale over and excel. So the circle is day for your adductors to be active and exhale and inhale over. Can you stay here for me? Everyone do a little glute release as you just move your knees in and around and in and around and in and around. Let's reverse the direction.

[inaudible] two more and one up and over to the other side and circle and circle and circle. Reverse up and around. Oh, that's alright. The hamstring side again, and back to the same, to adjust your roller, if you need to place your hands on top of your roller, we're going to inhale, extend the legs to 90 degrees. And then on the Xcel. Can you lower your legs as far as your body allows you to go by maintaining your back Pelvic Lambo stability here in to 90 Xcel. Articulate that pelvis up and off your roller. Dorsey.

Flex your ankles. If you can retweet your floor in roll down. Exhale what? Almost lost my circle. Well, and back to your angle of where you can control it. And in health to 90 XL roll up and over Dorsey flags.

Touch the flow. Em. Roll down, keeping that roller rolling away from your pelvis and lower the legs. Lower the legs. Keep the abdominals drawing in and in health. Two 90 XL up and urban. Bring that pelvis herb or your nose. Flex the ankles rolling down. Rolling down. Rolling. Oh, that straight feels so good and lower down. Down, down.

Two more in health. Two 90 Xcel to roll up and over. Exhale to roll down through your spine and lower the legs down all the ways, far as you can and in hell. Up and excel. Over roll up and over. Beautiful work. Christy, flex your ankles and roll down through your spine, through your spine, through your spine, and lower the legs.

I want you to challenge by lowering the legs, controlling the abs more in a core, more Unicorn, more in core. We going into the Jackknife in how to 90 up and over. Tap the floor and extend your legs up and up and up and up. And then XL. Roll Down with your pelvis to wards the roller. Nice work ladies. And then lower the legs down. We'll do four more.

Let's try and move together in house. Well, 90 Xcel up and over the floor. Extend a brace into your glutes, into your glutes. Nice Mary. And it fell. Roll down and down and down and lower the legs down. Two more. Three more, three more. Inhale and exhale.

What did I say? These three as she's the boss and all down and down and down and love and reach. Reach, reach, reach. Do more. Maintain the quality of the movement. XL Up and over. Japanese. Stand up. Come on a little bit more man. The reach up, reach up, reach up out of the shoulders. Yay.

And it fell down and down and down. This is the last one you guys. Inhale to 90 and excel to roll over. Up and over. [inaudible] extend. Reach it up. Okay.

Any excel down and down and down. Lower the legs too. Your 45 degrees. Bend your knees. Inhale. Take your circle in your hands. Place your feet one at a time on the floor. Place your circle down over your head, and then lift your hips up.

Flick your Raleigh towards your heels and not to collate your spine down towards the floor. Great work. Move your feedback onto your roller please. Okay. Make sure your circle is out of your way. Okay.

You're going to press your hands into the floor. Open your collarbones. Really for your shoulder bridge. We inhale on the exhale. Articulate your spine rolling up and up, and you're going to lift the leg closest to me. Up off the roller. Extend your leg up. We do. Are going to do your leg circles. Yeah, we're going to inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale.

Maintaining that pelvic lumbar stabilization and exhale. One more thing. Inhale and Xcel. Hold it. Yeah, we reverse it. We go inhale and exhale, good stability. You goals. Inhale and exhale. Two more seats. Inhale and exhale, and one more.

Inhale and exhale, reach and hold. Press the hips high. Articulate your spine down. Lift your head and cheese. Reach your hands forward. Take your piece fingers and grab your big toe. Have the same legs, same arm, same league. Lower your head down and we're going to open up your hip.

You're going to extend your leg out to the side. Excel. That's it. Your leg that's on the roller. Mike, want to just slightly drop out to the side just to counterbalance the weight of the pelvis out and the aim is to pull your toe up towards your ear. Yes, I love it. Friends, helping friends. Oh well done. And come back to the saints of Bain. That knee. Place that foot on your roller. Just remember you have to return the favor, Mary. Yeah. Inhale and exhale.

Tilt the pelvis rolling up and up and up. Actively press the foot that's going to stay on the roller down with your hip extensors. Bring the opposite leg, extend the leg up and we circle, inhale and exhale and inhale. Nice and XL. Beautiful stability. I love it. I love it. I love it. One more sake and pause and hold. Reverse in help and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale.

Hold it here, roll the spine. Call the head and chase forward. Reach your chase up, hold onto your big toe and lower your head as you open that leg out all the way and enjoy this stretch. Inhale and exhale and breathe in and out and one mall and out. Out, out. Bring your leg back and Lysa down. So from here you also going to roll over to face me. We are going to move into our side lateral work so you can face me.

Keep the roller underneath your ankles. This time or circled will just be off low space for now. Place your feet on top of each other. Make sure your elbow and your shoulder is aligned and you are not lying in an unstable position or a slap chap like we say back home. But you are a crispy chip. So as slapped, chip can do like an offer con show her a slap chip is lack of weight noodle.

So you want to be active. It's like laugh. You want to be active in life. Breathing on the exhale, you're going to lift your hips up off your floor and hold this position for me. Good. You've got it. Sara, what was the doubt day? Why are you doubting yourself? Oh was, I'm not cute enough. Next time I'm wanting to stop speaking off regardless. Okay. Hold on Cha, we breathe in so you have a choice.

You can either stay here for those of you who feel a little bit more adventurous and stable and awesome, left your top leg up, but you are not leading your alignment. Go. Mary left that underneath. Cleats up. Yes. How that to mo and smile and joyful and happiness was polite. Is is awesome. And please I sit down and lower the hips down.

We can do the mermaid being there and reach up and over. Yes. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale. And on the exhale, rotate your body down, find your roller, and then just give yourself an additional little stretch there cause it's available. Inhale and exhaustive. Chrisia actually adjusted my feet only because it kind of feels more comfortable telling me what you feel. Is that okay? Yeah.

And one more bracing into roll yourself up. Take your roller in your hands, flip it over to the other side and then swing your legs around. Okay, so ankles on the roller. Find that good space. And then just as a alternative, if this is not working for you, you can just come onto your knees and do the exercise. Yeah, these always availability of options. Okay, nice set up there. I love it. Good Mary. Hell underneath obliques. Berm left up.

Hold it here. Find your position. These road is nice and hard so it makes it a little bit tougher. But if you are ready and you've got good stability and you are enjoying the movement, go for it. Lift and hold. Inhale. Nice Sara. Good man in hell. Two Braids. Come on, lift this hip up a little bit. You guys come on a little bit more, little bit more, little bit more. I mean place it down. Don't collapse. No it down. Go ahead, draw in, left up and over. Stretch.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and rotate. Chest your feet if you need to and just breath into it. [inaudible] two more breaths and one more and roll yourself back up. All right, from here we are going to take the circle and you can keep your roller towards the outside end of your mat.

We're going to lie in a prone position with the circle in between your ankles for a little bit of hip extension and then we'll add some back extension. Mary main. That's it. So your role is not going to be part of the initial exercise. Okay, so CEO always stays. If the client calm, get into this position.

When they circle they, they not ready for it. I'm glad you guys could do that. Place your hands and the neat forehead for me. You are going to engage your abdominals. Usually he picks to. So tighten those glutes and hamstrings and hover your legs up off your mat. Your head stays down. You're going to breathe in.

Press your size up off the floor and hover down and Xcel. Beautiful. Sarah, bend your knees a little bit more. Thank you. And XL up, up and down and Xcel Perissa up and yeah, we do five more. X Hell and and four making sure the abdominals. Stay up off the mat so that you don't work into their lumbar spine.

Three more aches. Hell too. And Excel one. Can you hold for five, four, four. Can you let more three and two and well done. Lower down. Extend your arms forward onto your roller. Extend your legs away. Off the Mat. Haters down.

[inaudible] you're going to inhale, extend your thoracic spine up and exhale to lower the chase down in health. Extend the thoracic spine up and lower down. Okay. And inhaling, stained up and lower down. I love your actors. Keep your circle off the floor and down.

It's only hard if you do it right and left up. I'm going to help you, Sarah, hold it there and lower it down. I'm going to bring your circle at a slight angle here. They now no excuses. Come left up. [inaudible] just try. That's all I ask is that you try and hold it. Yeah. Beautiful extension. Hold the chair. Nice. Christie. Just like you taught me 18 years ago. Beautiful. Christy was my teacher.

You guys. How lucky am I? And lower down and two more left up. Left. A beautiful man. I could stave a boat gate and down and one more left up. Pushed through that thoracic man. Circle off the floor.

Booky and lower down. Laid your circle of relax out of your legs. Press back into your wrist addition please. Sarah, you did so well. Brace back into your race position. Cyber bogeys means tight ass. Thank you.

We'll set you up for life. Yeah, for sure. We'll move you forward in life for sure. [inaudible] oh, you are. Thank you. Take a deep breath. You guys on the XL. Just roll yourself up. I know. Oh my. He's all over the place.

Okay. Take a inhale. Just bring your weight into your body, maybe close your ribs, bring your abdominal saline into your spine. Beautiful. Two breaks. Inhale and excel, and one more. Coming back to that intention that you set for yourself in the session.

Recognize it. [inaudible] love it and thank you so much you guys. Thank you for that. [inaudible].

Pilates at Home: Foam Roller Mat Classes


9 people like this.
Great workout Tash! I loved the energy of this class.
5 people like this.
What a great combo of roller and circle! I love it!
Susie C
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WELL... firstly what a fun workout! It was very well taught with great cues. Even better.. Tash... Ive just returned from KZN visiting my family in SA and always feel very homesick when I get back to the UK. You have really cheered me up and I laughed out loud when you said 'slap chips'. Baie Baie Dankie my skat! Hope to see you again soon. xxxx
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Tash, thank you!! I have been wanting a combo roller and circle class. Great class!
1 person likes this.
Thank you Tash, what a lovely friendly happy session, getting a fabulous workout & stretching.
Leah K
1 person likes this.
Thank you for a challenging, balanced and fun class!! I'll be back to take this one again along with the dream team.
2 people like this.
You taught me once in Knysna with Tony Jadim, and were fantastic then - and you havn't lost your touch! Fabulous workout and lovely to see everyone having a giggle. Thank you so much! Brilliant :)
1 person likes this.
Lovely class, Tash! Really enjoyed it all ... the challenging work as well as the giggles! That's how I like to roll too. Looking forward to more of your classes.
1 person likes this.
Loved the combination of circle & roller . Challenging but will keep trying . Loved your little tips on feedback from clients
1 person likes this.
Love it! Challenging and balanced,stretching work, (giggles, fun)and I have to say: I love the dream team!Thank you Tash
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