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You will use your entire body, including your eyes, in this Mat workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She starts the class with eye exercises that will help work these muscles that spend a lot of time staring at screens. She then encourages you to continue thinking about them during each movement so you end the class feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed!
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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash here at [inaudible]. Anytime. Once again, we're going to be working on moving from your core, your foundational into your core mat. The core is a really, really important part of the Palladio's method. I don't use the word intermediate. I use the word core because to me this is the level that everybody should or want to work at. That has a normal healthy body. Okay? One thing that we lose is our eye exercises and nowadays when we are on the computer and on our cell phone so much, our eyes are directed in this one place all the time.

So we're going to begin this mat with some eye exercises. I want you to sit up nice and tall, legs even arms down by your side. Pull this stomach in and up and look directly forward. Open your eyes wide and look up. Don't move. Go ahead and look down. Look up, look down, look up, look down. Center the eyes, look to the right and center, left and center right and center left.

Do you want to try to do these couple of times a day, especially if you're on the computer now you're going to look up diagonal, right down, diagonal, left, upright, down, diagonal update, [inaudible] down, diagonal update. Agno down center other way. Left, diagonal down, right up, left down, right up, left down, right up, left down, right center, Jer. Big Circle with the eyes. Big Circle with the eyes. Circle around and up. Circle around and up. Now we're going to imagine that there is little ticks of a clock and we're going to go up, down and we're going to go in the opposite to one across to two across to three across to four across [inaudible], five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 1112 sometimes it's hard to find 12 now we're going to reverse it and go 12 down, 11 down, 10 down, nine down, eight seven six five, four, three, two, one and uptake your arm, your fingers. Open your eyes on wide look.

Big Circle. Big Circle. Big Circle. Big Circle. Good. So when we do this, Matt, today I want you to look where your focus is. Your eye should be nice and bright. Right now we're gonna use those eyes in this mat to include the very of your Fascia in your workout. Lie All the way down. Reach your arms overhead of those eyes nice and bright.


Pull the stomach in and flow into the a hundred. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, wide eyes, three, two, bright eyed and bushy tailed. And inhale, two, three. I'm telling my age. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, four, five, stomach, back to three. Reach the arms. Two, four, five. Press the legs. Two, three, four, five. Pull the stomach in and up. Fill those lungs up. Bettering them out. Out, out, out, out. Lengthen down.

Grab your weighted bar. Lie All the way down. Flex. Press the heels together. Reach all the way back. Arms come up, roll forward. Stretch one, two, three. Pool the waist back. Reach the heels and stretch long arms. Come up, head in, stretch one, two, three. Press the heels together. Lengthen and back. Arms up and girly in one, two, three.

Roll Up

Pull this American rural back and lengthen up. We go Paul, the stomach in one, two, three rollback. Last one. They get the juiciest. Really squeeze the air out of the lungs. As you go over, pull the waist back, reach with the arms, reach with the legs and stretch. Put your bar someplace safe. Safety First, and you're gonna lie all the way down.

We're going to do old Joe leg circles today. Lift that leg up, circle around, nothing moves. One circle around to circle around three from here, reach across all the way. Heel to heel. Open and up. Lift up, lift the hip all the way around. Up. Flex the foot, bring it down. Pull the stomach in, lifted up. So each time we're going to go across the body first across around nothing moves one across around. Nothing moves to across.

Single Leg Circles

Use those eyes. Lift up all the way across. Anchor the shoulder, square the box. Bring the leg up, lifted up all the way across. Pull the stomach in all the way. Flex the foot, reach it down. Don't move the hips. Reach across the body and down to the heel. Reach across and down. Smaller controlled circle. Now go wild. Reach all the way across, all the way up, stretch and down, all the way across.

Anchor that left side anchor anchor. It's easier to do it this way. Reach across. Nothing moves down. Reach across. Nothing moves. Control the down. Reach across. Nothing moves and down. Now reach. Oh, over all the way up, up, up. Look at your toes. Open your eyes. Reach down, reach across. Anchor that shoulder. Open the eyes length in the leg and down.

Pull the stomach in. Pick up your bottom. Bring it to the end of the mat. Grab onto the ankles. Pull the stomach in. Lift up, pull in heels to the seat. Head down. Accident on the way up. Roll back. Accident Up. One roll back. Excellent to roll back. Exhale up. Three. Head down. Roll back. Exhale, roll back. Exhale up.

Rolling Like A Ball

Five roll back. Exhale up. Six roll back. Exhale up. Seven. One more time. Roll back, seal up a place your feet down. Hands behind. Pick up your bottom and lie down. Slide that you legs in. Open your eyes, lift your head up and we're going to slide the foot along the mat. Pull, pull, slide, pull, pull one slide, pull, pull to bring that leg to the ear region. Reach like your bicycle to your buttocks all the way down, but it's lifted eye level. Look at those toes far away.

Single Leg Stretch

Focus on them and pull two legs in the same way. Slide your feet, reach around, pool it in slides. Stretch two arms around. Pool it in. Slide three, arms around and pull in. Slide four around n n slide five around an N. Slide six around n in slide seven around n in one more time, eight around n, n all the way in, one leg up. Pull, pull, pull. Pull.

Double Leg Stretch

This time I really want you to give it a nice stretch. Use those eyes. Open them. Look up. Use that gaze where you look up. Look up now. Look at your stomach. Look down, look down. Look up. Look up. The head doesn't move. Look down. Look down one. Marcet look up. Look up. Look down.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Look down two legs up. Lower the legs to the 45 down to the mat. Just 45 hold, hold, hold. Lower. 45 hold two two 45 hold, hold, hold. 45 hold, hold, hold. 45 hold, hold, hold. 45 hold it.

Double Leg Lower Lift

Use those eyes now Chris. Cross. Look, stay, look left. Look right. Come in, twist, look left. Look right. Come in and look, look, look, and in stretch. Left, right, left. Stretch in stretch. Right, left, right deep and in. Look, look, look, bend in. Sit Up. Very good. Lengthen the arms. Lift them up. Circle them back. Interlace your hands. Open the eyes up. Lift the arms round forward. Pull the stomach. Impulse one pulse two pulse three. Roll Up.

Criss Cross

Lifting the arms up. Stretch forward. Lift up spine. Stretch forward with roll rowing arms. Slide along the mat. Open the chest, press the palms. Lengthen up. Exhale over. Great for the person who likes to collapse. Great way to introduce rowing and all the way up.

Spine Stretch Forward Variation

Lift up to the sides of your body or long. Open the chest all the way open. Draw your hands together. Press lengthen all the way. Lift. Keep the lift, reach back in up position so you don't split forward. You curl into yourself. Deepen, deepen.

It's one of my favorite variations. And Roll Up. Roll Up. Roll Up. Roll. Oh, sit up. Rock back. Open Lake rocker. Roll all the way back to touch the twos. Come up. Balance together an open pull in working on that balance.

Open Leg Rocker

Good as your, your stomach goes back and open. Roll back the control legs together. Move them evenly. Roll back, open the chest. Stomach pulls back. Pressing the hands. Last one back. Roll up together. Stay. Stay open that chest.

Flex your feet, grab your toes and give it an extra stretch up, up, up, up. Keep the legs up there. Lie Down for a corkscrew. Flat over the nose to the right around hip, off flat pelvis to the left around. Peel off Paul the stomach and right from here. Peel tailbone off. Roll around.


Tailbone off. Go deeper mid back now. Roll down the rib, the waist, the hip. Reach long over the other side. PLF Rib, waist, hip roll down ribs, waist, hip. Peel off ribs, waist, hips center. Reach your legs. Long roll down rib waist to tick tock over to the other side. Peel it off, roll back rib waist hip, control it to the other side, peel it off century and get a delicious roll down the spine. Take your legs, give 'em another stretch.

Sit Up for one of my favorite saws. We're going to turn. Turn the head saw. Place the hand down. Open the shoulders and deep in the twist. Keep this elbow lifted. Find that balance there, center it. Turn the other way stretched down. Turn the head.


Place the hand open, twist, twist, twist. Now here's the strength that you have to add to the stretch. Hold it center. Whenever you stretch, you have to have a point where you hold it so that you don't overdevelop your stretch and under develop your strength. So whenever I had to do anything where my leg was up high, Ramana big stretch, I had to lift it up and hold it. Center. We want to balance our stretch, strength and control.

Always come up, press, twist, twist. Go a little further. Challenge Yourself. Anchor that opposite hip. Now lift the spine to hold it and calm center. Now let's flip over onto our stomachs for our neck roll please. The hands underneath the shoulders, Paul, the stomach in lengthen up. Keep that chest coming all the way forward.

Here's your chance to use the eyes. Look really look. Stay there. Look more open them wide. Look down. Pull the stomach in. Make sure nothing's hanging out. Look to the other side. Use Your eyes. Oh. Increases the stretch. Come Center. Open the eyes wide. Look.

Neck Roll

Head goes down center. Pull that stomach in. You look with the eyes. Look where you're going. There could be a wild animal coming after you. That's it. And Center. Lengthen down. Lengthen down. Keep the hands where they are.

Lift the chest up for your swan prep. Rock up one rock up to rock up three open. Chest tailbone reaches towards the heels. Elbows to your side. Just like your push up and bring yourself back. Let's do a nice chest opening here. Bend your elbows out to the side.

Swan Prep

Chest comes through, tailbone down. Lengthen all the way, Paul the stomach in. Lift the legs and kick. Kick one. Kick kick to kick, kick, kick, kick four kick, kick five. Keep those knees together. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Reach your arms around lake breaststroke. Cans behind. Turn the head kick. One, two, three. Stretch. Lift, lift. Lift the arms just like we did in our spine. Stretch. One, two, three.

Single Leg Kick

Elbows are down and lift. One, two, three. Pull the stomach in. Turn one, two, three. Make sure you center the head as you lift it and lower. Use those eyes. Churn down. Use Your eyes. Two, three. Stretch up, up, up. Pull the stomach in.

Double Leg Kick

Tailbone brings you back. Let's have a little fancy change. Reach your legs through with the Ne legs. Nice and long lie. Oh all the way down in Hilton. Roll Up. Push through the heels. Stretch over. One, two, three. Look up. Look to the right center. Left, center rolled out right up. Go over wound two, three. Sit Up. Look left with the eyes, right with the eye center. Wide eyed and down again. Roll Up. One, two, three. Lift up, eyes, eyes, center and rule.

Neck Pull

And again over one, two, three. Lift up, look left. Look right, look, center. Stay there. Arms to the side class. Keep your arms together and in line with your mid chest. Flex your feet toes together. Pull the pinkies back, turn to the right. Exhale. Use Your eyes. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, lie all the way down. We're going to get ready for this side kick series.

Spine Twist

Take your hand behind your head. Bring your foot forward. We're going to do four of each. Pull the stomach in. One, one, one, one, two, two, two, two, three, three, three, three, four, four, four, four leg, one leg to the side. Lift up, flex down and two and down and three and down, and four little circles. One, two, three, four. Reverse one. Anchor that bottom foot, three, four. Now, medium circle like you're tracing the inside of a magic circle. The hip doesn't move. The leg has to go back behind you. We're verse one, two, three, four. Let's work on that inner thigh. Flex that foot up. One Up, two, up, three up, four lifts. Circle one circle to circle three, circle for reverse, one, two, three, four. Reach to that. He'll bring the other one down.

Forward and Back

We're going to slide along the leg, a nice deep stretch. Bring it up and stretch up. Flex through the foot, bring it down, slide it for two in lift, flex and down. Slide it for bring it in. Keep the knee where it is as you extend the leg. Flex down heel to heel. Slide it along the leg.

Lift and Lower

Need to the ceiling behind the shoulder. Stretch it, flex it and down with control lifted up. Don't let that leg lower as you bend the knee. Slide it along the leg and down. Now there's a little juicy point that gets missed. Just like you keep your foot to your seat. When I bring this foot down, I don't let it release. I keep pulling it in, pulling it in, pulling it in, and then slide it down to it.


Really works my hip for all the big advanced exercises that I have to develop that strength for in now. Keep it close. Keep it close, keep it close, keep it closed. Lift your two legs up and beat two, three, four. Really working on the length today. Beat two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and three two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and four two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Pressure, legs together, lower down and to end we're going to do four large circles, not wild, large circles with nice control. One to relax the hip to relax the hip. Three and four, reverse and one especially when you do a lot of variations where there's beating and a lot of holding and inner thigh.

Lift and Lower

You want to end with an exercise that's going to relax your leg. Inhale for a nice chest expansion in-between to get a little more length in the front of that body. Inhale once again, using your eyes, look to the right. Use the eyes center to the left center. Come up, reach down, open the chest. Use Your Eyes Center. Use Your eyes. Look at all the opportunities you have to work your eye muscles lie on the other side. Pull the stomach in. Bring the feet forward. Outer Edge, four of each front, front, back, back two.


To back back three, three, back, back four, four backpack, leg on like up and down. Two and down. Three and down. Four and circle one, two, three, four rivers, one, two, three for medium, one, two, three, four. Reverse one, two, three, four. Work that inner thigh. Place the foot down. Hold the ankle, keep that hip over. Reach the bottom leg up and down, one out through the head, out through the heel. Keep this knee open up and circle on and two and three and four rubbers, one and two and three and four.


Length in the leg down side, bicycle slided in hip goes back. Stretch it out, reach it long. They'll slide along the right to the ceiling. You just got that stretch from the inner thigh exercise that we did before, which is why I put it there all the way down. Slide it. Keep that foot to the buttocks.


Bring it behind the ear stretches much as you can reach you that bottom leg deeply and last one, make it your best need to the ceiling, foot in line, foot to the buttocks behind the shoulder precedent. And then don't move that thigh as you extended. Flex it. Reverse. Reach out. Jolt. Move the knee. Keep the foot close. Slide it down, lifted up. Don't move the knee. Bring it in. Slide it down. Reach it up, bend it behind. Touch. Last one. Make it your best, all the way out and bend and in and two legs.


Reach out and one, two, three, four, long, five, six, seven, eight and two. Two, three, four and five. Six, seven. A m. Three, two, three, four feels so good. Seven, eight. Last one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Reached the legs long to go down. Last big circles. Relaxed the hip one. Relax the hip to relax. Three and four. Don't work so hard on this one. Just let the hip relax. Three and four.

Chest Expansion

Flint lie on your back and shake out your legs. We're going to go into teaser one and teaser. Two legs are off. Lower everything to the 45 roll with control, keeping them parallel. Lift your arms up, roll back, arms come up, roll up parallel over the legs. Lift them up and back.

Forward and Back

Arms up over the legs. Lift them up and back. Arms up over the legs, lower the legs, lift to the toes, lift to the toes, lift to the toes, and Cancan going to switch to this direction again. And we're going to go over one and two and three. Kick out knee to knee, foot to foot, just like you did in that last sidekick. Try not to move the chest at all, so you're getting ready for that beautiful snake and twist and hip circle and Ben. Excellent Mermaid, delicious time.

Lift and Lower

Let's stack leg on leg hold underneath. Then the elbow to help keep your length stretch all the way up from there. I want you to anchor that left hip down. Stretch over, keeping the shoulders forward. Pull on the leg and reach both. Sit bones to the mat.


Keep the side body long. Come up, keep that left hip down. Find your balance. Place this hand down. Slide it out slightly. Fighting to heap this hip down. Find one long line. So my box is square. My hip brings me back. Lift up leg on leg, foot on foot to slip. Ons on the mat, arm to the ear, shoulders down, lift up and deep in your stretch.

Lift and Lower

Over this time crural the hands. Increase the stretch just like you did in your sight and your side. Bicycle. You increase the stretch here. Come up, find the balance. Now this hand goes down. You slide out to you. Find the square box both sides of my body long and continue all the way down.


My left hip is the one that's going to move me up. Left hip comes up. Find the balance. Grab elongation all the way up deliciousness. Reach all the way over with both hipbones down. Grab the ear, turn in, deepen like a little shell. Grab your own wrist. Give a pull, come up, turn your head.


Use Your eyes to increase the stretch. Turn forward deep in the stretch and come all the way up. Last one. Stretch out. Keep it long. Lie Down like here on the beach in the sun, left hip, pulls you up, find your balance and go onto your other side. Foot on foot, knee on knee. Hold that bottom hand.


Fight to get the right hip down. Arm glazes. The ear like Oupa on the reformer. Glue the arm to the ear, shoulders down and reach over. Opening your chest like we did in the Canton. You can see the cancan here with the chest. Open and leg on leg and hips reaching down.


Come up, find your balance. Remember, control slide out only to the boxes. Square both sides of the body or long. Pull the stomach in the right hip pulls me up to sit. Bend the elbow. Find that exercise lengthen up, up, up, up, up, up, up. More. Up. When you go so far up, you have nowhere else to go.

Teaser 1

We reach over to the other side. Ben, the [inaudible] elbow. This time deepen, deepen, extended, deep and adjust like we did in our side. Bicycle. We go deeper. Come up, find the balance. Fight for the right hip down. Other arm goes and now find your box square. Once the boxes where go all the way down the right hip pulls you up. Lift all the way up. Lengthen up, hold underneath, stretch over. Reach. Oh so good.

Teaser 2

Turn your head and curl into your little shell. Grab that wrist like you hold, enrolling like a bull deep and that stretch open. Turn your head. Use Your eyes for an extra opening. Really get that right hip down. Look forward deep in the stretch. Over all the way up. Hold up. Lengthen.


Stretch all the way down and up. Spin for your seal. So as the feet together, lift the waist and let's just go. One, two, three and balance. One, two, three and up. And one, two, three as balance. One, two, three. Back in one, two, three. Up on the next one. We're going to stand back. One, two, three. Cross your ankles and stand. Step down. I'm going to hop down from the floor so that we could do our pushups. Lift all the way up. Nice, long waist.


Open my arms to the side. Bring it down now. Okay. Walk, walk, walk. Walk right from here. Rock as far forward as you can and as you go down, reach forward with the body. Come up again. Reach forward with the body. Come up, reach forward with the body. Come up, walk back, stomach up. One, two, three. Press down like I'm doing the pull up on the wound, the chair, I roll my body up, lift up, huge chest opening and use your eyes. Thank you.



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Lots of interesting variations in this vibrant class
Carol what ones did you find most useful and why?
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Kathryn, you are my favorite! Your energy is insane!
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Another awesome class with KRN!!! I love the way you make every movement count! Every delicious drop. Thank you ~
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Thats all i can say
What a beautiful class!
Great cueing
Loved it !
Thank you so much
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Have loved doing this foundational series, KRN you are amazing and loved the using the eyes and first time I have actually loved doing the saw change the whole exercise for me and my body loved it too ❤️❤️
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This was great! I really needed to be reminded to move my eyes!! And that I need "more strength than stretch"! Thank you! :)
Anita Darren Kelly Marcos Robin G. Thank you SO much for taking the time to post your feedback! It truly means so much to me!!!!!
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I really loved how you incorporated the eye muscles into the work out! Fantastic!
Narelle Thank you so very much! It is an element of the exercise that sometimes is left out!
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