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Precision is the name of the game in this Mat workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She focuses on being clear in every position as you continue on working your way up from a foundational practice to a core level. She uses the Twist as inspiration to make sure you understand how to rotate your body so you can stay safe in the more advanced movements.
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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash here at the beautiful place anytime studio and today we're going to be working another mat that builds your foundational into core. This mat, the twist is going to be focus and precision is the name of the game. You really need to understand how to rotate to rotate safely, so we're going to, we'll focus a lot on every position and being very clear with the work. So we're going to begin by lying down and we're going to have our arms by the side and you're going to take a nice deep breath in, fill the lungs and exhale all of the air out. We're going to repeat this for three times and on the third time we're going to pull this stomach in an up and we're going to lengthen into the hundred position. Inhale deeply.

Exhale for sure. Two last one. Inhale deeply. Exhale, pull the stomach in. Head, hands in, heels float off the mat at the same time. Chest is open. Press the heels together. Arms are six inches over the legs and pump. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five.


Move your arms evenly as you do this, feel the pelvis, anchoring the shoulder blades, anchoring the chest, opening the legs, pushing together as you fill your lungs up and roaring your lungs out for five counts. Again, inhale to vigorous arms for five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four. Reestablish the pelvis coming back with every breath.

Reestablish the chest opening with every inhale. Inhale, open the chest up. Exhale, pull the stomach in and along the spine. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, big arms. Three, four, five. Last one in hell, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, length in, long to lie down. Grab your weighted par.

Glue your heels together. Flex your feet. Let's have our feet parallel right now. All the way. Glue the INSEAM. Reach your arms up and back. Arms lift to the ceiling. Plug the shoulders in. Lift just the head and hold it. Push the away. Lift the top of the shoulder blade only.

Roll Up

Don't let the neck collapse. Take the bottom of the shoulder blade off. Anchor the legs. Push through the heels. Now really find those sighs towards the Mat. As you peel through the ribs and stop at the waist, press those legs down again. Open that chest. Take the waist off and keep the pelvis on.

Now as if you're going up and over a big beach ball, crown of the head to the knees. Reach the arms over. Roll back the same way. Region opposition. Anchor the legs. Pull the pelvis back. Don't let the waistline touch. I know this is the toughest position. Roll down. Touch the waist. Good reach you the heels. Reach of the arms. Get to the bottom of the rib.

Stop there, bottom of the shoulder blade. Stop top of the shoulder blade. Keep that head up for a neck stretch and bring the head down. Reach up, stretch back again. Plug the shoulders in. Lift the head up, only top of the shoulder, plane, bottom of the shoulder blade, rib cage. Peel through the ribs.

Fight for it. You can do it. Push those heels away. Get to the waistline. Stop at the waist. Keep that chest open. Here comes the brutal one waist off, pelvis, back, stomach in. Reach to the legs. Exhale over and say thank God that part's over. Rural back down. Reach through your heels. Reach to the hands. Remember to keep that chest open. You want lots of air in the top of your lungs. Pull the stomach in.

Touch the pelvis, touch the waist. Touch the bottom of the rim. Good through the ribs, bottom of the shoulder blade, top of the shoulder blade. Reach up and stretch back. Point your toes. Reach your fingers long. Take your bar and put it some place safe that you're not going to roll onto it or step onto it like all the way down.

Pull the stomach in and open the chest. Straight. Right leg up. Reach into to your nose. Stop. Pushed through this bottom leg crossed to the shoulder. Stop. Cross to the hip. Stop. Nothing moves. Heel to heel. Reach it to the hip. Reach it to the shoulder, reach it to the nose. Anchor this.

Single Leg Circle Prep

I make sure this leg doesn't rotate in and out. It stays in its same angle reach. Otherwise you're working a release of a muscle ever other than a stability of a muscle. Reach over. Shoulder, nose. One more time. Nose, shoulder, hip, heel, hip, shoulder, nose, reverse. It knows shoulder, hip, heal, hip, shoulder, nose again, nose, shoulder, hip, heal, hip, shoulder, nose. Last one. Make it your best.

Stretch the two legs away from each other. Keep pushing through this left leg as it reaches up towards the shoulder. Open to the hips. Establish stability on the opposite side. Heel to heel. Reestablish your alignment. Reach across that heel to the hip, up to the shoulder, up to the nose. Flex the foot. Bring it down.

Reach to the other leg. Pull the stomach in and opposition. Open that chest. Reached to the nose. Pause, shoulder, hip. Push through the opposite leg. Heel to heel. Reestablish the box. Find the opposite hip as it goes to the hip. Shoulder, nose again, nose, shoulder, [inaudible], hip, heel, hip, shoulder, nose. One more time. Deepest one up to the nose. Don't let it drop as it reaches to the shoulder. Don't move the hip as it reaches across anchor heel to heel.

Find the box open. Re-Establishing stability on the opposite side. Shoulder, nose, reverse. It knows shoulder, hip, heal, hip, shoulder, nose again, nose, shoulder, hip, heel, hip, shoulder, last, one, deepest, lifted over anchor box across shoulder, nose. Flex the foot, push through, get more length, reach to the other foot. Lengthen it up for a full leg circle. We're going to hit those same points. Remember all the points that we talked about and keep those shoulders open. Reach up to the nose, reach to the shoulder.

Single Leg Circles

The hip begins to peel off and you peel off your hip, your waist, your rib. Remember the points we focused on on our legs, on our roll up. As I lengthen down, my rib comes back, my waist comes back, my heel comes back, my hip is there. My box is square. Anchor to stability all the way up, up, up whole boxes on the mat, reach the hip comes off. I peel through those points in my body that I mentioned before and then I peel them back on and open up opposite way.

Anchor through stability all the way to heal. As I cross. The hip comes off, the waist comes off, the ribs come off, the shoulder stays on, reach up to the shoulder, the ribs come on, the waist comes on, the hip comes on all the way up. Stability on that left sides rotates around. Hip, off wastes, off ribs, off ribs on waste, on hip, on flex and bring it down. Other leg reaches across. Hip comes off, waist comes off, ribs come off, ribs go on. Waste goes on. Pelvis goes on. Stabilize that side for one.

Reach hip, off, waist off, ribs off, shoulders on. Delicious twist there. Now reached the hip down as the whit ribs go on down. As the waist goes on down, as the hip goes on, reach two sides and oppositions stretch it up. Other way. Reach across the body. Lengthen down across heel all the way up.

Lift up. Really do a nice deep twist down around and up. Flex the foot, bring it down, slide yourself up. And we're going to do rolling like a ball, bouncing on our shoulders and balancing on our bum. K We want maximum control. Bend in, grab right hand, left hand, right, goes up, fee to the seat. Head in.

Rolling Like A Ball

Pull the stomach in. Stop at your shoulders. Hold it. Find that waist in that control. Roll up on your bottom. Hold it. One roll back. Hold for five, four, three, two, one. Come up. Five, four, three, two, one. Roll back. Five, four, three, two, one. Roll Up. Five, four, three, two, one at London, five four, three, two, one and up. Five, four, three, two, one. We're going to extend out with our legs long and parallel planes with our arms.

We're going to do a single leg pull with the accent out. Two legs are going to be out and that's where the pause is. Pull it in, stretch it out. Hold, pull it in, stretch it out. Hold. Pull it in. Stretch out, hold. Pull it in. Stretch out once more. Establishing the connection between the arms and legs. Upper body, lower body, front body, back, body that you need for all your rotations.

Single Leg Stretch

Stretch and bend and stretch from here to legs. Come in, circle the arms. Now slide your arms along the legs so you can control the trajectory that the feet bend in. Hands come on the middle. Reach for your heel so you roll up. Reach for the heels, working on the timing of the leg moving and the arms moving so that they move together as a symphony, not as separate instruments. Press the heels together. Hands. Come on the inside. Lift for those heels. Lift for those heels.

Double Leg Stretch

Lift for those heels and pull in. Exhale. Inhale. Press the legs together. Pull the stomach in. Hands. Come on the inside. Lift up, come on. Really reach for those ankles. Get them. Press the heels together. Don't let the arches of the feet collapse. Press out, hold, hold, hold. Pool the stomach in. Lengthen. Lengthen. Lengthen.

Now just like the focus was on lifting up in that exercise, this is going to be the same. Bring your legs only to 90 degrees. Reach up for that leg. Open the chest. Lengthen this leg down and keep the upper body up and the leg that is to the ceiling. Only at 90 heap it there. Find it at 90 this is going to build your strength for your corkscrew. Keep it there. Lift up. Establish a strong powerhouse here, Paul the stomach, and don't let your box move. Lift up. Lift up, lift up again. Lengthen, lift up, lift up, lift up, reach. Open that chest. Lift, lift, lift. One more each side. Lift, lift, lift.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

One more. Lift, lift, lift. Now take two hands behind the head. Don't let the body lower down. Open the chest. You're going to go down for eight counts. Keep lifting that upper body. Reach to the legs. Pull the stomach in length and down. Lengthen down, lengthen down.

Double Leg Lower Lift

Lift the dough quick up. So we're going to start getting that dynamic action. Notice that we control the legs going down just like we did in our leg circle, and then we swoop it down or out and up for a little dynamic action. Rich [inaudible] rich. Here's your [inaudible] troll and your power and reach. Reach, reach, which pull the stomach in. Press the heels together. Press the legs together. Make two legs into one and up. And one more time. Reach out to the pelvis, hips in the mat. Stomaching elbows open.

Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen and up. Bend in. We're going do Chris Cross now and we're going to use our hand on our leg to deepen the stretch cause we need that twist. Stretch the left leg out. Twist. Grab your hand on the bent knee and pull yourself up, up, up. Deepen it in. Keep the upper body up, twist the other way.

Criss Cross

Use your hand. Pull the leg in. Deepen, oh, oh, oh. Come on in. Lift up higher. Twist the other way. Deepen up, up, up. Calm in all the way in. Twist the other way. Deepen. Oh, up, up, up, Choo legs. Come in, shoot out. Sit Up for our spine. Stretch forward shoulder height. Inhale up. Exhale once. Then Karl, the of they head down. Anchor the tailbone Acre that tailbone more and that drags you up.

Spine Stretch Forward

Inhale up the head, lifts length in the waist. The shoulders go down. Lengthen the waist. They had deeper deepens to reach between the two knees. The arms reach over the height of the toes. The stomach reaches in, up, pack off of the thighs. The heels. Push out the legs, Achor down. There's so much happening and roll back up. One little exercise. We'll assume many goodness. Lift all the way up.

Soft ribs. One more time. Inhale deeply. Exhale. Head goes down. Just like in the roll up. Shoulders go back, ribs go up. Waist pulls back. Tailbone anchors. Flex the feet. Anchor the thighs. Pull the stomach in. Curl in, girl. [inaudible] stretch the arms. Stretch the arms. Stretch the arm everywhere. Roll Up. Slide yourself back to lift your legs.

Open Lake rocker. We're going to touch our toes behind us. Hover with our legs over there and lift the waist. Roll back. Touch your toes down now while you're there, lift up the waist. Keep that lift in the waist and come up. Lift up the chest, roll back. Reach your toes to the mat and lift up the waist.

Open Leg Rocker

Keep the arms and legs straight and lift up the chest. Excellent. Keep that chest open. Pull the stomach back, press your hands into the legs. Push those legs away. Pull the stomach and think of that lift that we just did in our spine. Stretch. Lift up the waist. Roll up, lift up the chest. One more time. Feels so good. Roll back.

Lift off the waist. Reach the legs. Pull the hips up. Separate the waist and the ribs. I'm up for a beautiful balance. Open the chest. Press your legs into your hands. Pull the stomach in. Pull it in. Pull it in. Pull it in.

Roll Down with control. We're going to do corkscrew. Hip to hip or flat and tail off. Lots of control happening here. Reach to the nose over to the hip. Remember we did in our legs circles before. Same thing up flat pelvis. Reach.


Lengthen left. Tip Off. Now from here, lift the tailbone off. Only notice the open chest. Lower back scoop position. Roll directly onto the right hip. Flatten the pelvis over onto the left hip. Now this is the hard part. Keep the chest open and peel off without dropping the pelvis. Roll to the other side with control.

Flat in the pelvis. Roll to the other side. Left hip off. Now Peel it off. Legs over the nose. One more time. Roll to the right hip. Keep the left hip off flat in the pelvis over the other side. Peel it off, roll it down flat in the pelvis, over the other side, tail bone and sit up for the saw.

Arms to the side Lenten twist. Exhale, stretch, head to knee. Exhale deeper and a deep twist. Inhale, exhale, head to the knee. Deep in the twist as you come up, reach through the arms, reach the legs, pelvis doesn't move. Inhale up. Legs are like steel. Waist anchors up, arms reach the side. Chest is open. Deep in that twist. Exhale, head to the knee.


Keep in the twist, reach, reach, all feel so good. Inhale, exhale, ring it out. Reach through the arms, reach through the legs, draw your legs together. Beautiful, and we're going to roll onto our stomach. Now we're going to work our neck roll. There's all different ways to do this. Today I want to help find the differentiation in length in the spine that you need for your twists. Place your hands under your shoulders, your nose forward. Reach your legs long like their one tail toes. Press to the mat, pull the stomach off of the mat, keep it off the mat and press up.

Neck Roll

Opening your chest first like that rocker tailbone reaches towards the heels. Continue lifting up, pulling the stomach up until you're fully up. If I went forward and maintain this position, I would be in my AA kicked stretch in my down stretch on the mat, on the reformer. So here's that same opening of the chest. Don't sink in the low back. Draw your legs together. Look deeply to the right with the chest open.

Touch the chin to the collarbone and strays. Align along the collar bone to the other side. Use Your eyes and come center chest reestablishes open. Find that length. With that tailbone down. Look to the left all the way down.

Trace the collarbone length in. Find the down stretch on the reformer. As you lengthen here and in your swamp prep, you're going to lengthen, pulling this stomach in. Come down only to the pelvis. Slide your hands so now your elbows are under the shoulders and the pelvis is on the mat. Practicing this way will help you not sink in your lower back, Paul the stomach in and just press the upper body up and lengthen it down. Bring your hands under the shoulders. Pull this stomach in. Lengthen up, up, up, up, up and down, down, down, down, down.

Swan Prep

Take your hands forward just to the low back. This time open just the chest. Come down under the shoulders. Pull the stomach in. Lengthen up deep in that front body opening. Stay out of the low back. If you feel in the low back, you've gone too far. Hands forward. Press on the hands. Pull the stomach in.

Tailbone keeps reaching towards the heels. Lengthen all the way down. Pull the stomach in. Lenten up. Open the chest. Open the hips. Sit back on your heels. Pull the stomach in. Now to come back, you're going to slide through. Bend your elbows. Open the chest up and slide back as your preparation for your single leg.

Single Leg Kick

Kick back. Open the chest, lift the thighs off. Hold five, four, three, two, one. Reach the legs away and down. Chest drives forward. Pull the stomach and lift the thighs off. Now kick, kick one, kick, kick two chest forward. Three. Press down the hands for keep the knees together. Kick, kick. Keep those legs off. Off, off. Lengthen, reach. Lie Down for your double leg touch. Grab your Elvis fingertip to elbows. Draw your shoulders back.

Press your toes on the Mat. When the legs are long, I want those toes pressed on the mat and the thighs lifted off. You're going to send to your head kick one, two, three. Press the toes back. Elongate. Lengthen and lift up, up, up. Reach those elbows down. Press send to your head, turn the other direction. Keep the legs long and one, two, three press. Everything goes center. Lengthen. The tailbone reaches towards the heels. That chest opens.

Double Leg Kick

I love this variation because you can't go too far up and it really focuses on open the upper back, which you need for your rotation. E long a down, centering the head before you turn it and kick one, two, three. That point gets left out so many times. You have to center before you lift and center. Before you rotate, just like we do with our legs and come back to center, place the hands down. Pull the stomach in. Lengthen all the way back.

Press on your hands and slide all the way through for your neck. Pull lie all the way down. We're going to begin with bent knees. Find the pelvis, Paul, this stomach and elbows back. You're going to roll up. Grab the back of the legs, pull the stomach in and curl over. From there you're going to stretch down. Flex one, two, three.

Child's Pose

Sit Up and for as long as you can control you, keep the legs straight. When you can't control anymore, grab the back of the legs, find that low back and press it all the way down and bring the hands long behind the head. Curl up as much as you can. When you have to grab. Here's who we get. That beautiful, clean articulation. Stretch over one to three. Flex the feet, sit up again, push through the heels. Lengthen. Little and thin. Lengthen when you have to grab the back of the legs and all the way down. Hands behind the head. Round up, grabbed the thighs, curl, overstretch over. Sit Up, open the chest, roll back stomach and push the heels. Grab the legs, articulate down, arms up.

Neck Pull Variation

One more time. Roll up, grab the thighs, curl it over, reach over, stretch it, sit up, push through the heels. Lengthen and try to go long, long, long all the way down. This time. Beautiful. Roll onto your side, body, body against the back edge of the mat. Hand here, press on your head, lift the two legs. Forward. Hand is forward. Make sure it's out of the way of the swinging leg. You might have to take it a little forward if you have good extension. Lift the leg, hip pipe.

Bottom leg is anchored outer edge of the foot on the mat. Let's stretch this leg and kick it one to keep this leg parallel. Stretch it back. One, two to open the front of the hip, one and two and reach and two and three and two and stretch. Anchor that bottom leg. Reach through both legs and out through the head. Leg on leg. We're going to do four of everything. Reach up, flex it down. Reach, lift to flex it down.

Forward and Back

Reach three and down four and little circle one. Stop to stop. Three stop. Four reverse one. Stop to stop. Three, keep pulling in. Four stop now. Bicycle. Reach it back first. Don't let this thigh move. Bend the knee to the buttocks. Touch the knee to the knee. Bring the knee to the shoulder.

Lift and Lower

Keep this hip down and stretch the leg again. Reach it back. Stop back there. Bend the knee. Don't move the thigh. Touch the needs of the knee. Keep the foot to the buttocks. Bring it to the shoulder and stretch it out. Reach long straight line right behind your hip.


Don't let that knee drop. Here's that stretch that's going to really increase this opening. Touch the knee to the knee. Bring the knee to the shoulders. Stretch it forward. Last, go at it. Reach it. Make it your deepest. Stretch the leg. Open the front of this hip really long. Don't drop the knee.


Touch the knee. Bring the knee in. Stretch it forward and reverse. Reach it front. Don't change the thigh bend. Touch the knee now. This is tough. Reach just the thigh back and keep the buttocks in the heel close. Now don't change the leg as you extend it, but deep in the reach back. Stretch it forward.

Bend it in. Touch the knee. Keep it long. Thigh back, thigh, back, thigh, back. Now, stretching, deepen it. Enjoy it. Reach up and bend. Touch the knee, thigh back and stretch and stretch and stretch. Last, go at it. Reach. Bend it in. Touch the knee, thigh, back, and stretch and stretch and stretch. Very good. Lie onto your stomach. Lift your two legs up and beat. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Reach Long. Roll to the other direction. Pull this stomach in. Bring your legs forward. Hand is where you need to keep your shoulders square.


Anchor the bottom edge. Lift this leg up. Keep it parallel and kick. Kick one and to [inaudible] and three bottom heel stays down and four leg on leg reject. Kick it up, flex it down long. Kick it up. Flex it down to kick it up. Flex it down. 30 kick it up. Flex it down for circle one. Stub two, three. Yeah, for reverse one to really try to get healed to heal three and four.

Forward and Back

Now here are the fun begins. Reach it back. Stretch both knees bend. Don't drop that thigh. Touch the knee to the knee. Bring the needs of the shoulder and stretch it forward. Reach Long. These are all positions you're going to need in the advanced work.

Lift and Lower

Ben Foot to the buttocks. Touch knee to knee. Bring need to shoulders. Stretch it up all the way back. Get ready for that thigh stretch. Bend that knee foot right to the buttocks. Touch the need to the knee. Bring the knee to the shoulder. Keep that right hip reaching down. Last one, making your best stretch out of the head. Stretch out of the leg.


Keep your hips right on top of each other. Bend that knee foot to the bottom. Touch your knee to knee. Keep the foot to the bottom as it comes to the shoulder. Stretch it all the way out. Leg to leg. Reverse it it up. Bend it in. Touch the knee. Now. Here's the hard part.


Keep that foot to the bottom. As you reach it, stretch it. Don't drop the leg, but make it deeper. Keep the hip on the hip and a grateful swing forward. Touch it in. Touch the knee, keep that foot right to the bottom, stretch it back. Thigh goes back region anchor the bottom heel. Don't forget you have two legs and forward bend, touch, thigh, stretch, reach, reach last one and front in touch foot.

Stret deep and stretch it and together lie on your back please and shake it out. Yeah. Now the next to user is tees are in four. It is a very, very difficult exercise and the precision is key. It's really going to help build the control you need for all your rotation and advanced work. So I want you to begin with your knees all the way into the chest and really hug them to lengthen that lower back. Bring your arms down by your side as you roll your head up.

Teaser 4

Bring your legs to table and have your knee hands right by your knees. The only thing I want on the back on the mat is your lower back. That's one. Two, you stretch up to a teaser with the arms parallel over the legs. That's two. You were turned back to the one position for three and you go home for four.

One, two, three, four not only establishes control one to [inaudible] three, four it teaches you to move your arms and legs with coordination together so that the legs and arms arrive at their destiny. The same time you always want to be at your destiny with the right person and here or right limb and bent and in really a, if you arrive in your partner doesn't and bent and in and again, one and two and three and four last one and one and two and three and four. Sit yourself up. Open your chest and remember that hip to hip that we worked on. You're going to roll over to one side and center.

Roll over and center. I'm going to turn this way so that you can really see what my pelvis is doing. My leg stay all over each other. My chest stays open. I come center, my chest stays open and center. My chest is open and center.


We're going to add the kick now. Ready and hip to hip, hip and kick and hip to hip, hip and kick and hip to hip. Hip and kick and hip to hip. Hip and kick center it. Yeah, and let's come right down here for our seal. Adding the beats. Lengthen through. Press the soles of your feet together. Squeeze your knees in. Head goes down. Chest remains open.


Roll back. Nothing moves. Clap. One, two, three. Don't move on your beats. Roll Up. One, two, three. The Art of control. Roll back. One, two, three. Roll Up. One, two, three. Roll back. One, two, three. Roll Up. One, two, three. Roll back. One, two, three. Roll up to stand.

What I'm going to do now is I'm going to hop onto the floor for our pushups. You're going to lift all the way up, stretch your arms up and we're going to add three big arm circles. Lift up one all round. Lift up too. All round.

Lift up. Three from here, arms go down, head goes down. Touchdown. Walk forward. One, lift the heels. Two balls, the heels together. Boxes on moving. Three from here, bend your elbows to your ribcage. Keep the body flat. Press up, pull the stomach in again. Walk back. One, two, keep your box square four roll up. Lift your arms up and around.


Lift up and around. Lift up. Stay with that Lens. Keep the length in the body. Head goes down. Now don't twist the box box. Day Square hand reaches tailbone under box day square tail reaches box. Stay Square. It's your very first snake and twist.

Lengthen out hips over the waist. Lifts shoulders right in line with the wrists. Bend the elbows. They graze the ribs. Touch the Chin and come up. Walk back. Keep the box. Square, pelvis lifts, pelvis lifts, pelvis lift. Press on your hands. Press on your feet. Head to the knee.

Tailbone reaches down as you drag. Oh, grow tall, grow tall, grow tall and go enjoy your day.


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Awesome class! Great cueing! Really worked deep with that one. Thanks Kathryn.
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Awesome, loved the technique. Thanks!
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Thanks KRN, fun way to ayrt your day!
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Start not ayrt...oops 🤗
Thank you!!!! Molly
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Love your teaching!! Thanks for a great class
Beverly- thank you for your feed back!
Ha Bowtell
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Awesome! Great cues and love your energy, happy voice!
Ha Bowtell thank you!
Mika P
Precision, surely, but also íncredible control. Very inspiring. Thanks! :)
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