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Foundational Mat 8

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Focus on fluidity in this Mat workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. This is the final class in her series that takes you from the foundational level to the core level Mat work. She takes the work that you did in the previous classes and adds the challenge of moving in different planes of action. The dynamic and energetic movements will help you feel a two-way stretch in every exercise.
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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash here for PyLadies. Any time we are going to be working a final Matt, moving from foundational to core, taking all the work we did in our foundation and are challenging it with different planes of action in our core work. Remember the core is the center of the work and the heart and soul. So let's begin lying down and we're going to be moving through this mat, focusing more on fluidity like all right, the way down and the two way stretch and a little dynamic action. Reach your arms, nice and long.

Pool the stomach in and with one fluid action. Hands, head, heels. Leave the mat into the hundred and inhale. Two, three, four, five XLT, four, five. Inhale to four or five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, three, two, four, five. Exhale, two. Hands over the thighs. Three, four, five XL, two, three, last set. Inhale deeply. Fill the lungs all the way up. Xcel and now the next five we're going to add the legs. Do Four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five and inhale to four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. And inhale to four, five, and exhale, two, three, four, five, two, three. Last one, coming up and fill the lungs all the way up for five and ring the lungs all the way out, out, out, out, and good. Grab your weighted bar, Glue your heels together, have the feet together.


Parallel. Reach up and let's make this fluid. Inhale up. Exhale over. Inhale down or reach your legs and arms and back. Inhale up. Exhale over. Inhale back. Exhale to inhale up. Bend.

Roll Up

Exhale over. Inhale back and exhale down. Inhale up. Really reach the legs. Reach the lungs, little legs and long as you can get and come up. Take your bar, please place it in a safe place and we're going to lie down for single leg circle. Old Joe. Reach the leg up to the nose. Nothing moves. Circle one down around and up to three all the way up, all the way across, all the way down, all the way up, across and down. Lengthen it down. Other leg comes up around, up one.

Single Leg Circles

Remember we're really working on fluidity and moving through this mat all the way across, down, around and up. Lift all the way across, down, around, and other way. Reach across. Nothing moves and down. Oh Cross. Nothing moves across, nothing moves. Get ready for the deep twist. Twist all the way up, all the way open, all the way down. Deep twist. Keep those shoulders quiet. Heel to heel. Other leg. Reach across, around and down. Reach across, around and down. Reach across, around and down.

Tui listed. Reach it lifted and circle. Twist and reach and lengthen and circle. Roll Up. Rolling like a ball. We're going to end in a teaser. Roll back. Find your balance. Teaser up, rolling. Likable position, roll back, balance lift, scoop in, roll back, balance lift, scoop in, roll back, balance lift and let's put a little vigor in it and one and one and two. Don't forget all the things we've worked on to now. Pull and pull and pull.

Rolling Like A Ball Variation

Pull and pull and pull and pull the last one in. Old Joe. Press your hands across your thighs. Come in and pull and press. Come in and grab your wrist and pull it in. Press on your thighs, grab the other wrist and pull it in.

Single Leg Stretch

Press. Grab the left wrist pull, press the hands, grab the right wrist pull, pull the stomach back. Left wrist pull. Pull the stomach back, right wrist and pull. Very good. Firas one and a one. And did you have some fun? Let [inaudible] and reach. Nothing moves except for the legs and hands grabbing.

Double Leg Stretch

Choo legs up lower to the 45 lengthen out. Lift one Linton to Linden three. Keep bridging longer through the waist, longer through the waist. Longer firm. Here we go. Write to crisscross and eyes Elvis. Open lift elbows. Open up, up, knee in, up, knee, up in, up knee and right up. Exhale, elongate on the diagonal. Reach. Anchor the tailbone.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Lift up. Keep that length. Exhale to Elongate on the diagonal. Lengthen. Lengthen. Lift up. Lengthen up. Exhale, three on the diagonal. Anchor the tailbone. Reach, reach, reach, all the way up and down. Exhale, lengthen, lengthen. Lengthen, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up from there. Lift, roll back. Draw your legs together. Open. Roll up balance. Draw your legs together. Open. Roll back.

Double Leg Lower Lift

Lift the waist drug ready for all those corkscrews roll up. Just open. Lengthen, roll back. Okay, roll up. Yeah. Notice that the stomach keeps lifting back.

Criss Cross

No pressure on my neck. It's all held in my stomach. Roll all the way down. Legs up for court. Screw flat. Lift the legs. Roll to one side. Lift the hip, tailbone down. Roll to the other side. Lift the hip a little bit off. Roll down around. Use Control.

Spine Stretch Forward

Work that lower stomach lengthen. Now roll back all the way. Roll to the right. Down to the left. All the way. Twist over the ear. Roll down. Roll. Lift the legs up. Roll onto the right side all the way down.

Open Leg Rocker

Lengthen over and up. Roll to the left side all the way down. Over and up. Lengthy down. Saw all the Romana twist arm goes down. Turn the head. Stretch one. Stretch to stretch three and deep in turn.


Exhale one. Pull the waist back to you ear. It goes down and twist. Inhale. Exhale. One, two, three, reach and inhale. Exhale. One, two, three. Deep in the twist. Cross your legs. Slide them back behind you. Lengthen into your neck. Roll Nice and smooth. Lift. Pull the stomach in. Lengthen down eyes and center. Lift the stomach all the way down. Lengthen all the way long, long, long, long, long, long, long into our swan prep. Length it up. Rock one up.


Brought you up. Rock three up rock four up rock five up six, seven, eight. SIPOC on your heels. Stretch out your low back. Pool the stomach in. Come back this time with the pelvis leading the waist, the ribs all the way down. Circle the arms. Press them into each other. Bring your elbows in closer stomach off the mat.

Neck Roll

Pelvis on two legs. Up Kick, kick, kick, kick too. Kicking. Three kick, kick four kick, kick. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Reach the arms around. Touch the chin. Turn the head. Elbows down. One, two, three. For Your AA. Kick. Arms and legs up. Arms and legs, up, arms and legs. Up turn other way. Kick one, two, three. Stretch arms and legs lift. Lift them up. Everything up, up, up. Chin comes down. Turn one, two, three. Lift up your arms. Up, up, up, head, down. Turn. One, two, three. Stretch. Sweet.

Swan Dive Prep

Up, up, up. Pull the stomach in. Tailbone lead you back. Slide your legs through for the neck. Pull all the way down. Nice and smooth three times. Inhale up, stretch over. Sit Up and rule down over.

Single Leg Kick

Sit Up. Press through the heels and rule and over. Exhale, lift up. Now we're going to do chew with a long spine. Roll all the way up with the same lift. Pump up. Push with the heels. Keep the spine long and as if you're melting back into a pile of saw down pillows all the way down. Roll Up.

Double Leg Kick

Exhale ever. One sit up. As long as you can. Push through the heels, lift the waist long. Push the heels, Linton. Push through the heels. Lengthen, push through the heels. Lengthen. Reach the heels. Pull the thighs to the mat. Articulate. Even though you're lengthening, you still articulate, articulate, articulate, and down. Sit Up, arms to the side for spine twist. I want to cuss it. Exhale, center lying on the side of your body for your sidekick. Remember to keep it fluid. Hand behind the head. Leg forward, hand in front, bottom, leg down hip pipe with the top leg and reach one, two, stretch back two two back three kick back four deepen back five kick back six kick back seven kick back eight kick back leg on leg up one and down up two and down up three and down up four and down up five and down up six and down up seven and down up a circle. One and two, three, four, five, six, seven rivers, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight medium circle one and two and three and four and five and six.

Neck Pull

Reach through seven and eight rivers. As you circle, anchor that bottom heel. Lengthen through the head. Make a full circle so you circle as much to the front as you do to the back. And now a large circle like you're tracing the outside of a magic circle to reach through the leg for five, anger the heel, six, seven and eight. Reverse through the leg. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight bicycle back. Bend it in. Touch it in. Reach up front, reach it back. Don't move that thigh. Bend and up.

Spine Twist

Measure the hip stays over the hip. And last one, Ben. Length in reverse and front in. Touch the knees. Stretch it back, kick it front bend, touch the knees, stretch it back. Kick it front bend, touch the knees, stretch it back. Kick it front bend, touch the knees, stretch it back. Two legs together, up, down, two, down, three down four, five, six, seven and eight and beat and two and three. Four and five and six and seven and eight and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight from here. Sisera double front, double back, double front, double back, front and back and five reach, six reach seven reach eight reach.

Forward and Back

Reached two legs all the way down and a big circle up around him. Back a big circle. Up around and to a big circle. Up around in three a big circle. Up around rivers. Reach up and down are age two and down.

Lift and Lower

Reach three and down. Reach four and down. Bring your legs right over to the other side, a line body on the back, edge of the mat. Bring your legs forward. Pull the stomach in length in the head, hip height, one, one and two two and back. Three, three and back. Four, four and back. Five, five and back. Reach the head and heel and six shoulders. Try not to move.


Seven hip stays on hip. Eight and good leg to leg. Lift it up and one up and two we're going to do eight. Three reach long for heel to heel. Five, six, seven, eight little circles, one, touch the heel. Two, three, four. Try to keep that bottom heel down. Seven, eight, reverse. One, two, long spine, three stomach and four. Five, six, seven, eight medium circle one, two. This, really build that strength up. Five, six, seven, eight, reverse. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, large circle like you're circling a magic circle. Two, three, pull the stomach in. Four, five, six, seven, eight. Reverse one feels so good. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. A reg back. Bend it in. Touch it in.


Stretch it front. Nice and long. Stretch out everything that you just worked. Your stretch always has to be equal to your strength. Don't get in the habit of just strengthening stuff and making it tight and not stretching it out or the opposite. Overstretching and not toning and reach. Ben, we want a nice balanced workout and a nice balanced body. And one more time. Good. Bring your two legs together.

Side Double Leg Lift

Lift them up. One. Up to reach out from the waist. Three, four, glue the heels. Five, six. I was thinking about the bottom leg working eight beat two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and three. Two, three, four. That was actually two, six, seven, eight and two. Two the four, five, six, seven last set and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and front and scissor. Two and and three and back. Try not to rotate the bottom leg. Keep it parallel.


Reach and reach and reach and reach. Two legs down. Big Circle up around and touch. Big Circle to around in touch. Big Circle. Three around in touch and four rivers. Keep the hip quiet. Stretch the front of the hip. Pull the stomach in.


Lengthen out the neck, reach through the leg, reach the head in opposition. Reach. Anchor the bottom heel. Last one, and very good. You worked on that one line or back and shake out your legs. Okay, we're going to have a little fun with teaser up one and teaser to lengthen. Keep those arms up through out legs to the 45 this is a tough one.


Roll Up. Keep the arms up. Keep the arms up to keep the arms up. Keep the arms up. Three, keep the arms up. Keep the arms up, lift it lower. Lift one, keep those arms up. Two and three back for reverse.

Forward and Back

Cancan you're going to stretch the legs up. They go to one side. Other side length in Ben. Kick hip to hip to get you ready for your hip circles over, over, over Ben. Stretch over, over, over Ben. Stretch. Cross your legs. Slide them through in a little. Push up and lengthen out for swimming. Lift the right arm up. Stretch up, up, up and down.

Lift and Lower

Lift the left arm up. Oh, up and down. Lift just the right arm. Up, up, up, down, left arm. Oh, up. Up, up. Yeah. No, keep your nose down. Interlace your thumbs.


Reach both arms up over the head. Stretch the elbows, pull the stomach off the mat, reach the tail towards the heels and lengthen down. Reach the arms up, up. Think about your double leg pull. Here it is. Stomachs pulling into elbows, reaching out. You're reaching with the arms. You're reaching with the legs and down from your reach. The right leg, out and down. Left like out and up and down.


Right leg out and up. Left leg out and up and down. Now, right arm, left leg, right Ori, rh down. Other side reach. [inaudible]. [inaudible] down. [inaudible] [inaudible]. [inaudible] down. [inaudible] stretch the knees. Stretch up. Chest Open, hip.

Side Double Leg Lift

Open and down. Sit back on your heels. Stretch out the low back and come up into your kneeling sidekick position. Extend the right leg out. Have the foot flat heel out as if you're getting ready to do with star. You want to have your pelvis square.


Reach your arms to the side like your mermaid. Take your hands behind the head. Lift the waist up. Keep that hip down and reach out. Out, out. Lengthen and come up. Lift over and Oh, oh, oh, reach up, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, live on the edge. Lift up and stretch over, over, over, over.


Now this one's going to Elongate you into your sidekick position, so go, goes so far that you are able to with control. Place your hand down. Reach this leg out. Keep the front of the hip open. Turn this hand this way to really get aside. Body stretch, stretch forward. Center, back center. Forward Center, back center.


Forward Center, back center. Center. Back Down, up one, down. Up to down. Up Three, down up, four down up, five, down up, six down up, seven down a bay just like you're doing a star. Lengthen up. Hands behind the head. Other Lakey long gates out. Flex the foot. Even the box length in the body. Stretch long, long, long. Try to keep the opposite hip reaching down and come up. Now keep the chest open, the pelvis open.

Teaser 1

Don't collapse on the side. Lift up and over like there's a ladder barrel underneath you. Lift up, anchor the hip. Pull the stomach in. Open the pelvis, stretch. Go a little deeper. Go a little further. Reach out through the heel, out through the head.

Teaser 2

Lift up so you're doing just what you did while you're lying down. While you're kneeling. Same principles. Little less support. Reach up out all the way, combination of your mermaid and your sidekicks and you gently with control. Bring the hand down. Reach the leg out. Kick forward. Keep that pelvis open and kick and two and kick and three kick four kick and down. Up. One, down, up to down, up three, down, up, four, down, up, five, down, up, six, down, up, seven down, up a lengthen up and we're going to get ready for the Mer person going to bend your knees. Hold underneath, lift all the way up.

Reverse Cancan

Glue your arm to your ear. Lengthen all the way over us if you're on those rocks this time, let's go right into that head. Turn deep in it. Look forward, stretch and up. Find those sip phones. Slide out, dive into the ocean. Come up. Good. Lift all the way up. Come out of this. See, lengthen all over, all the way open. Turn the head, grabbed the ear, curl into your little ball, unfurl. Open, deeper, deeper, deeper. Enjoy the stretch. Lengthen out. Slide all the way. Open this time.

Swimming Prep

Keep your hip where it is. Twist so that your chest goes down and turn your ear the other direction. Come up for more rotation and length in balance. Lift all the way up. Stretch it up as much as you can. Reach it all the way over. Bend.

Side Kick Prep

Look up for a deeper opening twist. Turn the head, twist the other way. Curl all the way in. In, in. Lengthen all the way out. Oh Oh stretch balance. Pull the stomach up in, in limp and into the ocean. Turn Open. Come all the way up in one piece and swivel to the other side of the rock. Lift all the way ups direct far up as you can.

Forward and Back

Lengthen all the way over. Turn as the arm pins. Deepen. Lengthen, stretch deeper. Enjoy that stretch. Take the balance slide into the ocean. Come out of the ocean.

Lift and Lower

Rise up through the surf length into the ceiling. Stretch all the way over. Bend. Turn, deepen. Curl into your little rock. Unfurl. Deepen that stretch. Open it deep in the stretch more. Take the balance so that you're working the strength.

Side Kick Prep

Go over into the ocean. Turn for your twist. Turn the head Calum up. Lengthen one fluid motion the left. It brings you up. Lift all the way up. Grab the ear, reaching over. Turn. Look up. Look down.

Forward and Back

Deep in the stretch, curl, curl, curl. Give yourself a little pull. UNCURL deep and even more. Lengthen out all the way up. Take the balance, slide out, turn, turn it with it. Try to get bull shoulders to the mat.

Lift and Lower

Lengthen all the way. One fluid action up and good turn. Face this position for your nice seal with a stretch. Pull the stomach in. Wrap through and stretch your legs up. Roll back, stay there. Stretch the legs back. Bend in, roll up. Stretch the legs up and in.


Roll back, stretch back and in. Roll up, stretch and in from here, but I want you to do is you're going to take this leg back behind you in a 90 degree. This leg forward in a 90 degree. You're going to lengthen your body forward over the leg. You're going to come up and bring that hip down. You're going to let the hip come up and go over.


You're going to come up and just like you did in your mermaid, bring that hip down. You're going to come up and over. Now from here I want you to round. Pull this stomach back down. Head to the knee and elongate and stretch and round. Head to the knee, hip down. Elongate and stretch around. Head to the knee, hip down. Elongate and stretch.

Hip Stretch

Extend the back leg. Extend the fault front leg into a split if you can. If not, keep the back leg bent. Lengthen over. We did a lot of strengthening exercises. Now we have to stretch it. Lengthen over and lift up again. Lengthen over this time. Curl the head to the knee. Stretch out.


Curl the head to the knee. Stretch out. Curl the head to the knee. Stretch out. Lengthen Center and bend onto the other side. Bend that knee so your 90 degrees. This leg is directly in front. Reach the hands forward.

Hip Stretch

Hip comes with round the heads of the knee and pressed the hip back so you're stretching out all that hip joint that we tightened during your leg series. We did a lot of work on that hip, so you have to stretch it out at the end of that workout and in, in, in. From there, elongate out into your split. Lengthen down. Press on the hands. Remember that you can have that back leg bent. If you can't go into a split yet and stretch it and come up up, up and stretch it. Stay there.


Curl the had in. Elongated out. Curl the head to the knee like the tree and a long it in. Stretch the front of the lip, curl it in, in, and stretch the front of the hip. Bring the leg around. Step down onto the ground for your pushup. You're in a stand all the way up. Press your hands down.

Walk smoothly forward. Nice. One, two, three, four, five, press. Bring it back all the way up. Pull the stomach in. Roll your arms up. A nice big arm circle, which is going to be preparation for around the world. Okay? Turn your feet slightly out. Lengthen your tailbone under. This position is going to give you a little more stability in your sacrum and your pelvis. Reach your arms to the side of the body. Elongate, levitate up, pushing through your feet.

Push Up

Lift the arms all the way up. Turn like a snake and twist facing this direction. Open the front of that hip turn to face the back. Lower your heels lengthen into a side bend from the side bend. Turn just like we did in our murmur, person and flow all the way down to get your leg.

Around the World

Reverse the action cleanly. Flat side Bend, lift up. There's that split we did open and lower down. Your Mat should always prepare you for what you're going to do later. Levitate up. Draw your legs together.

Lift the waist up, turn, rotate. Here's that split. Pull the stomach in. Stretch the front of the hips. Here's that twist that we were working on that hip in all those positions that we worked. Here's my side bend from my myrrh person. Deepening it over there is my twist as I twisted towards the Mat and here's my deepening, reach to my ankle. Reach long over, reached far open to the side, levitate up, find that split position, open center, lower the heels and have an awesome day.


Anna C
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Incredible love your Energie 👍❤️
Thank you Anna ! have you done the 7 other Mats that lead up to this one? I would LOVE your feed back!
Susan B
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Thank you for doing this series. Family issues have kept me away from Pilates for the past 2 years and I need to get back to it... on my own... at home. So I am going to start at the beginning of this series and work my way through. Thank you !!
Susan B I understand. I have many students that I love that are in the same situation, which is one reason I began to write the book that this series is based off of. I look forward to hearing abut your journey back@
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I LOVED THIS SERIES!!!! It was incredibly dynamic and made me feel connected. Loved the split connection at the end!
Andrea THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! This means the world to me!
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AAAwwww,love your Energie, your dynamic....LOL
You made me awake for a great day!!! Thank you thank you thank you
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Kathryn Ross-Nash you are absolutely fantastic!! omg when you did your side series my glutes were in pain just watching you and yet you didnt make a sound!! Thank you for this amazing workout!
Vanessa lol the art of suffering in silence! you should hear me when i am alone lol
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