Class #3506

Mat Flow with Music

45 min - Class


Let your body move to the music with these Mat sequences by Michael King. He uses the concept of four diaphragms to help you find a balanced way of working in your body. He starts with a standing warm-up that will test your balance, then moves on to more challenging combinations on the Mat.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hi, I'm Michael King and welcome to class today. We're going to do a few sequences today, but we're going to first start standing. Now I spent three years of teaching. I try and find different ways of...


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great class !
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I love this class! Great flow and creative variations. And the Cadillac leg series without the springs is pretty killer!
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That was brilliant! You led me to execute postures in a much more coordinated and efficient way. I finally figured out I what was impeding me... the fourth diaphragm. thank you :)
Thank you for the comments, I am happy you liked the class. The side leg series from the Cadillac repertoire is a killer and there are lots of fun variations you can bring into the combinations. I love teaching it in my floor barre class as well which again is a great challenging class.
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Loved the relaxing music you used! Can you share what music you used?
What a wonderful class!!! I really love your exercises and choreography, the music is great !!! I'm waiting for your new classes !!!
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Outstanding, challenging workout. Love the variations. Can you share the name of that beautiful music?
Thank you Michael, especially enjoyed the side leg lifts and lifted clam
Great class!
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Your comments that this was not a rehearsal and that you should make each movement better than the last were very on target for me. I cut myself too much slack when I am working out by myself. Thank you for reminding me that there's no cheating in pilates-or life.
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