Class #3523

Mat for Dancers

75 min - Class


You will work on stretching and strengthening your body with this Mat workout by Karen Clippinger. She is joined by professional dancers, Lauren and Kyle, who help demonstrate the beautiful strength and range that we want to see in each movement. She includes exercises that will help improve extension for dancers so they can get their legs higher while maintaining correct alignment.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

About This Video


Welcome. Today I'm going to share with you a class that I've taught for many years at cal State Long Beach for the dance department. And I'm joined today by my dear friends and profess...


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Fantastic! Feels like I just left a ballet class! Thank you!
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Lovely flow- hard work but feels great. Thanks
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Love the variations for iliopsoas strength 🙏
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Wow, great workout for hip mobility:)
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Wonderful! Thank you!
Hello Anselm, Caroline, Emily, Danielle and Brenda:
Thank you so much for your lovely comments. You all expressed my goals so well, that is of providing a workout that particularly challenged hip mobility and strength to aid with dance or help you feel like a dancer!
Challenging but not exhausting. I feel upright, open, and tall after doing this! Thanks
Wow! That was amazing! I am not a dancer but I totally love these type of classes. It brings a totally new dimension to focusing on the hips which is serving my body very well. Thank you for such beautiful instruction Karen. Your years of experience are a gift to us all!
Fantastic. I feel great. Thank you!
Thank you. Due to injuries I can't do it all but did my best. Could you expand just a little on the feeling of finding/feeling the psoas - versus say the abs engaging?
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