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Martha Graham-Inspired Mat

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You will feel like you're on stage with this dance-inspired Mat workout with Diane Severino! Her background as a Martha Graham dancer shows with her innovative choreography that flows from one movement to the next. In addition to dancing, she includes plenty of opportunities to work on your waistline, legs, and "attitude," - both the dance movement and your presence!
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Mar 11, 2015
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Hi, I'm Diane Severino and I'm going to be teaching you my flaw. Yes. Okay. We're going to start with the diamond shape, which is quite far in front of you so far in front of [inaudible] you that you can get your whole forearm down. Everybody's a little bit different, but that's sort of the general outline, so it gives you a little more stability when you set up this tall. As we can remember, you've got to really rise from the floor now so that you don't kill yourself. Want to be down? You want to be up. We're going to take just as simple bounce over, lifting up as tall as you can, erode your shoulders, shoulder of the hip, ready, scooping round, far forehead to the heels and take a little pulse, lengthening out.

A gentle breath in for two out for to think of the stretch coming from underneath your hips all the way up through the crown of the head and underneath again, so keep that circle of energy flowing. That's it. So you're lengthening your vertebras not collapsing down hunches and hold the bounds. This is an advanced release you're going to can to leave with the body, meaning you're going to stick your pelvis behind you. Then you're going to travel up the waistline, then to the shoulder blades to the neck and head last. All right, mate. Shoot.

You don't go too low on that or your buckle that you wish you really want to feel your back muscles. Let's try that again. Lift up tall armpits over the hips, round the pelvis, slide over. We're going to take four bounces. One, two, three. Hold. Release the pelvis. Start angling up a little bit higher so you're not parallel to the floor. There you go. Feel that good. This should be a nice straight line.

If I had a nice pole, you buckle. Wouldn't be buckling at the waist. She'd be there. Yeah. You feel those columns here. All right. Just to add to that, we're going to bring our arms on either side of our ears and a nice wide v with the arms and you're going to press pho, Pho, Pho, forward we ching out six. Yeah, you should feel this new back, blue lift and lower down. We're just going to do an arm. Now you can lift the arm up over the head and lower.

Feel as you lift the arms that it comes from the waistline. Nice round arms both arms together like you holding a big beach ball and you're going to bring them not just to the forehead but over the crown of the heads. You really stretch the back muscles and lower grow out of the waist and lower. Let's look at the fingers now and [inaudible] so we work the neck and lane than the head and low and low. And now hold it there.

Bring your wrists together by opening up Europe aback you still gazing up. Bring the fingertips to touch and then lower the head in the hand. You can watch me in the beginning, but we're going to start working the neck when you get more comfortable. Grow as you lift and Oh, been a chest thing years and uh, again in x makes me smile now. Going to the right arm as you lift now you're going to change the torso and the wrist. You're going to bring me on way back behind you.

You are following the eyes with the hand. Bring it back up. Keep looking now. Sharp twist and lengthen the head with the hand. Grow out of the waist. Strange and stretch and behind your hip.

Back and sharp twist and down and and Torso Ridge. Way Back and down. Back Up. Shot and [inaudible] and shot. Change. Hand and shot. Good. And let's uh, start with both arms together. Change Ridgeway back to the floor.

Keep pulling up back, arms close together, wrist and the fingers. Lengthen the head and grow. Nice. Round Beach Ball. Ris. As you take that risk movement, try not to bend your elbows too much, way back and wrist things. Let's do that again with not too much bend in the arm lift and that's it. Long back and hold pressure hands into the floor.

So you get that sternum pulled up to this ceiling with the last stand and a nice long neck. Now you're going to put the weight into the outside of your feet and the palms and we're going to lift the hips up. Eh, he turned into a coffee table. Now we're going to arch the back. It's allowed opening the ribs, lifting the sternum to the ceiling until you place your, but we're just came up right underneath the head. Then you're going to release the hands.

That's the check you out so you didn't have to adjust. Okay, we're going to do two lifts. The hip bones and the torso lifts all in one piece. Squeeze your butt. Now arch the tailbone back right in the neath, the head check because the two lifts in a row lift is good for everything. Shoulders and butt stretch the chest too and release and down.

Let's see. Lift up back behind you. End Up back behind you and hit bones. Lift and back and hold and you're going to circle and round over the feet and let's take that flat back release again. Remember you're sticking the bud out to the back. Way Out. Way Out.

Well, hover. Hover. You're looking out into the valley. Yes, yes, yes. You can use your hands to help pull your more forward and to center. Now you know what? We need this big diamond here awfully. This is not bad. I mean when we were kids. That's the way we did it. But you don't have enough balance here.

It gives you a little more space to move. Okay. We can do waistline twisty one your arms or like this. They're a little bit, the palm of the hand is about as high as the top of your ear. Okay. Being up as tall as you can. Yes. Yes. With the lats down and the neck. Nice and long. We're gonna twist four times two. You're right. Ready. Not only let your arms move, you don't want to hide your face. All right, lift, tow four. Twist and twist. Two, three hole. The last twist.

Now divide that diamond and now twist over that diamond. Four times three. Four come up to the right and center and twist to the other side. Four to the left. Two. Three. Hold the big twist over to three.

Keep twisting the Chester ceiling. I mean life and sent a hold. We're going to go over to the side now. Put your palm up and stretch. Keep your left butt down. Three, four quicker. Yeah, accent that one, two, three, four and quick. All right. That was a mark. Let's do it that whole pattern and twist. Two, three and four over the diamond. Two, three, four. Stelmach into the center. Lift.

Twist to pull up for and twist. Left chest to the ceiling. Four to the left and sideways. One to keep the hips down. Three, four quick. One, two, three, four. Let's do it two times.

Twist two oh over two oh right and center in lit two oh two that's it. Wow. [inaudible] going to go over to the side with me now too. It's too, and twist to endless. Now on one count one and one and side. Endless and twist and no Brent side. Elbow down, down and down. One more. Just stand over and left. Sent Darren twist. Oh, very little left to the side side.

Left side and hold and stretch the legs contract over and a little postpone that's in. These are parallel reaching out and oh, oh, oh, oh Chris. This the highs down. Don't buckle your knees. Flat. Back release like we did in the diamond tailbone. Waistline showed the play.

It's a little harder with the legs float now flat back. Oh, oh, oh, oh and draw the legs and Robo. How so? Go the arms, Chin Tuck in which flown. Now the trip to this [inaudible] to keep the knees and your shoulders on the same level. Circle down [inaudible] again and stretch to, let me see. Three four. Keep this height out. Two, three, four circle and Tuck pool one saw stomach. Yeah, the Ed coordination cause you got to time it to your upper body and your legs get there at the same time for Tuck in.

That's great stomach too. And which yeah, to parallel arms. Nice. Long fingers and lab two and four and circle and three, four and two, three, four and so and contract we reach sideways reached to me can track wheat side. Watch that other arm. There's doesn't drift down too much. You'll get more waist point. The toes reach and one more. Ah, yeah, I get and hope did that the lift and touch pointed toes both feet. We having fun.

[inaudible] told fluxing point flex through the ball and ball. Oh Ben, I see you one more diamond. Live Taller, taller, taller and crush you. We're going to flex and bend the right leg and go through the ball of the foot and points going real slow, left and down. Now alternate together or the side, you'll get it and left and down. Sit down. Alternate. Hold together.

Press the ball. Lift and lift and alternate. And together you did sit and work through the foot. Alternate and together. Give the feats in love. Lift. And then if there's a hard on your back, hold your hands behind your waist down. Lift and press the foot.

Work through the foot. Alternate and together and down the arms. Big Inhale. Here's that opening. We did wis turn out the feet in the hands. Yeah. Now present to the outside of the feet.

This is like the [inaudible] reverse plying. Yeah, squeeze your butt low or the hip. Lift that sternum to the ceiling. Yes, put that but underneath your hands, back up, feet parallel. Arms condemn like that. Lift, squeeze, turn out. Reach behind you. We're going to do twice. Lift and stretch the chest and to stretch the chest. Reach to the risks, to the fingers and down. Low turnout range four times low and our oil.

Yeah, baby stret sternum stays hooked to the ceiling. Thery Hook to the ceiling. One more four and hold the lady that grabbed down because I'm not making this up. This is what you sound like. You have. Have the neck long and lift the leg and lift and lift pled his mat, right? Who there? Great exercise. I love them more. Lyft, Lyft, but type one more. Oh and stretch.

Really parallel and Dan, good. Flex your feet fo two stretching. Stretch six and eight point. Reach out a circle. Oh, oh, hold it there. Oh, we didn't take a little round over. Not Too wide. Three, four, stretch, fun scope edition. Ahmet, same thing. Flex foot. Pull the heels away from your Farro way. Five, six, seven, eight.

Now here's the point. Here's the flatbed. You hovering so you do it in all positions. Wow. Way Out. Way Up. Press the size down to lift up and we're going to twist to the right contract. Keep the left hip down to three. Try to keep that down.

It's a battle. Six, seven flex the feet. Stretch to warm up the inner thighs in the hands, but nice arms round point here we hover out out. See that stretches the hamstring more. Hover. Have a, what do you see out there? Oh you do. Do you center to the other side? Country. Nice. Like what is your stripping?

Gently down to the hand stretch. Really feel that opposite, right? Like pulling out away from you. Six to the flecks. Keep the breast going stomach tight. I owe so much to think about on point. He would go out however. Feel that opposite leg pulling you.

Pulling away from you live. Yeah. And can we take it like the little bit wider? How do we do that? Well, we're going to put one hand to the front. One Hand to the back. You're going to prop yourself up. Gonna flex the feet. Keep the heels where they are in. Scoot your, scoot your scooch forward.

We're going to start with the arms wide so they're hovering and there's going to be this relationship of parallel onto leg, but didn't take us a scoop of the arm. Right leg is gonna lift and then we're going to change the direction, the torso. We're going to go lounge on that elbow as the arm and then the Benz. Now we're going to extend his that parallel arm like and bend it. Nice pointed toes too. And then now suspended.

Ah, AH, and center. Look at you guys and twist and two. Maybe I should, let's do it the on the other side and it's going to be a little too hard on your hip flexor. You just starting with me, my daughter. Ling's. Okay. The left arm lift and twist and the focus is out that straight are you bet on both extend parallel and Ben and too. And Ben, here's three, three and open and sir, angle on the diag. Lift and touch the lift. And here's three and three. Suspend and Oh my God, which side did I do now Mike, I keep busting my Mike and n. No, we just did that side.

I forget. No, don't forget it. Do it. Teach your bed and, and, and touches three 30 and rest around the pelvis. Tuck. You're going to lift and Ben and truest, bring the hip down, lift in the air, lower and sit tall. Lift. It won't go very high cause she's sitting as tall as you can. Twist all the way over. We try to let that knee drape to the floor. Hip down.

Lift. That's one part. Lift and then twist. Where hands are on the floor. Word's going to happen. I'm coming all the way up to my knee. All right. Extend that leg out and lift it and you're gonna lift. Two, three, four. Hold stomach in. We're going to take the knee to of bent attitude and lift this. Be a button.

Two, three, four. We're going to extend it out in turnout. Brewering it around to parallel. Put the foot on the floor. Now we go back to that starting position. Lula low lift, then twist all the way around. Arm to the side. Lift stomach up to three. Four attitude with the whole leg up to three, four extended drawer to power.

Allel lower the top of the foot. Sit on that hip. Extended and ready again. Two more times. Okay. Lyft and Ben. Two arm to the side. Lift. Two, three, four, attitude. Two, three, four, extended parallel. See it sort of flows. Now that lift and lift, then twist. All right. One, two, three. Good. Huh?

That makes a gorgeous body extent. Powerless is your headshot. Good and contract. You're the legen extended. Make sure you match both hands the same way and it's like post back to three.

Flex the foot, flex to three point and lengthen it out. We have like someone's pulling you by the hip and the other leg. Match the hands. Stretch. Two, three, four. Flex flex two, three the foot and then circle around. So I did that exercise and beginning to get you back to front cause it's a little stomach exercise. Okay, we're going to sit on your left hip.

Your right arm is going to be behind you. This v a way slower than the other legs. Bone. You're going to change places with the arm and hand. Arm in hand, arm and leg. That's it. Wave and wave like a scissor.

Try not to collapse as the leg goes behind you pull up. So this is hip and waist. Pull up and pull up out, back hold arm over the head. Now that same little lift we did, you see that lift trying to keep the knee and the ankle bone the same lift, lift, lift, lift, and hope bring legs to me, which is transitioning to the other side. Pull out of my darlings pullout couch so you get a little stretch in that wastes we just crunched and Tuck in ready lake to the back arm to the front. Press that children. Let the audience see you back and forth and Chris and Cross. Pull up. Point the toes, reach back.

Keep that leg high as you can back reach one more. Hold it to the back, the attitude lift up, up, up, up the whole thigh and your stretch and split. Waki diamond shape. Going to separate the legs as much as you can. This foot is going to be braced into the floor just because you work on your foot to the other. Hands on the hip. Lift this tall as you can.

You trying to sit on both buttocks. All right, this is going to stretch you quad. Stretch your hip flexor. Now you're going to clean, you have a gun and you hit this gun, you can shoot your foot and then you're going to bring it back. So you're turning the hip over and back and oh yeah. Really rotating and back and rotate. Yeah. Yeah. And back. One more rotate.

We've got to get these muscles stretched out and, and now we're gonna do the same thing. I'm gonna do a little slanty. You're going to Tuck on the, when it come down to the elbows, it won't lift this high, but that same thing, you're trying to rotate it. Now you've got even deeper in there. Trust me if I need this, you need it. And the hip bone out. And, and nowadays, not for everybody, but if you can, wow, look at that. You can be done. If you can't lift your hip, just squeeze your butt a little bit. Squeeze. All right, cause we're going to do an exercise where we're going to try to get into this vision. You will. Hat's it left, right?

C I titles and everybody enemy. Now this time you're going to use your hands to get you up carefully. Good and you're going to switch or Rooney, you can use your hand to Tuck this a foot way up behind you. Don't sit on your back heel. All right. [inaudible] yeah. Did you all right? Lift the hip and place it back literally and place it back and, and [inaudible].

This stretch is very useful even on some of the machine work we do. Why did different exercises need this? And it's fourth position and this is the point and the hip back to the elbows. Now your foot's pointed the whole time. Right side yet. Rolling and Tuck under.

Roll it up and [inaudible] and roll under, rolling under. Whoa. All the way down. Mamamamama [inaudible] lift or squeeze the button. Dan [inaudible] and Dan [inaudible], Eh, and out. Head Up. Use your arms control. [inaudible] Aki. Shake out your legs a little bit. I'm going to do the exercise that you need. Did that stretch for the foot? Doesn't go on. Yes it does. Yeah. When to start with the [inaudible].

Pretend you have a big piece of chalk in your hand and I want to start here. The piece of chalk, you're going to stretch that chocolate and you squeak. You're going to go all the way down. You take the chalk with the other hand and you met, you plead the circle. Now you check that shock and now you're going to talk onto your hand can help you. You try to stay low to the floor and then you pull up magic and reach sly chance for laying down. See why you need that stretch.

And you can even scoot over to that side around. Ah Wow. And uh, and it flows to the and way up. Have the foot to the back easily. Kids and hope. Look at you. Move in. You move in for God's sakes.

Split. Okay, Gotcha. Chalk way forward. Oh, gravity and slow at temple now around, oh. [inaudible] up flow. Wage trends are even scooch. Do that. Oh, faster flow and over and oh eight we haven't one and, and one more follow and, and Whoa. Oh yeah. They got your heart rate going, right? Yeah.

And hold onto the heel. The other one's out. Out. Flex point. And then remember we talk attitude. You really want to get ideally this leg parallel to the ceiling. Maybe in this lifetime. I'll get it out.

Flex through the foot and point and you're looking at that foot. Isn't that interesting? Oh my gosh. It's so interesting. Out Flex point. Yes. Stomach. Oh, okay. Without pants out. Flex point.

Now step on it. Bring the foot out, sweep it behind you. Then start again out flex point and step on it out. Sweet Brown. Kick your butt. Then out flex point and step on it. Out Bird. I think we have one more. Nice out.

Flex point and step out. Sweet Brown then [inaudible] other side. Good. Yeah. To the set up. Talk [inaudible] here kids.

Alright. Out Flex point and out. Flex point and you want to make left foot work like a head and flex point without the hand out. Flex point. Step on it. Out Sweep way back then. Contract out.

Flex point, step sweep then and set up out flex point. Step on it out. Sweep around and one more out and step on it. Oh shoot. [inaudible] shake it out. Yes. Lift and hip. Yeah.

Little waistlines doing these. The legs are not draping that much. Keep your shoulders front and roll the hip, so you're trying to get both hip bones to opposite walls and of course holding your body up works your arms one more time and no hard to lift it to this side. Lucky. How do I want him? [inaudible] [inaudible] this is an interesting one. Again, few ways.

You have to know what turnout in parallel is. Why can't you get a bandaid on your knee? The bad days facing straightforward, that's parallel. The bandaid on your kneecap that faces the ceiling. That's turned out. The chores though that we got nice and warm is going to work in two different directions.

It terms away and then a turns to the leg. It turns away. But we're going to put these two things together. Now I, aside from all that, you got to nuts way on your bottom hip. You got to stay constant. You're going to try. All right, so this is what's going to happen. We start out in parallel and you twist away. You're gonna lift and as you lower, you turn out and then you go to the leg and twist away up and lower and to the leg and twist away. Lift rift, high lift and twist the way back to the leg. Twist to it. Lift lower to the leg to lift and lower torso too though.

Like twist, that's parallel. That's turned out and hold. Oh, and the other side. I haven't done that in a million years. I got to work on that myself. I was a little wobbling on that button. Hip. All right, so the arms up parallel, we twist away and away from the leg and to the leg twist away and there's a little accent there. Twist away and to the leg and back to the leg. Chest to the like. That's getting better on this side, right and away.

Twist and to the line and twist and twist and hope. There's your album cover and okay. Yeah. One of the best hit the exercises I know is this simple egg circle. [inaudible] oh, [inaudible] medic. So you can be on [inaudible]. I like it like this. I like it like this. Okay.

Again, you have to in this exercise to really work this side of the hip, which is very, very hard to hit. The secret is not to turn out at all. You're going to want, oh, cause you want to get a little drama with the height of the leg, but you're not gonna do it. Not For me. Your neck. All right, so it's an egg shape. The next days forward, it comes up, it goes way to the back and comes down. I'm going to give you a side shot in this. No, what? You could brace your foot here. This might stabilize you a little bit more.

So your legs a little turned out. You play with that and see if you want. All right, kneecap is forward. I kick as far forward as I can. I almost think of the facing the floor. It has to go equally as far back as it went forward. You get it. So it's a listicle, an egg shape.

I'm going to show you what's going to take it out of the hip. The body wants to do that. See how I turned my knee? Uh, in turnout. You can get it high, but it's not about the height. It's about keeping the knee. Absolutely voted. I read or write enough already. Let's do at eight 10 and round.

And now as you bring it to the back, squeeze that, but that's it. Now put some energy on the leg on the sideline leg. A side sideline side. That's it. Squeeze it already. Huh? So that key is the key hipbone over hipbone and a nice constant shape.

As much as you go forward, as much as you can. Go back it good. You just have to hold the hole for Paul [inaudible] last one. And this, that, and with that brace, that foot put. Oh, I did it down here and oh wait, wait eggs. See that egg shape. Don't short stop the back.

That's it. And that's your dance at times. [inaudible] best and muscles right there. Don't let the top hip fall behind the bottom one. Can You be alignment and a nice breath. Oh, oh way to the back.

Fall and around. One more time forward and reversed to the back. Oh, sweep it. Yeah, he pulling up. Don't show jump. Oh and and foe it. Squeeze. Alright. He hasn't have to say too much anymore. I mean, you're all doing it.

That's it. You're going to put this into your routine. Everybody. I know. It's easy to teach. It gets the right spots. One, one in and out and literally on outback. Okay. Want to do a, I'm going to do a pelvic press position. No, I'm not do anything. They want the train. All right. When I have the toe tips on the floor, this stomach aches. My having my hands here, but they usually go by the side.

You're going to keep your thigh bone stationary. Extend the legs. You put them down. Now you're going to arch your back. Ah, Ooh. Forbidden Movement. Now starting at the tailbone, you're gonna pull down the pelvis up to the upper back. It's a very useful thing. Lift and touch. You had to grab his done. Arch your back. Now from your upper back, you're going to pull it down.

Yeah. Get it and touch big arch. I'm gonna bring my hands down. That's the way it should be done. And from the base of the spine from the tailbone, right? So you get the movements from both heads of the body. There's the arch, and here's the upper body, right? Grab the stomach and arch and Ho you gonna reach up.

I'm going to bring the legs into a diamond. You're going to pull the diamond forward and we're going to stretch. Two, three, four, flat back release. Two, three, four, lift tall on two, continuing roll. Two, three, four. Roll Up. This is stomach three for bounces. One, two, three, four. Release out to, AH, right. We're going to do a rollover. Okay? From this diamond shape making it sound very mysterious.

Watch. All right, we finished. We're going to bounce to this. Doesn't release it all. You pull back to your waistline, to your legs lift. You'll like a turtle on your back. The legs come up and you roll over on your back. You're in a diamond. Someone's like shorts, mine here. You straighten the legs in parallel, you bend them, you start rolling them. Then you come to that turtle position.

Then the feet come down. It's harder than it looks. Right. Stretch to contract to cradle three, four, six, straighten and bend roll. They still do a lot of movements where when the weight's on my neck, what does that mean? That cause my shoulder blades bounce to draw cradle legs. The back roads, you o straighten then and you've got to sort of practice this kind of stuff too. Otherwise. Otherwise what? Diane, otherwise you won't be able to do it when you're old too. Just the fact that I can do this. Can I, and then counting for rock curdle that's it.

And again, rock back, heels high three. So that's, so you don't just blend everything together. You still have to use your stomach on what I call this turtle movement up dam on hold it there. Straight shout shirt. Show my darlings. [inaudible] am where do we go from here? How about the stomach? I'm going to slip Vulva and let's [inaudible] see what's next. What's next? Let's do, um, let's do the classic plotty single leg pole. So you are in this fisted position, but you want to to to draw up down the back up the front of the stomach, the upper abs, the stretched. You're bending one leg to the button. You all know this. Keep you like fairly close together. Uh, your straight leg thigh can be in the air. Alright, you're gonna kick two and change to thigh in the air of the straight leg.

Forceful kick. Forceful kick. Okay. You, that's good, isn't it? Oh really? Pull your hands in and you chest up to stretch you out of your abs. That's it. Bomb. Dump. Done. Done. Hi. Hey Joe. Paul. A lot. He's looking at us still doing your work all these years. And normally we'd go into a, you know the bow, you know, in the Rock, but yeah, today just for you.

But what do bring your heels to? But this is against retching that though, you know, we did the chalk piece. Just pull your heels at, see how much stretched out they are. Now that, that thing where we took the chalk and went around us, those, it has this. Okay. Okay. How about this one? We're going to take it here. We're going to uh, this, the leg. You're going to keep your elbows forward. You're going to try to bring your knee to the ceiling, okay?

You're going to push off till you're hidden inside that bent leg, putting the weight onto the foot and the outside of the yard. You're going to stretch up like a big yawn. Now you're going to Tuck your hips on there. You're going to come back to hide behind the leg. Then extend the arms in the lake out. Now keep that arm in the lake, out, out, out, out to the last minute.

Come to your elbow low and then lower. You want to see that again? You lift, you twist, you trying to keep this on down with that knee in the air. There's you wasting muscle. You push up, come inside you like and now press into the foot. All right, nice straight line from arm to arm. Tuck the pelvis to hide. You hide, you hide. You now explode out.

Keep that like pull there. Pull their hair a little faster. Now lift, twist, Tuck and press tuck down and low run. Lift, twist and lift up and extend out. We, okay, good. Lift up to all fours. We're going to do a classic donkey kick, but when I had to push a minute so you couldn't, but remember the leg, the leg is controlled by the pelvic release and contraction. So your right leg is going to come in as you take a contraction in.

So the pelvis brought the leg in, the pelvis releases the light behind you. Put all the weight on your hands. Low. Endless. Simple as that. Ready and can truck release Pusha head. Head level. Push up, tuck on, release out. So it's not all about the leg. You Ready? Your pelvis, your powerhouse, your Gertler strength. Ah, push up. Can you release Dan?

Wimo control pell of this first and chain? Yeah. Hips first. Remember, nice and out. Jam Up. End Release. Low. Run out. Make the stomach move with the hips. Oh, we drawers out. Dan Out.

One more after this and out and up to the knees. Yeah. How you doing? How you doing? Okay. Hitting my mark. Alright. Squeeze you button. Press. Press your pelvis. Vote like on the machine. When we do the hinges, you're gonna, you're gonna hinge back slightly and come up and hinge and up. What? Hinge and hinge.

Hold onto your ankles, heels and progress. And now contract on that [inaudible] and contract for contract release and up. We're going to take a big lunch. Keep the foot ball of foot down. Then to walk out the stretches, the front of your arch in step two, stretch out [inaudible] and the same thing. Flex foot scooted out a little bit more. Cooling down the muscles and worked up a sweat dingy and bring it in. That was very graceful contract. Yes.

Out. Not just down. Ah, flex the foot. Scooted forward and box. Nice straight leg. Yeah. Halfway stuff. No, he halfway dry and, and press up. And you're going to lift up risk y to the back. Squeeze the button back. Wrist, fingers thing the heck. Let's just say like the opening weekly with the diamond. See, see how much you learned now the right arm lift, twist. [inaudible]. Squeeze the butt back up.

Sharp twist and down to the fat. Back up shot. Twist. One more left wrist. Ah, to the back. Back up, wrist to the things at straight ahead. Straight ahead. Pull up, pull up, pull up and rest. Thank you. Everybody been great.


Paola Maruca
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Ah so lovely to move with flow. Reminds me of me modern dance days. Thank you so much Diane. I would kill for your legs!
Great if you are a dancer and want a stretch .Not what I thought Pilates is all about.
I love your personality and it is so catching! You were a perfect way to start my morning!
very creative. I wish I was that limber and loose. It was enjoyable to watch and I did what I could. Thank you.
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Absolutely loved the class, absolutely loved Diane. I am a dancer and Pilates teacher. Haven't done Graham technique since I was a dance student, and it reminded me of lots of great things I can incorporate into my classes. Thank you.
What a great class! Thank you.
Indeed, you do take us non dancers on a tight rope walk! One minute we ARE dancers (thank you very much) and the next we're shocked by how much work it takes to be as graceful as you are! To do all that, while offering flashbacks to the Graham dancers on the site and saying things like "scooch your scooch" forward, clearly demonstrates your skill at delivering one of the core messages of Joseph Pilates' writings, which is balancing work, rest and play. Thank you for playing Diane, my body definitely feels alive!
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